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  1. OK, here's one for our rule experts. I played a round yesterday in Bozeman. There were patches or snow remaining around the course, but for the most part, things were clear and it was a gorgeous fall day. On a par 3, my tee shot landed on the apron but in a patch of snow about 3-4 inches deep. I'm pretty sure it was on the green (vs. apron), but could not tell for sure. So I dug it out and cleared the area around the bottom - it was on the apron. The patch of snow extended from the green over into the red stake area. What to do?
  2. Man, you just can't be leaving that much out there on the course - focus next time . Nice round! What kind of phone do you have?
  3. We have 4+ year old Moto E Android phones - sounds like these don't pair well? Not really interested in having to upgrade our phones. Interested in hearing from anyone using Arccos with Android and what version.
  4. Well, building on what @GolfSpy MPRsaid, one needs only look at pro bags to see that mixed sets are most common. To look at it another way, some may have mixed sets simply because they see the pros doing this. I might get some added performance with a few, select changes in my lineup but honestly believe it is more the archer than the arrow in my case...ymmv. Find a good fitter and try to let the data drive the decision. I say try because, like it or not, we all have some brand favoritism and preferred aesthetics banging around inside us.
  5. Foyles War, McLeod's Daughters, Blue Bloods, Poirot, Endeavour, Vera.
  6. Don't get to down on them, they'll use this as motivation. I don't think they should have dropped to less than #8. Dang, Arizona let me down . Now I'm rooting for the Ducks next week... yuck, that tasted terrible!
  7. Great stuff! Those are the shafts that worked best for me as well. My dispersion with the G410's was more than with my PE2's during the fitting tests; but that is no longer the case. I'd say they are as good or better now having adjusted to the new sticks. Also, PING does offer grips with the PING logo if that is of interest, it was for me. I really like them alot. Plus, I'm pretty sure they're a yard longer than other grips . https://www.tgw.com/ping-id8-360-golf-grip?SITE_ID=W8865&CID=PLA&msclkid=8d128d97937a13b01c3dd034ef044c1c&gclid=CMeg0vWwi8gCFQEPaQodRVYDRA&gclsrc=ds
  8. Well, this company at least appears to be legit and on the level. Good to see 3rd party testing. Their arguments for using nasal mist vs. topical or oral make sense to me. Sounds like the FDA is moving towards formal review of this product for medical use. I didn't know that the latest Farm Bill lifted some restrictions on growing hemp. Maybe we'll switch crops . http://rheumnow.com/content/fda-public-review-cbd-oil https://agr.mt.gov/Industrial-Hemp
  9. Boise State looking like they belong. Hawaii has a strong team this year. I went to A BSU years ago and couldn't see normal coloring for a week . Sounds like my grand nephew is heading there in fall of 2020 - I'm wearing sunglasses.
  10. How about Minnesota and Wisconsin... wow! Looks like Louisville is going to move WF from the undefeated ranks. USC taking my Irish to the 15th round . Come on Arizona!!
  11. Hopeful... that I can get to a single digit handicap before I'm done.
  12. I've not used it but trying to learn more about it as an option to Aleve - my current drug of choice for joint pains (elbow and shoulder). Two concern I have taking CBD are; how do you know about quality/control of the source (not well regulated I hear), and second that my craving for Doritos and Cheetos will become uncontrollable .
  13. Yea, that is arguably the upset of this season... but lots of games to go.
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