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  1. This would be pretty interesting to test these. I play Snell MTB black but have been testing prov1x left dash because I can benefit from less spin on all shots. I think I may have some similar issues Tony Covey, too much delivered loft. Got fit for a 8 degree driver turned down to 6 to help lower launch and spin and when I got fit for 921 forged the the conversation around shafts was about very tip stiff to help with the launch and spin as well.
  2. I checked out the voice caddie website and this looks pretty sweet. I have been thinking about getting range finder, I currently use a Garmin approach S60 for distances and a G80 on the range but a range finder would be great for checking distances on the range as well as more accurate distances on the course. This seems like it has a lot of similar features to the Garmin Z82 that I have been thinking about getting. I work for Garmin so I would probably borrow the Z82 for a little side by side comparison if I actually win.
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