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  1. I gamed a Phantom X 6.5 (center shafted) all last year and it worked great for me. I put the SC Matador Oversized grip on it and it is wide enough to accommodate my holding the putter in a prayer grip. Of course I had it custom painted, as I can't even look at the standard neon paint. Three weeks ago I received the Phantom X 8 putter (double bend) I sent in for a custom paint job, looks incredible, but after 8 rounds I've found I can't putt worth a damn with it. Totally different feel. Tried going with an Evnroll oversized grip, as SC didn't have any oversized grips available, stil
  2. Having tried out the multiple offerings available this winter, as my iron game has always been the bane of my existence, I found there currently are a number of great sticks out there. I honed it down to Mizuno and Srixon (I've been a Mizuno player for 15 years), but the Srixon's ZX's won out this go around, they simply sound and feel amazing. Good luck in your search.
  3. I picked up the Ping G425 3 wood early this week and I've since played several rounds with it. Suffice to say it is the longest and straightest Ping fairway wood that I've ever played. Ping products always seem to go straight so I expected that, but the hot face, and therefore the distance I'm getting, is a pleasant change/surprise (220 carry). I love the shallow face as it makes picking the ball off the fairway cleanly a breeze in comparison to deeper face 3 woods I've had previously. It's worth a try if a shallow face fairway wood is something you prefer. As I can employ several d
  4. CG2 - The Apex DCB irons were a bust, as they didn't feel or perform for me at all. I'm not really sure why that was the case, but I quickly leaned them against the wall and backed away slowly. TONY - The Ping G410 driver was helpful in adding some distance for me in comparison to the G400, which I had previously. However there was some drop off in forgiveness when I transitioned to the G410 and it took me several months to make adjustment's to minimize that reduction. However, it still was a great driver. Moving to the G425 has been like WOW, because it goes so very straight without
  5. Kansas King, thanks for the tips and from what I've read your spot on about potential gapping issues with many of the distance (long) irons vs. short irons in the same set. I'm willing to work through that if these follow that vein, as you don't know of the horror of my longer iron game. Holding a green from 160-180 currently isn't much of a problem, since I rarely hit greens from that distance and don't even get a chance to hold them. If I can attain a higher trajectory and decent angle from 160-180, without feeling like I need to overswing, my life will be complete. My iron set make-up
  6. I've always been one to continually search for clubs I'm in love with by moving on from those I'm only in like with (i.e. club Ho), such each year potentially bringing a few club changes. This year I've gone a little bit crazy (call it the COVID effect if you must) and I've added a new driver (Ping G425 from the G410), a new putter (Cameron Phantom 8 from the Cameron Phantom 6.5), and most recently I was fitted for new irons. I'm going to make a big brand change in that department (To Srixon from Mizuno). If anyone desires some feedback on my driver/putter choices feel free to inquire, but
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