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  1. Hoyoymac

    7 woods

    The Fujikura Fuel 60 S shaft in the Tour Edge XCG7 7 wood that I’ve been using has been such a great fit for me that I ordered what I believe to be the same shaft for my Exotics EX 10 4 wood. Just installed it on Wednesday and put it into play yesterday. It appears promising so far.
  2. Hoyoymac

    7 woods

    The success I’m having with my new 7 wood has not gone unnoticed. This week one of my regular foursome just put in his bag a Callaway Epic 7 wood and my Father in law is trying out a Callaway Epic Flash Heavenwood.
  3. Was only using it 2 or 3 times a round max. No confidence because I couldn’t get a 3 wood in the air from the fairway. Had a 4 or 5 wood for awhile, not much better. Just added a 7 wood with 21 deg.of loft. I finally found what I needed. Loft is my friend. I de loft everything with a good amount of forward shaft lean. As a result my ball flight is on the low side. I tend to swing from the inside out, wrap the club face around the ball and hit a draw. I combined a high launching Stiff shaft to the 7 wood and am having my Eureka! moment.
  4. Hoyoymac

    7 woods

    Just a quick update. I have 37 on course swings with the 7 wood captured by Arccos and 19 with the 5 Hybrid. I have used both more than that but I don’t always use the Arccos app when I’m playing. The 7 wood’s smart distance is 216 yards. The 5 hybrid smart distance is 190 yards. My existing 4 hybrid fits nicely between them. Been using the 7 wood more off of the tee than I expected. It is a bit longer off of the tee, 223 smart distance, but a better choice on some holes where driver can bring trouble into play. I am extremely happy with both. The 7 wood is by far the best club purchase I’ve made as far as combined value and performance. The 5 hybrid is not far behind in the value/performance measure. The difference is the 7 wood is practically point and shoot reliable. Thanks to all of you that encouraged me to experiment a bit. It has paid off.
  5. Got my Odyssey #7 collection together and have started the head to head comparisons. The three putters are the Odyssey O-Works Black #7 with the Stability Tour shaft and 75 gram counter core weight in the Superstroke Traction Tour midslim 3.0 grip. The Odyssey Toulon Las Vegas with Strokelab shaft. The final putter is the Odyssey Metal-X Milled #7 with the standard steel shaft. All are the double bend shaft face balanced versions. I will check the swing weights on all three next week. Shaft lengths all the same at 35. Will probably have to change the pistol grips out on two of the putters. The head sizes are noticeably different .
  6. Well, I have had the Stability Tour putter shaft in play for about two weeks now. Yesterday’ round according to Arccos Caddie contained 5 personal bests. My lowest all time Handicap, 7 ups & downs, 9 one putts, Tied for fewest 3 putts with 0, Fewest putts per round with 27. Not the best driving and approach shot day, but the putter saved my bacon! The new Stability shaft and other putter modifications seem to be helping.
  7. Just won my bids last night on EBay for a Toulon Las Vegas double bend with the Stroke Lab shaft and an Odyssey Milled Metal X #7 with the steel shaft. Within a week I should be able to give some feedback on the difference between the feel and performance of the BGT Stability Tour shaft with the O works Black #7 head and the new Toulon Las Vegas head with Stroke Lab Shaft compared to the Milled Metal X #7 with the steel shaft.
  8. Hoyoymac

    7 woods

    After several rounds of golf, the 7 wood and the 5 hybrid have proven to be superior to the 4 wood and 4 iron that I’ve had in the bag up until now. Arccos is telling me that my smart distance with both clubs is equal to or better than the other clubs, the difference is that I get much more height and better carry. I have been extremely pleased with both.
  9. Hoyoymac

    7 woods

    Played with my wife and her 82 year old dad this afternoon. I played from the red tees with them and left the driver in the bag. Teed off mostly with the new 25 degree hybrid and the 7 wood even though they were longer than really necessary. The first two tee shots were big, low hooks with the new hybrid. On the third tee I adjusted the hybrid from the neutral A1 setting to the B4 setting which adds 2 degrees of loft and promotes a fade. Also took out the neutral surefit weight and replaced it with the 14 gram weight in the fade setting. Hit a nice high draw. On the next hole I opened the club face a bit at address and hit a nice high straight ball. 195 yards into the wind. I used the 7 wood off of the tee on the next hole, a par 5, for a beautiful straight ball with just a hint of draw, followed by 7 iron. The rest of the round continued in similar fashion. Love the new clubs! They are both keepers and will stay in the bag. If I find in the future that I’m fighting a hook with the hybrid I’ll put on a bigger grip. So what to take out of the bag? The Titleist TMB 4 iron is out of the bag and on the bench. Now I’ve got to decide whether to bench my Tour Edge Exotics EX10 4 wood, which is great off the tee but hard for me to hit from the deck or my Titleist 818 H1 21 deg. Hybrid. I’ll give it some thought and make up my mind in the next week after I play with these clubs a bit more. But right now I’m leaning towards taking the 4 wood out.
  10. Hoyoymac

