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  1. Maybe. They send me back the same battery with a new trolley. Assuming it is part of the diagnostics checks. It only cuts out in remote mode though. I’d have thought if it was a faulty battery it’d cut out in any mode.
  2. About 8 rounds done now with new cart and it's still stopping randomly. So I guess its going back again. Right after this coming weekend and its golf trip away. I don't know what else I can do apart from keep sending them back. The retailer is not interested since I've had a replacement from Motocaddy. I've tried a Stewart and it's much, much worse than the Motocaddy. I like the trolley - I just can't accept that it has this fault for the price. Carrying is not an option, and I've spent well over 100 on trolley rentals since this has been in for inspection.
  3. Yeah there’s a lock on the remote to stop you accidentally pressing it. But I’ve tested this walking along with the remote on the flat of my hand. Even moved things like my phone out of my bag in case it was interfering in some way.
  4. Hi, I’m new here. I have an M7 and love it…. apart from a fault it has. In fact this is my third M7 and it does exactly the same. It randomly stops by itself. And I don’t mean the auto-cutout at 120 seconds or 50 meter distance. This can be 5 seconds, 30 seconds, whatever, after the last remote command. But it just stops. About 15-20 times a round. I even make sure I’m holding the remote nowhere near the buttons, in case I was accidentally pressing stop The only other thing I noticed is that on the updated 2021 version the screen has been updated with an anti-glare screen. But in fact it’s much harder to see than the 2020 version, with was very bright and visible on all lights. Has anyone else noticed the stopping problem? It’s driving me nuts. Fair play to Motocaddy UK, they have replaced it twice. But each time it means weeks without a trolley for me. Tom .
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