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  1. Ah yes, the single life where a guy can gut a fish, an elk, or assemble clubs on the kitchen counter . My wife would have a conniption fit if I did that. Great progress and write-up's from all the testers!
  2. Congratulations @downlowkeyand @Bubba1985 . And, as always, a big shout out to Rob for putting these together.
  3. So happy for Xander... he's been so overdue to get his first major .
  4. What is this "chunk" or "skull" term they refer to? Sounds awful . So many tips, techniques, drills to try... you never know which one might just be best suited for you.
  5. I would say no with the caveat that he can play without excessive risk for more injury. He's been counted out more times than Kristian Laight but keeps coming back. Any event he plays in draws patrons, many of which are largely there to watch him. He's still not eligible for the Champions Tour and I hope he'll consider moving there when he is. Much less demanding schedule and he can use a cart which will be huge. Like so many on that tour, he can still pop in for key events and majors.
  6. Oh but Mark, the "ready, fire, aim" is the really fun part of social media. Extra butter and light on the ice please . We were out on the course and missed all the hoopla until after the round. Two of the guys were giving updates on newsfeeds and guess what... they did not jive with each other.
  7. I'm keeping my expectations low so as not to be disappointed . Not being DFL is my stretch goal. Currently tied for 129, my strategy is well underway
  8. I had many a rounds like that in Montana. Often solo, I played two balls, and was still able to complete most rounds in under 3 hours. I can also do that here from now, from noon on, until early November when the snowbirds start returning.
  9. With all the emphasis on speed, I'm amazed this hasn't become more popular. But then courses would need to incorporate "speed golf" rounds into tee sheets. Lots of increased revenue potential. This is the epitome of ready golf.... anyone ever done this?
  10. Cut will be -1 Michael Block will redeem himself and shoot the best PGA Pro score. Good luck everyone!
  11. I respectfully agree with your disagreement . They can take my iron covers out of my cold dead hands .
  12. Top of the pot spies! Had to run the ac for the first time last night as temps here in the Valley of the Sun are moving upwards. The morning's are still cool and we've still not hit the 100F mark... but looks like we will this week. I'll be pulling out my most "stuffy, highbrow" attire this morning as our group is heading over to our neighboring community to play Briarwood CC with Judge Smail and the gang... just kidding . One of the guys used to live there and maintains a type membership that allows he and his wife to golf (limited play) and eat at the club. With rates lowering around the area, we plan to sample a course or two each month outside our 4 courses. Have a great start to the week all.
  13. Great idea, addition to the forum. I just hope my ego can hold up when I see the "Broke 70" badges . Wouldn't it be cool and a great learning experience if we could get some tester opportunities for them .
  14. Good topic, nice article @Josh Parker. My answer is no, not the "new norm" but most definitely the best way to speed up play for general, casual rounds - where the game itself does not require a certain sequence. I've been playing this way for decades. Except for the superstitious who won't tee off in front of a birdie/eagle, most everyone I play with hits when they are ready vs. furthest out. I sometimes finish my putting while a couple of our slower guys (as in not as mobile these days) make there way to the green.
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