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  1. Still part of the team, I'll check back in in 3 holes.
  2. Okay, if you have time for 18 let me know. Meadowood is a fun course right there
  3. Having grown up 3 miles from it, I think it is surprisingly well done. The course wasn't designed by any known golf designer, it was laid out by the property owner who was trying to sell houses built around it. holes, #1, 5,8, 9, and 18 are just bad. Like, bad. But holes, #2,3,4,6,7,12,14,16 are all really great. Very few average golf holes. @Kenny BCourtney and Xander will come down for the round at Wine Valley.
  4. Bear Mountain is a conundrum for me. It's has some of the best golf holes I've played, and some of the absolute worst. But it does do views really well.
  5. Have you played much central/ eastern Washington golf? There are some great tracks. Gamble Sands. Wine valley, Palouse Ridge, Circling Raven, Suncadia and Desert Canyon are the big names, but a number of good fun courses.
  6. There will be a live YouTube Stream of any Eagle Putts that @gavinski91attempts. We want to world to celebrate in his victories, and wallow in his defeats.
  7. Yes, pictures will happen. Zoom / FaceTime is an option, $5.99/min and you will enjoy the show
  8. Putting off to next week what could be done tomorrow is my motto for success.
  9. Since I can't follow live... I don't know whats going on. But I see Rory is out at -5 thru 11, Tiger is at +2. He was at -2 last I saw, so he must have run into trouble along the way.
  10. Guess it isn't surprising that it is behind a paywall. I mean, they are charging $8 for a bottle of water and $19 for a beer. The Masters is proving again that it is the class of the field.
  11. After all the viewing options for watching the masters, trying to watch this is straight out of the 90s. No streaming? Someone tell me there is a way to actually watch this outside the 4 hour TV schedule
  12. Orlando is going to be roasting hot then. Good luck.
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