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  1. I'm gonna take a hard pass on this one. While I'll never knock the performance of a titiest product, I'll also never use them. It is the only brand I completely exclude from coming near my golf bag. That said, even if this was another brand, I'm not sure I could order them... What if I loved them and could never get more?!
  2. Welcome to the happiest place in earth, if only there were churros.
  3. My thoughts, a putter fitting is well worth it. Getting the club face square to target at impact is the key. A clubhead by weight and design can influence your stroke to some degree as you noticed. But getting one set to the right lie and loft so that it minimizes bouncing and doesn't push or pull is huge. And the right toe hang is very important to getting the ball rolling on the target line consistently. If you can get fit with a Sam puttlab or similar I think you get some real good information. If you can't, I'd recommend setting a quarter on a flat putting surface. Use an alignment stick or some other method to make sure you are aimed straight at it, and make 15 or so putts. If you find you miss more to the left, look for a putter with less toe hang. If you miss right, look for one with more. If you constantly leave putts short, try less loft, and if you are constantly rolling putts too far try more loft.
  4. I'm just up the road in Mount Vernon. You missed our nw golfspy golf trip to Spokane, but if you ever want to get a round in let me know.
  5. I just read this on my news feed and came to check if there was a thread for it, of course there was. Good stuff!
  6. They also had a black and white logo that definitely came straight off a printer on the Atomic Irons.
  7. Three signs on one wall. The Galaxy is in the know.
  8. Definitely one of the best finishes to a major (or any tournament) this year. Lots of great golf played down the stretch. The course looked great, just was missing the ocean, some dunes, in escapeable bunkers and wind. What a great story for the winner.
  9. This is the least British open of British opens. The course is pretty, but it is parkland not links. Hard to watch an open on it. Just not what my eyes want to see for this championship.
  10. I do love the Lamkin Dr-Tec's for feel, but I will easily go through 3 sets of them before going though a set of the NO 1s. So after a few years, the NO1s work out to be less expensive. Granted, if you have extreme club swapping tendencies like some forum members here, I wouldn't do the NO1s. If you are swapping clubs every few months, I don't think they are worth it. But if you keep your set for a few years, they are a great option.
  11. How has bend been for you? My wife and I ponder moving there or Boise every now and then. Looking for a place with close skiing as well as golf.
  12. My wife is also 5'2". I got her a set of cobra F-max one length at women's 8 iron length, a cobra one length hybrid and the junior cobra F9 driver (comes with a shorter shaft and a 15g lighter clubhead then the normal version). She has gear ball striking since switching to a one length set. For reference, she has been golfing for 2 years now
  13. I currently have no1 43s on my clubs, and have used Iomic prior to them for the last decade. $16 a grip isn't too harsh in my world, as they just don't wear out. Through 40+ rounds and at least that many range sessions each year, I get 3-4 years of off a set. No other grips I have tried last me more then one. So from that perspective, they cost less than tour velvets. As for wet /humid, I've found them to be really good. So I'll be curious how this new series holds up and weather's.
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