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  1. I chalk it up to my OCD about mixed up stuff... which makes absolutely no sense if you saw my fly tying bench most of the year .
  2. Newtonian Law at work... it could also be appropriately named "nobody rides for free". We had friends in WA who had a neighbor across the river put in a huge rock bank... shoving the river during the next high water event right over to their property. Hope everything works out for you.
  3. @Titleist87hope all continues to go well. None of us know when something like that comes into our daily lives. I definitely listen these days... not so much in the past though . I think the Superspeed (swing speed) program sounds fun but I've chosen not to participate because I've been able to manage my sometimes bothersome shoulder by not overdoing certain motions. Be well.
  4. I certainly hope it is not the new normal for televised golf. Call me an old school, outdated, old fashioned relic, but I like the old normal. Don't get me wrong, these pro vs. pro or pro/celebrity events are fine and provide entertainment, but nothing like the standard tour events. I'm looking forward to the tours getting back to the old normal... even with the irritating "Get in the Hole and Baba Booey" goofs.
  5. No. Maybe. Not me. Much as I like DJ, LPGA range sessions would be my preference... you know, if I was into that.
  6. Well, the par/slope rating system is definitely not perfect science. This is partly why I started the thread/poll. I do suspect that, on average across the populous of golfers, the ratings align with scoring. That said, I think a significant factor in how we play courses is how they fit our eye. I've consistently scored better on a harder rated course in Yuma than one that's easier. For some reason the front nine on the easier one has my number - always scrambling for score.
  7. Waiting patiently for @Shanksterto realize the BP's are simply too much club for him and see them in our classifieds . As for the video, I'd really like to see some actual ball strike zone data comparing a scratch (pure striker), with a low and mid handicap players. of particular interest is the data on a scratch/pure stiker. Not doubting the premise, but when I think about the rather small size of my PE2's to the G410's (yes hard to believe), I often wonder if they forced me to be a more accurate ball striker - and that the improved dispersion and distance I see is just the technology and more aggressive loft.
  8. Yabba Dabba Doo! My Golf Channel subscription needs a boost!
  9. Alder, Montana / 12 handicap Currently use OEM alignment markings Titleist ProV1 / black line / fixyurdivot
  10. You've got some fantastic waters around you. Have you ever fished Warm Springs (Mecca Flats) on the Deschutes for Redsides? The Salmon Fly hatch (happening now) is crazy fun. Of course, you have to trade pictures taking and golf time... decisions, decisions.
  11. Playing an electric guitar is on my bucket list. If I can't come back as a PGA Touring Pro, I'll try a gig as Eric Clapton or Tom Petty.
  12. I picked Arnold because he's the face of golf I grew up with. But I'll qualify my pick by saying that among the now generation of golf I would select either Rory or Rickie. It's a toss up as I don't think you could go wrong with either - both are great ambassadors for the sport and have carried themselves well.
  13. Interesting points. Plus, you just gave me an idea for the Hard Rock Challenge.
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