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    What brings us here? Golf of course! Always have been an outdoor/sport type. Grew up baseball and transitioned to golf later. I also enjoy getting in shooting range time when I can.
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  1. Finally got my bag stocked. The dividers are awsome and had 0 bag chatter. look forward to getting it on the cert and see how it fits compared to my ping
  2. @Erin B would love to do that at some point but will be a while for me with the kiddos! Mostly east coast for me for a bit!
  3. Lots of great photos this week! Make sure any of you that are on Social Media head over and check it out! @Josh Parker @NubianRugby @rkj427 @Rob Person @StrokerAce @Syks7
  4. It’s a great track. Has two of my favorite par 5’s on it. Can’t complain about the scoring overall but still gonna complain about the short stick
  5. 42/44 today. I played a lot better then the score tee to just off the green. Struggled putting and chipping initially. Came together in the middle with a string of 6 pars then struggled to putt again. Few misreads and giving the greens to much credit. beautiful day that was pretty windy. Was very happy with my ability to lower ball flight when I needed to. Had some really pure irons today. Can’t wait to get out again.
  6. I’ve done chiropractor work before and am off and on. It’s great IMO and helped a lot especially in the hips. I have a few local recommendations. I’m due to go back.
  7. So I don’t usually get a burger when out to eat, always something else that I’m not going to make at home that I want. So my go to st home burger is seasoning 85/15 beef (gotta be sirloin) with salt, pepper garlic powder, paprika and last but not least Worcestershire sauce. on the grill cooked to medium only flipping once with American cheese. Last minute toss the bun on the top rack to toast. condiments are Mayo, ketchup, lettuce, red onion, tomato and a home made . you’re welcome.
  8. Another good session. 40 minutes today. I like the overall setup of the workouts in this week 1. Curious if they’ll change. Excersise to excersise is a little clunky and not every excercise has a video with it which is a little tough at time because I’ll have to read Exaxrky what to do, but not terrible. The excersises so far have been very leg and core bass which is great. round tomorrow hopefully not to sore!
  9. Started the sessions today. pretty standard fitness app. Enjoy the setup, pretty easy to navigate. overall the workout was really good and exactly what I am looking for. Onky thing it didn’t have was a stretch at the end so I’ll be building that out for myself looks like, which is fine have some staples I really enjoy. End of the workout had a pretty nice wrap up based on the weighting I used (you input the weight for kettlebells or other weights you use)
  10. Hey all! Decided to start this thread after signing up for the Golf Gains fitness app today. Overall I’m a fairly fit person (best I can with jobs and kids of course). In my previous life I was definitely a gym person and when I was in the military worked out all the time. These days I prefer to use fitness apps because I am not great with planning out my workouts as I once was. in the past two years I’ve gone through two different guided workouts between Insanity (which I still really enjoy) and the Better Me app. i decided to go down the golf gains app, one because he’s all over my Instagram feed and have done a few of the stretches he has put out which I liked, and two because it’s a 14 day trial and only $14 a month if you pay for the year which is pretty good when it comes to fitness apps. I also want to focus on golf specific workouts since it’s something I really enjoy doing. Very similar from what it looks like to Fit For Golf so I’m really pumped to get the program going tomorrow. Overall my goal is to lose a little weight (195 now wouldn’t mind being around 180) and just overall mobility for golf. There are 8 different programs and I’ll be starting with “minimal equipment workout” which is 23 weeks. Will be posting here over the time and tracking just how I feel overall and how my golf game is improving (or not improving). I am coming off a few months of Better Me which was overall really good with mobility and body weight excercise stuff so I’m hoping I’ll see improvement from this as we get deeper into the golf season.
  11. What a great round today, so much fun to watch some of the misread distances/wind and how firm the greens were. No one could escape it
  12. I will! I should have signed up for Red and Black and seen if I got into either, hind sight 20/20!
  13. @VGA MA State Director I see Lebaron Hills - Lakeville for Friday May 10th, any idea when that registration will open up? Looking to lock in some tournaments.
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