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  1. A fitting allows you to rent the equipment, facilities and expertise of someone who has had training and observed countless golfers. The fitter will gather the data for you so you can just focus on the equipment which will help you to feel the differences between the various options. You’ll be able to try a bunch of stuff in one place at one time. The fitting though is just a snapshot of a few dozen swings on one day. Tinkering at home will not allow you to try as much stuff at one time and maybe also not be able to capture all the data. But you can take the equipment on the course over multiple days and multiple rounds which will give you different information and allow you to determine if the club does what you need it to and if you have confidence in it. There is value in both. I really have come to believe that one of the most valuable things to a golfer when buying new equipment is a playability guarantee. 30-90 days. The best are guarantees that if the new equipment doesn’t work for you during that time, bring it back for a credit towards something else.
  2. I’m a subscriber to Russ Ryden’s golf shaft review site and have learned a lot from it. But, to get his software and the complete data set is quite a bit more expensive. He also is kind of streaky. Doesn’t post a ton of reviews and some shaft brands he doesn’t review at all. But it is better than most. Cool Clubs S3 Technology has great information that you used to could access but you can’t really get it anymore unless you are one of their clients.
  3. Have been very interested in shaft EI curves for the past few years. Wanted to try and understand why certain shafts performed well for me. Also was trying to figure out why others did not work well despite manufacturer’s descriptions that indicated that they should have. Unfortunately the number of shaft manufacturers that provide EI charts to the public has shrunk. About, the only way to get much information now is to pay a fee to third party shaft reviewers/testers. The full data comes at a higher fee. For a dedicated fitting business the fees are justifiable. Not so much for an individual. The other problem with EI curves is that when they are published they rarely have the scale indicated and so it is hard to compare charts for two different shafts unless they are all shown together on the same graph. Which makes it hard to compare different manufacturer’s products. Even with better knowledge of what profile might work for me it is not foolproof. A fitting is a good way to narrow things down quickly but it is just a snapshot in time of a few dozen swings. The only way to know for sure is to actually hit it and see if it works over multiple rounds of golf for your swing and club delivery to deliver the optimal results, consistency and feel that you are looking for.
  4. Play golf year round in Coastal Georgia. In the winter if it is below 60 degrees I play the Bridgestone Tour BRX ball and the rest of the year I play the Maxfli Tour ball. The Bridgestone ball is slightly softer so it feels a little better when it is cold out. It also spins less than the Maxfli Tour ball. So on my approach shots the Bridgestone Tour BRX ball goes further when it it is cold out which allows me to not have to club up. The Bridgestone ball does not check up as much as the Maxfli Tour ball around the greens and will roll out a bit more too. I used to play the Tour BRX year round until the Ping Ballnamic fitting tool suggested the Maxfli Tour ball to me and the reviews on MyGolfSpy gave me the confidence to try it.
  5. Whatever the combination of Shaft, grip and head that creates the system defined by the total of static weight, balance point, swing weight, Center of Gravity Location and shaft bend profile that allows you the golfer to make your individual swing with all its good and bad qualities deliver the best results consistently is the best fit. A fitting is just a snapshot of maybe a few dozen swings on a particular day. The reality is you just don’t know what is going to work until you try it. Preferably on multiple courses over multiple days and in different conditions. That is why I believe a 30-90 day playability guarantee is probably worth quite a bit to a golfer when buying new equipment. Once you find a club that really performs well for you and you have confidence in it I would be very reluctant to change anything about it. Even changing to a different brand or size of grip can change the balance point and swing weight. However if there is a club in your bag that you are reluctant to hit even when the situation calls for it because you’ve lost confidence in it you should replace it. I frequently buy and sell golf equipment and components because I like to build clubs and tinker. Sometimes my friends will ask me to buy one of my clubs or shafts that didn’t fit me as well as I hoped. Whenever they ask to buy something I will tell them not to be in a hurry. Try it over several weeks and multiple rounds and if they still want to buy it, I’ll make them a good deal. If it doesn’t work just give it back. I can’t count how many of my friends and playing partners have clubs or shafts in their bag that should have worked for me but didn’t. My goal for 2024 is to have 14 clubs in my bag that I have complete confidence in. I feel that I’m very close and hope to figure out the rest soon.
  6. I use the standard Orange Whip to warm up for my swing speed training and prior to playing golf. It is great for balance, swing sequence and tempo and to engage the bigger muscles due to it’s heavier weight. Full swings with maximum effort with the standard Orange Whip can be difficult for some due to the heavy mass of the head pulling them off balance. The Orange Whip GFX fitness program in conjunction with the Orange Peel, the foot straps and the Power bands has been very helpful to me.
  7. I’ve got the Lightspeed and just about every other Orange Whip product. After my Stack System workout I make 5 step swings with the Lightspeed. My fastest swing with it is 129 MPH using the PRGR.
  8. The Cobra Aerojet LS 9 degree driver has a very flat lie angle and is quite fade biased by design. Since you have lowered the loft via the hosel adapter you have also opened the face angle. The hosel adapter has a minus 1 draw setting that will change the lie angle to be more upright and is something to try as well if you haven’t already.
  9. Did another return to form workout today. Making progress but still behind where I was.
  10. After taking several weeks off due to some injuries I’ve done a couple of return to form workouts. It is surprising and disappointing how quick you lose the gains of the earlier training.
  11. My results with the Graphite Design Tour AD shafts did not match up exactly with the charts referenced previously in the thread. But there was some correlation. For me here is what I found. Highest Flight - AD MT AD IZ AD DI AD TP AD UB Lowest Flight - AD VR Most Draw - VR, Most Fade - DI Best Feeling - DI & VR Harshest feeling - UB Playing the AD VR 6S currently in a Cobra LTDx LS 9 degree Driver set at -1. Had been playing the DI 6S in driver and the TP 8S in an LTDx 1 degree 7 wood, but sold both shafts to a friend and they are working well for him.
  12. In the past year I’ve tried the Tour AD DI, IZ, VR, MT, TP and UB. All purchased second hand off EBay. The Tour AD DI 7S paired with a Cobra LTDx 15 degree 3 wood set at 16.5 is a match made in heaven for me. Best I’ve ever had. Dependable and great performance. It has literally changed my game. It is so good that it took me down the Graphite Design rabbit hole to try to achieve similar magic with my driver and my 7 wood. I’ve come close, but try as I might I haven’t been able to match the performance and consistency in any other club besides that one.
  13. Had such a good time and talked it up to my friends at home that another friend of mine is interested in joining in. If he can make it, I will try to recruit a fourth too.
  14. @Brother Daveand I are up for another golf roadtrip. Had a great time and enjoyed playing with everyone in Pinehurst. The 36 hole day definitely took a toll on us. Although most of the guys wanted to play their own ball on the last trip, maybe an optional 9 hole Shamble or Scramble replay would be fun. Would also be in favor of an optional Birdie or Skins pool. Thanks for doing the legwork.
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