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  1. The interview actually got worse... Grow the game lol "The Q&A did indeed move on, to the topic of Saudi Arabia’s treatment of the LGBTQ+ community. “I’m not sure whether I even have any gay friends, to be honest with you,” he said." https://www.thewrap.com/greg-norman-ceo-saudi-liv-golf-jamal-khashoggi/
  2. TBS

    My New Driver

    Love my Kiyoshi purple shaft. The kick is so satisfying.
  3. Yeah I hope so too. Last summer, I sent the Pro an email asking about playing (just a shot in the dark). He said they were slammed and could barely get all of their members on. I also heard that Camp Creek is quoting quite a premium if you can get a tee time (making Kelly and Regatta seem like a steal for their rates). I have heard that it is definitely one of if not the nicest course. Great for that area, though. Developers definitely saw a need and are meeting it. I bet lots are selling quick!
  4. East of Sanddestin to PCB is really hurting for a good public course.
  5. I agree with this completely. There are a few interesting holes but overall a pretty basic Florida course. I found that Regatta Bay was much more enjoyable with a good mix of holes and you had to use every club in your bag. I also really like Windswept Dunes. Windswept Dunes should be a model for courses. With so many tee boxes, it played perfect when I played with my sister who has only been playing for a year. Easy enough for her but still challenging enough for me. It's also a great example how wide fairways and sparingly using rough still requires strategy.
  6. I agree 100% - if growing the professional game is priority, check out what Billy Ho does sponsoring an APGA event. I also heard that Billy goes above and beyond even flying out a player who didn't qualify to play in the pro am and get them in front of sponsors. Make an APGA show for Golf Channel or Netflix that follows these players and the ups and downs of trying to get on tour. Would be way more interesting than seeing 15 players ranked as the 50-100th players in golf battle it out on boring, sub-par courses, for guaranteed millions. Oh, and also, is there even a broadcast deal yet? We might not even get to watch it.
  7. Also can't wait for people to wear one of these at one of their tournaments. Club Pro Guy has been crushing it lately
  8. Except it's the Saudi government creating and selling a product to help their image (i.e. sport washing) not just another company making a product to compete in the free market (cutting cost any way possible to increase profitability). I would just like the players to come out and say they are doing it for the money and not try to act like this group is going to create a better golf product or "grow the game".
  9. Can't wait for him to learn that the head rules official for LIV is non-other than Slugger White! LOL - you can't make comments like that on course that you know will get picked up and then dodge reporters after. Although it may seem fun to watch the LIV tour crumble, it is going to produce a bad golf product and we the viewers will suffer for a little bit of time.
  10. I'm thinking about getting Shotscope V3 but I had a question about the tags. How well do they fit on grips that have a more rounded butt end. Most Golfprides are flat on the end but I have a few Lamkin grips that are rounded. The last thing I want is the tags getting snagged and constantly falling out or there to be a noticeable gap/lip between grip and tag.
  11. Like new! I’ve played in rain, mud, and dirt and all it took was a wet towel wipe down and it looks back new. There has been no scuffs or scratches. I think the leather is what sets this bag apart. Notice vessel bags pushes using a cart strap sleeve. No worries here. This is premium leather that is soft but tough.
  12. Yeah - from what I understand they want to keep them unavailable to general public and have to be bought through a pro shop or specialty stores. I also think they are doing a major price increase for their new releases too. As annoying as that is, I guess its a good business model for a premium product.
  13. Pretty sure that Tiger is the single most influential person to grow the game of golf in the history of golf. This system is far from perfect but it’s a step forward in recognizing the value that these players bring to the tour. I hate to say this but the $3-10 million payouts is pretty modest compared to all other sports. Even these NIL deals are getting close to $1 mil. Amateurism is dead unless you go to high school or your local mid-am qualifier.
  14. I’m actually a fan of the PIP. Money on the PGA tour is not guaranteed and based on how you play. This is different than almost every other pro league where there is guaranteed contract money plus bonuses. This is the best way to get guaranteed money to players who are having the biggest impact.
  15. Definitely tough to find outside of a golf club pro shop. $600? I got mine for $300 and heard they were going up to $400 but still not close to $600. Regardless, there’s a lot of love for the SL2 and it was my number 2 choice and a nice bag!
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