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  1. Thanks for the lead tape tip. I will try it.
  2. A month or so ago I was sitting on the back porch of the clubhouse with some members of the Men’s Group sharing a post round libation and solving the world’s problems when the conversation turned to finding the elusive perfect fairway wood. The conversation started with this question: Is there a more difficult club to find than a Fairway Wood that is accurate, long and straight off the tee and also easy to get in the air when hitting off of the deck? The conversation was heated at times. Opinions varied. Generally though the participants agreed that if you looked into most golfer’s
  3. The Z101 irons look good. The J33s are the ones I would like to try.
  4. Been gaming my Titleist AP3 irons since spring of 2018. Have liked them but have about 500 rounds on them and they are a bit dinged up. Been experimenting with a set of Corey Paul cavity back irons picked up off Ebay for cheap and have really liked the looks and feel. They are traditionally lofted compared to the stronger lofted AP3s 3 degrees weaker per club. They also have slightly stiffer and heavier shafts in them which reduces my hook miss. Will be making a decision soon.
  5. Quick update: The Tour Edge Exotics C721 25 degree 5 hybrid has proven to be a nice addition to the bag. I have sold my Titleist 818 H1 25 degree hybrid to another member of the Mens Golf Association so there is no going back now. Since I play KBS shafts in all of my irons, the KBS TGI 80g shaft has made for a very easy switch. It has removed the dreaded hook and replaced it with a baby draw. In other news, I’m now testing a Tour Edge EXS 22 degree 4 utility iron, a Tour Edge CBX 119 16.5 degree 4 wood, a Tour Edge EXS 18 degree 5 wood and a Taylormade Sim Ti 19 degree 5 wood as p
  6. Over the last 8 years I have probably had a dozen different fairway woods in and out of my bag. Currently testing 3 new ones now. My issue is that my swing path is generally fairly steep and I swing in to out with a negative attack angle due to delofting my club at set-up and at impact. Consequently I hit the ball low and with a draw. Great for iron play, not so good with woods. What I’ve found for me that is working is more loft. Added a 21 degree 7 wood to the bag and it has been a huge help from the fairway. It is my 215 yard club. My current 16.5 degree 4 wood has worke
  7. I contacted both Tour Edge and Rock Bottom Golf about exchanging the club. If I had bought it directly from Tour Edge than their playability guarantee would be honored. I needed an order number which I didn’t have. Because I bought it through Rock Bottom I had to contact them first. It was not one of the clubs that had the 90 day playability guarantee from Rock Bottom. Generally it is only the new release clubs that come with that. No worries though. With what I saved on the purchase, I can buy another shaft and either give away or sell the Evenflow 65 g 5.5 shaft to recoup th
  8. I traded in a bunch of clubs and got a 25% trade in bonus and had a 10% coupon too! Used the money to order a bunch of stuff for my wife and I. The CBX 119 was purchased to replace a Tour Edge EX10 4 wood that I’ve had for a while that hooks a little too often for me and is a bit beat up. It is a great looking and sounding club but I’ve already figured out that unfortunately I did not order a stiff enough shaft. The new CBX 119 16.5 with the Evenflow Blue 65 5.5 shaft is producing high hooks for me which is what I was trying to fix with the EX 10. The CBX 119 is not returnable so
  9. Rock bottom golf is selling new old stock CBX 119 fairways for $119 right now. Just got one last week. No returns.
  10. The 7 wood has become a very popular club among the men’s group that I play in. Last year I added a Tour Edge XCG7 21 degree 7 wood with a stiff shaft to my bag. It was a brand new, never used old stock club bought cheaply and has proven to be the best fairway wood I’ve ever had to hit shots off of the deck. It has a shallow face with a long and low pancake shape to it, but it works for me as my 210-220 yard club. I am just now starting the testing of some 4 & 5 woods now for off the tee. My recent tests have only been productive so far in showing me what doesn’t work. Waiting on
  11. I love hybrids for the height and carry distance they provide. My only problem with hybrids is that I tend to hit hooks with them. Over the last ten years I have replaced my hybrids more often than any other clubs searching for the right ones. Even after getting fit for Titleist 818 H1 hybrids that were better than what I had before, they still went left more often than I would like. I finally found a couple of hybrids that aren’t going left. Both are from Tour Edge. Last year I put a new old stock XCG7 28 degree hybrid in the bag and just this week put a C721 25 degree hyb
  12. After reading a number of great reviews of the new Tour Edge Exotics C721 hybrid I decided to get one to replace a Titleist 818 H1 25 degree hybrid that I added to the bag last year. My problem with hybrids is that I tend to hook them. The Titleist 818 H1 had a lot of adjustability with the hosel and the Surefit weight cartridge. The shaft was a 60 gram Tensei Red Regular and it seemed a bit too light for me as I still tended to only be able to hit a draw with it even when set for maximum fade. I added a 28 degree Tour Edge Exotics XCG7 new old stock hybrid to my bag last year and it
  13. It is hard to understand why amateur golfers punish themselves by playing tees that are further back than they should. I see it all the time. It is painful to be behind a group that is playing from the tips and watching them struggle and back up the whole course. Our pro is constantly suggesting to people to move up, but often they balk at the idea. His response is, “If you move up and find yourself making too many birdies and having too much fun, then move back.” Rarely do people move back once they move forward a set of tees. Our course has 5 sets of tees. Our men’s group gener
  14. Bought a couple of the Wristlock grips last year and installed one on a backup putter. I use a left hand low stroke and the Wristlock did not work that well for me unless I used my right hand to wrap around the grip and grasp my left arm. Still have the other unused grip and will trade for a different grip if someone wants to try it.
  15. I have several Tour Edge clubs in my bag right now. The Tour Edge EX 10 16.5 degree 4 wood is a great club off the tee for me when I want to hit a draw and there is trouble off the tee that driver might bring into play. The Tour Edge XCG7 21 degree 7 wood is my long fairway and rough club and long par 3 club. The Tour Edge XCG7 28 degree hybrid is my 175 yard club that is as anti left of a hybrid as I’ve ever found. It hits the ball very high and is great when I need to clear something or want to hold a green. These three clubs now also all have the same shaft in them, the Fujikura
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