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  1. This looks amazing. Could you walk us thru what all was done step by step?
  2. Good call on the tape. I was not thinking of that, was just going to cut on the sharpie line. That should help, thanks!
  3. I ordered a couple of uncut shafts to do a self fitting for a driver. The manufacturer specs indicate to cut the shaft from the butt end. I have bought a hacksaw to cut it with and watched a few YouTube videos. Seems easy enough but wanted to see if anyone has done this before and has any tips. Shafts come in this weekend I am planning on cutting them down, attaching an adapter and new grip. I’ll post pictures when done.
  4. I have been looking into the G430 Max 10k and Taylormade Qi10 Max for a few months now, been reading all the MOI info and how these are the most forgiving clubs ever made etc. And please excuse me for asking a dumb question, but why would people not play these types of clubs? I realize thats a bit of a loaded question, but is the Max and 10k drivers losing that much ball speed that its not beneficial to switch? Are the forgiveness gains exaggerated? Again these are unanswerable questions without going to hit them and play different setups on your own. However it seems like what is being reported about these clubs is a huge technological shift in driver equipment for amateur golfers? Or perhaps I am just reading too much into this? I hope we get some true MGS testing on these clubs(I am confident they are working on this as quickly as possible, they always are) and comparing them to the OEMs other models as well as last years similar models. I would love to see how the LS models compare to the MAX models, especially for your average 10-15 HDC player.
  5. Was able to get a 4some pass for a Sunday in August, I have heard nothing but great things and already looking forward to it more than I should!
  6. Unfortunately the Fall time is the hardest for me to get on the course, haven't played a round since early October. But football season is winding down and I have a trip scheduled for New Years in Florida, I will fire it back up and send in an update post in early January.
  7. Looking to see if anyone has any experience getting passes at Sweeten Coves and can share any tips? The process online feels entirely more complicated than it needs to be so I want to make sure I am doing what I need to secure the passes, I believe they go fairly quick. Thanks in advance.
  8. Yep totally understand this. As with most metrics they are better when there is a larger set of data included, looking forward to getting more data in there. Just trying to figure out how the sausage is made. Thanks for the quick responses!
  9. Yes I am following for the most part. There is still one point of disconnection for me. I was referencing the 4.4 differential of the round as relating to scratch not the +4 in relation to par. Wouldn't the slope and course rating already pre-determine that number for me? For example I shot 76 or 4 over par and the Handicap system gave me a differential of 4.4 so it already accounted for 0.4 strokes based on the difficulty of the course. So the GHIN rating system is already adjusting that number based on how they define "scratch". I don't understand how you could lose more strokes to scratch than the differential you carded. I guess I am asking if the definition of scratch when using the SG metrics is different than the definition of scratch on a course by course 0.0 differential basis? Like according to the data collected by SwingU scratch players would they typically score better than a 0.0 differential at that particular course?
  10. I was able to play a few rounds this last week where I have mostly been just practicing or playing 2-3 holes in the evening. With that came some app updates and another questions I had for @Wrong_Fairway. Forgive me if this has already been covered but I am curious about a few things. 1. Are the Handicap Level metrics weighted a certain way based on your handicap? Trying to figure out how a blend like what is shown is calculated into the handicap that is shown? 2. This brings me to my next question, I am assuming that the Handicap Levels are using all data that we provide, whereas the handicap index is only using the top 8 scores, or however many used to calculate less than 20 rounds? 3. And finally, similar questions but for the SG vs Scratch stats. Below are screenshots showing the round as a differential of a 4.4 but the SG vs Scratch show me losing 6.2 strokes. Is this to assume that a typical scratch player would be expected to have a +1.8 differential on this course? I know I am making a lot of assumptions here but just trying to get a better understanding of how these metrics are calculated. Shot a PR 76 at this course on the first time I was playing it, I contribute a lot of that of being able to do some course research before thru the Course Explorer feature and using the GPS during the round to get some solid distances of spots to hit. Loving this experience so far. Thanks in advance for the response.
  11. A small screw into the holes of the applicator works as well.
  12. I have probably done 6-7 clubs on this dispenser and have ~30% remaining in the tubes. That also comes with a few learning experiences so take that for what its worth.
  13. https://www.rockbottomgolf.com/golf-clubs/club-making-gear/accessories/attachment-golf-adhesives-30-ml-quick-set-epoxy-kit/ I have used this a handful of times with no issues. It is nice that it dispenses an equal 1:1 ratio for you. It can get messy in a hurry though, I strongly advise having some alcohol wipes on hand.
  14. On course my favorite part is the green view showing distances every 3-5 yards on the green. This is much more in depth than just a front middle back distance and is a great visual to see where the fat part of the green is. Off the course the SG metrics are a lot of fun to dig into, I am looking forward to continuing to input more and more scores to see how the stats adjust.
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