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  1. Thin2win

    Fujikura Ventus

    If that comes in a black theme I'll get one.
  2. Thin2win

    Fujikura Ventus

    No idea, but 9 months later. I only like this shaft more and more. I've switched to hitting slight fades with it after years of a power draw. Previously, when I'd try a fade, I would get one, but 5 yards or 75 yards were options. This has allowed me to play a 5-10 yard fade as my go to shot on drives over the last few months. It's just so good.
  3. I'm not sure getting a stock /stock recommendation implies anything about the fitting. Bell curves are bell curved for a reason, if that was the combination getting the best numbers for you it would be hard to argue with. I know all the golf companies use a stock shaft that they think will work for the most people. They offer alternate options, but the stock shaft should be the most recommended. I know when I went in for a fitting on the mizuno ST180 I really wanted to hit the alternative shafts.. But after 2 hours and countless combinations, the stock tensei blue and the 10.5 head was the best fit for me. I didn't discount the fitting, just learned that I wasn't the unique star fish I had hoped I was.
  4. We will see if anyone else ways in over the next few days. But Boise is the leader in the clubhouse. There looks to be a ton of options there. I'm looking at June 18-21 as a good option for me, how would that work for you all?
  5. I was in bend for the first time last month, got there two days after that big snow storm... Not enough snow to ski, but too much to golf or bike. But it was a pretty area.
  6. Hey PacNW golfers: @fixyurdivot@Canucklehead @Kenny B @MmmmmmBuddy @Har in the Hat @Reesedw @PING Apologist #9 @No3PuttLaLa @Jbmullin @Tomcat @jayjay0808 @DPattGolf @Joyzee10 @jadams505 @Mike McDonald @pulledabill @CouveGolfer @CarlH @MarkCrose @Drumdog @Rittern @TheSandwedgeChef @Justin T. @BoomerGolfAnon @Michael M. @Hecaviator @dlow206 The 2019 event was fun in Spokane and I am up for doing it again. I know we had people from Calgary, Montana and from Bellingham, so it worked out to be fairly central. But, if we wanted to do Bend or Boise for a change of pace I could easily be convinced of that too. Another option would be Lake Chelan in Central WA, it would be Bear Mountain, Dessert Canyon and Gamble Sands. Last year we did mid July, I wouldn't mind going for a little earlier this year, the sun can be a laser beam at those locals in July. I don't know how Harry played in long sleeves... Anyway, I tagged a lot of you that I know are in the area, if I missed someone that you are aware of, kick this at them. Really, this is to see who is interested and where the group wants to go this year. Happy New Year to you all.
  7. I'd go with anything really. Spokane is the Palm Springs of Washington after all. I've never golfed bend, but I was skiing there last weekend. The Bellingham area has a ton of golf options as well, but not close to center. So, I'm in for wherever and whenever.
  8. I've cut rounds short for the reasons mentioned above. Daylight, slow play, time, etc. I've had to cut one round short when I ran out of balls, that was a sad moment. But my most fond memory of cutting a round short occurred on a pleasant summer day in 2006. I was playing to a solid 23hdcp at the time, lots of power combined with no accuracy, good times. I Teed off on the Keystone Ranch course: 1 st hole is a straight away par 5, and a pure drive, a great 3wd, and a holed putt from probably ~20' and I walked off with an eagle. Maybe my first eagle ever. Hole 2, basically a parallel straight back par 4. I hit my second fairway in a row, my approach to about 2', tap in birdie. Hole 3, no idea, I walked off after 2. I was not about to ruin a eagle birdie start with 7 lost balls, 2 triple bogies and what ever else I was going to fumble that round. At a 23, I knew the math was strongly against me. It was like going to Vegas for a week and hitting a jackpot on the first day, you fly home. So, I walked off a course because of the best start to a round of my life.
  9. Christopher- Seattle, WA Snell MTB-X or Bridgestone BS 100-105
  10. I've done the Pebble Complex, Bandon and Pinehurst. Of those three, with a family I vote Pinehurst. That said, I honestly think your best choice is going to Branson Missouri and Big Cedar Lodge. 3 amazing 18 hope courses (tiger woods first public one in this country which I hear is spectacular) 2 par three courses (one of them actually hosts a Champions tour event, fishing, horses, shooting, boating, etc. And it's less than half the cost of most of the places being talked about above.
  11. I played a lot at Walter hall, Harbour Pointe and Legion, all different, all fun. Let me know if you want to get a round in. I'm up in Mount Vernon, lots of golf up here too.
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