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  1. Shotscope had a report that the majority of golfers will always miss the green short. I have always factored that into my club selection. I want a club that I comfortably carry the front of the green.
  2. LIV secures a contract with CW - https://www.espn.com/golf/story/_/id/35480510/liv-golf-secures-tv-streaming-deal-cw-network Few takeaways and questions - all three days will be on CW app - Sat/Sun will be on CW tv station. Saw somewhere on Twitter someone reply that local CW stations might already have programming on those days for their market and it will be up to them to decide to air or not. I'm in the South East and once upon a time mlb aired some on CW. Quick google shows that Mets still have deal with CW https://www.mlb.com/mets/team/broadcast-information. I don't follow MLB so not sure if this actually a problem. - LIV doesn't get rights fees and still pays production costs. CW/LIV have a profit sharing agreement. - Commercials - I'm assuming that there will now be commercials? I'm very interested to see how this works with the shotgun start and keeping the flow and promise of twice as many shots. - No YouTube - Audience is now primarily US and less accessible internationally. I would think they would want the Asian market. Maybe CW app is available there?? - Nielsen data - Now that its not on Youtube and bots can impact reliability in viewership numbers, I will be very interested what the Nielsen numbers will be. I think this could be a big challenge moving forward.
  3. Hopping in late here. Few thoughts - First, golf is for fun. Play whatever tees you want to have fun. As long as you play fast and respect the course I don't care. There are matchplay courses that have zero tee boxes. Tee it up wherever you want. Ohoopee and another course in the NE (can't remember the name). Tom Coyne visited and had a fun reflection on how he doesn't like it because you can't add your round to GIN but he also likes it because its about fun. Second thought - I've played this course plus a lot of the other courses on the RTJ trail. These courses are designed with clear landing areas. Typically 120-170 yards out. I have played a number of scrambles where I play a tee up. I have found that it makes the course play much harder. Landing areas are much smaller, slopes instead of flat lies, OB, awkward yardages, fairway ends and second shot in rough, etc. if you choose to hit driver. Otherwise you can play hybrids and irons all day. So I do think that there is some thought to be given to course design. Final thought - why do pros hate a 300 yard par 3 but love 300 yard par 4s if the average score is not too different. Short Par 4s Riv hole 10 - avg score 3.88 (2021) TPC River Highlands hole 15 - avg score 3.85 (2022) Long Par 3s Oakmont hole 8 - avg score 3.3 (2016) Ocean Course hole 17 - 3.3 (2012)
  4. Looks like LIV might not have the unlimited $$$ that they thought. With more direct oversight on the kingdom's Public Investment Fund, makes me think that any of these ventures that do not show a return won't be around too much longer. Read WSJ article - Saudi Crown Prince Tangles with Sovereign Wealth Fund Over How to Invest Oil Riches https://www.wsj.com/articles/saudi-arabia-mbs-mohammed-bin-salman-public-investment-fund-11672766494?mod=djem10point
  5. https://www.nytimes.com/2022/12/11/sports/golf/liv-saudi-pga.html Much like the Saudis other ventures, its becoming more evident that if this doesn't take off soon they will drop the project. They already don't have the best record finishing big projects. See Jeddah tower.
  6. Question for the group - I just got a new driver. I added the club to "My Bag" on my dashboard and switched the D tag from the old to the new and updated "my Bag" to show D tag is now on new club and old club is not active. Is this the best way to add a new club? Will I be able to see and compare data from old driver to new driver this way? Or should I use one of the extra tags on my new driver?
  7. For sure! We appreciate all that you do and although I love me some juicy LIV golf discussion, I want to see that 2023 has some very lively equipment and "regular golf" discussions. With a job change and 1 year old I don't post as much but I've always enjoyed the community here and the more tests the more energy the forum has.
  8. Yes lots of unknowns still to come out.
  9. Let me clarify- Mena, to my understanding, has always been 54 holes no cut but not invitational closed/limited fields with no qualifying. Also it was sold to OWGR as a developmental tour, which LIV is clearly not. THAT is a significant change to what the events were in 2019.
  10. Further points out Greg's inability to succeed in this business venture. He's reacting and trying to be spiteful rather than strategic. His motivation isn't to put on the best golf product its to take down the PGA tour and it shows. I truly believe if he just focused on creating a great golf product, he could come out on top especially with an unlimited budget. The strategic move would be to work with Asian Tour to try to elevate their events for points.
  11. The big question is what was on the Mena tour's OWGR application. I would be shocked if there isn't a clause already on the application preventing this bait and switch. I bet OWGR has legalese regarding what happens if a tour decides to make significant changes to its structure, it must re-apply. Greg is just trying to set up a good lawsuit. From how the first hearing went on whether to grant a stay for the FedEx Cup, I would be shocked if the PGA Tour and OWGR weren't already prepared for this. If LIV wants to have a chance, it needs to ditch Greg and get a real business leader running the show.
  12. https://golfweek.usatoday.com/2022/09/28/liv-golf-news-bryson-dechambeau-rope-video/ It's almost too predictable, now.
  13. The Fox deal is really interesting. Could be a good business move. Might be the dumbest thing ever. I have no idea how TV contracts work. Has there been any precedent with an offer like this? Has any group offered to pay to have their product broadcasted on a national network outside of a church service on local channels on a sunday morning or infomercials? Also, I've said this before, but I just hate hate hate how this is going to be more politicized with DJT and Kushner getting more involved. Golf is an escape from that. Regardless of how you vote.
  14. I think more than anything there is just some noise that happens in this thread. Ex - Someone new stumbles on it and gives an opinion that the community has already discussed months ago. Or someone comes in and doesn't offer anything other than "I like PGA Tour... or I like LIV". The one thing that is keeping thread alive is the slow drip of news. I enjoy discussing that. OWGR drama letter last week... Fox deal this week.... Bryson makes a cringe joke about ropes next week.
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