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  1. Fairway woods are generally much easier to hit off of the tee than the fairway. If your primary use of a fairway wood is off of a tee as a Driver replacement, than one with a deep face, less loft, and perhaps smaller front to back will deliver better ball speed and reduce spin. For one used mainly off the deck, a shallower face, more loft and more weight in the rear of the club will help to get the ball into the air and provide enough spin to keep the ball in the air and land softer on the greens. A better option for many amateurs with swing speeds under 100 MPH would be a 4 or 5 wood i
  2. I have played the KBS Tour V shafts for the past three years in Titleist AP3 irons. I’m 53 and our swing speeds are similar and my swing is similarly steep. I’m a digger, but generally hit the ball first and then the ground. The KBS Tour V produces a lower flight than many other KBS shafts and with lower spin. It appears to be designed to reduce dispersion and help counter a hook. The Tour V is fairly stiff for a lightweight shaft due to the larger outside diameter of the shaft being carried further down along the shaft and having a more stable tip section. I’ve recently put th
  3. The new TourEdge Exotics C721 line has been unveiled and is available for sale 2/15/21. Interested to see the new lineup in person. There is already one review on YouTube from 2ndswing that was pretty encouraging. Looks like they are returning to their roots and pushing the envelope with materials and design after a couple of years of somewhat copycat drivers. The recent introduction of their C521 & E521 lineup brings their Hot launch line and their Exotics line closer together too. The new C721 could be the driver that Bernhard Langer will be playing as he has recently signed
  4. Last year I revamped my wedges to improve my yardage gapping. My Titleist AP3 set has a 43 degree PW and a 48 degree gap wedge. I had been playing Vokey SM7 54 & 60 that had a custom sole grind to provide more heel relief, but after over 400 rounds and having grooves sharpened once already the Vokeys were ready to be replaced. My solution was to build up a set of Corey Paul wedges in 52, 56 & 60 to replace the Vokeys and have found it to have really helped me to reduce the times that I am in between clubs for specific yardages. The feel and performance of the Corey Paul wedges
  5. As a result of the worldwide Covid19 pandemic this year many people had a disruption in their lives. My life was upended in a number of ways too. The highlight of the year though for me and many others was that the sport of golf provided a welcome respite. There is no doubt that I played and practiced more this year than any other prior year. Having more time to dedicate to the game of golf and also more time at home allowed me to do several things that contributed greatly to my enjoyment of the game and for my performance to improve. Ultimately resulting in reaching my goals for the
  6. Jordy, Savannah, GA IPhone and IPad Mostly outdoors. No net at the moment, but am considering getting one.
  7. I have a Bushnell V4 range finder without slope and love it. Also use Arccos for statistics, club tracking. The caddie feature on Arccos is a benefit when playing an unfamiliar course for the first time. Used to use Golflogix phone app for GPS and Shot tracking but it was cumbersome. Have found inconsistencies with most GPS systems and course maps due to course renovations, etc. Range finder is quicker and easier. The benefit of GPS is when clubbing for a shot based on the middle or back yardage of a green since most amateurs’ misses are short.
  8. I live about 90 miles north of Jacksonville. Would be happy to play with you down there, up here or somewhere in between. Doesn’t seem like too many folks on the forum live close to us. My wife’s cousin lives near Amelia Island and I go down there to play with him pretty often.
  9. I bought the Orange Whip Distance Duo instead of the SuperSpeed sticks. Had a coupon for 15% off and free shipping, no sales tax, so about $155. A friend had the Orange Whip and I really liked it when using it to warm up before a round. Have been watching all of the YouTube videos to learn what the drills are and how to do them. Right now Arccos is telling me that my Driver Smart range is 222-239 yards. After reviewing my driving stats for the last 10 rounds my longest drives are in the 250-260 range and my bad ones are in the 200-215 range. An average drive is about 230.
  10. Just received my Orange Whip Duo set of the Original and the Lightspeed. Will be starting on the drills soon and hope to gain some distance over the winter since my Arccos caddie is telling me that I’m losing strokes because of my driver distance. The work I did earlier in the year has paid off. My handicap is at the lowest point it has ever been, had my two lowest rounds of my life recently, a 68 and a 69. I’ve achieved my goals this year of getting below a five handicap and breaking 70. My goal for next year is to figure out how to get down to scratch.
  11. Some people really struggle with chipping and putting despite the fact that they are the shortest swings and require very little physical strength or athletic ability. The frustration of a missed chip or putt is often magnified because many people think chipping and putting is inherently easier than the full swing so there isn’t the same emphasis on learning good technique or practicing. I have witnessed a number of people struggle so much with the mental pressure of chipping and putting that they develop a physical flinch which is commonly called “The Yips”. Since more strokes in
  12. I play Titleist AP3 irons and like them very much. It is what worked best for me after trying irons from Taylormade, Mizuno, Callaway, Srixon, and Cobra. I’ve got a Ping Driver, Tour Edge 4 and 7 wood, Titleist Hybrid and Irons and an Odyssey putter. Use what works best for you. Limiting yourself to one brand or even one line within one brand may not give you the best results. I would also try multiple shafts as well in different flex and weight. Lie angle and length of club are also important for consistent performance. Looks, sound and feel as well as the grip are also imp
  13. Hoyoymac

    7 woods

    Sounds like the start of a beautiful relationship!
  14. Jordy Savannah, GA Ping G410 LST 6 97 MPH TSi3
  15. In regards to shaft/club unicorns and the fitting conundrum. Based on my own experience of being fit multiple times over the years; a fitting is based on how you were swinging on that particular day. It may have been a good swing day or a bad swing day. How a shaft, or club/head/shaft/grip combo performs long term over a season is a different thing altogether. There is certainly room for both tinkering and fitting. Professional golfers have the benefit of launch monitors, tour vans, club fitters, swing coaches, and yet once they find a shaft/head/grip combo that they l
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