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  1. Took one of the balls to the park today with a wedge to hit around a little bit. What John mentioned before about it being hard to see the spin is accurate. The colors are not different enough to really differentiate and see the spin. The best I can say is that if I can see the colors it means that I didn't spin enough? I am a big user of a line on the ball to align my tee shots and putts so we will see how that goes. I am half tempted to stencil a black line down the center to help a little bit more. If I did that, I guess there isn't really much use of the divide.
  2. I picked up a set of the divides as well. Planning on playing a round with them on Tuesday. I'll report back how I like them.
  3. I am confident I am in the minority but I liked my 7’s better than my 8’s and I like the new CBX Zipcore better than all of them.
  4. That’s fairly common for GI irons now. My AP1’s have a 43° PW. I would love to test and game these! My AP1’s aren’t necessarily due for replacement but I could be persuaded.
  5. Anxiously awaiting the raffle as well. Best of luck to everyone, especially me.
  6. So I am really late to the game on this thread but I was admiring your irons in this photo. One thing I noticed was in your signature, you are using the PW which is a 44.5* loft then your next club is a 54* Vokey. That's a pretty massive gap from one to the other. Not sure if you were aware of that or not or if your signature was just incomplete. If you were, carry on and ignore this post. Just thought I'd throw that out there. My uncle plays Titleist T200 irons and he had no idea that they were "loft jacked" and had a bigger gap in his wedges than he realized. For him, ignorance was bliss.
  7. As a Vegas resident, I was able to make it out for most of the day Thursday and then Saturday morning. Thursday was very mellow until Koepka/Burns group started around noon. That was fun to watch with a "big" crowd. I was surprised that you can't hear a word any of these guys say to their caddies. They are essentially whispering which is what makes the microphones the camera crew carry around very impressive. Saturday morning was interested as my son and I were following Koepka around again. We were hanging out on the side of the 3rd hole waiting for him to tee off. Koepka errant tee shot on 3 hit a fan (obviously an accident) and I was no more than 10 feet away from him when it happened. Everyone was expecting Koepka to at least acknowledge the fan and apologize but he acted like absolutely nothing happened. We witnessed the workers tell him and his caddie what happened but neither of them seemed to care. The fan even hollered asking for a fist bump for helping him keep the ball in play. No response. The ball would have hit cart path and been long gone if it didn't hit the fan. Karma got BK as his round and weekend took a turn for the worse? In the end, I think I enjoyed watching it on TV better as your actual views are much better. I will be going to the CJ cup this Thursday as it's a brand new course that is private and I've never played before. BIG field of high profile golfers as well. Very excited for that one.
  8. I actually just initiated a return on my Amazon purchase and bought a pair from Rock bottom. $40 difference is too much to ignore.
  9. After the latest MGS podcast where Harry was raving about the latest app update and the soles, I decided to get a pair. They are $145 right now on Amazon with next day Prime delivery so I’ll be trying them out very soon. I have a real problem with weight transfer, shanks, over the top pull slice, and chunks. I know that there are multiple causes for this but the biggest thing that I’m aware of is my weight transfer or lack thereof. I’ve used the Planemate in the past to renovate my swing and it worked well but I stopped using it because I thought the tool worked and it fixed my swing forever. I was wrong. As I started going through the tutorials again I realized I had lost a lot of the fundamentals and feelings. Hoping to use these insoles with the Planemate and get my swing in order.
  10. Your comment about the leading edge is more of a swing problem instead of an equipment problem is valid. My problem is it's my swing and it doesn't work with the wedges. I have a lot of other issues with my swing that I have to work on and fighting my wedges isn't something I want to have to worry about. I still have my KSig wedges and hit them at home on my carpet with whiffle balls. I wish they worked with my swing as it would save me a ton on money when I have to get new ones... I use the KSig putter, 3.2 balls, and gloves and love them all. The wedges just didn't work with my game.
  11. That's a good catch on getting the Google Cache of the page. According to the page, these are the metrics you don't get for the club: Loft/Lie Face Angle Impact Location Closure Rate
  12. Definitely not the target demo of this audience. Better player who wants a fade bias. Out and out. Good luck to everyone.
  13. I get birthday wishes on a golf forum but not from real life friends I grew up with, how about that? Thank you to everyone for the well wishes.
  14. I actually did golf on my Bday. Hard to have a bad birthday when you get 18 in.
  15. It's impressive that they have been able to make their tech work both indoors and out especially since it was outdoors exclusive since the inception.
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