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  1. You forgot about the orange whippy thing . I keep meaning to buy one but get started looking and never do. I see a lot of folks here using them and suspect there to be a direct correlation with their popularity and age.
  2. I just joined my communities men's league back in October and they do a really good job at running the events (which run almost year round) and with the handicap system. I honestly don't know if they use/allow 9 hole scores. Personally, I choose not to get knee deep in the discussions over handicaps - the opinions of which that I've heard run the full spectrum of good to bad. I do my best to play to rules, enter my scores into GHIN correctly, and hope that all other members do the same. I have little doubt some "work the system" so to speak but, frankly, I don't care. I just enjoy playing the game and the new folks I've met thus far. The more formal competition, while fun, is secondary for me.
  3. Anyone watching this years ANWA event? Rounds 1 and 2 are played at Champions Retreat and the final day at Augusta National. Not a bad way to spend a long weekend. Players from 20 different countries with a good many of the top collegiate players in the field. I'd not heard about the Champions Retreat course in Evans, GA (~14 miles from Augusta). Many of the holes have similar looks but without the flowering dogwoods, magnolias, peach and crabapple trees, and myriad of flowers shrubs. It's great that AN added this event along with the DC&P contest. These do a lot to grow the game and attract youth to the game.
  4. Cool project Tom! It's been fun following your "Red Green" like projects. I particularly like the leveling rake - a classic .
  5. Starting with shorter clubs seems more popular for most folks. Not sure how I got into the habit of grabbing the 6i or 7i to start. Maybe it's carry over from the club fitting baseline?
  6. I was never a range rat...until I moved to AZ (Sun City Grand)... and decided on lessons... and as a homeowner get discounted range balls... and have three great range facilities that I can drive the golf cart to . Pre round warm-up's (which I almost never did before) typically starts with a 30 ball bucket and my 6i or 7i, then my PW, then to driver. Range day (practice what my lessons teach) pretty much starts the same way but with a large 90 ball bucket - half of which is with the 5i, 6i or 7i. I'll then again move to a 9i or PW, and then onto driver. I see many folks bringing their entire quiver out and putting almost every arrow through its paces. Maybe that's the best approach? I prefer just working swing mechanics with a couple of irons choices, then move to driver and then, sometimes, fairway frustrations on a stick . In all cases, I definitely aim for the target flags/mini greens (love having these) and try and pay attention to distance and target line consistency. Aiming out to the right of target is hard to get used to... when working to move from an OTT tendency to a straighter ball flight.
  7. Happy Birthday Spies!! One free throw and one free roll today .
  8. But they (USGA and R&A) don't have immediate control over those options. No argument from me on trying other much less disruptive and controversial options. To my knowledge neither of the governing bodies have advocated the tours and courses adopt changes to address "the distance problem". Clearly the tours and their hosts love the market benefits of the long ball and don't agree that it's an issue. Someone mentioned that the tours can simply not adopt a limited distance ball, basically send the UGSA/R&A the "your #1 with us" salute. If this is true, it will be interesting to see how it plays out. Someone else pointed this out earlier and I agree that we consumers will end up paying for all or a portion of the limited distance balls. I'd be willing to pay the extra cost if we get the 15% added to the balls we use.
  9. Thank you all for the B-day wishes - I really appreciate it!! No game today, just some range time as I continue to work at eliminating my OTT tendency.
  10. PXG is having a demo day here on 4/8. I've never tested any PXG products and plan to attend. Hopefully they'll have these .
  11. I'm amazed how many G400 drivers I've seen since we moved here this past September. I've played with quite a few folks between men's league, informal groups, and last minute grab a spot rounds, and it's rare one of these isn't in someone's bag. I mentioned in another thread recently that I was at Cobra Demo tent testing irons and, having finished that I asked if they had time to show me some drivers. He asked what I was playing and I told him the G410P and if he had anything that could beat it. He said, without hesitation, yes. He also told me had I said I was playing the G400, he couldn't and that in his opinion the G400 was the best driver PING has produced - and arguably one of the best drivers made period. Wow, that's pretty solid stuff coming from a Cobra guy. Yes, many of the folks I see playing the G400's are 60+ with mid to high handicap games. Perhaps it's demographic sweet spot? Anyway, the more I keep seeing them at tee boxes the more I wonder just how good these are. This MGS review predated my time on the forum and institute of advanced golfology learning so I wasn't privy to the G400 release when I picked up a used Callaway Razr to replace a GBB I'd played for over a decade... if I had only known . So who of you have or still are playing this very popular driver? How does it compare to PING's subsequent offerings and any other drivers you have tried? Do you agree with the Cobra fitter that it's the best PING ever produced?
  12. I just played a round with 3 guys who drove over to attend Friday and Saturday rounds. One of them has a sister who lives in Marana and they crashed there. All in all they liked it. Definitely way fewer people than WM (which they also attended) but said it made access and viewing really good. One of them has a grandson that knows Matthew Wolff from college and he met up with them at the course and followed him around both days. I asked about the music and they said it was definitely different but nothing annoying. I asked if they thought the caliber of play was good and the resounding answer was yes. I also asked if they would attend another and they replied yes. I had thought about going but had a conflict this week.
  13. Yes. Just like the adage "there are horses for courses", well, you get the idea. I'd still like to see some posts in the "how did you play", "what did you practice", threads from some of these members. I honestly wonder if some actually play golf.
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