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  1. So, this really doesn't pertain to a round of golf on my own, it does explain why I became a Jack Nicklaus fan as a young child. It so happens my father had tickets to a small tournament that Jack Nicklaus participated in western, PA with Arnold Palmer as the host. And as luck would have it, my mom who was to attend, decided not to go. So what is a good father to do other than take his six year old son instead.....me, who by the way, was not truly interested in golf at that age. However, I was a pretty good trooper throughout the day, but really wanted the neat things they had to offer at the different vending stands, like one of those cool seats you carry and prop yourself up on to sit greenside, or one the those cool mirror viewers so you see over people to watch players. But more importantly were the food vendors, a six year old can get pretty hunger while traversing an entire golf course. Needless to say, I convinced my dad to get me a bag of potato chips relatively close to one of the greens on the course. Well, at six years old, I was able to wiggle my way right up to the ropes at greenside greenside, just as Jack Nicklaus was standing behind the ball viewing his putting line. As Jack settled his putter behind the ball, a certian six year old decided to open his bag of chips, needless to say I began to struggle with the darn plastic bag because I couldn't open it. As it continued to make an awful racket, people all around me were telling me to keep quiet, but heck what did I care, I wanted a darn chip. Now as you know, Jack can be extemely forward about noise around the green, but in this instance, instead of saying some thing negative to me, he simply looked and me and said, "Save one of those for me skip". Well this led to laugher amongst the crowd, which led me to tears of embarrassment as I raced back to my dad for comfort. However, it showed Jack does have a human side, as well as a fan for life.
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