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  1. Sent from my SM-G935V using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  2. Finals are done and I am finally able to get to the course tomorrow to try out the vision equipment in game situations. I have been practicing around the green with them, but that is a lot different (for me) than game play. I will try and post my thoughts soon after.
  3. I am still waiting on the ball that will cure that. Vision certainly has the packing, customer service and the products to compete with the others. I hope to see them over here soon or readily available on the net.
  4. That's pretty cool that you could test the vision balls like that. Glad to hear about hitting it straighter. Hopefully that will be me, straighter is always better.
  5. Well, I went out this morning to my local range to hit a bucket and chip and putt using the vision balls. After loosening up, I went to the chipping green to test the balls. I use my normal lot (penta, gamer, noodle, soft-feel and z-star yellow) and the vision golf balls (fantom yellow, hi-soft, the x-3, arctic, pinky uvx3 and the gel). Chipping My first impression was wow the vision balls seem much brighter out in the sun. Especially the fantom yellow, I also noticed that is glows in the dark inside as well (when I was putting my clubs and balls away, the Russell was glowing). I can't wait to get to a course and drive them. I am not a hacker that plays a lot of spin on his shots, I prefer to hit the ball just short and let it roll. My chips with the normal lot did what I expected; they would hit the front of the green on just off the green and roll toward their destination. The penta is my favorite ball around the green by the way. Next I trialed the vision balls, and they performed better than expected. They felt great coming off of my wedges not hard (like hitting a rock), but soft and I was able to develop a feel from that. I had four favorites out the vision balls; the fantom yellow and white, the gel and the x3. I particularly liked the large printing on the balls, it made it much easier to see the spin and I was able to attempt to correct my mistakes when I made them. Putting Again, I went through my normal lot and proceeded to use the vision balls. *Side note#1: At this time a small crowd was gathering (about three other guys). They started asking questions about the balls, they were mostly interested in the UV balls. I tried to explain the UV concept to them as best as I could and suggested to them they should visit visiongolfball.com or mygolfspy.com for more info. Back to the putting. I was surprised at how soft the balls felt coming off of the putter (using my mygolfspy SeeMore). I was able to gauge the distances fairly well and the markings on the balls were big helps. I again had the four same favorites; the fantom yellow and white, the gel and the x3. *Side note #2: Two of the three guys stuck around and I let them putt with the vision balls. They really liked the gel and x3. They were still trying to get used to the bright UV color. They asked where I got the balls and I said that the company is in Australia and has some of the fastest shipping around. The glove and other swag The glove – it was great. I loved how the tackiness stayed with me for the duration of my chipping. It has not been humid here and I was hoping it would be really humid or raining to give it a good test. The hat – My head has a tendency to sweat more than other people's and the hat wicked most of the sweat from my head. I do not think there is a hat out there that can soak up all my sweat. I can't wait to get the vision balls out on the course and put them into a game situation. Thanks Boz and mygolfspy for all the hard work that went into making this possible. Otherwise I would never consider products like this. If you have any questions or concerns please ask and I will try to answer them the best I can. Thanks again.
  6. Received my golf care package today. WOW!!! I second what hendricks97, just blown away. The quality of the balls, glove and goodies all look great. The glove fits like a... glove. It feels great. I have a golf outing on Labor Day weekend and can't wait to share with the guys and get their reaction to the balls. Plus the shipping was super fast coming from Australia. We ordered something from Washington state and we still have not received it and we ordered it before I received my vision tracking number. If that is just a precursor to your style of customer service you should go far in this business. Kudos to Boz and the Vision staff.
  7. Second that motion. I try not to buy too many clubs or putters. I am addicted enough to golfing. I can't keep my old clubs and buy other clubs. But these pictures sure do make it hard. Nice pics and collection.
  8. I had read somewhere that it was an orange Bridgestone TourStage? I could be mistaken?
  9. Awincey- So is the GelX's 250 your ball of choice out of the testing? How is the accuracy? How many fairways did you hit in regulation? Did the pinky compare favorably with the GelX 250? Also did you change your swing when using these balls? Also I am glad to hear the glove worked out for you. Did you still experience the chaffing? Sorry for all the questions just wondering. Thanks, Matt
  10. I went through two gloves myself. If was hot and humid and then the rain came. I also like the looks of the glove. I like the wick idea. Anything to help keep the sweat away from the palms.
  11. Won a heavy wedge today. If this keeps up, I am going to have a new bag of clubs.

  12. I am in if you need more reviewers. I am a middle of the road handicapper, hacker, and always looking for a little help.
  13. Played my new SeeMore FGPBlack Blade putter courtesy of MGS and SeeMore Putters and loved it!

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