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  1. The fitter along with your LM data should get you to the best option. PING has a the "soft regular" (SR) which sounds less emasculating than "senior"... marketing folks think of everything .
  2. My initial thought as well... maybe Tiger and others hijacked his custom PXG's and threw this in the cart right after they teed off. But if the dates on this are correct, it could very well be that he was fitted to his current sticks... by a Goodwill employee. https://www.golf.com/news/2020/02/11/breakdown-alex-rodriguez-golf-swing/
  3. Pretty much... at least to the point where it results in lower scoring. Not suggesting that a Nitro or Pinnacle works as well day in and day out, but that the more popular balls do.
  4. I'm guessing at least a dozen. I'm still not firmly in the one ball fits me best camp - my data does not support it. Numerous times I've grabbed a less than tour level ball after having lost a ProV1 and never noticed a difference. I've played lots of the better known balls for years and simply have not noticed an appreciable difference. Hell, I had one of my best rounds last summer using 2 piece balls during the "Hardrock" contest.
  5. Looking forward to hear how the testers like this shaft and more importantly the data. Have fun guys!
  6. I love to walk when I can and will bring my cart. I'm open to playing 36 holes one of the days - not that I don't want to play more but my shoulders, back, and elbow dictate otherwise.
  7. Most forgiving or most exacting? Don't most players who can routinely hit center point play MB irons - for enhanced ball flight control? I'd love to see some statistics on irons used across the tours (not yet found a fairly current, comprehensive site). I've read a couple of GD articles saying that nearly 75% of tour players have at least one GI category iron in their bag; often a longer iron. They describe the i500's and a players category iron... some argue its not... which brings up another aspect to this discussion .
  8. Interesting proposal. I agree with @cnosilthat test protocol would be challenging. How much of the "debate" is image vs. reality is a question I have. The common argument is that forged blades provide the highest degree of feel and ball flight workability. I guess we need only look through the players bags across the various tours to see which is played more. Perhaps that data exists though I've not seen it. I mean they (and their teams) spend gobs of of time fitting and evaluating irons. Unless image is skewing their choices, it stands to reason they are gaming the irons that both LM and range hitting say they should. While I'm pretty confident that my two fittings have me playing the correct category of irons, I'll openly admit that having a set of small profile clubs in my bag, with "forged" stamped on them, is a desire... and probably not for the right reason (I don't think I'm going out on a limb here in saying that applies to a large number of amateurs). A couple months ago I attended a PING demo for the sole purpose of testing their iron series against my G410's - which PING lists as a GI but others consider a SGI. After warming up with my irons, I hit the i500's, i210's, and Blueprints. I found the i500's and i210's very comparable in distance to each other and only the i500 yielding a minor amount of additional carry. The BP's were simply to unforgiving and even well struck shots (maybe every third) did not yield more carry. I attempted draw and fade hits with each and the BP's were better but also very unforgiving. The i500's look like blades and are stamped forged... as of now, they would best fit that image want... but there are many more "blades" to try, so the quest continues.
  9. So long as they are willing to take the MGS oath and buy the beer, I'm good . At some point not too far off, we will need to solidify numbers so we can secure preferred tee times at the TBD courses. I suspect these courses get much love during that time of year and large groups require some advanced scheduling?? Works for me .
  10. I meant arriving Wednesday 6/24 at noon. I'm overnighting in either Ontario or Hines, OR. Let's plan on a round that afternoon and at least one frosty cold brew afterwards. Who else wants to play Wednesday afternoon?
  11. I'm booked at the Fairfield Inn & Suites 6/24-27. My plan is to stay overnight in route and arrive about noon on Tuesday 6/23. I would be interested in meeting up for a round that afternoon.
  12. Hmm, I'm thinking more like the pull of the pacific ocean.
  13. Webb Simpson for the win with Rafa Cabrera Bello and CH3 tied for second. Hey, it could happen .
  14. Coverage of Tiger at +7 was more camera worthy - apparently. Having only TGC, I lost my coverage early into the round (they switched to The Chubb). I love the Champions Tour, so that's fine. Nice win for Adam. Hard to believe it has been 4 years since his last win because his name is so often on the first page on Sundays.
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