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  1. I'm still gaming mine, not that I haven't thought about a change. But it wouldn't be a change based on performance, just one for something newer and shiny.
  2. I'm not having those issues, maybe 1 miss per use. And that I normally know why, usually with a driver if I tee it up too forward in the hitting area. I know having the ball logo face the unit does help, but I haven't had issues. Sorry that you are.
  3. Monaco is the most exciting qualifying of the year, and most awful race after.
  4. I know the internet seems to have a pretty big Lewis vs Max spilt. And the have both done things that rev up the other Camp. I'm team Lewis, so I'll admit I have that bias. I think max is the best driver out there right now. I just also think he is the most arrogant and worst teammate. Him and RB have had a dominate outing this year and a deserving championship as a result. In his interview after the race yesterday max brought up last year's final race as why he thinks Lewis didn't give him more room, and he also refused team orders to help Checo out based on a perceived slight from earlier this year. He implied that Lewis was still hung up in the past. But i think Max is living more in the past then anyone. Right or wrong the championship from last year isn't given the credit it should get. Sky sports still called it out as robbery on the broadcasting leaving Max/RB to boycott them for a couple weeks. Then RB exceeding the cost cap by a small amount. Just things that I think really got under Max's skin and he isn't yet able(mature enough) to let go and move past. But Max bashing aside, , the race for p2 in both constructors and the drivers race is close going into the final race. Should be fun.
  5. Russell with a win! next year could be a good season with RB , Ferrari, and Merc. Verstappen has been unstoppable this year, but still acts insolent. Why not give checo the spot at the end? Max remains a horrible teammate. But lordy can be drive.
  6. I had a Cleveland HiBore Monster XLS. As with all those square drivers, it was very accurate. But it sounded like a shotgun going off. When I hit it in the store for the first time I thought I had broken it by the sound it made. square drivers were so loud
  7. But they are blades, which I'm not convinced have changed since the last Roosevelt administration. Blades are given pass.
  8. I judge everything. I judge them by bag choice, head covers, shoes, ball they play, their clubs, hats, socks, even the tee they use. 14 clubs from the same brand with matching bag? 20y old irons that aren't ping eye2? I'm basically Jerry Seinfeld on the first tee. I'll will admit to all of this. I do keep all my judgements to myself, and enjoy playing with about anyone.
  9. I was going to start my winter SS training next week, so this is perfect. I'm in. But I need to read the fine print clarifications. are we going for increase in cruising speed swings or just all out who cares if the ball leaves the property swings? Right now with gc3 hitting a ball I'm at 99, with radar and no ball I'm at 101.
  10. The effect on the bounce would be pretty big, but if you are a sweeper then you might not even notice. The ball flight wouldn't be the same as current irons with similar lofts. The current crop of irons has moved a lot of weight lower to offset the lower lofts. Older irons bent that strong probably shoot some low spin line drives. But if you are looking for a fun experiment, please just let us know how it goes.
  11. I've tested a whole lot of balls on course and with a LM. If you are a middle of the bell curve player for launch conditions you can m probably play just about any of the balls out there without seeing much difference. If you are off to either side of that curve by a decent amount then I think big performance differences can be seen. I.e. if you are hitting your driver with 2700 rpm of backspin a Prov1 dropping that to 2400 or a Kirkland spinning at 3000 both probably work out about the same. But if you are a high or low spin player they would offer a pretty noticeable difference. It's very possible that you are solid middle of the curve(which most people are because you know, math). So very easily, you can play about anything. I know @fixyurdivotcan play anything and it works out about the same for him. For me, I have a group that are about the same. But if I try a low spin option( zstar, prov1, etc) I lose about 20 yards on the course(less on a lm, they tend to give extra yards to low rpm shots). So yeah, you are probably right most of the time.
  12. That's kinda sad, the internal seals only take a trained shop a few hours to change, but a shop that doesn't know rotary would have no idea.
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