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  1. Some courses have a hybrid course on the GHIN app. Mine does. With our 3 Sets of Tees, Blacks/Whites/Reds, we have 2 combos, Dimond Course(Blacks/Whites) and Circle Course(Whites/Reds).
  2. I like this idea to a certain extent. With working at a College Golf Course where college students play for free, people who never have played golf before play the tips. I think the diagram should be used as a recommendation not a requirement. But I think the idea is good. My question is how does this course enforce it? Do they require you to give them your Hdcp?
  3. Thanks for your guy's help. I no I am not easy to always work with especially when it comes to Golf Shafts.
  4. Being a High School Golfer I have been in the weight room, and with getting fit for X100s' in my Irons and having a RDX Black 6.5 70 Gram I just felt like I may need an x-stiff shaft in my 3 wood. I like my Smoke Yellow, just looking for something that I can play for a few years and limit the amount left I go.
  5. With the shaft being more of a long drive shaft it would be maybe not the best for a 3 Wood, wanting more consistency? Another Question is what should I look for when it comes to specs if I want a constant fairway finding 3 wood?
  6. Looking for an X-Flex shaft. Not wanting to spend a lot of money on a shaft. I found this, but don't know a lot about it.
  7. Looking to move from S-Flex to X-Flex in my fairway wood. Found an AccuFlex Creation 80 X-Stiff on Diamond Tour Golf's Website for $49.99. Being born in the 2000s' I haven't heard a lot AccuFlex until know. I am wondering if I should buy it and if its worth it. What should I gain from it. If it helps I have a Project X Hzrdus Smoke Yellow in 75 Grams S-Flex.
  8. Hey can I get some help with this... https://forums.golfwrx.com/topic/1911818-can-i-put-a-single-bend-shaft-in-a-double-bend-putter/#comment-24545596 Trying some different stuff but don't have as much knowledge as I would like. Thanks for helping.
  9. I have seen dramatic distance drop off of my @PXG gen 3 proto driver. I bought the matching 3 wood and it goes farther then my driver. Has anyone had the same problem, or is this a one time occurrence. Please help.
  10. Wanting a driving iron but don't want to pay the price. Found a Callaway Maverik Pro 3 Iron with a KBS hybrid graphite shaft but not sure if I want to pull the trigger on it. Looking for some help. @GolfSpy_CS @GolfSpy MPRMPR @CallawayGuy @Callaway Golf
  11. Any opinions on this. Would love your guy's help.
  12. Being a high school golfer. At tournaments we always do card backs when we do with the hardest handicap hole. unless at certain tournaments when we do sudden death playoffs. But we as high school golfers always enjoy a good play off. I fully believe that when there is a tie at medalist there should be a play off. In Scooter's case, I don't know how that would work with strokes or not. But their should of did a play off.
  13. Looking for a driving iron but don't want to pay the price. Found a Callaway Maverik Pro 3 Iron for sale with a graphite hybrid shaft. What do you guys think about it? Should I buy or should I buy an actual driving iron?
  14. Hey quick question, So I am 6' 2" and currently gaming a 33.5" putter. Thinking about adding an extension to it in order to not be so hunched over. What would you recommend as a good putter length. Tried a 35" putter but was still hunched over. Thanks for the help.
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