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  1. Lucky to play at a private club which has 4 championship courses & over 3,000 members. We have 4-4.5 hour rounds and marshalls on the courses to ensure pace of play. Every day is competition day. Dress regulations are strictly enforced, in particular shirts with collars, no cargo pants and no caps on backwards and no hats/caps in the clubhouse. It is a golfers club with 20%+ members off single figures, 5% off scratch or better. Everything is focused on GOLF so it also has awesome practice facilities… all this for $4,000 US pa
  2. Would love to be a tester so as to get an international view point... I’m 78yo off a 4 hcp and am a member of a club that has 4 courses all with different types of greens and grasses... this should give a good perspective on any testing given the different conditions.
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