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  1. Just set up the net in the backyard and hit some shots working on a few things since I've got the kids today. Looks like I have a tendency to stand too tall in my setup and that's hard to correct mid-swing. Tried to focus more on setup and hit some shots that felt really good towards the end. Work in progress to say the least.
  2. So sorry to hear about all the dogs that everyone has lost. I think our Husky is approaching that time as well. He had a stroke a few months ago and hasn't been the same since. My wife and I rescued him back in 2009 before we were married. He is basically our first kid, so it hurts for that time to come.
  3. Hit the range for a bit after work today. Needed to get outside after being stuck in the lab all day. Seeing a pretty consistent issue of being too steep in my swing so trying to work on that a little bit at a time.
  4. It's funny you mentioned that because that was the exact advice I got from one of my old managers that I played with a few times. He noticed I was hitting my short irons better than my wedges one particular day, told me to give up distance on some shots and leave myself a 9 or PW into the green instead of a partial wedge. Beat my previous low by 6 strokes that day.
  5. Wow. Way to put words in my mouth to go on the offensive to a completely benign comment. It's no wonder people stop coming back when a person gets attacked over something as petty as this. For what it's worth, I have a Samsung phone, so nice assumption there sir. As mentioned, hopefully it will be compatible with Android in the future. Thanks for creating a nice toxic environment.
  6. From what I've read, an Android version has been in the works for awhile. I hope they eventually figure it out so I can use my personal, primary phone instead of my secondary phone with it. Having said that, in some ways I can understand that it probably is simpler in terms of integration with the iOS devices because I would imagine the camera hardware and software stays relatively consistent between the devices whereas there is going to be a lot of differences between something like a Samsung and a OnePlus or Razer. All are Android devices but very different camera hardware and certainly different software packages. Definitely one of the shortcomings of the MLM to me, so here's to hoping for future improvements. Personally, I would rather they limit their market to only iOS until they can deliver a high quality product for Android as well. Nothing worse than a bad port resulting in a poor quality user interface. If they did such a thing, the company would get ripped apart for an inferior product. It's a fine line to walk for a business, especially one that does use integration with the phone camera.
  7. Thinking it may be time for a new bag. Went to grab my clubs this morning and found the legs had splayed and it was all on the ground. It didn't give me much confidence in continuing to use my current bag. Now to figure out what to get next.
  8. Good luck to everyone that signs up. I just got mine a few days ago and I'm excited to get to use it. The whole apple only thing is a small drawback, I hope they get an Android version working soon.
  9. Since a straight block right is my typical miss, the side to side tracking was fairly important to me. It's not perfect, but given a fairly small budget I found a deal on the Rapsodo MLM so I'll give that a shot.
  10. I don't have the right setup to put a net indoors, so the best I can do is put something up in the back yard. It's convenient enough that I can get some swings in a few times a week to keep my swing somewhat intact. My main worry is as others have said, I can't really see what is happening past the first few feet. The feedback of hitting a target I lined up to is good, but it doesn't tell me everything I would prefer to know. I live in an area where frozen winters are not a problem, but I can't say golfing in 115 degree heat is high on my list of enjoyable activities. I was hoping that something like a launch monitor would help with nailing down my distances but also potentially help make hitting into a net a little more interesting for a long term application. I don't believe a full simulator setup is in my near future, but something to break the monotony of endlessly bashing a golf ball 7 feet. It sounds like it would be a reasonable purchase for my situation as long as I am willing to accept the limitations. Thanks to everyone that has contributed.
  11. I'm working as a chemical engineer in technical research and development for a manufacturer of citrus processing equipment. The hilarious part of this job is that I was found through a recruiter for the job in California while I was living in Florida. The company's headquarters are not only in Florida, they were 3 miles from our old house. I had no idea that the company was so close when I was going through the initial process as I knew the job would require a relocation. It's strange to be the only person in my department that isn't in the main office, but at the same time it gives me a little more freedom with my schedule. My department did lose 3 people in the past month (one lay off and two promoted to another department), so who knows what could happen in the future.
  12. My mother in law is in Arizona with her ill parents. Both have different stages of dementia with one having days where he thinks it is 1954 and other days totally normal. Her mother seems to be getting nearer to the end. I've only heard third and fourth hand accounts, but it sounds like most of the conversations have been, "If you want to see her, make it soon."
  13. Comparing to others in my group. When I first started, I had co-workers and friends that had all played for much longer than me and were substantially better than me as a result. It's tough for me to accept being the worst in a group and I start getting in my own head, comparing distance, club selection etc. I have to constantly remind myself that golf is not like tennis or baseball. It's not me against them, it's the course I have to deal with. I have zero control over what scores they put up, but I can control mine. At the same time, I have to avoid overthinking. A few times I played with a co-worker that had the longest pre-shot routine I've ever seen. It was physically painful to watch while he lined up, took a couple practice swings, got in position, another two practice swings, come off the ball, go back behind and align a second time, another practice swing, all before finally hitting his shot. While all this is going on I've got what feels like 20 minutes to overthink my next shot. My best round was the exact opposite. Went with my manager who didn't even know what a practice swing was, line it up, step up and swing.
  14. 6'3" with a 33" putter. Never thought of using anything other than 35" until I went to get fit for this one, now I can't imagine going back.
  15. RichL85

    Lost in the sea.

    So, I'm going to admit, I'm pretty much lost at the moment when it comes to current golf ball offerings. I have spent a number of years away and obviously technology has come a long way. I'm at a point now where I'm not even sure where to start so I'm looking for a few recommendations. To start, I'm not good enough to nitpick the minute differences between many of the balls out there, but I do prefer a softer feel. As an example of past premium balls I have liked, the old Srixon Z-URS is probably my favorite of all time. Having said that, I could play the Srixon AD-333 or a Callaway Chrome Soft and the only huge difference I noticed between the three was spin around the greens. Would anyone be able to recommend a couple balls to try out? I don't mind paying for Pro V1s, but I'd rather find something a little less for now because I still lose a few here and there and I honestly don't notice a lot of the performance benefits. My game is still in a place that my consistency and swing are far bigger factors than the ball to my scores. Thanks in advance.
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