    7 woods

    My misses with hybrids tend also to be left. The reason I like the Titleist 818H1 Hybrid is because you can adjust the hosel and also the internal weight to favor a fade/reduce a hook. The new 7 wood has already proven itself to be a friend. Arccos smart distance is listed as 218 yards. I will be continuing to work with it so that I can really build my confidence with it. I shot a 74 yesterday and the 7 wood helped me to do that on some of the par 5s. Some other changes to clubs in the past couple of weeks also made a difference. A slighter smaller grip installed Friday night on my driver helped me to release the club and turn over the ball a little better. Hit 9 of 14 fairways and of the misses 4 to the left. Before I was having a two way miss. After the first three left misses, I moved the sliding weight from the draw setting to the neutral setting and it was near automatic after that. 12/18 Greens in Regulation, a personal best for the year. 50% up and down on the chips. My one real blemish was a lip out for a three putt. Getting comfortable with the new Stability Tour shaft in my Odyssey O-Works black #7. New Super Stroke Traxion Tour 3.0 grip and a 75 gram counter core weight. Reduced the head weight by 10 grams to bring the swingweight down. Much easier to control the head now for longer putts. Using a cross handed modified wrist lock grip like Soren Kjeldsen uses on short putts has really made putts under 5 feet much less stressful. The 25 deg. Hybrid I hope will give me a higher launch than the 21 I have now because of the Tensei Red shaft vs. the Tensei Blue in the 21 and of course the increase in loft. Once I know how it performs I’ll figure out what club to take out of the bag. I’ve never been much of a tinkerer before, but I’ve been enjoying the process of trying to figure out what works for me and why and then making the slight adjustments to really fine tune things and dial it in.
  11. Hoyoymac

    7 woods

    Another delivery today. My new to me Titleist 818H 25 deg. hybrid with the Mitsubishi Tensei CK Red 60 R flex shaft. Again looks brand new and the head cover is brand new. Will put it in play tomorrow!
  12. Look what came in the mail today! My Big Moss V2 Competitor putting mat. It is set up in my man cave now. Also pictured are my new Putt out practice mirror and Puttout Pressure putt trainer.
  13. Hoyoymac

    7 woods

    Took my new club to the range and was very happy. Took it to the course and used it four times today, all with good effect. It’s early I know, but this could be the beginning of something for me. Still got lots to learn about how and when to hit the club for different situations and how far it will normally carry. Waiting on the 5 hybrid to arrive either today or Monday. Pretty excited so far. Yeah, it has a few more marks on it too from my range session. But, now it feels like it is mine.
  14. Location - Savannah, GA area Current Bag - Titleist Cart 14 What I look for in a bag - My preference is for a bag with enough dividers for all of my clubs and a dedicated putter slot. Most of my rounds are played with a cart so I prefer a cart style bag. I like a specific pocket for golf balls, another pocket for tees, ball markers, and my divot tool, a pocket for keys, change and cash, a pocket for gloves and a towel, a pocket for a vest or jacket. I like a ring or two to hold a towel to clean my clubs, a club brush and for my rangefinder case. A dedicated slot or pocket for an umbrella. A slot for an extra pencil. I like lots of pockets. My playing partners tease me, because every time we pass a trash can I ask everyone if they have any trash. Can’t stand a messy cart or bag. A rain cover or snap on hood is nice for traveling, but I hardly ever use it otherwise. An insulated pocket or waterproof slot is nice to hold bug spray, sun screen or a drink. I also like a bag to be able to be personalized with my golf club’s name and logo on one pocket panel and my name on another. A few sturdy handles on top and on the side. A strap that has hardware that is removable and/or replaceable or stout enough not to break. A loop or handle to slide a cart strap through. Reinforcements along the place where the bag rubs on the cart so that the bag does not wear at that point. Finally a UV protected color fast dyed fabric so that it won’t fade in the sun or rain and colors that won’t get dirty or dingy. Thanks for considering me for the test. A picture of my current bag is attached.
  15. Here’s what my new Stability Tour putter shaft looks like fitted to my Odyssey O-works 7 black.
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