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  1. Similar but different - I'm seeing more driving ranges and practice areas playing music. I actually really like that, it's a nice touch at a destination course with a music that fits the course's theme (mountain course with bluegrass music, beach course with beach-y music). The Golfers Journal interviewed Don Rea recently and he talked about how his local muni course changes the music the play throughout the day as the players change (early mornings- classics for the older crowd; later afternoons- more todays hits for the high school and younger group practicing after school). A little somethi
  2. Another idea would be to get some the pros who are not signed to an equipment deal and do an interview with them centered around equipment. Along those same lines would be to highlight some of the "dated" clubs still being played on tour (Brooks nike driving iron, Dahmen's ping hybrid, etc.)
  3. @hckymeyer I love those ideas. Over the past few months I’ve tried to approach golf from a much more relaxed point of view. I’ll switch tees for a couple of holes, see how I score on a hole with no driver or 3 wood for a round etc. This mindset has made me so appreciate golf for the fun that it is. So power to the Supers! Setup the course however you want as long as it’s fair. If you don’t like where your typical tees are set, move to another tee for that hole. Sometimes I feel like we put on our golf costume (fancy shirt, shoes…) and think we are 1 good round from qualifyi
  4. I want to see a full on debate between MGS team with the No Laying Up crew about the distance debate with golf equipment. NLU especially Soly has some good points that started to sway me that a roll back is needed.
  5. I noticed over the last year that once colors were selling out, they weren’t replacing. They posted today on their Instagram that the lite stand bag is officially retiring. I know Sun Mt and Ping Hoofer is a fan favorite but I’m always looking for something a little different. I’m excited to see what the next generation of lite stand bags will be from Vessel. Anyone have any guesses what it will be?
  6. Congaree GC looks awesome. I'm really happy to see this course be a stop on Tour. Unfortunately with the recent rains, I don't think its going to play as firm and fast as it is designed but if all goes well this weekend, I would much rather see this type of course on tour than somewhere like TPC Craig Ranch. After watching the US Womens Open and The Memorial hack it out of super thick rough, I'm ready to see balls roll into tough collection areas. No predications from me this week. It's going to be a final tune up before the US Open, so anyone's guess IMO.
  7. Legit! Looks like a great experience!
  8. Good discussion here - but it makes me wonder. Are name brand loyalists (TM, Titleist, etc.) interested in trying some of the DTC balls after these Ball Lab reports? Snell was top last year but is looking fairly even with Vice but now Cut DC is making a push. I think DTC brands have a place in the market but the extra $15-$20 for name brand premium balls seem to actually be getting you a better product. How much better is tough to quantify but the Ball Lab is a step in the right direction . Thanks MGS for Ball Lab!
  9. I go back and forth on whether I would like Arccos. I track basic stats, putts, GIRS, FIRS, penalties, so I see the value in data but I honestly hate having to fiddle with an app while playing. When I'm on the course, I'm trying to decompress and enjoy the game and being outside with friends. Have you found that Arccos is distracting while playing?
  10. I'm with some of the posters above, I'm trying to get some badges added. What is the process? I have tested and am a donor. I've messaged a Mod but no response.
  11. There is a premium subscription that I’ve been using. I’ll get into the details of the differences between the two options and share my thoughts on if it’s worth it when I do the write up. Good question.
  12. (Place holder for my thoughts on Saturdays round, food, merch tent, transportation/logisitics, and player interactions)
  13. I've heard the ink helps. Should I ask my wife first or just surprise her?
  14. One of my personal fitness goals for 2021 was to increase my range of motion and improve my mobility. I came across this app (GOWOD) that is targeted at Crossfit athletes but I thought I would try it. I'm coming up on 6 months of doing it fairly regularly and thought you all might enjoy a full write up review on it. What would be most helpful for me to include in the review?
  15. I was there with @Mtbryant01 - It was an incredible experience. Still on a high!
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