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  1. "What if I told you I could shave 5 strokes off your handicap with only one bucket of balls and an hour on the range"... golf and marketing were made for each other .
  2. I immediately thought of you when I read Jason's thread... very cool Tom! Jason, I hear lots of positive things about Monte and I'm sure you'll start seeing benefits from his instructional aids. If I can offer one bit of advice it would be not to let the want for improvement overshadow enjoying the game. Good luck!
  3. Looking at these give me even more respect for the caliber of tour players who used them.
  4. If your asking whether the film of powder affects the putt, I very much doubt it... maybe somewhere on the 5th decimal place .
  5. As we're a little bit house bound today (our choice) from all the fire smoke, I did a little indoor putting. The smoke has been around, on and off, for a couple of weeks but not too bad... until last evening. It really started to smell and the higher humidity and still air has allowed it to settle in the valley...yuck. We're close to the arrow. Because our carpet is a very low pile and actually rolls pretty darn true, I decided to run some tests. A rubber lid opener/gripper serves as the hole. I applied some alignment marks for the heel and toe strikes and we're using a brand new sleeve of Kirkland's . I'm trying to assess both the dispersion and length trends between the B61 and the ER5v. I'm rolling 3 balls at a time, first from the center, then heel, then toe and repeating this to establish some trends. The spray powder shows up very well on the B61 face but not so much on the ER5v. Each of the photos had one set of (3) strikes from the intended face position. To be honest, I'm not seeing any specific trends between these putters other than, in aggregate, I'm short right more than any other miss. Toe hits tend to be shorter on both putters and I could make a weak case that ER5v heel and toe hits stay on line better than the B61. I'm able to fairly consistently strike the intended face position but putting force and face path is probably just too varied to ascertain whatever benefit the "Sweet Face" technology affords. Once the smoke clears out, I plan to repeat this at a practice green and see if that makes a difference. But at least I've got the align marks done and feel I can accurately hit test area on the face. I want so much to really test the anecdotal claims that off center strikes tend to stay straighter and roll out to the same distance as center strikes... but a putting robot is probably the only way to test this . I did a quick search to see if any independent labs have attempted this (repeat the Guerin Rife test) and have not found any. If anyone knows of any such test, please share with us .
  6. Part of my test plan will be rolling 20' putts with strikes at heel, center, and toe positions... or at least as close to those face locations as my near robot putting prowess can produce. I plan to add a "heel" and "toe" align mark on the top rail. I can spray some powder and check that when I run that test. I've never used spray powder on a putter face before... hopefully it shows up?
  7. Reed to the Olympic Team... perfect timing . All aboard.
  8. So if FTx is correct, I have a grand total of none of my roster playing in the St. Jude this week . I see they have until this Friday to commit. This makes deciding on any trades a little challenging.
  9. Thanks again for the weekly summaries. So I think I saw a post saying we are inactive this coming week (no match-up's)? Can you provide a quick "what's remaining" and any key happenings, such as this "last 3 days before trade deadline", highlights? When does the regular weekly league end and the playoffs begin? Sorry for the rookie-ish questions.
  10. Thanks. And how about that Louie guy...wow! If these were horse races and I was betting, I'd pick him for "place" every time. That he has only one PGA Tour victory is pretty amazing.
  11. TGC is now reporting that neither Cantlay or Koepka, offered the spot in that order, wanted to deal with the testing requirements and short time for preparation... but Captain America said yes.
  12. I keep thinking that they will eventually change and allow shorts, but not so far. Maybe the fear of Dufner in a pair of skinny-man shorts is real .
  13. I think we can safely call this one... congratulations Cameron Champ!
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