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  1. Oo yeah! Just got my follow up order tracking number. Should have my irons and 5 wood tomorrow and my putter on thursday!
  2. I know this topic looks as though it has died out, however, myself i have found the snell MTB-x to be the best ball in the wind ive ever used. It just seems to somehow be unfazed by it.
  3. NVM, now i remember why i went with the tour version. Flatter lie angle and toe weight. I hate the left miss with anything, especially a fairway wood/hybrid. Carry on
  4. I ordered the pro tour 5 wood and wondering if i should have gone with the 949x version instead.
  5. which ones did you end up going with?
  6. They also look alot like the taylormade P7MC irons. The cavity looks very similar, but i wouldn't think that means that they completely clone. I mean, you can only make so many different looking cavities in the back of a club with limited room to work with.
  7. I cant even lie. I ordered these new sub 70 irons last friday along with a fairway wood, and a putter. I feel like a kid on christmas eve. I keep refreshing my orders screen lol. I know they had said it would be closer to two weeks from order time, but a guy can hope right?!
  8. I ordered the exact same setup in raw on Friday as well lol!
  9. Jake Vassar, Michigan. I walk every single round and currently use a bag boy nitron push cart. Play 3 rounds a week and would love to test this thing out!
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