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  1. We have a great one in the UK, you can find on Motocaddy.com. Hoping to get our US PO in soon!!
  2. Thanks @ole gray for the fantastic review! It was great working with you guys and following along!!
  3. Hi TBT, I'm sure we will in the future, but new enough to the US that we don't have any refurbished at this point
  4. Sorry to hear this Tom! Are you currently in the UK or the US? If US, please call us at 800-668-2162
  5. Yikes! We'll have to work w/ the engineers on a future "Big Stu Mode"!
  6. Did anyone happen to check out the "Best Electric Cart of 2021" article today??
  7. You can also use "manual" mode with the M7, if you want to stay with it. You can operate the same as you do the M5 with the dial on the handle.
  8. Sorry to hear about your issue! Please shoot us a note at sales@motocaddy.us, not sure if you tried to contact us or the UK team but we will help right away! We are fully set up in the US, and ship out of Carlsbad, CA.
  9. Love this! That is definitely the goal, get more golfers walking and actually enjoying it!!
  10. Thanks for the feedback! The XL cup holders just came in, we’ll be getting those out to the testers next week!
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