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  1. Okay testers. I have a 699 pro 5i that I've been going back and forth with comparing to an i500. They both look great in the rack and in the bag, but I have a visual issue with the 699 pro at address. Wondering if any of you do as well? Or if it works for your eyes? My issue, is the heel is really low. Compared to the i500s, or my Sub 70 639cbs. It is about 3mm short compared to either, and makes the club look very toe heavy. It has 1 less groove at the connection to the hozel compared to either, giving the top line a very sloped look. Have any of you noticed this? By reading your results, if you have it sure isn't affecting you.
  2. The regular 699s rated really high in last years player distance test, those heads are just a little more game improvement.
  3. Thin2win

    Sub70 golf

    I'll say that on my order, there were some issues too. But, they were very responsive in getting them fixed. Short version, I ordered a split set, but got all clubs of the same kind. Also, ordered nippon modus 105 and they all came with the 120 shaft. I'd say Jason is great, their customer service is top notch. The clubs really are wonderful. Their build department has issues.
  4. I grabbed a 56* cbx2 wedge to go with my 50* that I love
  5. I don't want to thread jack, but I've got a lie question that seems to run parallel to this discussion. I've done the sharpie method, and I've done lie boards. But really shouldn't ball flight indicate if your lie angle is correct? Need the ball to stop leaking, make the club more upright. Ball turning over too much, make the club flatter. Why wouldn't ball flight be the best indicator?
  6. Reading that was almost like watching an episode of extreme couponing but with less tooth paste. I'm impressed.
  7. Yeah, I'm talking about ball testing. I was guessing every couple years, but was just curious if anyone else had heard otherwise.
  8. nice, I lived in Summit County for 5 years, and got married in Crested Butte, played a lot of golf in central Colorado. Beautiful courses.
  9. Has anyone talked to Tony or any of the other staffers about if /when MGS will do another ball test? It wasn't really a most wanted, and balls generally have a couple year cycle. So I wouldn't think every year, but maybe every couple years? But now that we have new Bridgestone, new Callaway and a new pro V coming I was just curious. Maybe next spring?
  10. Most definitely. GI irons help to mitigate poor ball flight on non-center strikes, but they can't stop a ball from turning left or right.
  11. Carter is awesome. My wife plays on the snoco women's hockey team, that's how I got into hockey. I'll have to be a kraken fan too, but for the playoffs this year it's flyers all the way.
  12. What are you playing now? I think they are very comparable to the TM p790s, and just about anyone can play those.
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