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  1. Why not? FIL went to the hospital in the ambulance on Wednesday night, finally admitted into the hospital late Thursday night. Plenty of problems but there was a chance he would be released tomorrow on the condition that he would likely need an oxygen tank to help with his breathing. About 2 hours later, we got a call tonight that he managed to get Covid. So... there's that. Guess he's not getting released tomorrow now. Back to waiting.
  2. I may have been one of those guys that took a little too much off a tip with the belt sander back in the day... Was one of the first times I installed a graphite shaft and I was using my own driver for practice. It was an old ProForce V2 shaft that had a ton of paint on it that I was removing. Sure enough I took off too much and the head came loose my next round. Lucky for me the head didn't go flying but I was going off the tee with my 4 wood for the rest of the round. Know what they say. You will always learn far more from your mistakes than your successes. I never made that mistake again and couldn't even count the number of graphite shafts I worked on after that.
  3. Ended up having to call an ambulance for my FIL tonight. He was having a lot of problems breathing and by the time the ambulance arrived his oxygen levels were in the low 80s. My wife was on her way home from work so that's what she arrived home to see. She went to the hospital with him and now we are all just waiting. It's weird to see these kinds of things in person.
  4. It's still morning here on the west coast, and I'm looking at highs of 107 for the next three days. The AC in the office still isn't able to keep up so it gets up near 90 in the office by the afternoon. The sunburn is on its way to healing, but still a little sore. Haven't had the motivation to bear the discomfort in the feet long enough to make it to the gym this week but I'll get there eventually. I'm considering it a stroke of luck that this week I'm working on training material and my class so client visits are not my priority at the moment.
  5. Morning to everyone. Another day of meetings and class from the comfort of remote work today. I'm going to have to put on some kind of shoes at some point today to run an errand, but I'm not looking forward to that at all. Sunburns around the knees and feet are no joke.
  6. Not finding one golf ball to stick with consistently. It's hard to get comfortable when you try out a new ball every other round and it takes a bit to get used to how it's going to react. Or maybe that's just me?
  7. Morning everyone. It's still morning here so I'm allowed. Took a short trip south for the weekend and most of us ended up with some sun burns from the beach visit. It's not even close to the worst I've ever had, but I'm definitely feeling it this morning. Unfortunately I got the majority of it on my legs so it hurts a bit to walk and stand. Good thing I'm just working from the computer today catching up in my class. I'll end up taking it easy for a few days and be back to normal soon enough. I'll stick to some putting practice until it doesn't feel like I'm baking when I step outside. The current heat wave isn't exactly helping that feeling either. With my FIL's current situation, there's a possibility that my MIL will be coming in for a few weeks to visit and help out. It's a whole story why they don't both live with us currently, but if it happens, the kids will be happy to see their grandmother again. Things can always change with everything going on, so we aren't telling the kids anything until it's a little more sure.
  8. Sometimes I forget how much I miss going to the gym. I went from being a guy that hated the idea of the gym to getting to be moody if I don't get to the gym for awhile. Today was the first day back in about two weeks just due to everything going on. It's still crazy hot here at the moment but I'm getting back into doing some of my normal things again.
  9. Definitely following this one. If it still existed, I'd game the old YS-6+ today. That has been, by far, my favorite shaft. Hopefully this test can clear up some of the... confusion... with regards to the differences between the GD shafts.
  10. Another work day that is going to include around 5 hours of driving to and back from the client plant, but it's all part of the job I guess. Aside from spending half of my working week driving this week, it's not bad with a 4 day weekend coming up. I'll have to use part of that time to make sure I keep up with my class but that's only a minor concern. FIL got discharged from the hospital last night and is back home. We didn't go into too many details because my kids still don't know everything and probably don't need to know everything just yet. Did find out it's not the worst case scenario like his oncologist initially thought, so it's not stage 4 small cell. They found a small spot on his brain during an MRI but said radiation and medication should take care of that. He's scheduled to start treatment next week so my wife and I will have to figure out the best way to manage schedules to make sure we can get him to where he needs to be. Have to look at this whole thing as, "it could be a lot worse" right now.
  11. Friday has arrived, so today is a remote work day. I'm basically just going to be catching up on my Six Sigma class. Supposed to have an exam and a project deliverable due today so it might be a little busy but at least I won't have to be interrupted with Teams meetings all day long. We've been struggling with getting our son to eat anything other than his go to foods and it seems we are getting closer to the point where he's going to have to choose to try new food or not eat at all. He was our NICU baby so he's been spoiled by his grandparents but now he's 7 and won't eat hardly anything. It's been a struggle to find restaurants when we go on family trips sometimes because my wife, daughter, and I are the type to want to try places and foods we can't get at home, and he's the opposite. It gets old having to pick restaurants based on who has chicken nuggets or pizza on their menu. It's also annoying to make a separate meal for him,especially the occasional time when my daughter will fight us on having to try a new vegetable or something all we hear is, "Well why do I have to try it if he won't eat anything?" I mean... She's not wrong.
  12. Typically, the hosel will add 1-1.25" to the playing length of a club. So a 38" 7-iron shaft should give at least a 39" finished club length without any butt trimming. That's 2" longer than standard length using a Mizuno Pro 223 as an example, obviously different clubs have different ideas of "standard". To get +1.5" to the length, you shouldn't need to buy a different numbered shaft to achieve the length. Now, with regards to the hard-stepping. The clubheads take a taper tip shaft correct? Depending on how many hard steps you are talking, you would purchase a shaft one or two numbers below, but obviously you can't do much once you get to 9 and PW. For example, for one step, for a 4 iron, purchase the 5 iron shaft, for the 7 iron, purchase the 8 iron shaft, etc. These will be 0.5" shorter than the appropriately numbered shaft, but should still give you that 1.5" longer without messing with anything. If you are doing two steps, then it might get tricky enough to require a short extension if the uncut length is not long enough. But like @cnosil said. You install the shafts and then trim to final length after the heads are installed.
  13. RichL85


    Can't stand perfectly good food going to waste and I had some leftover pumpkin salted caramel from my daughter's baking project, so today's breakfast... Soufflé pancakes with previously mentioned sauce and berries.
  14. Morning to all. First cup of coffee is trying to help me wake up as I'm about to enter three meetings this morning. Weather has decided to take it easy on us today with a high of only 98. No major updates on my FIL in yet. They did an MRI, and a biopsy yesterday. Only other thing I've heard so far is that they plan to work on a treatment plan and he will likely be in the hospital for around a week. I can make assumptions what that means, but I don't want to jump to conclusions until I know more, so we're just waiting and managing what we can at the moment.
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