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  1. Only dropped two spots after having only two players make the cut... could have been worse. All 8 of the squad at The Players
  2. I had forgotten that #17 was where the "better then most" call was made. Can you believe that was in 2001?
  3. Those ice cubes are awesome! I don't play too many high end, resort style courses but at Old Works (Nicklaus Signature Course in Anaconda, MT) they were packaging a resident special that included breakfast or lunch depending on your tee time. It seems years ago (well, many years ago), many of the better courses offered bag tags. I use to have several adorning my quiver.
  4. Rory's post round interview was interesting. He is clearly frustrated with his game and the inconsistencies. To me it almost sounded like he wants to take a break from tour and regroup... anyone else catch that drift? Rory has been a bit puzzling to me the last couple of years. At times I get the sense he's half bored with tour golf. Lots going on at the home front and perhaps some of the fire is gone? ...of course now that I've said that, he'll probably start running the table again .
  5. Not me, I think he'd be a hoot to play with. At the first tee, I'd start things off on the right foot .
  6. I need a signal splitter or split screen TV... well, on second thought, perhaps I shouldn't test those waters with my wife .
  7. Who thinks today's performance does not re-ignite "the issue" ? I also bet his nearly driving the green (he did except for the line) ignites our younger players desire to "be like BAD" Sales on long shafts and sub 8* drivers is headed up .
  8. This is kind of concerning. He seems to have gone into hibernation mode. It makes me wonder/suspect some personal issues/challenges are involved.
  9. Yea, but he shook it off and did what he needed to - BAD had to back off the last putt. Great, emotional win for Bryson. Honestly, I don't know anyone in the field who this meant more to. Another great showing from Jordan, but his putter, today, couldn't offset the other minor miscues.
  10. Wow, it's been a year already - pretty amazing. This was the first full event cancelled following the C19 pandemic. But, like Phoenix rising from the ashes, we're back . Will this be Rickie's breakout from the slump? Will Rory repeat... making him the first to ever do so? Will BAD start a new run of overpowering courses and the field? I've got all 8 of my FTx players in and have my money on Webb. Who ya got?
  11. Let's go Lee... get one for the old guys!!
  12. Just reported that BK will not be at The Players due to a strained knee. He's sure had a run of bad luck with the joints. Brooks Koepka withdraws from THE PLAYERS Championship (pgatour.com)
  13. Those look like they've been stored in the Asarco slag piles down on Ruston Way. I'm guessing it was one of the range employees last day at work .
  14. That makes sense. I was considering not buying the ZX5 PW and/or AW as part of the set and perhaps getting another Glide or Cleveland wedge to take those spots. I decided to get the full set but just wondering about lie setting for the higher lofted clubs. This isn't something I've discussed with the TS fitter or the club builder. Probably best to leave them at 2* and keep an eye on strike location and left/right bias.
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