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  1. Hey, did ya all happen to hear about the coaching switch-a-roo at ND? Count me in the group that never saw that coming. Oh well, at least what's his name ended up at LSU... always liked them unless they were playing the Irish . As for the internal promotion of Marcus Freeman, that was a bit surprising too but I think he'll do well.
  2. This, according to Michael Breed. https://www.golfchannel.com/video/michael-breed-answers-email-about-driver-tee-marks Just looked at my three fitting sessions and the driver AOA averages -0.5 deg. According to Trackman, the average tour pro AOA is -1.5 (so you've got some work to do Kenny ). It's clear from the wear/burnishing of the LE that I'm catching the ground more often than I should be, however, my pre-shot routine includes a sweep pass and that is no doubt contributing. As @RickyBobby_PRpointed out above, and from my face marks/toe side tendency, the resultant sole marks are from the head twist. I've been doing so well finding fairways for the past few months that I almost hate to mess with the driver routine. But hitting closer to center will certainly add more distance, so what little change might I try to move closer to the bullseye - moving just a wee bit closer to the ball immediately comes to mind?
  3. Well, we didn't get the help needed to move into the top 4, but I think those final spots/rankings are as they should be. Even had Cincinnati lost to Houston, ND getting that final spot would not have been right. I'm really happy for Cincinnati and will be rooting for them to win it all (hey, it could happen ). To the extent this program becomes a new annual powerhouse remains to be seen, but right now they are looking really solid. Oddsmakers have them as a near two touchdown underdog to the Tide - perhaps that will play to their favor? They also have Georgia losing to Michigan by a TD. If Cincy cannot pull the rabbit out of the hat, I'm rooting for whoever sends me the most sleeves of Pro V1's.... @Shanksterand @GaDawg. I mean one of them wants to see this and the other dosen't.
  4. Clearly all three of these are good choices however, until you can move this test to the course and see if any stand out, I'd go with the VP and put the savings towards beer . As I've mentioned in some of the How Did You Play posts, I often play a two ball format when going solo and match one ball vs. another. I find it a great way to compare balls. Also, as a few have pointed out to me in various "which ball" threads, and the Titleist on-line ball fitter told me, the best test is making 40-60 yard shots onto the green. I spent a little time last spring doing this, comparing the PV1, AVX, Maxfli Tour, CS, and Velocity. I ultimately came to the conclusion the differences are so subtle all work just fine... as do a handful of others.
  5. 41/42 at Mesa Del Sol yesterday. This should have absolutely been another sub 80 round but I managed to blow it. Putting for birdie on #9 from ~7 feet and walked away with a bogie . I had two other great chances for birdie on the front and neither dropped. Then, on #12, 4 putted . Granted, it was a really long putt just off the opposite side of the green, across the two tiers, and a sloped pin placement - but I was hacked at myself for missing so bad and opted to step in quickly and finish rather than mark and let the fire burn down . But, on the plus side, I won 3/4 KP's and 13/18 wolf's... netting $3.30!
  6. @MmmmmmBuddydid you ever imagine this?
  7. Kind of odd for this to flare up all of a sudden... have you been doing some other activity that might be responsible? My forearm compression brace/wrap worked wonders even prior to my getting the composite iron shafts. I'm not sure I need it anymore (probably just placebo at this point), but it feels strange playing without it and I don't want to go through that annoying pain.
  8. Glad to hear the move and restart went well for you Carl. Your still on the hook however for the 2022 PNW Meet-up - so you might as well start working on that kitchen pass now.
  9. Those marks look perpendicular and centerline to the face.... boring . I use plastic tees and noticed these marks while doing my G410P testing/review. I tried keeping them cleaned off but they're a bugger to remove. That area has a matte finish that seems to accentuate the level of marking. I wonder if fitters could examine a driver sole and predict swing path before seeing the swing?
  10. Then these will most definitely turn your game around .
  11. Yeah, I don't think so. These numbers look so good their suspicious. The Vice Pro is certainly looking favorable.
  12. OMG... I think I just threw up in my mouth a little .
  13. My tendency on the face is to be a whisker toe side. I've not cleaned these from the sole in some time now but refresh the face about every round. Well now, I'd say that is a significant difference. It looks like the G400 has more of a relief in the rear/trailing area where most of my marks are. The few marks I see on yours (and @cnosil) seem to be heading to that same area - and might leave a mark were it not relieved? It would be interesting if I had a G400 to put in play for a bit. Bottom-line is that those marks are drag and drag is a vector in the wrong direction! Hope others will share their driver sole fingerprints. Perhaps some patterns will emerge that speaks to both swing path and/or sole design.
  14. The Palisade sure is a great looking car. I got a close look at a used one while getting the oil changes on the Expedition. I'm a little surprised a hybrid version isn't available... yet.
  15. What do the tee marks on the sole of your driver say about your swing path? While waiting on a tee yesterday, I was looking at all the tee marks and wondering whether they say anything about my ball striking. A square to face path would, I should think, be making marks more centered? Can anything be gleaned about our swings from these marks? What do the marks on your driver look like? I'd love to see the difference from our forums scratch level players.
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