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  1. Wedges are live now. Kirkland Signature 3 Piece Golf Wedge Set https://www.costco.com/kirkland-signature-3-piece-golf-wedge-set.product.100696718.html
  2. So I played a couple rounds with the wedges in my bag and I’ve got mixed feelings about them. On the very first hole I shanked 2 shots in a row with the 60 (shanked one then dropped a ball to try again because I was in disbelief). I’m not a fantastic player but it has been quite a long time since I’ve full blown shanked a half swing wedge shot. It was very weird. Those were the only 2 times I shanked any shots so it might have just been me. My “issue” I had was my distances. I’ve not played these lofts before so I might just need to spend some time and get the distances dialed in but I freq
  3. It is surprising how much of a difference there is in color. I’ve never thought that the current balls seemed off white so those original balls must really glow.
  4. Pic of the v2 ball on left and the v1 on right. Both balls had a slightly off center core.
  5. I picked up a few boxes of these as my normal gamer is the version 1. I cut an old and new open to see the difference. My fingernails are not highly calibrated so it’s hard to tell for sure but the new ball felt just a tad softer in the core and the cover. The ball spins well enough. I went to a local 12 hole par 3 course and the times I hit the green, the ball spun and stayed within a foot of the pitch mark. Always behind the mark. Interestingly, I cut open a new and old ball and both of them had off center cores. Not sure if they would be off enter enough to make it “fail” in the MGS ba
  6. I ordered a blackjack with the Plumbers neck and took delivery of it on Thursday. Got to take it for a spin yesterday and it performed well. I was previously hitting a blade style putter so the weight will take some getting used to. I’m happy with it so far.
  7. I started a thread in the Spy News forum with a bit of info and pictures.
  8. Just noticed that on the box there is a bit of info on the wedges. I’ve attached it for reference. Also, I read on GolfWRX that these were supposed to be similar to a D grind but after looking at their profile, I think it’s more like a K or F grind.
  9. In case they sold out and someone I knew wanted a set. I don’t have any interest in flipping them on eBay or anything like that. Worst case is they stay in the box and then I return them.
  10. Went and played a 12 hole par 3 course with the new balls and wedges. I don’t have any complaints on either. The wedges and balls both spun enough that when they hit the green the stayed within a foot or so of their pitch marks. The greens aren’t terribly hard so that does help a bit. All my swings were nice and easy as I’ve heard that the shafts are soft. I couldn’t verify that myself. Here are a few photos of the 60° in “action”.
  11. You didn’t like the look of the cover? If so, this one doesn’t seem to look any different. It’s hard to tell with just my fingernail but it’s possible the new cover is softer but I wouldn’t actually put any money on that. My fingernail isn’t that highly calibrated.
  12. Here’s the inside of the new Performance+ ball (left) and the old one. the yellow core feels just a tad softer to the touch than the old pink one. in this one ball I cut apart you can see that both cores are just a tad off center.
  13. They have some of these in Summerlin store in Las Vegas. Also have some Performance+ V2.0 3 piece balls. First I had ever heard of them having a revised ball. Wonder how different they are. Will cut one open tomorrow.
  14. Here’s a few comparison photos of the wedges. I’ve had some Vokey SM7 wedges in 54 and 58° which are pictured. the KS wedges look nice and they seem to have some micro-grooves to help with spin. My only concern before hitting them is the grind and bounce as I have no idea what they are. The leading edge looks sharp and unforgiving.
  15. Walking through my local Costco in Vegas and right up front they have the wedge set and a big palette of the 3 piece Performance + V2.0 balls. picked up 2 sets of the wedges and 5 boxes of the balls. Very curious as to how well they work. Stay tuned.
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