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  1. Some of the comments suggest otherwise. In recent weeks I've had players in my group want it left in on some putts, taken out on others... a couple in the same putt sequence. This certainly did not speed up play. Frankly I like the rule as it was and wish they had not changed it. One issue it may introduce is damage to the hole from folks jamming their hand into the cup or, worse, attempting to pop the ball out with the flag stick.
  2. Interesting topic/discussion. Wouldn't we all like to know just how much craftsmanship went into the clubs we are playing. For instance, similar to automotive production, is there such a thing as a set of "Monday Clubs"? If my experiences in aerospace are a good yardstick, I'm betting that the level of consistency is much better now than decades ago - particularly for the more mass produced clubs.
  3. So now those that prefer the pin out will be frowned upon - interesting. If its all about speed of play, let's prohibit cigarettes, cigars, and sunflower seeds.
  4. Not for me. I like the traditional pin out (or tended) when on the green rule. I'm finding the pin in or pin out discussions to be a PITA and definitely not speeding up play.
  5. fixyurdivot

    Clear Balls!

    I hope everyone is noting the asterisk at the bottom of the ad stating "these balls only work when hit with PXG and Mizuno irons".
  6. fixyurdivot

    Bunker Shots

    Both shots were green side bunkers, but large greens with the flag in the back (~40+ feet). I used my SW for both. My main focus is to just get out and onto the putting surface - not leave in the bunker or gut and send flying. I'm doing pretty good at not committing those goofs, but I really don't feel like I have much control on distance. As I mentioned in the opening thread, it's been hard finding a place to practice and experiment with bunker play. There is a course here in Yuma that has a practice area that includes a bunker, but it's part of a chipping green and gets lots of use. I wish more courses had better opportunities to practice bunker shots.
  7. Nice job on the refinish!
  8. fixyurdivot

    Desert Classic

    Phil had to be pushing hard to join the 59 club. Sammy Hagar and Bad Company...sounds like a fun weekend.
  9. fixyurdivot

    How'd you play?

    42/38 at Desert Hills. We played behind a group that included a couple of local teaching pros. It was fun watching them hit from the back tees and the sound of drives that have that distinct sizzle sound.
  10. fixyurdivot

    Bunker Shots

    I had a two today in green side bunkers that demanded a bit longer than normal shot. The sand was more typical (fluffy) than a couple of other courses and I used my SW. Both came out nicely, but short. This continues to be a challenge for me. Time to head back to YT and look for a good instruction video on adding distance.
  11. These drivers (G400 and G400Max) sure are getting lots of accolades and press. I had the opportunity to hit the G400 last February at a Ping Demo and, had I not just picked up my used Razr-Fit in Tempe the previous week, would have likely purchased one. Something I was looking for in my upgrade from my GBB (and I'm talking GBB Warbird!) was a smaller overall profile. Some of the drivers I had tested in prior years simply looked too awkward and, with the exception of the Cleveland Launcher, none seemed to really have numbers that wowed me enough to switch. The G400 with a 445cc head size, and like my Razr-Fit, has a more compact look. I see the G400Max is a 460cc size and wonder whether it will begin to move into my "aesthetically not so good looking" category? I know this seems a silly criteria to have. Perhaps its because I waited so long to move from a 253cc, considered crazy large when it came out, to the current technology. Now having nearly a year under my belt with the Razr-Fit, perhaps a slight increase in size will be hardly noticeable. Hopefully they'll have another Ping Demo this season and I'll get a chance to test the G400Max.
  12. fixyurdivot

    Redesigned Cut Golf Ball

    Those don't look good at all. I'm surprised they would let those out of the shipping door. Perhaps I missed it in earlier discussion, but what is the connection between Cut, Kirkland and Snell? I've not played any of these - haven't even found any.
  13. fixyurdivot

    New from SC

    Welcome from Montazona. Enjoy the forum!
  14. fixyurdivot

    Do you shape your shots?

    Trevino ism's are great aren't they. My favorite being; "two things that have short futures are dog's that chase cars and pro golfers who make pars".
  15. Here is an article about this from 2009. http://gotoby.com/news/article/763/Future-Developers-will-Build-Fewer-Golf-centered-Communities And another from 2016, whose author spoke about and predicted these same problems back in 1999. https://www.cnu.org/publicsquare/2016/08/25/struggles-‘golf-course-communities’-and-foresight-new-urbanism While outwardly, most of the Del Webb, Trilogy, Robson, etc. developments here in AZ seem to be prospering, who really knows by how much? Presuming a perspective buyer can review the HOA's financials, would you be able to answer this question? You are not likely to get an honest read from the sales office, local realtors, or residents. These communities tend to have a pretty high turnover (house sales volume), but that stands to reason due to age group - so this isn't necessarily a good indicator. I think as a going in position, one would be smart to ask themselves if they'd be OK paying HOA dues 2x the current rate at some point over their period of ownership. Definitely lots to consider.