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  1. The first images of a new Kirkland putter have emerged. Like with any Kirkland release there will be lovers...and haters..., where do you land? Click the link to the mainsite for the story and photos. https://mygolfspy.com/news-opinion/first-look/spotted-kirkland-signature-ks2-putter/ Personally, I land in the camp.
  2. Thanks @jbern! In a more informal way, I tried each of the three heads at a golf shop I frequent, prior to the announcement that this was to be a testing opportunity. With a Tensei Black 6S, he didn’t have the X, the standard and max heads were high spin generators for me. Both produced spin in 4000-4500 rpm range, where as with that particular shaft and the LS head the spin was in the mid 3000’s. So armed with that info, I knew I was in the correct head for my fitting and concentrated specifically on the shaft options available. As to length of shaft, it wasn’t discussed during the fitting with Steve, but not necessarily omitted. I would guess that my swing didn’t indicate to him that we needed to explore options other than standard length. But that is a great question, for my next fitting.
  3. As @cnosil mentioned I am the commissioner of the VCT. Here is a link to the current week leaderboard: The Virtual Champions Tour (VCT) is a virtual leaderboard where our members post their scores and participate in a little friendly competition. During this current season we decided to start allowing SIM rounds to be posted and count towards the season long competition. With the caveat, that course handicaps do not apply, as there are too many variables at play with each method used to play a SIM round, so you will notice that those of us that post SIM rounds do so as "0" handicaps regardless of skill level. We are in the planning stages of creating a separate SIM league for next fall/winter and details will be forthcoming later this year, but for now the VCT is our solution. As to other SIM related content, there are number of threads about the construction of home set-ups and the flightscope test thread has fostered some discussion on this subject as well. Lastly, if you do not see a thread that specifically discusses what you are interested in, then please start one. If you build it, they will come...
  4. Week 46 Final Recap As Week 46 has wrapped, the VCT is picking up steam! With 45 rounds posted, here are the standout performances from the week that was: Most Net Birdies or Better: With 8 net birdies or better carded, @unccross and @EMacK1961 share the birdies badge this week. Well Done. Before we get into the other 3 badges, all won by the same member, I would like to take a moment to highlight a round that was in line to win these badges, only to be pipped at the finish by a truly magnificent effort. A hearty congratulations to @CB Lobo 4 Life on the personal best gross 69, net 68 with a 376 yard drive. It was going to take something special to top a score line like this. Low Gross, Low Net, & Longest Drive In the words of Omar, "When you come at the King, you best not miss." After @CB Lobo 4 Life threw the gauntlet down, @Javs responded accordingly with a gross 66, net 67 and a 379 yard blast to take the gross, net, & drive badges this week. What a round! Well done, sir. Well done. Long Drive Honor Roll @CB Lobo 4 Life - 376 yards @J7Hawkins - 347 yards @Javs - 332 yards @J7Hawkins - 323 yards @TylorJudd - 316 yards @Shifty - 312 yards @TylorJudd - 304 yards @GolfSpy SAM - 302 yards SIM Honor Roll @GolfSpy_BEN - 72 @TylorJudd - 74 @Shifty - 74 @TylorJudd - 76 @ejgaudette - 77 @Preeway - 78 @ZJeb67 - 78 @Preeway - 80 @Cfhandyman - 80 @GolfSpy SAM - 81 Week 46 is done and dusted! A heartfelt thanks to all of our weekly posters in this thread. It is a treat to watch you guys compete, week in, week out and I can't wait to see who takes home the Season 2 crown!
  5. good morning all, have a grand tuesday
  6. I’ve discovered that there are 2 types of golfers when it comes to putters. Those that love broomsticks and those that do not. Not quite sure where I will land when the dust settles, but using it is an all-in proposition. Should have a mini review out for it in the next week or two, so for all of you interested in giving it a go, stay tuned!
  7. Date 02/20/2024 Course Name Hyde Park Golf and Country Club Gross Score 66 Course Handicap 0 Gross Strokes over/under par -5 Net Score to Par -5 Net Score 66 Net Birdies or better 7 Longest Drive 243 SIM Round? SIM Played a round with the blades tonight. They are buttery.
  8. Granted, forgiveness isn’t the LS’s selling point, but the strikes I had toward the toe weren’t punitive, as the distance loss wasn’t too severe. I don’t typically miss on the heel side, so I couldn’t say on that miss, but I would presume the results to be similar. when I have the club in hand for testing, I will grab some powder spray and see what I can create in terms of misses and comparative distance
  9. A fair question, to be sure. One that has a couple of answers. I included a recent range session in my introduction, that was done in similar weather conditions. The QI-10 LS fared slightly better on average during the fitting. However, it is my hope that the weather cooperates during testing and I am able to do some comparative testing when it is 20-30 degrees warmer to get a better feel for how they stack up. I anticipate the Qi-10 to be a little faster, but I am interested in the dispersion pattern, to see if I can tighten it up a bit. In warmer weather, I am capable of getting a 300 yard drive with either, so while distance is nice, dispersion is critical for my overall plans this golf season.
  10. QI-10 LS Fitting Once I received confirmation that I was to be one of the testers for the QI-10 LS, I stopped in to one of my absolute favorite places, The Southwest Golf Ranch, to see the head pro and club fitter, Steve Landrum. Steve is fantastic at what he does, so I am including his contact info, if you ever find yourself in Southwest Ohio and in need of his services: They use trackman and an outdoor range for fitting purposes. I cannot stress enough, how beneficial seeing the actual flight of the balls you are hitting is, during the fitting process. Having gone through this sort of process with the Titleist irons and now this driver, I won’t do a fitting any other way. My current gamer: I have mentioned it in my intro, but given my slightly negative AOA and propensity for producing spin, I have found an LS head in combination with a heavier X-Stiff shaft does a decent job of keeping my driver spin manageable. With that in mind I chose the following head to test: After hitting a warm-up bucket with my PW, 7i, and current gamer to get loose (it was 45 degrees Fahrenheit with a light breeze) we got down to business. The Paradym is a 10.5 head, so that we started with the corresponding QI-10 LS head and this shaft: After 3-4 swings, Steve switched to 9 head and the following setting: as well as sliding the weight to the draw setting. That combination started producing a subtle fade with spin in the high 2000’s to low 3000’s, which for my swing is about right. With the settings settled upon, I took turns alternating between the Tensei black shaft as mentioned above and these shafts: As is shown in Taylor Made’s shaft matrix: These were the best stock options available to me for this test. There is a temptation to put a Ventus black 7X into play, after testing is complete, but that is a post for another day… In all, I hit between 50-75 balls with these three shafts. From a performance standpoint, they produced an average: spin of 2900 rpm carry of 245 yards total of 267 yards ball speed of 153 mph height apex of 87 feet There wasn’t a standout performer in the group, as they all did similar in that regard. Which brings us around to feel. Feel is such a subjective measurement, but it absolutely has to be accounted for. After factoring feel into the equation: the shafts finished in the following order; Tensei Black, Kai Li White, Aldila Rogue Silver. I left the fitting encouraged by the results and reassured that the driver I am testing is setup to help me succeed. Which is the point of this entire exercise. With that said, the work continues and the waiting game commences…
  11. Week 47 Now Open For Scoring!!! Welcome to the penultimate week of the regular season, 2 weeks to go! The End of Season event will determine who is crowned the Season 2 Champions. So keep posting scores ! photo credit @EMacK1961
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