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  1. Only 3 votes in for rd2. Ball 1 with 2 votes, and ball 3 with 1 vote. I'll agree with the 3 so far, ball #2 spun too much on drives for me to want to put it in play. I'll see if any more votes come in. FYI, the eliminated ball #2, Maxfli Tour CG.
  2. @fixyurdivot @greggarner Also, to Monty Hall you guys. You both have 2 of the correct balls in the test, but have only correctly identified 1.
  3. What ball are you playing? If you are going from a Costco 3 Piece to a CSX LS or ProV1 left dash you could drop 500 ish right there, if you are already on one of the low spin balls, you are going to have to get lower driver loft. I see that you are already at 7.5, but at that swing speed, you might need even less. You could also look at a driver head that is a low spin option, SIM Max is generally a higher spinning head. Epic LS, Sub70 pro, etc. If you can find one, the Cobra LTD or TM Slider from a few years ago are crazy low spin clubs.
  4. I like that you are both picking a Maxfli Tour as the winner, but have it as different balls.
  5. As a USC fan, i can tell you yes. he gets time, but shouldn't need it, team has talent, just no coaching.
  6. I guess I should add that I am "trying" to hit a cut, but lining up straight. So a ball landing 5-15y right of center is my desired ball flight.
  7. Okay Testing RD 2 is complete, this one was interesting.... here are your driver numbers, start casting your votes and your ball guesses. your hints for guessing, 1 Srixon, 1 Maxfli, 1 Titilest Ball #1 Ball #2 Ball #3 And that my friends is the 2nd round.
  8. Coming from the guy who gets to play actual golf in the basking sun of the southern lands during the winter. I'm thinking we try Bend or Portland. I keep waiting for one of us to be independently wealthy and take every one to Bandon.
  9. My cap blows off in the wind just the same,
  10. Love the practice area, I had to do something similar after moving this year to a snow zone. But on the topic of running, it made me think of this old article : https://runningmagazine.ca/the-scene/tiger-woods-regrets-running-so-much-but-he-mightve-been-overtraining/
  11. You told me I had to compete with that robot. But thanks, making the switch from draw to fade this last year has definitely increased my consistency.
  12. I asked my little guy if he wanted to practice putting with me, he setup the putting mat for me...
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