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  1. Currently gaming an OG White Hot #1, because I grew up used to blade putters in this shape. I like it, feels very nice, and I think putting is a solid part of my game most rounds. Not a strong point, not a weakness. 2 putts are my bread and butter, 3 putts are rare, and I make more 6+ foot putts than I think I should for my overall skill level. However, mallets have been calling my name, specifically the #7 or fang style mallets. So if I’m selected I’ll be trying one of those.
  2. Just throw some lead tape over the logo in the cavity and on the bottom, and throw away the cover. I used some lead tape to cover the logo on wedge heads, and I'm happy with how they look.
  3. I just got back into golf this season, and after a bunch of research leading up to the season, I decided to play premium urethane balls. Partially for the benefits in performance and consistency, partially because I'm now an adult with a stable career and I can afford to play premium balls. Started out by trying a bunch of various dozens from all the big brands; Bridgestone first, then Titleist, TM, Callaway, and Srixon. Overall, I definitely noticed a difference compared to the older surlyn balls that I had left in my bag from various bachelor party outings of the past few years and random balls I picked up in the woods along the way this season. I knew I liked the urethane balls, but overall I had the feeling that there wasn't enough differentiation between them all where I needed to play a specific one out of all the options I was trying in order to maximize my game. So, I tried the Maxfli Tour balls, to see if a "budget" urethane ball was in the same ballpark. Turns out, for my game, they definitely are, so there's no reason for me to pay $17-25 more per dozen for the premium brands. I'm sure there are people out there that really need to fine tune their game with a specific urethane ball, but overall I would say anybody that's not playing super competitive golf but wants to play urethane balls should definitely consider the Maxfli Tour balls, Vice, and Snell, to save a bit of money.
  4. I’ll third the Maxfli Tour/Tour X. Super solid, I feel like they’re sleepers due to their price. Urethane performance for “premium surlyn” price? Sign me up! I think they’re perfect for mid to high handicappers that want to play a urethane ball. After trying a bunch of premium urethane balls this season, I agree with Tony and the rest of the MGS staff that pretty much every golfer can benefit from playing a urethane ball compared to surlyn, despite price being a factor. I feel that these take the price factor mostly out of play for mid to high handicappers, and I think they would actually serve a good chunk of low handicappers just as well as premium urethane brands. I’m really looking forward to seeing the ball test results and the new labs for the 2021 versions. I have my suspicions that they’ll be right up there with the premium brands, because in my experience they have been so far. More people should seriously try these out, you might just cut your ball budget in half.
  5. Currently thinking about a bunch of different options as "replacements" for my MP-33's that I currently game. Mostly thinking various blades from various manufacturers, because I love blades no matter what my lack of handicap and average ~bogey golf says I should play. But beyond blades, there are two sets that I am seriously considering to have a more forgiving set of irons, then just keep the MP-33s for the occasional round: First was TM P7MC, those are super good looking IMO. Second was when the new T100 was teased recently. These look super clean, and I think they would satisfy my eyes at address. Would be awesome to be selected as a tester for them!
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