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  1. 36/41 at Mesa Del Sol today. It was my best round of the winter season. My only double came on 18 and it was my only 3 putt of the day.
  2. Umm, am I the only one who sees the striking resemblance? Please don't tell me the vertical stabilizers are adjustable
  3. fixyurdivot

    Ping G410

    Yesterday a G410 Plus and I got to know one another on the range. I'm out for for today's round wth it in my bag. Look for the soon to come Official Review thread.
  4. That's what I observe. Lately I've been making a point to see what shots look like from the back side of the greens.
  5. Must admit that PXG has some very cool looking hardware. It's painful to take those first swats and marr the finish .
  6. Well, I've heard/read varying thoughts on this question - like 3-50%! That is a huge spread and, if true,makes establishing yardage a bit challenging. It seems the popular consensus is 15%. Based on my range experience this seems to align with course performance. I was just hitting range balls yesterday and my driver carry distance was averaging 215 yards. Using game balls, this would equate to a 245 yard carry and, with normal roll-out, puts me around the 260-270 mark...which is typical of what I see.
  7. Great reviews testers! A question that I have and did not see in any of the reviews (except watermark stains mentioned by @Kanoito) is how the new and improved "Hydroperal" finish is holding up?
  8. And to think they offer them in a "power loft" option. Just comparing to my PE2's, the standard loft configuration looks to be easily an iron different - the power lofts would a BIG adjustment. I plan to ask my fitter about this when I hit test the 410's, KZG and ??? later this spring.
  9. One issue that the G400's have is the "hydro-pearl" finish not holding up very well. In another Ping iron thread, someone stated that they've gotten away from using the "Captain America's Shield" material of the PE2 era - arguably the most durable irons ever. I did test the G400's last summer and liked them, but to be honest, the wearability issue (or lack thereof) concerned me. Having stains appear on a set of $1000+ irons is no good for me. Now planning to test the G410's in the next few months, I sent Ping Customer Service an email asking whether the G410's use the same finishing process as the G400's. Here is the response: Dear Bill, The G410 irons do have an improved hydropearl 2.0 finish which is more durable than the original hydropearl finish on the G400 model. Play Your Best, PING Customer Service Email: ConsumerSupport@ping.com Phone: 1-800-474-6434 Text Message: 1-602-833-5522 Monday - Friday: 7:30am - 4:30pm MST It will be interesting to see and hear from G410 owners whether version 2.0 has resolved this.
  10. I really need to trial a few irons with composite shafts. I've hit a couple over the years as friends have acquired them, but never in a focused/comparative review. How are you liking the KZG irons? My fitter in Bozeman just added them to his inventory of mfg's. I plan on testing them later this spring.
  11. Weather here in Yuma has finally caught up with normals - now getting into the mid 80's. A shout out and all the best to all our fellow MGS's living in the Missouri/Ohio/Mississippi River basins. What a mess . Be safe and let's hope for receding water levels!!
  12. One of our two 4somes at Cocopah CG last week. Nobody's reached/hit the water tower off the #15 or 16 tee's, but everyone tries
  13. Yet another permutation... this is going to take WAY longer than I thought.
  14. Move over PXG... there's a new sheriff in town . Hell, I'd be inclined to play the wrong clubs (for me) just to watch the starry eye glazes around the course. Those are cool looking!
  15. Interesting reports from those of you who have tried/switched from steel. My last couple of fittings list the Project X 5.5 as a good match for me. I haven't started looking on-line for this answer, but does anyone know a good database showing comparative options between steel and composite shafts?
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