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  1. Sorry, can't find what you are referring to. Can you please provide a link to the Tommy Armour Testing section?
  2. I'm in . . . please tell me more!
  3. Good morning All . . . Once again, thanks for your input to my decision process. Based on recommendation and cost, and the ability to actually get my hands on said club(s) to hit a bucket, I have opted to purchase the Tommy Armour Atomic MAX irons. I've read your feedback and researched all the ones you folks recommended, and the Atomic MAX faired best FOR ME. Again, I am an older beginner and I wanted a set of clubs that would be fairly forgiving and not break the bank at the moment. This set of irons includes the 4 - 9, PW, and AW, and with a Golf Galaxy discount promo applied to the overall cost, I was able to get a Tommy Armour Over N' Out Wedge for nearly $0.00, basically completing my iron set. Again, thanks for your input, and I anxiously await Spring in NJ to take these out to the links. Marty!
  4. If I can purchase the Cobra's and the TA's for the exact same price, is there a preference from the crowd? $250.00 is a good number for me, given all the post-XMAS discounts going around. And I am thinking the Atomic MAX as they seem to have more forgiveness.
  5. Thanks, all, for your input. I currently have a very old set of Ping Eye 2's that are pretty difficult for me to hit. What I've read about the Cobra OS is that they are very forgiving, and for the price it's pretty hard to beat . . . unless they are not worth anything at all. I have been taking golf lessons on and off for the last year from a local club pro that is helping me to learn the game, in addition to my boys airing me out now and then. I spend a lot of time on a grass driving range trying to practice what I am learning. A for-cost fitting at a pro place for me is overkill, as I am looking at sets that will cost me low $00's to get me going when Spring comes around (I live in NJ.) I certainly do not need a set of irons that will cost me $000's right now (or maybe ever). This is a frustrating game, but it is something I am committed to learning so that I can get good enough to go out for a round with my sons and hold my own (they actually play!) Given all this . . . thoughts? And again, thanks for all your valued input.
  6. I am a 58-year-old beginner golfer. For the holidays, my wife is buying me a new set of irons (!!!) and I am trying to chose between the Cobra Oversize 4-PW/GW set and Bombtech 3.0 iron set (4-PW). Does anyone have any experience with these sets? Are they good for adult beginners? Their price points right now on sale are low and comparable, so any help would be appreciated. Thanks, and happy holidays!
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