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  1. Had to go check out who was playing. Pretty darn good field really. Heck, there's even a Boo Weekley sighting . https://www.charlesschwabchallenge.com/ Xander Schauffele (show) Danny Lee (place) Jordan Speith (win)
  2. Great review Tony. Glad you're loving the G410 as well. Looking at your swing video, I simply cannot believe you're fitter did not pick up the problem... you're swinging from the wrong side . Also, love the "violent" description . Lastly, perhaps I missed it in your reviews, but why did you opt for the SFT vs. the Plus?
  3. No kidding. This became a discussion among our groups this past winter. I counted the boxes at Desert Hills, Las Barancas, Mesa Del Sol, Yuma CC, and Coyote Wash whose alignment was anything but aligned with the fairway. At least a third of them at all these course were intended to create a problem. A handful were actually quite humorous when you took time to really look at them... and most don't... at least the first time .
  4. My fitter is suggesting 4-PW, add the G410 UW, and a Glide 2.0 56 deg. This provides the following lofts: PW 44.5 UW 49.5 2.0 56.0 Thoughts? Maybe go with a 2.0 in the 50 degree in lieu of the UW? Going from 30+ years playing just a PW to having 3 in the bag - this will be fun .
  5. Quite honestly, I'm not sure what feasible options there are to change this new drive-pitch-putt format. I think really thick and tall rough is most feasible; and it definitely affected BK on that back 9 when he did not find the fairway. Not to the point we'd see him or the other long ball artists pulling long irons out, they just hack out with an 9i or PW back to the fairway and then wedge on like normal, but it is often a 1/2 to 1 stroke loss. Creating new, longer tee locations gets talked about, but that starts to really penalize the Speith's ZJ's, etc. that simply don't have the length. Plus, most courses don't have the room. BK, Rory, DJ, and the other big hitters simply have an advantage - and part of me says hey, if you can hit 320 yard drives and have accuracy to boot, more power to ya. The rest of the field better find another part of the game they can excel at.
  6. Agree on the good test of golf. HV3 going from tied for 2nd to T36 in 18 holes, wow! If he hit 3 fairways all day I'd be surprised. If most of us were chopping our way out of those 2nd shot lies, I'm pretty dang certain we wouldn't have shot an 81. I doubt I could shoot 81 if I hit every fairway.
  7. History made. It will unlikely ever be repeated. Even more respect for BK and his ability to keep cool under pressure.
  8. I just read this from Chris Nickels review on these irons. Suggests they are basically the "Glide 2.0" wedges? https://mygolfspy.com/2019-ping-g410-irons/ Progressing through the set, PING uses the same wedge technology and geometry on the G410 PW, UW, SW and LW as it does in the Glide 2.0 wedges, which were named MyGolfSpy’s Most Wanted wedge of 2018.
  9. He only needs to review how that accessory helped Jordan.
  10. Brooks is frantically looking for that damn cruise control button.
  11. Too funny. The crowd has no freaking idea where that second shot went, but they go nuts before it leaves the club face
  12. ...and now only a 4 shot lead .
  13. She's probably slept there before .
  14. Damn, I spoke too soon. Feeling bad for him and hope he rebounds to stay in the mix.
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