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  1. fixyurdivot

    What do you use to clean your clubs?

    Clean freak here, borderline OCD. I hate having dirty looking irons and absolutely know they play better clean. I use a nylon bristle scrub brush and a very light amount of Comet with warm water on my PE2's. Since these do not have a bright chrome finish, the mild abrasive works great. On my driver and chrome finish clubs, I've use 409. I've thought about sending my PE2's back to PING for their restoration process. Anyone know if they re-paint the number and dot color?
  2. fixyurdivot

    Do you “really” enjoy Golf??????

    It pretty much emulates life don't you think?
  3. fixyurdivot

    Congratulations Suzy Whaley

    I'm reading more about her; she has some interesting history with the PGA.
  4. fixyurdivot

    College Football

    Thanks. It's almost like being there
  5. fixyurdivot

    College Football

    Great win for Utah!
  6. fixyurdivot

    College Football

    Big Blue must have barely squeaked by the Skirted Knights .
  7. fixyurdivot

    College Football

    I'm jealous. Attending an ND game is on my bucket list. Sounds like perfect late fall football weather. The FSU players will be wrestling for space on the hot benches.
  8. fixyurdivot

    2018's PGA Shot of the Year

    Meh. Might as well watch a putting robot.
  9. fixyurdivot

    Charles Schwab Championship - Pheonix

    Bernhard just shared that he jammed his tow into a chair last night and had to have the nail on his big toe removed - OUCH!! That he was able to make it around the course today is pretty amazing - extra shot of Novocaine no doubt. Tim Petrovic playing, in particularly putting, out of his mind. I'm rooting for McCarron.
  10. fixyurdivot

    College Football

    Good win for the Bronco's. Fresno State is a quality program and it wasn't that long ago creating all kinds of heartburn for coaches. I'm think the Clemson vs. Boston College could be closer than many expect. Eagles are playing on their home turf and all the undefeated teams draw extra motivation from around the leagues. The Georgia vs. Auburn is about the only other game I see with any ranking shake up potential. My Irish need to stay focused because FSU is better than their record shows and has nothing to lose. The undefeated's are in everyone's cross-hairs.
  11. fixyurdivot

    Why Do YOU Change Putters?

    The first picture made me think it was made from quartz... like a kitchen counter
  12. fixyurdivot

    2018's PGA Shot of the Year

    Fair enough, but whatcha got to replace it?
  13. fixyurdivot

    G400 Price drop

    G400 and G400 Max... now I'm sure which one I test hit last February at the Ping Demo - need to find that fit sheet in my file. To be honest, I didn't even know they had two versions; 445 vs. 460cc. Did Ping quickly determine that buyers were struggling with cc envy? Of the several used drivers I tested before buying my Razr-Fit (bought that before the Ping Demo or I may have been moved to buy the Ping), it not only hit the best but had a much smaller profile - while still being a 458cc head. I can't imagine 15cc would make a significant difference in visual aesthetics, but perhaps so? I for one prefer a smaller look and just could not get past the ginormous size of some drivers I looked at. But then unlike most of you, I did not make an incremental change as driver sizes evolved - I jumped from the GBB to the Razr-Fit. Now having played it for almost a year, perhaps my "turtle on a stick" aversion will be tempered a bit.
  14. fixyurdivot

    Congratulations Suzy Whaley

    Another first. PGA's first female president. http://www.espn.com/golf/story/_/id/25228376/suzy-whaley-elected-first-female-president-pga-america
  15. fixyurdivot

    Charles Schwab Championship - Pheonix

    Yup. Scott looks to be in the best position as he is one of only 6 in the field that can take the cup from Langer with a win. Agreed... and day two isn't looking any better for him. This course and the weather will not favor a 10+ shot catch up; even from the German Machine.