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  1. From one HRC combatant to another... congratulations on the milestone!
  2. Old Works in Anaconda, MT is just short of 2 hours drive each way. That's about my limit these days. When we lived in WA, I made a couple of one day trips to Port Ludlow and that was close to 3 hours each way.
  3. Much appreciated. I really like the black color but poor wearability would drive my OCD nuts .
  4. Any company owner that will spend nearly an hour with me on the phone, on a Sunday afternoon, earned BIG points. I really like the Sub 70 story and they are solidly on my list of suppliers for the next set of irons.
  5. Nice shooting Tom! When I spoke with Jason in spring 2019, as part of my search for new irons, he was suggesting either the 639CB's or 699's. Because I was really wanting to test irons as part of my iron fittings, and couldn't with the Sub70 clubs, I ended up not going with them... but sometimes think I should have done their demo option. Anyway, I'm not unpleased with my G410's but now having subsequently hit the i210's and i500's, feel I could move into a PD iron and gain some additional yardage. How would you characterize the 699 Pro - more PD than GI or vice-versa? Thanks.
  6. S.Oliva Pinto's caddie steps into a trap, tests the odd sand condition, loss of hole, match over... yikes .
  7. If you haven't already done so, check out the Official Tester thread on the 699 PRO's. You may glean some of your questions from this.
  8. I may just have to splurge and give this place a try. 20 mph sustained with gusts to 30 and these players are still making it look easy.
  9. Is it wrong that a part of me thinks it's just fine . As has been stated, they get exasperated like we all do but most are able to keep it under control. Some have developed a reputation for not acting professional...or even mature.
  10. I can't wait until the folks at Titleist hear that the Velocity is MGS's Most Wanted Hard Rock .
  11. I would have liked to have stumbled onto MGS earlier... which was the catalyst for me to upgrade 30 year old equipment.
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