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  1. I meant to say 27k. Wow. Not something that I'm looking to test, but sure looks like lots are. I knew something was a foot when there were 5 new people in the PNW forum last night!
  2. Awesome stuff Titleist /MGS. I'm guessing 7k.
  3. Harbour point, now that is a course that can steal a golf ball. I lived right by Paine field at one point in life, played there a lot. Welcome to the boards.
  4. Welcome to the boards, I've played north Bellingham with @gavinski91the on occasion, I've lived in Mount Vernon the last 7 years, but as of Tuesday I'll be living in Spokane
  5. Yeah Yeah, going on week 2 of living out of a suitcase staying with family. August 3rd we will move in. Thanks for the b-day wishes everyone.
  6. Coming from the Canadian, way to uphold a stereotype. If only you finished your post with an apology.
  7. Seriously great read. I love me some history and golf history is some of the best. Granted, I'd probably read 20k words on the history of croutons if @GolfSpy Barbajo wrote it up, so you had me at hello.
  8. Hey guys, now that this shows up in the recent content filter, I'm catching up. I used an ER2 for a couple years, but switched to a SpiderX this year. Mostly because I as much as I believe in the sweetface tech, I hit the ball on my target line with the spiderx more often. so for those of you testing the er5 and the er11, those are clubs I am really interested in. Combining the best of both worlds for me. Have any of you done a strike check using foot spray to see how often you are getting any advantage out of the sweetface tech or if you are hitting the center in the first place?
  9. I'm looking at the app on android, I don't think it would matter if it is V2 or v3 as it is the same app.
  10. So I just opened to app to look at the options, and sure enough there are some new changes, you can select by year, last 15, 10, 5 or 1 rounds, and you can now have it only show active clubs (which is really a nice change). Your playing average will auto adjust to whatever limit you select.
  11. The tracking data does reset every calendar year, so there is that. But the data as a whole when switching clubs is a bit hard to use honestly. I've made a similar suggestion on their feedback site to allow you to define a "bag" and then let you see average yardages for that bag. Right now you can see average over last 5 rounds or 10 rounds, etc. But if you just switched clubs, the average are a blend of multiple sets.
  12. Birdie is good. Better than @GolfSpy MPR, his was a sad miss
  13. @GolfSpy_APH the recent streams on mobile is working, I'm now seeing the test in progress threads!
  14. This month has been a whirlwind for me, I've been packing / moving out of my old house, and now I'm the middle of a 3 week homeless stretch of staying with friends and family until I can move into my new house. That said, like @PMookiedo the vast majority of my forum viewing on mobile. And the site is getting incredibly slow and bordering unusable some days. So in the quest to make all things more better, please ask those developers to give the mobile product some love. Just in the middle of writing this an ad popped up that covered the part of the screen showing what I'm currently typing, I kept trying to scroll the screen to what I was typing, and it kept snapping back. I had to close the ad entirely to see my screen again. Please help.
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