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  1. I think I need to start a gofundme plea. I'm going down to SF next month and sure enough Pebble Beach has an opening when I'm there. Lend me a few Benjamins?
  2. Joined The Grint as a Handicap member. It's forcing me to be quite a bit more honest about my game in getting an index established. This is really showing up some major weak spots, and they aren't quite where I expected them to be. I still use my ShotScope v3 for data collection and is super helpful, but it's not great at keeping accurate score. 18Birdies is a great app that I like much better than The Grint, but doesn't give me a handicap. Is there a good option out there to marry the two features of App plus GPS tags and submit for handicap better that what I'm currently using? Played Cross Creek in Dallas, OR this weekend, ashamed to say what the count was. Beautiful day though!
  3. Unfortunately, Broadmoor closed down in November last year. I got to play it in October before they closed. I live walking distance from where it was.
  4. Nice. My mom lives up in Carnation. I've only ever played at Twin Rivers in Preston around that area, what else is there down the valley?
  5. Hello, I'm Morgan. I've actually been on the site for about 6 months, but until now never noticed the forums and mostly was reading reviews and chasing testing spots. I started golf about 20 years ago when I bought my first box set of Wilson X-31 Tour clubs (mid Wilson/Wilson Staff rebranding, but unable to track down the exact model/year/specs). This was mostly to hit at the range during lunch and a few games a year. Only played every so often until about a year and a half ago when I started playing rounds 1-2 times a week. I've gone from hitting over 140 to now trying to break 110. Still not good, but getting better. Golf has so much to love (and hate). I love being competative but mostly against myself. Always something to work, train, discover. The feeling of that sweet sweet hit. Being outdoors. The sheer geekdom of it. I live in Portland. I mostly play at Glendoveer because of the PDP program there. Makes things much more cost effective when playing most weekends. Free range balls can't be beat, and carts included in the greens fees is a big plus too. I usually shoot 112 there, but feel like <100 is coming soon. Back allowing of course. Golf here is glorious. Lots of good scenery, fair weather most of the year, a mix of easy and cheap courses along with some really great ones. For work, I run an event services company that supports the technical aspect of conferences and large meetings. This would have me traveling under normal times, and am hoping for in person events soon so I can play world wide. It's all be virtual for the last 15 months, but that lets me play more often here! The choice of nick name was more a reflection of the playing conditions when I signed up. Winter golf here usually means soggy soil. We didn't quit all winter, except when the courses were closed after a storm. I have a good tendency of finding the wettest, softest spot every hit. I needed two towels most days. After a while, you just let the mud fly. Nice to meet you all!
  6. Morgan Sackett Portland, Oregon Wilson Staff Brass Tech B2 - It's at least 20 years old, but doing well for me Impact 2
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