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  1. The wife and the kids have been up North in the UP this week(I am meeting them tonight) but with all the free time I have played 5 rounds in the last 6 days. I think I have found my limit as the last 27 holes or so have been filled with tired and sore swings. I typically practice a few times a week but never get to play this much. I will say my putting his gotten significantly better in this short spurt off feel alone but with that comes lots of lazy swings. I'd like to say 5 rounds in 6 days is too much but given the opportunity I would most certainly do it again.
  2. This field keeps getting worse and worse with all the WD. I'd like to see Theegala redeem himself from the mistake in the bunker from yesterday.
  3. After 2 years I have ended my own personal One Length experiment. Even though I had played some quality golf with the one lengths in the bag, saw my handicap get as low as it has ever been, I decided to move away from them for multiple reasons. For one the distance with the high irons(4-6) was substantially shorter than I had previously hit the ball, this created a strange gap between irons and hybrid/woods where I found myself having to hit 60-75% hybrid shots and hoping I judged it the right way. For me that is never a recipe for success. Finally I was never really comfortable with the PW and GW with the one length set. On full swings they were ok, but anytime I needed to flight it differently or hit a knock down wedge it also felt awkward and inconsistent. The only thing I loved with the one lengths was the consistent ball flight with each club(this is the reason I made the switch 2 years ago) but ultimately the lack of distance and uncomfortableness with the scoring club led me to switch back to standard length clubs. I do think 2 years is long enough to give it a good try and I do not regret putting these in the bag at all. I have small children and I have actually thought that a one length junior set would be a great idea to teach them to play if they ever become interested.
  4. I shot my personal best 77 yesterday for the 3rd time in my life. I was +1 thru 15 and doubled 2 of the last 3. I am obviously not upset with my round as it is the best I have ever played but this seems to be a recurring theme when I am playing really well to finish poorly. I dont know if it is nerves or pressure of not being somewhere I have ever been before on the scorecard, but I can remember the same feeling when trying to break 80 that I dont feel anymore after I have done it a handful of times. Its also a weird feeling to walk away from the course both happy and frustrated, but I guess that sums up the game of golf pretty well.
  5. Played yesterday in the sweltering Georgia heat and a tad hungover… needless to say I was shaky at best hitting the ball but managed to have a great day off the tee and with the wedge around the greens. Hit the flag stick twice and chipped in for birdie once. Playing well with a wedge is not typical for me but it’s something I’ve been practicing hard at this year. Overall I felt like I hit the ball pretty poorly(only hit 5 greens all day) but somehow managed to card a number that lowered my handicap(I typically hover around a 9-10 and carded an 81 yesterday) It was a weird feeling almost like I am primed for a break thru soon because some of the things I’ve struggled with have been what has saved me recently. What are some key occurrences that you guys see when you are about to break thru and put together a nice scoring streak? Interested to hear everyone’s thoughts.
  6. Pretty looking club... I must comment I think it's really funny that these pictures are taken on the course. I can't imagine what must have happened for you to decide enough is enough mid round and put up a for sale post Best of luck on the sale!
  7. This is a very impressive prize! Thank you everyone who set this up. Would be a dream to win this one.
  8. The Links is the course I grew up playing at the beach. I prefer Baytowne basically every time but to save some money The Links is a nice course, it is a tight track but there are a few holes on the Bay Side of the property totally on the water which are really fun to play, probably worth playing for these holes alone. Its not as well kept up as Baytowne or The Raven but worth a play if you have never done so.
  9. Camp Creek is in the process of building a 'Golf Village' and with it will come an additional course. I believe they are attempting to create a golf stay and play location that will have access to Camp Creek, Origins, Shark Tooth and the new course they plan to build. Construction is well underway and I agree is a much needed option, hopefully they will allow some tee times for people not staying on property, but I am not hopeful that will be the case.
  10. Unfortunately The Hombre has permanently closed, I had played it a handful of times and always enjoyed it. A tough track for a resort style course.
  11. I have a tee time Friday morning, I'll see if I can post some pictures. I have played Sharks Tooth in the last few months but apparently Camp Creek has been in rough shape. They cut the greens really low for a member tournament and couldn't get them to come back. Such a shame cause they were recently closed for over a year to redo the greens.
  12. Yeah I totally get your answer, when it comes to club fitting a hybrid/driving iron is so far down my list of priority in terms of cost and need. I probably just need to bite the bullet and buy one and play a few twilight rounds and hit them both at the same time to see what I like. I was really just curious what factors go into everyones decision strategy wise. The 5 & 7 wood is interesting, I havent even thought about playing them but they do seem to be making a come back.
  13. I am sure this has been discussed on here before but I couldn't find it in the last couple of pages... Anyways I am debating back and forth on carrying a hybrid or a driving iron in my bag but just cant decide. I am curious what you guys are carrying and what decisions were made to carry it. For me I have found hybrids are easier to hit with a smaller miss but the driving iron has more distance and potentially more useful off the tee. For now most of my bag is all about mitigating risk to score better, but its also fun to swing hard and hit it far. Curious what you guys are carrying.
  14. I've had this 3 wood for years... I have constantly been trying to find something that can beat it but ultimately wind up putting this back in the bag. Great find!!!
  15. Looking to build a small set up in my shed, mostly want to regrip and possibly reshaft. Seeing if you guys had any suggestions of set ups to begin with. Thanks in advance.
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