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  1. I have been playing off and on for 20+ years. Only really tried to get serious about getting better over the last year-ish. I was progressing, I knew I needed some help and went for lessons. I don't want to discourage anyone from getting lessons from the same place I did so I won't mention them, but the are really known for their golf-tech... During my sequence of lessons, I started getting worse and worse on the course. Finished my lessons after those 2 months and went and played and continuously got better. I was down to ~14 and even had a hole-in-one when everything was going great. Fast forward a few months, things seemed off, I was not getting the distance with my driver that i thought i should be. I am 52 and only hitting it ~220 or so. I really felt like I should be in the 240-250 carry range. I went back for more lessons, with the same golf-techy company, just a different location and my game is now worse then it has ever been, without exception. I love to play, but now I find myself not wanting to. The embarrassment is at an all time high. Both of my instructors are good, and qualified and the tech used is good, and I can see reasons for my misses. But Jesus i seriously suck now and not sure what to do. Take some time off, take more lessons, play more? Worse part is when my wife goes with me. She knows how much I paid for my clubs, and tells me that it isn't because the clubs... Anyone else having post lesson failures? What did you do to get out of the slumps?
  2. i remember when the Snake Eyes came out, those were the bomb and the envy of all.
  3. Just bought a set of Taylormade Sim2 Max OS irons. Made all the difference in my game. I suck a lot less then I did 10 days ago. I shot my personal best this past weekend on my home course and had my first ever hole-in-one. Was it the clubs, some of it yes. But have never hit clubs with so much confidence as I have with these.
  4. Gregg Stepp St. Petersburg, FL Wilson Harmonized M5 #2 wide would be my preferred to test
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