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  1. Hmm, seems that there's an error in the ordering on the spreadsheet. Snickerz should be up at #28.
  2. Going to have to get my last round in by April 5th. I leave for Dallas on the 6th to get set up to be in the shadow on the 8th. Just one more thing going on that day.
  3. Date 02/23/2024 Course Name Half Moon Bay Ocean Links Gross Score 139 Course Handicap 46 Gross Strokes over/under par 67 Net Score to Par 21 Net Score 93 Net Birdies or better 1 Longest Drive 186 SIM Round? Great warmup at the range, then couldn't hit a ball to save my life on the course. Hit pretty much all of the trouble, which was mostly trying to cut back from the other fairway. Not much sand, which was good, but certainly had trouble in the short game. Beautiful course, with plenty of ocean views. The only bummer is the clouds rolling in right at sunset.
  4. Date 02/15/2024 Course Name RedTail Golf Center Gross Score 138 Course Handicap 45 Gross Strokes over/under par 66 Net Score to Par 21 Net Score 93 Net Birdies or better 3 Longest Drive 225 SIM Round? This was a tough round. 44°F all day. Supposed to be overcast but no rain, but rained for over half the round. Had rained pretty hard the day before and this course apparently does not drain at all. Pretty much a swamp, about 30% of the fairway had standing water. Feet would sink 1/4" or more into the mud. Highlight was an amazing (for me) drive of 225yd on hole 1 with no warm up. The rest is pretty apparent from the score card. Too many duffs into soggy mud.
  5. I'm all the way in. Hopefully on track to start driving down scores, even with the wet weather of the season.
  6. Date 02/11/2024 Course Name Glendoveer G&TC East Course Gross Score 122 Course Handicap 38 Gross Strokes over/under par 49 Net Score to Par 11 Net Score 84 Net Birdies or better 3 Longest Drive 199 SIM Round?
  7. Date 02/08/2024 Course Name Heron Lakes Greenback Gross Score 121 Course Handicap 42 Gross Strokes over/under par 49 Net Score to Par 7 Net Score 79 Net Birdies or better 9 Longest Drive 173 SIM Round? Did about as well as expected, but putting was terrible. Very unforgiving greens, could not get the speed down, they were fast! Missed a few putts that I normally wouldn't have, and pin position was in about the toughest places they could find. Shortgame was missing, as leaving a long putt was pretty much going to get you in trouble. Had 11 more putts than average for this course. Highlight was mis-hitting an 8-iron shot at the green over water on par 5 #13. Skipped it three times and found it resting on the other side of the pond perched on a tuft of grass. A bad footing chip with front foot above the ball and back foot on a wiggly rock got it over the nutria and onto the green for a bogey.
  8. When you suck and keep getting worse the more you play, that's 2023! Welcome to the new year! I hope to see this drop significantly this year.
  9. @GolfSpy_BEN, can I petition to have the automatic posting close time be moved to later in the day on Monday? I believe the 9am time is EST, and even then for those of us that play Sunday afternoons have a hard time getting a score posted that same evening. I'm on the west coast, and I know we have one or two other players that play out of Hawai'i. It's sometimes a struggle to get seated to make the post until after 10am PST. Not sure how many others have run into it this crunch, but we used to have until later in the day Monday to submit last week's score.
  10. Date 02/04/2024 Course Name Glendoveer G&TC East Course Gross Score 122 Course Handicap 38 Gross Strokes over/under par 49 Net Score to Par 11 Net Score 84 Net Birdies or better 10 Longest Drive 192 SIM Round? Been a real struggle for a while; not being able to get out, normalizing swing changes, injuries, etc. This weekend showed both great potential and that the struggle is real. Had some real stinkers, but plenty of good to keep it mostly in check. Did better score wise than recently, but still nowhere near good. Hoping to clean that up over the next couple of months before the season starts. Got a few good holes in though, including a chip in birdie on par 3 #3 with two pips. Net 0! Plus hit the green on #9 (3 putt bogey ), which I can almost never do.
  11. Life has been more complicated than usual and I haven't been able to get many rounds in recently. I hope to change that this week, and with my first semi-official simulated round. Any challenge or comparison course for this week? Otherwise I think we're playing St. Andrews.
  12. Date 01/14/2024 Course Name Blue Cypress GC Gross Score 115 Course Handicap 33 Gross Strokes over/under par 43 Net Score to Par 10 Net Score 82 Net Birdies or better 4 Longest Drive 248 SIM Round? Wow. What a difference playing on the other side of the country. Grass, soil and weather were all not the same as home for sure. Shot pretty well. My duffs were more penalized with the harder, drier sandy turf. Almost no grass, but the turf interaction when there was some was very different. I could feel almost a club length being taken away compared to our fluffy wet long bladed grasses in the PNW. Almost no wind until half way through the back nine, which is when it started warming up, so ball length was harder to calculate. S*it corurse, but loved the ride. Felt good about playing the second 9 better even though I wasn't hitting longer. Overall a good winter round. Too bad it didn't work for my HDCP. 49.6 vs. 49.0 last week at my home course with a net of 115 vs 124. Meh. Golf.
  13. Thanks for the explanation @GolfSpy_BEN. I didn't mean to bash on the SIM option, and was asking about the bonus points. I'm stoked that the SIM option was opened up to keep people in competition throughout non-playable weather, and am all about being able to include as many people as possible. I didn't understand that SIM rounds didn't qualify for LD or NB points, so the 300 bonus points for those rounds makes much more sense and adds equity there.
  14. I question how this all works. As someone who doesn't play SIM rounds and slugs it out on the course through the mud (Old Mac had better weather this weekend IRL, my home state), not sure how this is equitable. Not that I am a particularly great scoring player, but it seems that indoor conditions vs. outdoor conditions (specifically in the PNW where we can get out but it is a sludge fest) is comparable. Not having a handicap is one thing, but if you are already a fairly low handicap it seems to be a big advantage. Giving bonus points above that is just encouraging SIM play and not real world gaming.
  15. Played there last January, would absolutely love to go back. Made a mess of that place, but was hitting my 5 iron 175 (usually <150) and loving every minute of it.
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