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  1. Thin2win

    Cobra F9 Driver Thread

    I went and looked at these for the first time in person today. I went straight to the yellow, and then saw the white (avalanche). Wow, the white is the winner for me, not at all what I went in expecting. I wanted the loud yellow. But the matte crown / white finish is spectacular.
  2. Thin2win

    Cobra F9 Driver Thread

    The most anticipate Jlukes post of 2019.
  3. Thin2win

    Cobra F9 Driver Thread

    So, drivers are just hard for me to fit. And why the 400 max might not leave my bag for a long time. I need a fade biased/neutral, high loft driver. But this F9 is so good looking and the early reviews are so good I'll have to try it. It would fit right in with my F7 woods /hybrid.
  4. Well, I'm through the first two weeks and my first impression is very impressed. I started at 101, and that had been where my swing speed has been at for a couple years now. The included radar unit matched my SC200, so that provided some peace of mind that my numbers were what I see on the course. 6 sessions later, I hit 113,112&113 tonight with my driver. So... 12 MPH in 12 days. I was hoping for a 10 MPH gain by the end of this. And if I don't get a single more MPH for the rest of this process, I'd still be happy with the results.
  5. Thin2win

    Cobra F9 Driver Thread

    This kind of positive review is bad for my bank account.... That said, my miss is a hook, and so I'll have to do a real fitting to make sure it isn't too draw biased.
  6. Thin2win

    Cobra F9 Driver Thread

    I watch most of Rick 's videos. This one almost had a romance cinematography quality about it. I think it will be joining ole' bluie(bluey?) in his bag. I think he hasn't looked into the f9 before arrival, as his two complaints on looks are both covered on the alternate color option. Still, definitely will have to try this thing out.
  7. so it exists, but requires a super secret double probation password to get in. I see. Does anyone want to share said super secret double probation password?
  8. is there a shotscope leaderboard that anyone has created yet for the forum members? Side note, the new firmware is going to resolve the counterbalanced putter issue with allowing you to manually tag your putts, that will solve that problem for me. I played a 2nd 9 holes with it yesterday, and still no missed shots, so that is nice.
  9. Also, just finished my first 9 holes with SSV2. The watch was comfortable and was easy to use, distances were great and I didn't have a single missed shot with anything... except my putter. It didn't record a single putt. I had to manually edit everyone after the round. Since I have a putter grip that doesn't allow me to attach the sensor to the end of it I tried holding the sensor in my palm while putting. I don't think that worked. I will have to come up with an alternate method to get the sensor mounted to my putter.
  10. So, with my limited 9 holes in on this product. I can say that seeing hazards is very easy. If the hole has a hazard, a little hazard symbol (like a car hazard symbol, a triangle with an ! in the middle) shows up on the top left of the screen, you just touch the top left button and it switches from green to hazard and shows you the distance to it and to carry it. If there are multiple hazards, you can cycle through them. Very easy. As for "measure" a shot... are you asking if it will tell you how far you hit your last shot? Not until you upload the round.
  11. Heading to the course here to use this for the first time. My only setup issue was that I have a counter balanced superstroke grip. And tabs have no way to mount to it. I'll try cutting off the mounting post and attaching it with glue or tape
  12. Agree with Jlukes, m6 fairway looks like a throw in in terms of research and product development. M5 fairway looks pretty nice, titanium for the first time since r11. But then the lack of an m5 hybrid is a little confusing. That said, they look better than last years. Numbers will tell.
  13. Well, just did my first week 1 protocol. I am so bad left handed. if nothing else, I am sure I will see rapid improvement on those speeds. Base driver speed was 101. Will see how it goes from here.
  14. Earlier this year I swapped out my i200 4&5 irons for i500's. It was a wonderful switch, the extra height, distance and forgiveness have all been huge. That said, I don't think I'd go with a full set, the i200s do everything I want from the 6i down.
  15. I'm not sure if this is more product review or group therapy at this point. You all are great.