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  1. I don't know what to say. Went to the driving range today with the wife, she loves the club. She is crushing it. So, I wanted to hit it... It is a Jr length and flex shaft set at 14*. So maybe 40" shaft length. Not my ideal settings... Or at least I didn't think so. Then I started hitting it, carried 10 yards further than mine and I hit it straighter, a lot straighter ... Golf is ridiculous. My radar says that I manage to swing it 3 mph faster than my current 45“ G400 Max... Someone make this make sense. Haha. That said, the F9 is an amazing feeling /sounding club. Regardless of anything else, just feels like the ball it coming off the face with a mission.
  2. Hello all. I've been helping my wife get fit for a driver this year, it has been an interesting experience. But one that I think could benefit many others as well. Her driver swing speed is normally about 70mph, trying to find a driver that has enough loft for her to get better numbers than just hitting a 3 wood has been hard. But today we found an incredible winner, and massive value. A driver that many of you have probably read up on or watched Rick Shiels gush over. The Cobra F9. Why was this club so amazing for her? Well, a couple reasons. First, she is 5'1", and with her swing speed, loft and backspin are huge helps. Cobra offers the F9 with a head that goes up to 14* of loft, that was 2 more degrees than her previous game. That got her launch angle up and increased her spin for 30 more yards of carry. The second reason and why this club is a massive value. The Cobra Jr program. We got her the Jr's version of the F9. Same exact head(only available in the 12.5 loft head), but comes with a junior length and flex shaft. Which as it turns out, is basically prefect for her height and swing speed. The real icing on the cake is that for the next 2 years, if she ever wants a new shaft cobra will give a free 1 time upgrade to any shaft in their stock lineup. Their thinking is a junior golfer will increase club speed over two years and will need a new shaft, so they include one. So if she does want a new shaft of full length, she gets one for free. To top it all off... It is $100 less than their current list price of the regular F9. $349.00, all day every day. So if you are looking for a driver that has a loft setting up to 14, don't buy the regular F9, buy the Jr version and use your free shaft upgrade. This is amazing in my book. That is basically $200 less than most of the other offerings out there.
  3. The sensors don't know any better, you define them in the app, so yes, you can have 2 drivers.
  4. I want to add, lots of you have talked about the ladder drill, or getting putts inside a hula hoop. And those are the things I have practiced. One of the reasons I've never thought too much about leaving putts short is that I rarely 3 putt and generally my distance control is within a foot or two, just constantly a foot or two short. So lag putting is what I've practiced, and do pretty good at. I just need to lag it 3 feet past the hole from now on. Glad I'm not the only one Yogi is speaking to.
  5. I've always liked that quote from Yogi Berra. It also is painfully evident to my golf game that I need to pay more attention to it. I've noticed over the years that I tend to leave more putts short than I roll long. It is something that I haven't paid too much attention to, just aware that I should try to get putts to the hole more often. Watching golf for many many hours this weekend I decided to count how many putts the pro's left short... it turns out, that unless they are outside 25', they don't. They always get it to the hole, go figure. Checking my Shot Scope putting data... I manage to leave 72% !!! of my putts short. This has gone from minor thought in the back of my mind to 5 alarm fire that I need to address now. I have a new goal in golf, 0 putts per round left short. I have to trust that I can make the 4' come back putt. I don't know how many of you out there suffer from this same issue. But I challenge all of you to never leave a putt short. If you need to say it in a very marine sounding voice akin to never leaving a man behind, then please do. Let me know if you can successfully pull this off. Apparently, I am only 14 putts/round from success....
  6. I fall victim to auto correct with the best of them, but "moist" made me laugh.
  7. 1. Jack Nicklaus courses, specifically his green structures. His layouts are great, but he designed every green to test the devil himself. 2. Want to speed up golf? Make it so that once a player putts, they must continue to putt until they are in the hole. 3. Loud music on the course. Really, any music on the course. I don't care if you drink a fifth and smoke a bong, but I don't want to hear your music. Ever.
