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  1. Agree - for sure if talking mixed OEM sets. But it seems like a good many mfg's. are offering mixed iron sets now (PCB + PD, PD + GI, etc.). Which PING mixed iron set are you referring to?
  2. I just watched the Tiger/Phil highlights... errr, lowlights . Wow, they seem to be feeding off one another and not in a good way. Tiger pointing to the left on Phil tee shots and Phil pointing to the right on Tiger drives. They should have just headed for the clubhouse at the turn and ordered burgers & beer. Sadly, I think it's going to be brief moments of the glory days with long droughts in between for their fans.
  3. I've never heard of cross-handed chipping... it sounds painful . I'm not sure how a grip change will resolve the "yips"... suspect it won't and agree with @Kenny Bthat you're likely better off addressing the problem another way; i.e. swing tempo, head down - no peeky drills, etc. One technique I use for short chips is the silent metronome cadence combined with not looking at the ball after contact. The vast majority of my chip-yips fall squarely into the "look up quick and you won't like what you see". If you remind yourself of that during practice swings, it helps.
  4. Another game within the tournament. Who is going to win the Tiger vs. Phil matchup? Both at -3 and paired together in Sunday's round, it adds a little spice for their fans and I suspect they'll have lots more fun trying to one up each other.
  5. Ben Hogan "Grind"... what a great name for a club!
  6. Yep, spot on. PSU beat themselves. That was a clever and gutsy move by Allen. Could you imagine how brilliant it would have been for Franklin to have anticipated that unabated score and have his player down the ball at the 1 yard line . Just watched the OT recap... wow, what a game and another gutsy call by Allen. No doubt the game replay officials had clear evidence the ball touched the pylon, but hmmm .
  7. Tell her hello and all the best with the surgery!
  8. Yea, my wife was looking out the windows this morning, watching the snow fly, and mumbled something about 90F weather sounding good.
  9. Missed it. Went to our neighbors for dinner and could not watch the OT . Heck of a game through regulation. No doubt the PSU squad will be getting an ear full Monday morning about turnovers and the length of a football field worth of ill timed penalties.
  10. Well, at least their QB showed up. Interesting comment about his TD run and that a defender or two looked to be letting up, anticipating a slide. I could see this as a real advantage for running QB's... perfect the fake slide juke and go.
  11. What is A2? Both the Kansas vs. K-State and the Indiana vs. Penn State have fans... not many, but it's a start. Penn State stepping all over themselves and looking to help Indiana accomplish a season goal .
  12. I get your point. It does seem like some players get a bit more media leeway than others. While none of the on the course outbursts are good to see, club snapping is low on the list of offenses IMO. They should start a sub category PGA Tour stat awarding style points for club snapping... or attempt to do so .
  13. Courses here are booked solid .
  14. K-State running the field against their in state rivals . It's the only live game I have available... better than nuttin . Syracuse giving Clemson some game... something the Tigers haven't seen for a bit. The Michigan vs. Minnesota game should be a fun one and I suspect the Gophers will need the home advantage to stay close/win. 16F, 12+ winds, and snowing outside... a good day to watch football.
  15. It seems these are the two most dominant, best performing composite shafts on the market. I've just started playing with Recoil 95 F4's, albeit as part of an exploratory test using P-CB irons which may or may not be ideal in assessing performance. For those of you who have spent time researching composite shafts and/or playing them, what are your opinions about these two mfg.'s and their portfolio of products? I'm going to let the fitting data drive my decision, but am leaning towards composite shafts if that is an option... for sure if there is "truth" to the happier joints claim. And
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