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  1. I really want to be the player that can play the T100s but realistically I'm probably the T200 player (maybe the even the T300). I tested the original T100s and the T200 irons when I got fit for my JPX921 forged irons. I would love to test the T200's and compare them to my forged. I'm also considering getting apex 21 irons and those would also be a good comparison to the T200's.
  2. Compression does matter but not necessarily for distance. Compression can cost you ball speed at all swing speeds, but that doesn't necessarily mean you lose distance. Distance is a combination of ball speed, launch, and backspin regardless of the clubhead speed applied to the ball. Higher ball speed is better but not necessarily at the expense of ideal launch and backspin characteristics. It is all about what fits you best. For me, I apply too much spin on every shot (driver to wedge... the putter is good though) so I am experimenting with lower spin alternatives and some of those are lower compression balls. I haven't been able to test it on a launch monitor yet, but I think there is a good chance I have better ball flight with the AVX than I would the the Pro V1X. The lower spin and launch should give me better distance and still have plenty of spin. Again, that is just me, others may benefit from the higher compression, higher launch and higher spin. At the end if the day, if you are trying to get your driver down the fairway 300 yards, it doesn't matter if when you get there you ball speed was a little lower because you hit a low compression ball.
  3. I know you are looking for something today and Snell is out of stock but I would definitely recommend circling back and trying them when they are back in stock. They're a good price for a premium ball. Also, I wouldn't listen to the people saying, buy the cheap ball. Buy the best ball that fits your game, that you can afford and afford to lose. I've been on a quest to find a lower spinning ball myself. I like the Snell and I currently play the MTB black but I would benefit from less spin from driver to wedge and am looking for something that fits the bill. Problem is that pretty much leaves me with the AVX or the left dash proV1X. I also don't want to spend that much on a dozen balls if I can help it.
  4. This would be pretty interesting to test these. I play Snell MTB black but have been testing prov1x left dash because I can benefit from less spin on all shots. I think I may have some similar issues Tony Covey, too much delivered loft. Got fit for a 8 degree driver turned down to 6 to help lower launch and spin and when I got fit for 921 forged the the conversation around shafts was about very tip stiff to help with the launch and spin as well.
  5. I checked out the voice caddie website and this looks pretty sweet. I have been thinking about getting range finder, I currently use a Garmin approach S60 for distances and a G80 on the range but a range finder would be great for checking distances on the range as well as more accurate distances on the course. This seems like it has a lot of similar features to the Garmin Z82 that I have been thinking about getting. I work for Garmin so I would probably borrow the Z82 for a little side by side comparison if I actually win.
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