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  1. He is a company man. Can't fault him for that.
  2. Watching Bay Hill today, was looking at Bryson's driver and noticed it wasn't the Radspeed. He is playing a now 6 year old driver, cobra king Ltd pro. I remember the love for that club then, but still kind of surprising. Chances cobra trys to start marketing it?
  3. New wedges? I didn't even know they made old wedges... Sorry Honma.
  4. Also, the shafts in the 425 use the same adapter as the 410... so you should be able to swap those out to find a fit...
  5. I also got the SIM2 max, about the same swing speed.. But I had to go with the 12 degree head to get over 1900 backspin. The reasons to get fit folks.
  6. I'm currently using a Sub 70 wedge
  7. Scorching deal, I'm hunting for the AD DJ. Like a damn unicorn. Good luck
  8. After watching the txg video on Edison wedges yesterday I am intrigued, but really they are a hard no for me at that price point. Still, I'm rooting for them to work for you. I think I'm going order the Costco wedges and see if I can bend them 2 degrees strong. 3 wedges for $170 has me more interested than 1 for $200.
  9. Yeah, i just watched it. Thanks for the link. The CG definitely plays a role. Looking at the shots they got, I don't know that the Mizuno or SM8 had any difference in performance. very similar for sure.
  10. Definitely can see why you go with Ping needing those specs. There are a few forged wedges out there that could be made to that spec, but it does look like Pings have the best wet weather spin retention of any brand. So you get that.
  11. Obviously Matt and Ian were following this thread and wanted to give some input. I still don't think I can justify almost twice the price for an edison over a Sub70. Were you sold on this?
  12. I switched to Mid-size a few years ago, and I'm happy with that change. Much less wrist pain, and less tendency to pull the ball left. Also, I wear a Cadet-M glove, so on all the grip size charts I should use an undersized. The feel and club awareness come back after a few rounds, just takes a little getting used to.
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