  8. Teeing lower might help. The problem that you might see with that is that it will also drop your launch angle. So you might get more spin, but it will come out much lower. It may or may not be worth the sacrifice. Also, since it will look all weird like, your ball strike might suffer. Worth a try on the launch monitor.
  9. There are a few ball flight modeling programs on the internet, and 17/1700 calculated out to be ideal for maximum distance with a "normal rollout". The math is the math, TM might have seized on it once, but in a perfect world in which we all hit straight down the line with a square club face, 17/1700 would produce the best distances. It just doesn't produce much forgiveness and isn't a number that works in the real world. I wouldn't recommend it and I can see why TM has since dropped that sales pitch, but for pure distance, that is the winning formula for a 100 mph swing. I think to the OP's question, his spin down in the sub 1400 range can cause some real distance losses on mishits. I was just trying to add some math because I like it.
  10. I'll throw my 2 pennies in on this one as I have the same ball flight characteristics. 1st, if you are hitting fairways, you are good to go. And if you are playing dry courses with lots of roll out, you are in great shape. If you are on wet courses with no roll... you could do better. I struggle to get any driver over 2k spin. But I wish I could. It looks like you have about the same launch angle I have, which means you are hitting with a fairly positive AoA. If you are purely looking for the longest drives possible, a swing speed of 100mph would go for 17* launch with 1700 rpm of backspin. If you take the launch angle down 1, you add 100rpm to back spin to keep up maximum distances. But a 16* launch with 1800rpm doesn't go quite as far as a 17/1700 combo. Similarly a 18/1600 combo also doesn't go as far. Often you hear/see that the ideal is about 12/2300. The reason for that is that there is enough backspin to keep mishits in check and not have diving hooks or swooping slices. That 17/1700 number gives the best theoretical distance, but it can be very unplayable due to lack of stability. With you at the 16.5/1200 range... yeah, you are losing some on distance on good hits, but mostly unless you are a very straight hitter, you are missing a lot of fairways and losing a lot of distance on any mishit. That 440 head is a low spin machine, and that shaft is also geared at low spin. If you love the clubhead and want to try some different shafts, I'd recommend something with a much softer tip section than what you are using, something like the Fuji Speeder IV, or Fuji Pro 2. that could help with a few hundred rpm, but switching club heads would probably give you the most improvement for control. Cheers and best of luck.
  11. I've had the SC200 for a couple years now and it is a staple of my range seasons. I've definitely used it out on the course for fun too. For the price, I think it is really hard to beat. Just realize that you are getting a$200 monitor, not a $20000 one.
  12. And just like that, the ST190 gives Mizuno its first win of the year at the Honda Classic.
  13. I found the same thing testing the 180, I couldn't find the right half of planet earth with it. But everything else was great. I know they said they built the 190 with the desire to get it some tour adoption, that would require giving it a more open face for that demographic. My 2 cents.
  14. I love my G400 Max, and think I'll just spend this summer enjoying its company. Hopefully some of you find this G410 the prefect fit and can write songs about its brilliance.
  15. From the footage, and without having both I'm front of me to compare it to... It really could be either. You are probably right, you seem to do that often. Either way, from what I can gather from the interwebs... Basically really hard to quantify. The $200 Stability shaft seems a real stretch to find the value in it for most income brackets. It changes the feel of the putter for sure, but does it make more putts? For some I'm sure yes. But no one has been able to quantify it, much like switching from a ping pistol putter grip to a superstroke. Does it help? Maybe for some, not for others? I think it really comes down to the change in feel (and looks). And if you want that. Performance... I read here that MGS just tested this, so I'm sure there are numbers incoming soon. But for $30 the UST seems to change both and the overall feedback is generally very positive. I'll see if it is even an option for my ER2, but at that price point, if it is, I'll get it and write up some sort of purely subjective no numbers review for it. I'll even include a picture or two, maybe even a video of installing the thing. Who knows, the world is so full of possibilities. But I'm not expecting any performance improvement, just a change in feel. That said, if my putts per round do drop by some statistical significant amount, I'll let you know. And since Shotscope loves to track that, it should be easy to see.
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