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  1. One of the guys in my group started a thread for our area trying to arrange a meetup. It was quiet for a few weeks, but we got a reply last week. Shout out to @beerag04 for reaching out and hopping in our weekly game. Me and @Mtbryant01 really enjoyed it. In light of Rick Shiels' #walk18 campaign, I'm thankful for the community golf provides. If you're new to an area or recently moved, reach out and start a post to see about a meet up.
  2. Welcome! Although I'm native to Birmingham, I most recently lived in Dallas before moving back in summer of 2019. Alabama has some great courses. If you have not already, get a Robert Trent Jones Trail card ($40/year) and gives major discounts/points for rounds played at any RTJ course. My group plays at Oxmoor Valley weekly. You're welcome to join. Message me additional contact info and we can set something up.
  3. I loved my G20s... I could hit them well but it was time for an upgrade. I got fit by my golf pro that I had been taking lessons with for about a year. He immediately suggested adding 1/2" and man has it made a difference. So here are my new sticks and I love them.
  4. Hello everyone! Who cares about new drivers, launch monitors, or shafts when there is the BAGBOY TRACKER! Well, skip over those articles about the new ProV1, pour another drink, and get ready for the greatest review of all time. First, introductions- I live in Birmingham, Alabama and have committed to walking as much as I can in 2021. I try to play weekly and thankfully it has not been too wet or cold. The cold is never too bad of an issue here, but the winters can be wet. My course does not drain the best so walking is better than Cart Path Only anyways. I committed to walkin
  5. 84 - 42/42. Front 9 was good and I started feeling confident. A couple of bad decisions resulted in 2 doubles on the front. Made the turn and was even on the back through 14. +1 going into 17. As I was standing on the 17 tee (at +7) the dumb thought of if I went par, par I would break 80. I proceeded to triple, double to close out the round. Although it was a bad finish, I’m happy with my game and my confidence is growing. For any No Laying Up fans, I flew too close to the sun and got a taste of Icarito. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  6. Bulk order of Snell MTBX and wedge fitting for some new wedges. As well as some “free passes” to play golf from the Mrs. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  7. The other day as I was playing I noticed a couple of putts where I was playing the ball in different positions. Both slightly forward and middle of stance. I haven’t thought too much about my ball position while putting until then. I guess I just lined up with what felt natural. I want to be consistent and more conscious of this during my pre shot routine. All that to say, what’s your ball position when putting and pre shot routine as you address the ball?
  8. This seems up my ally- Trevor - Birmingham, AL Thankfully Alabama winters are more wet than cold which means walking is easier than CPO. I use my push cart whenever I walk. I wear an Apple Watch currently but have used a Garmin Fenix 3. I was into triathlons for a little bit so I’m familiar with this type of tech for my bike. I would be interested to compare. I would also be interested to see what DC Rainmaker has to say about this type of tech. He works full time running his own reviews for different fitness tech. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  9. Played RTJ Oxmoor Valley, Valley Course, this morning. The dew was very heavy and they had just cut earlier in the week so lots of grass clippings. My usual golf buddies were out of town, so I was paired up with a three some. Very nice guys who didn't speak much English but they were great at laughing off bad shots and celebrating the good ones. I need to learn more from them. I had 9 FIRs but only 5 GIRs. Short game was still an issue with multiple holes with multiple chips. I have to hit it close to score. Shot a 91. Didn't drive the ball very well either and I have learned it's really hard
  10. Just finished up playing RTJ Oxmoor valley short course. Started the round off hitting it close with a tap in birdie. Then fell apart a little bit. Hit 9 greens and finished +18. Could have had 2 other birdies but had issues reading the greens. Chipping was also a struggle which has been decent. And it was blazing hot. Playing early tomorrow morning, hoping to turn it around on the Valley course. Short courses are really fun but man can they be challenging! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  11. 1. Trevor Sutton, Birmingham AL 2. Yes- Garmin Fenix 3 for 4 years; Apple Watch app 18 birdies 3. Mix of range finder (Caddytech with slope) and 18 birdies (gps app)
  12. Have any of y'all used the Smartline ball marker? I struggle putting with a line on the ball, unless I align it perfectly, it worsens my miss, but something like this interests me. Typically, I'm a big visualizer, I find where the apex of the putt is and choose my start line to get it to roll through the apex. I'm not saying my start line is aimed at the apex but I choose my start line to get my ball to roll through the apex of the curve. Like I said, I don't use the line on ball but I pick a spot in front of the ball as my aim point.
  13. My home course is fairly hilly and not necessarily a walking course but people do it all the time. At first I thought, "you couldn't pay me to walk 18 here". Well, I just bought a push cart and am committing to walking. I'm in fairly good shape, run and/or workout daily but I still want to shed a few lbs. Wish me luck.
  14. I have only carried a 56 but was thinking about when I get fit for my next set of irons that I go ahead and get fit for wedges too. Was thinking either 54/58 or 56/60 whatever fit my gaps better. Now I'm questioning whether I need a lob wedge or just keep with the 56. Top of my bag is fine- Dr, 3 wood, 3 Hybrid. Biggest gap is between my 3 hybrid and 3 wood but I rarely face a distance between those clubs on the course. What do you all typically use out of the sand?
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