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  1. Can I get a Veteran and Broke 70 badge please? Thank you!
  2. Interesting thoughts here...in my case, I suspect that in a way to improve financials at the club (private), they ran a 'no initiation fee' special for a half the year while implementing green fees for all member levels (i.e. my membership level included unlimited green fees 7 days a week but turned into green fee + cart for all 7 days, on top of the monthly dues). The no initiation fee special resulted in a large influx of new members in 2020, which was the desired effect but many of the new members very very new golfers and some relying on the club's rentals for the first few months resulting in a downturn of the general. To your point though, not sure what the new member demographics were though.
  3. Sounds like the place to be to get beaten into submission until you get your game up to snuff!
  4. That's an interesting point/stat...the shift in the golfing community to private clubs vs public. With the number of private clubs greater than public, there must be a demand for it. Wonder if the private club demand is increasing and outpacing the number of golfers on public courses.
  5. Semper Fi! When not deployed, I frequented Camp Lejeune’s Paradise Point. 2-18 hole course where 1 was open to all military and guest and the other was military and guests with an established handicap. Best private experience ever. Fast rounds, great condition and everyone did their part to keep things squared away. I’m going to have to take a look around my area for any on base course! That’s a sick jeep/cart!!
  6. I might have to come up to PA! Lol sounds like you have a ton of quality options up there!
  7. I’ve actually been considering this recently as there is a highly rated semi-private within 20 minutes of where I live, but looks like they have a waitlist, so I might have to visit as a non-member for a while and scope it out more Glad your situation resulted in an optimal position for you and your group! Where were your bucket list trips?
  8. So true..but in this case, I’ve no doubt that the issue were the members. Lots of the members (definitely not all) were the bad apples that just didn’t care to repair divots, rake bunkers, etc. Maybe they thought their membership dues would take care of all that for them?
  9. Definitely not my favorite, but a hole I NEED to play again. 3rd hole at the Pete Dye Challenge at Mission Hills Country Club. Played in a 2 day tournament in 2005 and was awarded a 13 on this hole. Needless to say, I didn't win a skin there nor was I in contention for anything...to top it off I had the pleasure of answering the dreaded "what happened there?" question. One day, I'll have my revenge. #stillabitbitter
  10. There are a few courses in my area that offer season passes. I might have to check that out.
  11. I recently signed up then cancelled my private club membership after 6 months when I realized members didn't care to repair divots, rake bunkers, destroy practice areas, and monopolize tee times (just in case they decided to play)...all to say, not a good experience. And the pace of play was not any better than any public course (5 - 6.5 hours when stuck behind the wrong group, thinking they're playing on tour). With that rant aside, where do you all play? Public vs Private? Same home course all the time? Rotation of courses in and around your neighborhood? With a club/consistent group of folks?
  12. feel free to give away future Scotties in my direction
  13. some strong arguments for the ping vault has me reconsidering now.
  14. Just because Tiger won't even let Charlie play with the putter...but any other club in the house, I want it...
  15. In my opinion, the move from persimmon to steel/titanium was a game changer, the incorporation of graphite from steel shaft woods followed by adjustable heads were also huge shifts in the market. What do you think will be the next true "game changer" in the golf equipment industry?
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