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  1. I appreciate all the posts/advice. Had no idea my putting woes would generate such response. Guess I am in good company. Since initiating this post I was finally able to get a handle on my negative approach. My new approach narrows my putting into two. Ones that go in and ones that do not. For those that do not there are two causes. Bad alignment or bad speed. Even lip outs do not bother me anymore. After a bad putting round I assess the misses and either practice pace or alignment. In the past few months my 3 putts are down considerably, birdies are more frequent and putting has become much more enjoyable.
  2. No more negative putting thoughts! I have broken down my putts into 3 categories. Poor line, poor pace or good putt. In all cases walking off the green I feel good knowing I can fix the line or pace. And even if the putt stops on the lip, it was a good putt. No longer keeping track of the lost opportunities on the greens!
  3. Never thought of missed opportunities as negative. But now I can see why they are. Your overall comments are great. Will be working on my new "positive" approach on the weekend! John
  4. Have been playing for over 40 years. Putting has always been the weakest part of my game. Back in the day, when I was a mid-single handicaper I could shoot mid 70's with no birdies. Have tried all aids. I start out every round with a positive attitude. Roll putts very well on practice green. Get on the course and 40 years of negative thoughts cause constant missed opportunities. I keep track of the "reasonable" putts that could/should have dropped. Count them up and take 50% of those as not all can be expected to go in. At the end of the round I come up with easily 2-4 strokes lost due to putting. Any suggestions of how to get 40+ years of demons out of my head?!?!?
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