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  1. Eaglemont Golf course in Washington just announced that they will be closing for good. I'm sure like many courses, finances were already stretched before this event, and with it the end is here. I'll miss the driving range the most. As I live very close to it and would go up a time or two a week for a range session. I guess this just confirms I'll need a skytrak for the garage... Anyway, I'm sure there will be a lot of these announcements coming. Hope you all are well and enjoying the government mandated family time.
  2. @Dave P. HPMC Oh harbor point, I used to live in Mukilteo, so played that track a lot. Definitely a course where accuracy beats distance, at least on the front 9. Welcome to the forums.
  3. Hi there Thin2win,

    I saw your message on the forum about the Tommy armour putter nr. 3 to someone living in Italy.

    Your suggestion to buy one in the States and ship it for him to Italy. Do you want to ship these putter for me to the Netherlands?

    What is the cost of shipping? And is these putter in the store with a discount at the moment? What is the price of it?

    I'd hope to hear from you.

    Kind regards,


    1. Thin2win


      I would definitely do the same for you. The putter itself is only $99usd. If have to check on shipping. 


      The bigger issue, the state I live in just closed all businesses for 2 weeks due to Corona, so I'm sitting at home for that period. But, assuming the world doesn't end and I'm allowed to leave the house soon, I'm more then happy to help

    2. ziedaan


      That's great, thanks! I wonder what the shipping cost are.

      Ai same here with the corona, but we still can go to businesses for now..

      I have no rush with it. Probably due to Corona i can go golfing in june 😞

      You can also wait longer, probably there is a discount (code) for the putter in that time..

      Thank you in advance!


  4. The player: Current gamer - Maxfli Tour (Matte Green) Handicap or Ave score - 6.8 7 iron carry distance with current ball - 165y Trajectory - Mid Putter - Evnroll ER2 The test ball : Sweetshot SS plus 90 Distance I found this ball to have near identical distance on the putting green. But the further you get from the green the distance loss becomes increasingly noticeable. About 5 yards less on 100 approach shots up to about 30y less on drives. Trajectory - high, mid, low Mid trajectory, really a nice ball flight. Lower trajectory than the Maxfli Tour, very steep decent angle. Spin Roll out - there's no coming back... But, it comes down so steep that it stops really well on full shots. On pitches around the green it really rolls out. Feel - mushy I wasn't able to determine the compression of this ball, but it really feels butter smooth, best feeling ball on full irons I've hit in a long time. A little hallow feeling on drives. Durability (1 round) - most durable ball ever, 52 years old and other than slight discoloration, looks brand new. No scuffs after untold rounds. Rating Casual - would play again if given or found Notes or writeup Obviously this ball isn't the latest and greatest. It was a range bucket rescue, and I'm really glad I snagged it. The only print ad I can find for it claims that it was made by accushnet in the 1950's. And has a surlyn cover and it was fun to play. I figured there would be more distance loss than there was honestly. It definitely isn't a distance ball, but... It isn't bad, I basically tried a 10% less ball some ruling bodies have discussed, it wasn't game breaking. Golf was still fun. Maybe some of you out there gamed this ball in the past. I would absolutely still golf if this was the only approved ball.
  5. Hey all. Hope everyone and their families are good. Obviously, we will see what the future brings on this one. Still 3 months away, so I have hope. But, I guess we will just wait and see.
  6. I found this treasure in the range bucket. Vintage 1969 surlyn covered golf ball. If I really run out of things to do during this zombie apocalypse then I'll test it and compare to a current tour ball. Now who doesn't want to read that?
  7. I kind of noticed that. After my brief tryst with it, I looked them up on Ebay/2nd swing, and they all looked like they had been drug behind a cart. I've never seen so much paint chipping on a putter. And that it was on all of them definitely caught my attention.
  8. I putted with a spider x for the first time over the weekend. If I could have traded my ER2 for it, I would have. Never used a putter that so naturally returned to square for me.
  9. I have 6 rounds in with the CBX2, I absolutely love it.
  10. All the courses here (Washington) pulled the plug today after the governor put some edicts in place for what businesses can be open. However I got an email from my country club that while the pro shop, driving range and food options are all closed, I can still go golf. So, I think I'll just keep playing as a single or with my wife as this event continues.
  11. @KRISWITHAK Welcome to the forums. My wife and I love the sand Point area, so beautiful. We did our PNW golf spy get together in Spokane last year, lots and lots of courses over in that area.
  12. Christopher / Wa 6.7 Pw-6 ping i200, 5 i500 165y
  13. I am good with Crosswater (Sun River) / Lost tracks on the 26th, I think that would be fun. I'd still like to do Eagle Crest on the 25th since @DPattGolfworks there and I hear he has arraigned a free scorecard for each one of us. If we behave, we might even get a free pencil. Juniper on the 27th also sounds good to me.
  14. There are almost too many options in the Bend area. For the last day, I'm leaning towards Juniper as it looks to be close and reasonably priced. Right now we are looking at: 6/25 Eagle Crest - Ridge Course 6/26 AM tee time - Widgi Creek PM tee time - Tetherow or Pronghorn 6/27 I need some votes from you all given the above. Crosswater looks great, if we do Tetherow or Pronghorn on the 26th, I'd be game for doing the other the following day. Juniper is in the area and looks to be the most reasonably priced of the bunch. Black butte, tokatee and quail run all look to be a bit more of a drive than I think we need since there are so many options closer. So, sound off. q1) who is in for the 2nd round on the 26th, and would you rather go Tetherow or Pronghorn? q2) which course on the last day best suites your budget and golfing desire? One of the fancy courses would be great, but I don't want to exclude people from going if a round at their price point is out. If left of up to me, I'd lean towards Juniper. ixyurdivot@Canucklehead @Kenny B @MmmmmmBuddy @Har in the Hat @Reesedw @PING Apologist #9 @No3PuttLaLa @Jbmullin @Tomcat @jayjay0808 @DPattGolf @Joyzee10 @jadams505 @Mike McDonald @pulledabill @CouveGolfer @CarlH @MarkCrose @Drumdog @Rittern @TheSandwedgeChef @Justin T. @BoomerGolfAnon @Michael M. @Hecaviator @dlow206
  15. Thin2win

    Fujikura Ventus

    For feel, I think the Fujikura Pro 2.0 feels near identical to me, just not as stable. But for flex, tempo and shaft load I don't know if I could tell them apart.
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