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  1. Another great thread I missed seeing. By most accounts, GolfTec has really positive reviews/results.
  2. A 378 yard followed by a 377 yard drive ... Wow! Must have made all the other 300 yarder's look like runts . A few of you are starting to make me rethink the "is there a distance problem in amateur golf?" part of the debate . That course looks a little like Whispering Straits with the water views, and yeah, it must be a beast on windy days.
  3. Revised weather forecast now adding a bit more wind and a cold front moving in on Friday. Tee times could definitely influence the outcome... particularly making it to Saturday.
  4. He looks so much like his Dad. Hopefully he'll learn and avoid the trappings that derailed much of Big John's career.
  5. No surprise really... Boise is exploding with development and the marketing folks at Callaway know a "golden goose" when they see one. With BSU there and all the great courses, I bet they'll do well. I just noticed you are located in ID... did you see the thread on the 4th Annual PNW Spy Meet-up?
  6. Meh, they'll be adorning the clearance tables and racks by end of summer... right next to the Tiger Woods (unauthorized) biographies. Just another writer trying to cash in on sports superstars.
  7. I definitely don't think it's worth $30 but I'll splurge and drop $3 for it .
  8. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for a copy of this... soon arriving at local thrift stores around the country.
  9. Cool, thanks for sharing that link! I also watched the John Daly episode and it was great as well - though definitely different. I think that speaks to the age/playing circa difference. It's great seeing John in a much better place than he was in his heyday. He seems really at peace with life, his family, and friends. It's also fun watching him play the Champions Tour events... that backswing is still DEEEEP!!
  10. Just watched the Jason Day episode. Holy crap, there should be little wonder why the current generation of pro golfers are chewing up golf courses. The amount of technology available for training is amazing. That indoor adjustable putting green is awesome. Add in a backyard, real deal, golf course certainly helps. What a beautiful estate.
  11. I think the "growing the game" is code for "getting a piece of the pie". The PGA does not have exclusive rights to the worlds business of professional golf. Whether it be LIV/Shark Tour now or another country/entity attempting to stand-up a competing tour in the future, free market competition is always a possibility. Whether they can actually compete and take a piece of the pie remains to be seen but, free market businesses will always face competition and no one that can pass a fog the mirror test should be surprised that it is all about the money. Great points have been made as to the double standard being applied to the Saudi's... plenty of wretched history to go around. Also, why is golf being singled out and not Formula 1 racing, boxing, soccer, or other sports in which Saudi $$$$ runs deep?
  12. I stumbled onto this YT video while researching LM's and thought you might enjoy it. I haven't checked to see if this guy has done this format with other tour players, but it's kind of cool getting a peek into their off the course life. That is a indeed a gorgeous boat. Cam, I know, is a big time saltwater fly fisherman.... which is partly why I drafted him on my FTx Team. The other part is that he's really damn good at golf .
  13. Personally, I prefer courses that play really tough for these guys. This is no doubt my envy talking here but the game is not supposed to be that easy... and is not for 99.7% of all golfers. What is relative to me as a viewer is seeing their scoring a bit more in line with our game. Being 6-8 under par/round is not even close. Watching them play a course as if it was an executive layout gets a bit boring IMO. A great example, and not helping with the excessive distance debate, is rollout on drives. Between this event and the Regions Traditions, I was laughing at some of the rollout distances. If we played courses like that I think our scoring would improve. These guys are at a stratosphere level of play and, because of that, I like the courses they play to be a commensurate level of difficulty.
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