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  1. I know they were stock grips and there isn't anything wrong with the grips on their own. More of a comment that they had definitely seen better days in terms of wear. I'm probably a little finicky when it comes to grips, but they would have been replaced long ago if they were my personal clubs, especially in a humid area like Orlando.
  2. Played at the Magnolia course at Disney World yesterday while I'm in the area for work. Obviously didn't bring my own clubs so I had to rent some. These are the current offerings. The woods and 4 hybrid were all Sim 2 Max models with the standard Ventus shaft. Irons were 5-AW in the M5 irons and an MG1 56 degree sand wedge (that one got quite a bit of use unfortunately). Hydro blast Spider X putter finishes out the bag. If I had one complaint, the grips could use some help. I know they are rentals and I wasn't expecting much in that regard, but with as much as the little things matter around Disney, that one felt overlooked.
  3. I finally got to play a round of golf. Well, part of a round, with rental clubs, but it's better than nothing for me. We were moving through the course until #14 and just hit a brick wall of groups in front. We ended up circling back and playing 10 and 11 again before we ran out of sunlight.
  4. Didn't buy any new clubs, but I'll have to pick up a few little items for tomorrow's tee time. Since I'm in Florida for work over the weekend I found a tee time at one of the Disney World courses. Will have to use rental clubs which will all be significantly newer than my bag. Hopefully I get paired up with other people that have a sense of humor. The last time I played an actual round of golf was about 5 years ago.
  5. As Sirchunk mentioned, the pole that supports the roof section is a bit of a pain. I was in a bit of a rush to take it down to clean up the yard today and this happened. In complete honesty, it was more me rushing than anything, but this is definitely the weakest area of the product. Everything else about the net has been very high quality and extremely functional, but this roof section does not feel as well designed to me.
  6. Keep trying to work on the wrist angles and I'm just not getting it consistently. Every once in awhile I am able to get the lead wrist correct but it's tough. Also trying to get a little more relaxed overall. Thinking so much about my wrist position is causing a lot of tension everywhere and my swing just doesn't flow that way. I've got a two week trip for work coming up so I'm debating on trying to get a few rounds of golf in during my free weekend in the middle of it.
  7. I would say it is right near that range of being the ideal size. It's not too big, but you have to mishit one pretty badly to miss the net entirely. For outdoor use, it's good. The 7 foot net we received is plenty big to hit almost every shot. Like Tr1ptik said, if you really wanted to, you could flop a wedge over the roof portion. I think that is a limitation of everything aside from a fully enclosed cage sort of setup. I do like the fact that I can quickly fold it down and it lays flat. I have been propping it against the side of the house when not using it rather than completely closing it recently. The reason for that is that the roof section is a bit of work to get the support pole in place. Keeping that in place even when not in use means I can set up the net in around 20 seconds. It is just one pole on each side to prop up the hitting area and it's ready to go. Indoor use is also not bad. In my case, I'm limited by the ceiling height in my garage rather than the net itself. I can't full swing anything in the garage without hitting something, but I can practice half swing type shots. For a garage, if you have enough room to park a car, you have enough room for the net.
  8. I would be interested to see the final chart as well. I definitely couldn't justify the expense of the MOI scale for just my set of clubs, so I went the DIY route. It would be interesting to throw them on a scale and see how close it comes to actuality, but after using them, they are likely close enough for my sensitivity, and far better than the mess they were before the new shafts. In my case, I put together two clubs to start out, the 7-iron and the PW, hitting both, adding weight until they both felt right. Checked them for swingweight and fit a regression line to see where the other clubs would fall. Based on the 3/8" steps, the line fell basically dead on half a swingweight point difference. In my case this ended up being: 5-Iron: 38.5", D3 6-Iron: 38.125", D3.5 7-Iron: 37.75", D4 8-Iron: 37.375", D4.5 9-Iron: 37.0", D5 PW: 36.625", D5.5
  9. I'm set up pretty close. Basically my mat is up against the front of the net, which gives it probably 6-7 feet to the net. I will admit to hitting a few errant shots that have hit the right edge of the net. It makes a loud noise when it hits the support inside, but no real risk of missing the net. Behind my house is a street and a high school, so I'm definitely not trying to miss anything over the fence. It's not always easy to concentrate with a 4 year old asking you 2000 questions so a few have gone right on me. I could see it potentially being more of an issue on the 5 foot version with very errant shots, but I believe we all received the 7 foot net.
  10. I don't have the Rapsodo anymore, but it works fine with a PRGR monitor. I actually have the net closer to me than Tr1ptik and it hasn't been an issue. I would refer to my fellow tester on the Rapsodo, but I don't see any initial reason that it wouldn't work unless the background is too "busy". Since the majority of the hitting area is solid black I suspect it would work fine, as well as the Rapsodo net mode works anyway. In terms of taking it up and down, it's quick, surprisingly quick really. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of the "roof" section from a portability aspect. I honestly spend longer on that roof section than I do the entire remainder of the process. If you have ever had one of those sun visors that you fold and kind of twist into a circle for storage, the net is basically the same mechanism for folding. For the most part, I have only been removing the side poles, and storing it flat with the roof section pole still in. 20211026_180236_1.mp4
  11. There is a reason Florida has "Rent a Wheel" stores.
  12. As usual, working on something new feels like a few steps backwards in the short term. Decided to try a few lessons to see if a coach could fix some of the major issues with my "inherited from tennis" swing. Biggest thing is the wrist angle and it sure does feel weird. Going to need some extra time with the adjustment for sure.
  13. The weather has been fairly awful the past few days with rain but I took the Spornia net outside for some testing. Mostly hit a few irons just to work on swing things and get some video to send for my first lesson. After that just worked on hitting some consistent distances with my 50 degree wedge. Consistently hitting everywhere from 40 to 80 yards with the wedge by just adjusting the length of my backswing was working pretty well. Video definitely supports my claims that I have a quirky golf swing. Will see what my coach gives me to work on. Mostly I just wanted to get outside after being stuck inside the last 3 or 4 days.
  14. Definitely received the full size, and it is a solid size for semi-permanent setup. I have my initial thoughts on the portability of the net. As you can see, it is pretty compact when folded up, and very nice when setup. I know I mentioned some indoor testing and I will do that, but as you can tell full swings just won't be possible in this garage. It will work well for feel purposes for wedges.
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