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  1. Ole Grey had a pretty good thread on his review of the 45 deg SSW. But does anyone have experience hitting either the 55 or 60 degree versions out of the sand? Does one work better than the other? Do you still try to put the putter stroke on it, or more of a traditional swing? Thanks for any feedback. )
  2. Thanks to all - this has been a really great discussion. But for some reason some of the replies are blank, but I catch pieces when others quote portions in later replies. So apologies if this is covered previously: what was the verdict on hitting bunker shots - especially the 55 or 60? Does one work better than the other? Do you still use the straight back, straight thru putting stroke? There's an Andy North video on the website for a long bunker shot and he looks like he's using more of a traditional swing https://www.squarestrikewedge.com/videos/. Of course, he's good enough he probably could hit it with Jogaan's umbrella and still get a good result! I'm just getting back in to the game after a long period of playing once or twice a year. My current clubs stop at a 50 deg AW and I'm trying to decide on trying something like the 55 deg SSW vs a more traditional wedge like the Edison. Thanks again for an informative and entertaining thread!
  3. Probably mostly around the green. At least right now, I hit my irons so short that there's probably not much yardage gap below my AW anyway. Probably another reason it might make sense to only get a SW for now. I've started taking some lessons so hopefully my ball striking and distance will improve enough to cause a gap problem. Let's hope!
  4. Thanks, that makes a lot of sense.
  5. Thanks Kenny B. I did get the online fitting for length (+0.5") and lie angle (+2 deg upright) for my irons. And then I got fitted locally for shafts. Would these measurements still be appropriate for either an Edison or Sub70 wedge? The price is certainly a concern, and keeping the cost down was a major concern in the other clubs I've bought. But given how often the wedges are hit, I'm not totally opposed to spending a bit more. Although the cheapskate in me is attracted to the Costco set. thanks again for the feedback.
  6. Thanks BostonSal. I guess one problem is I don't know enough about camber and bounce to know what I like. I know he advertises the try it for 4 or 5 rounds and return if you don't like it guarantee. I didn't see in the various threads I read whether anyone had success trying to collect on that deal. thanks again.
  7. Are these appropriate for a (much!) higher handicapper? Most of the feedback seems to be from much better players than me. But the forgiveness claims on his web site certainly sound like something us beginners need. I've recently re-engaged in the game after 30 years of 1 or 2 rounds a year. I bought my first "real" set of irons, Sub70 699's. I picked up a $35 wilson 56 sand wedge just to have something in the bag. The 9/PW/AW lofts are 40/45/50 so I'm wondering if adding a 55 and 59 would be a reasonable approach? I've also read that most beginners shouldn't even try to hit more than a 56 since there's not much margin for error. Maybe just start with the 55 until my game is a bit more developed. Or would I be better off just picking up the $170 Costco wedge set and leave the 52 in the box or sell it? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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