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  1. With the VCT, you can come and go as you please. There is no weekly obligation to post a score. If you post weekly, great! If you miss a week or three, no worries.
  2. For the new format, please provide slope and course rating. Much appreciated
  3. I need the slope and course rating for this course. Much appreciated!
  4. @DiverDown Has your putting improved with the use of this product? Please share details of your testing so far!
  5. Please let me know the slope and course rating for Northern Pines. Much appreciated!
  6. In the message is fine. In the next few weeks it will be added to the inputs when a score is posted, but for now I’m asking folks to include it with their score posts. much appreciated!
  7. Good question. We have looked into a couple of things like this, but our challenge is the various options available means picking one at the possible exclusion of those that don’t use those products. Our end goal for this is, and has always been making it available for any member that wants to participate. While the new format does ask for a few more data inputs than seasons past, it is still relatively easy and available to all. Good luck this season and we are glad to have you join us!
  8. Please give the course rating and slope, for the new format thanks Please give the course rating and slope, for the new format. thanks
  9. Nice round! When you get a moment, please share the slope and course rating of this course, for the new format. Much appreciated. Ben
  10. Nice round. I’ll need the course slope and rating, when you have a moment to add it to your post. Thanks, Ben
  11. Good morning all, Season 3 of the VCT kicks off today! Check it out here: For details on the format changes for this season check it out here: have a grand monday
  12. Ideally, but the beauty of the VCT is that you can post as many or as few rounds as you like. There is no obligation to post a round each week. If there are weeks where you don’t play, no worries. During weeks that you post multiple rounds, your best round will be used for scoring purposes.
  13. The round being posted should be played within that week. For example, this week (week 1) goes from Monday (today) until Sunday. The round being posted should occur within that window. There is a prompt for the date of the round within the form and it will allow you to back date a round within that window. For example, you play today and post the round on Wednesday, you will be able to indicate that the round occurred today. If that makes sense.
  14. MGS VCT Season 3 Week 1 is now open for scoring! We Back!!!! *Reminder, weekly thread will lock each Monday at 9am EST, when the next week goes live.
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