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  1. Love this! That is definitely the goal, get more golfers walking and actually enjoying it!!
  2. Thanks for the feedback! The XL cup holders just came in, we’ll be getting those out to the testers next week!
  3. Not at this point, but possibly in the works. It's a nice feature to have, but definitely something you have to get right!
  4. You can use “manual” mode on these carts. When on bridges, by putting greens, etc. I set the speed and steer without the remote. Then back to remote when you’re in the clear!
  5. Common problem with stand bags and push carts / electric caddies. Most stand bags on the market have the stand mechanism at the top of the bag outside of the bag frame. Our bags are specifically designed for push carts / electric caddies (not just for ours carts, but any) in that every feature is designed for best pocket placement, bag top configuration, etc. Our Hydroflex bags have the stand built on the inside of the bag structure rather than the outside, so there is no protrusion resting against the cart causing instability in the fit.
  6. I hope so! We are a title sponsor of his podcast, it is really good for those that haven't tuned in!
  7. Loving the thread! Great job testers, really good feedback!! I'll be on at 6 PM PST tomorrow if anyone would like to ask any questions, or feel free to post in the meantime and I'll make sure to answer!
  8. Shouldn't be an issue. Perks of product designed in the UK, they have quite a bit of rain so these are built to hold up!!
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