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  1. I went to Berry College in Rome. There are some really underrated golf courses in the NW Georgia area. Welcome!
  2. Fun question - how much would you pay for a PPV experience for each golf major plus Presidents and Ryder cups to cut out the commercials? I would be easily tempted with $100-$150.
  3. Strick is committed to the data, so I won’t be surprised if it seems like his pairings don’t make sense based off today’s play. I’m loving his strategy and game plan. Keeping everyone guessing.
  4. Am I starting to come around on Bryson?? Oh no, it’s happening!
  5. I'm so in. I definitely picked with my heart and not my head on this one. Oh well, its the Ryder Cup baby! USA!
  6. I've only scanned through some of these responses but I want to echo what so many have said and show some data that backs it up. A few months ago, I wanted to see if I could identify the X factor on getting chosen. Well, there is no X factor, the mods like @GolfSpy MPR @GolfSpy_THV @Golfspy_CG2 (Sorry if I left you out! These came to mind first) do a great job of selecting both high and low posters, donors, non-donors, and first time and returners. There is no secret - get involved, post quality content, if you get chosen to review do it well and timely, support others in the community, and donate if you can.
  7. If Stricker is going with the pod system, these are the perfect pods. Brooks being with Berger and English will help him get into the team spirit. Bryson with the "cool kids" will help his ego and keep him positive. The DJ group is interesting but all 4 put together create the most well rounded team when it comes to strength on course. I'm pumped.
  8. I think Brooks's comments about how its different/difficult event compared to other tour events got blown way out of proportion and twisted to "I'm not into this event". He's a competitor, he's played college golf and other team sports, when he gets in the team environment with half of the team being young guys, he's going to want to be a leader. Not to mention, I feel like everybody just laughed off Bryson's comments about his hands being wrecked prepping for long drive. All of these top guys have outside responsibilities but they have trained to focus on the current event they are playing and not worrying to far ahead. I think the reality is that the top Americans are celebrities and this event is a small part of their responsibilities and roles. But, similar to Olympics, when they all get together and put on the red, white, and blue, perspective changes. I think the picks this year are spot on. Reed was quoted saying he thought he was going to die a few weeks ago. Love Kis but personality does not win matches on this course. The US made a clear commitment to brining in young guys which will pay off over the next few years. I think course setup should be tough tucked pins the first day and make them easier the following days. The US should have center pin locations on Sunday looking for a birdie fest.
  9. Looking forward to seeing who is selected. I still have my original White Ice Rossie that I retired a few years ago for some more toe hang, but it served me well!
  10. Max is going to be around a long time. He will have a major in the next few years. Most likely at an Open or Masters, since he is not the longest. I love his swing, its compact, smooth and repeatable. His coach Mark Blackburn is quickly becoming a hot name on tour.
  11. Another great test by the MGS crew - https://mygolfspy.com/2021-most-wanted-wedge/ Wow have the top wedges gotten expensive. For a piece of equipment that you are supposed to replace every year or 2, $150+ is getting steep. But, I think if I needed to upgrade, I might try the Sub70. Seems like a great budget option for a third of the price with only a slight drop off in performance. Who else misses the days of Cleveland RTX4? What is your biggest takeaway from this test?
  12. I stopped using it. I think Dynamic Brands makes very quality products but keeping up with an app like this takes some commitment of human and capital resources, so a company dealing with 90% of bags and carts, adding this tech item plus an app seems a little off of their typical products. So a failure to keep up with OS requirements does not surprise me. Like I said in my review, I think the intention of this product is good, but requiring the use of a separate app misses the mark, for me.
  13. I have a Taylormade TP Black Copper Juno putter that I love including the stock grip, which is a Superstroke pistol gt 1.0. After 2 years with it, the white grip is now off white and logos/designs are almost rubbed off. I like the feel and size of this grip, especially since I switched to left hand low this past summer. So, 2 questions- 1. Are there any good alternatives to super stroke for a similar size grip? All the super stroke grips are pretty ugly and design heavy. I would love for a grip to either be a fun design like Sweet Rollz or a larger company like SS or Winn that has more basic designs. What is your go to? 2. How do you all keep these larger putter grips clean? My club grips tend to scrap up against them making them even more dirty.
  14. I think there is a market for MacKenzie bags, specifically custom ones. I definitely want one eventually, they have made some really sweet custom ones.
  15. I'm similar to many of you. Long putts, I only want to see a blank ball, no lines. For medium putts, it depends; 75% of the time, I will not line it up. I find that I will focus too much on line and not about speed. I've had some terrible putts that I've blown by or babied bc of this. when I do line it up, the putt has to be fairly straight and nothing more than a ball outside. I find that picking a blade of grass or an old pitch mark to help me with start line is much easier then the line. For short putts, I like to line it up, especially if I'm not feeling super confident on the practice green pre round. I like it because speed is less of a concern because I like to putt confidently on shorter putts. When it comes to lines, I'm not picky. The manufacturer logo/line works okay. I've tried the TP5 Pix and its alright, nothing special. I do like the triple track. It allows me to see the line as less of an actual line and more of how the ball will roll. I've thought about buying a triple track stencil but I'm kind of lazy when it comes to marking my ball. I've seen a few tour pros use an additional perpendicular line on their ball, I assume to check that their putter is square to their line. Have any of you all tried this. It seems like a big pain to mark on your ball and to set when on the green. But, if it helps put the ball in the hole, I guess its worth it.
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