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    What brings us here? Golf of course! Always have been an outdoor/sport type. Grew up baseball and transitioned to golf later. I also enjoy getting in shooting range time when I can.
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  1. @VGA MA State Director I see Lebaron Hills - Lakeville for Friday May 10th, any idea when that registration will open up? Looking to lock in some tournaments.
  2. Well I got onto the Bethpage Black waiting list....I was on and registering as soon as it opened and still got wait listed. CRAZY! Time to start looking locally now. MA did not have to much as of last week
  3. Morning all! Another testing opportunity, community call day (hopefully I can make it today), day 1 of the masters (delayed but that’s okay) and I get to wear my azalea shirt . Easy day at work and a work from home day tomorrow….cant beat it!
  4. I would say 3 putt par. I my wasn’t even a tough putt I just couldn’t gauge speed all day and had 2 5’ers and a 2”….brutal.
  5. Its one of my favorite 2nd shots...okay maybe 3rd sometimes, on almost any course, its such a good view and not many like it.
  6. I love hole 7, Long par 4, fairly tight fairway, protected green by being elevated, not very deep and completely surrounded by traps.....but then again how can you not go with Hole 13 Azalea....Lock it in hole 13.
  7. I used to play it ALLLLL the time. Would get off night shift and they always had early morning openings. Played almost 3x a week there after work. I have never loved the layout, especially now as I have played so many courses in the area so it is never my first choice. The first par 5 (now hole 4) got on in 2 yesterday. 275 drive and then a nice 220 4 iron was 10' and 3 putted, wicked bonehead I am.
  8. Make sure you all check out the social media postings, another weekly highlight reel is up! Keep the pictures coming! (Vertical pictures look better on the reels FYI)
  9. It’s great, typical New England tree lined course. Will be green soon enough
  10. Need d a mental clearing 9 today. Not bad 42 at a course I have not played in years. Never got a good feel in the greens and both par 3s I double with really bad shots off the tee. All the other holes tee to green I played really well. Great drives really nice 2nd shots (including a 220 yard 4 iron on a par 5 about 10’ from the pin. Still 3 putted
  11. Drive by the woods and think of it no, but I do drive by a course and say "damn I would love to play that course"
  12. Morning all! Going to be a beautful week here in the 60s. Not sure how clear the skies will be today for the eclipse but we are around 96% so hopefully it stays clear to see it! Hoping to get out tomorrow for a round. Need to make sure my schedule stays somewhat open to make it happen. Enjoy the eclipse anyone that’s going to be able to see it
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