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  1. Thanks for the response. I want to be clear I'm just looking for tips and tricks at a practice area. It's an open conversation in all honesty. In my response above I had said I use the edges of the range to help shape shots, using the tree line and fence line as a guide. That was an example I use to help me in practicing left or right. This is what I am here for, to get an understanding of what everyone does at the range or green and if anyone has similar circumstances where they can get to a practice green or range on a consistent basis day to day. Our good weather season just started, I don'
  2. Thanks to you and @cnosil for the replies. I think that's a better option more on the short game now that I'm looking it over. I have 12 clubs because I threw out my 3wood and hybrid out of the mark up since I don't know what to do between 3i and driver. It leaves that open for a possibly hybrid and wedge combo to fill the bag. You're not being arrogant, I'm glad to hear there's always room for activities and that's exactly why I posted. Hope to see a lot of responses with tips and tricks even outside of being at the course.
  3. I'd like to accomplish a lot. Keep my iron play strong while also working on those short game shots. My putting has improved over the past two years but I'm still a two putt for par kind of player. Burn a lot of edges and will focus on making those this year. I'm hoping someone has a "workout chart" for what to do at the range and drills for someone that's going to go from playing 3 full rounds a week consistently to probably one full round unless in competition play. I'd like to just keep my swing and have a purpose rather than go hit balls. What I've done this year so far is set up on one si
  4. TaylorMade SIM driver, Mizuno MP18sc Irons, Mizuno Putter & Wedges. Looking for a new 3wood/hybrid/utility club. I always used to be Titleist for irons and wedges but back in 2012/2013 tried out the MP64's and fell in love with Mizuno. Kept vokeys up until 2018 when I got the MP18sc Mizuno irons and got a heck of a deal on their wedges. Just last year tried out the MCRAFT series putters and was best I putted in a long time. Went with TaylorMade last year after a long hiatus since the old R7 Superquad went bad. Could just never find a driver to match it. I think I'm floating towa
  5. I can literally walk out to my vehicle at lunch grab my bag and then immediately head to the driving range I'm that close to my home course. This year I want to focus down on as much practice as I can outside of playing a round. We recently had a baby and I think my time after work or the weekends will be cut down dramatically so I want to be sure I can still stay in playing shape and still compete in the annual tournaments I play. I honestly don't warm up at the range and when I played college golf I'd go down hit a few 6-iron shots and then head to the putting green. I'm a bigger guy, 6'2" 2
  6. Hi Everyone, I'm from Central PA and a hardcore hobby player. I play every Sunday with my dad and also compete in individual and two-man team tournaments. I'm getting to the age where my game can go either way and I wanted to join to be involved in discussion to keep me at it. I've been playing golf for almost 20 years now. I played in high school and then played for the local college team. We had a good run during the four years there and I had a couple of medalist showings and championships top 10's. I'm currently around a 2 and I want to improve on that. Like I said above, I'll be 35 t
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