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  1. This needs to go; make me a reasonable offer for a quick CASH and CARRY deal in NJ.
  2. Needs to go . . . make me a reasonable offer for a quick CASH and CARRY if you are in NJ.
  3. Finally had a day when it wasn't too darn cold to go to the driving range, got a chance to give the new Mizuno hybrid a try. Love it! It feels heavier in the head to me than my old hybrid, which is a good thing as it helps me to keep the club closer to the ground rather than my usual lifting mistake. First few shots were straight as arrows, about 150 - 175 yards for this 4 hybrid at 19 degrees. Again, I am an older beginner, so not sure if that is good or bad to you more adept golfers but I'm pretty darn happy with that. And at $79.99 (orig. $179.99), this is a major bargain for a really
  4. Different club from the 921 in the set, according to the pics I just looked at online.
  5. I got the 4 hybrid as a Chanukah present from my wife, and of course the next day it snowed so might be a while before I get to use it but so looking forward to it!
  6. I have a Krank Formula 5 driver for sale, 10.5 degree loft with the Tour Light shaft (regular flex) and headcover. Hits straight as an arrow (as long as you are pointed in the right direction, which is my problem!) Only asking $150 for it, in very good condition (no dents or scratches.)
  7. Just checked out the Hammer Control, they are on sale 2 for $25 on the pre-Black Friday sale. Do you think those will drop next Friday? If so, might be worth a try.
  8. Marty North Brunswick/NJ Bridgestone e6 and Srixon Soft Feel I used to purchase Top Flite balls from my local Dick's Sporting Goods store when I first started playing golf about 6 - 7 years ago. I bought them because they were always going on sale at Dick's and as a beginner price certainly mattered over all. I did not do very well with this ball and have sine tried MANY different ones, although most recently I was recommended to try this Gamer ball in comparison to my e6 and Soft Feels but have not yet had the chance. This would be very opportune for me to be one of your tester
  9. Any thoughts on this vs. the Tour Edge Exotics line? EXS?
  10. Any thoughts on this club? I am looking for a new hybrid, and this looks like contender at a good price. Wanted to see if anyone had either hands-on and/or ownership of this club. Thanks!
  11. All . . . Thanks for the input, much appreciated. But please don't duke it out on this thread over golf balls; everyone is entitled to his/her opinion, which is why I reached out in the first place. Regarding the DUO Soft, I was recommended not to play that ball as the compression made it play like a marshmallow and I would lose yardage with a ball that soft. In practice, while I played well with that ball, I did in fact lose yardage, to the tune of about 20 yards on my drives. I moved to the Bridgestone e6 soft and I did get improvement the DUO's. I purchased the Srixon Soft Feels
  12. Good morning, campers . . . Thoughts on the Cobra King Ltd 3 fairway Wood vs. Taylormade M2 3HL fairway wood? I can get either in used/excellent condition at a very good price, was hoping the MGS hivemind can chime in with their thoughts. Again, I am a 59-year-old beginner, so please keep that in mind. As always, thanks . . . Marty
  13. I keep getting bombarded by this company and their "FREE OFFERS" . . . anyone know anything about these golf balls? I would suspect you get what you pay for (or don't) but you never know . . . https://www.warriorcustomgolf.com/2-dozen-golf-balls-800-251-5765/?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2 Dozen Golf Balls Complimentary - OtherLeads Friday copy&utm_content=2 Dozen Golf Balls Complimentary - OtherLeads Friday copy+CID_4db3721e1937b4afa271b2ba7174da3e&utm_source=CMEmails&utm_term=GET YOUR BALLS NOW
  14. Marty/North Brunswick, NJ I have never used a Hitting Net outside of sporting goods stores like Dick's. Due to COVID, I purchased a lawn mat with tee and a ton of different practice balls that I used during the last few months, but always wanted to purchase a good hitting net so as to avoid the necessity to keep chasing balls across my and my neighbor's yard. Besides, a good hitting net will let me use actual golf balls that could only enhance my practicing and game. Since I have never used a hitting net, I also have never used a launch monitor . . . but would not be adverse to havin
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