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  1. Another weekly update. I had a few great golf outings this week. Thursday night was the first round of men’s league and my partner and I won our match. Unfortunately, our opponent’s teammate had a conflict and wasn’t able to attend, so the better ball game was a bit lopsided. With the exception of one hole, we used my ball for each hole, so that felt pretty good. Tee shots were horrible, but everything else was pretty solid. Even though it was casual, it was nice to get back to “competitive” golf. On Saturday I was able to get out and card a solid score. 40 on the front and 37 on
  2. Quick Update: So far, I've gotten in 10 rounds and a few dozen practice sessions. Scores are averaging in the low-80s, but I did complete one very consistent round for a solid 78. The handicap index is currently sitting at 11.1 After a bit of work with a local swing coach, launch monitor, and some swing recordings; I've found that my rotation is lacking. Club path and speed are good, but I'm slamming the club-face closed at impact. I'm sure it will take some time to get my rotation back, but I'm seeing decent results already.
  3. Quick update: This past weekend I was able to fit in a practice session on Friday, then play on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday's front 9 went well, the course was wide open, and I looped the front nine in about 75 minutes. I accidentally skipped a two-some at the turn who went into the clubhouse for a few drinks. While standing in the #10 (330yd par 4) greenside bunker a ball careened past me and settled on the side of the green. I looked back at the tee box and the two-some was teeing off. It was a great shot, but still had me rattled. At the next tee-box we exchanged apologies, the
  4. Thank you. This resonates with me, I am in the best shape of my life, but certainly not the best golf shape. I need to start incorporating flexibility workouts into my routine. Thank you for the book recommendations. I haven't seen the work done by Broadie but it looks incredibly interesting. Ordered the book today and I'll read it this weekend.
  5. Thanks, probably just going to tackle it myself. Most swing instructors over the years immediately try to straighten my elbow and everything gets mixed up. Thankfully I do have access to a nice practice facility now. Full grass range and nice short game practice area. I agree with you that the reps are necessary to get the consistency back. We’ll see where I'm at after a few weeks on the range. Fortunately I haven't lost the mental side of the game, just the physical it seems.
  6. A quick backstory: I've played golf my entire life. While growing up my dad played golf but we never had access to a good course in our area, so golf was reserved for special occasions. Typically, I would ride along and maybe hit a few putts here or there. Going into high school I started becoming more serious about golf after a knee injury took me out of baseball. When I started, I had the typical baseball-style over swing. Around this same time, my parents purchased a townhouse in NC on a golf course. I started playing fairly regularly all summer, then practicing and playing on the scho
  7. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? I’ve played since I was a kid (29 now) became competitive in late high school and started playing junior tours before moving to low level collegiate golf. Around 21-22 I completely quit golf and just now started back up. Probably a 15-ish handicap at the moment but would like to get back to 2-3 where I played competitively. What do you love about golf? Golf is a sport that’s personally competitive. It’s easy to track your progress and play against yourself no matter what skill level you play at. Wh
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