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  1. I think the cover does not hold up very well. I did the ballnamic ball fitting and was recommended the XLS, I bought a dozen and while I like the performance, I don't love it and think I get more out of the Bridgestone Tour BX and ProV1 in performance and durability. I'll likely keep playing one of these going forward.
  2. These look amazing. I’ve got a new set of Mizunos, but might need to upgrade.
  3. For sale Scotty Cameron California Monterey 1.5. Used for 1/2 season a few years ago. Has original headcover with new Super Stroke grip. $299.
  4. I have the Precision Pro 9 and I really love it. It's the only range finder I've ever had experience with, but it works really well for me.
  5. I just started a 10 lesson package at GolfTec and just had my 2nd lesson. I will say that I've been very pleased so far. My first lesson, there was a discussion about weight shift and what I thought it was and his explanation was very eye opening. I've played once since my lessons and working through the swing stuff on the course was tough, but I didn't want to revert right back to my old habits. I really find the video to be very valuable and good feedback. What I feel and what's actually going on are often drastically different. So far, its been worth it to me.
  6. I bought a ClicGear 4.0 earlier this year (just happened to find one on the floor at Dick's Sporting Goods, websites had been sold out for months) and don't regret it one bit. I play about 2x a month and take my cart every time I play now. I even used it for a shortish 9 hole executive course last weekend. Since others seem to be mentioning it, I'll say I'm 42 and some of my friends mocked me the first round out. Since then, they've all bought carts, took only about 2 rounds. I'm not tired on the back 9 and my back gives me ZERO issues. I'd suggest a cart to anyone, any age, any location. They are the best.
  7. So I felt compelled to post in here what I would deem a success story of the TRUEGolfFit system and a quick discussion on fittings, here we go....As a quick backstory, like most folks, I played more golf last year than I had in quite some time. Early in the summer, I decided to buy a new driver as mine was a # of years old, and let's be honest, who doesn't' like new shiny stuff? After consulting MyGolfSpy's Most Wanted and seeinghe PING G410 LST as the winner, I decided that maybe I should give it a try. At the same time, I also paid for a TRUEGolfFit fitting which fit me into the COBRA Xtreme speed driver with the HZRDS shaft. I went to my local shop and mentioned, I'd like to hit the PING and the COBRA. The gentlemen that helped me said "it's the best driver this year and you're going to love it" and I hit it on Trackman for a dozen or so balls and like it much better than my old gamer I had in the bag. I inquired about the stock shaft and about the COBRA, he let me swing it, but after a few hits, he insisted the PING 9* was the option for me with the stock ALDILA 55 CB stiff shaft. So I made the purchase. Fast forward to this season and while I do like the PING, I never felt the flight was good for me. I hit the ball high and felt that PING really ballooned on me and when I cranked down the loft (9* down to 8*), I felt I couldn't get the ball up in the air. I decided to try a 2nd TRUEGolfFit fitting to see what it said this year. I entered my info and it again, suggested a COBRA, this time the RADSPEED with HZRDS Blue Smoke 6.0 shaft. This time, I visited a different shop and paid for an actual driver fitting. I mentioned my current gamer, my ball flight, and what I was looking for. I said I'd like to try the Callaway MAX LS, the newest Titleist (either TSi2 or TSi3) and the COBRA and if he had any suggestions. My fitter immediately told me "you can hit the COBRA, but I've had no luck fitting it in to anyone. As we went through the process, I like all the drivers I hit, but the Titleist TSi2 was the clear leader, but then came the COBRA. And I think this part is the most illuminating of the process. The first RADSPEED Cobra he brought me had the Fujkura Moto shaft that it comes with as an option and I hit it ok, but not as good as I was the Titleist. I asked if I could try the RADSpeed with the HZRDS shaft and it was like the clouds parted. My numbers, across the board, immediately jumped. Ball-speed, swing speed, smash factor were all best with the COBRA. I hit 3 of my longest drives of the session and my averages went up on all drives. In addition, I was near the center line on all my drives. I found this to be most impressive as I was growing tired from the swings of the list of drivers I had hit up to that point. Needless to say, the fitter and I were both blown away by the #s provided by the COBRA RADSPEED driver with the HZRDS shaft that I inquired about due solely to TRUEGolfFit. I know this won't be the case for everyone that tries it, but really wanted to tell my success story here and would love to hear if others experienced anything similar. Now, if anyone needs a PING G410 LST driver, I'm willing to part with mine!
  8. I actually paid for the TopSpeedGolf membership and found it pretty beneficial. I think Clay has a lot of good teaching points and does a good job communicating what you should be feeling and how the swing works. That being said, what you're doing and what he's trying to get you to do are sometimes hard to matchup. i'd suggest his system because it has helped me, I've been hitting my irons and driver better this past year after signing up.
  9. I can't say that this is particular to PING or any other brand, but a few weeks ago, I was in my local golf shop (Golfdom, Tysons Corner, VA) and the PING rep was there and putting restocking the G425 fairway woods and drivers. I overheard him talking to one of the employees that the factory is having a hard time getting people to come back to work, post COVID. He didn't elaborate further, but in addition to ongoing shipping and material availability, it's no real shock that there are delays for many manufacturers.
  10. Hey all, I’m looking to go in for a driver fitting and have quite a few options around me in Northern Virginia. I have Golftec, Club Champion, Dick’s/Golf Galaxy, as well as a local place called Golfdom. There is also a 2nd Swing about 45 minutes away. My question is, is one place that much better than any other? Does anyone have a really great or bad experience I should consider before going in? As reference I’m about a 10 handicap and play 2x a month. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  11. As an update, I bought the ShotScope and have played one round with it and really like it so far. I do say one round because I put the watch in my bag after being on the charger for a few days and thought I turned it off. Apparently, I was wrong because when I got to the course I had like 30% battery and it died on me by the back 9. Hopefully this won’t happen again. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  12. I just bought the spiked Adidas that won last year, so I'm not in the market for new shoes (per say), but I do like these. I do find it odd that on New Balance's site, they don't have the Striker 2.0 option available.
  13. This is great info. I’m going to get fit for a new putter this season too and trying to decide where to go. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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