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  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one. I use full cord grips, dry my hands constantly, keep fresh, clean grips on at all times, and I still struggle on really humid days with the club moving a bit in my right hand. I've had to get a rain glove for the right hand to use on those days. In the past I've used this stuff called Dry Hands but it didn't help a ton.
  2. It's a one stroke penalty to take the unplayable. He hit 1 in the junk, pulled 2 out, thinned 3 through the fairway because the club got caught on limbs during the swing, hit 4 from the rough and came up short, pitched 5 on the green, and putted 6 in for the bogey.
  3. No, they found his original ball and he took an unplayable. Two club lengths and a drop. Then he thinned it through the fairway, came up short from there, hit a great pitch, and made the bogey. -15 is crazy right now, so many names sitting in the Bronze slot right now.
  4. As a golf fanatic I'm loving every second of watching them play. YouTube TV has it in 4K which has been nice. Sabbatini is killing it right now, Morikawa is playing great, one of my favorites Casey is looking to medal, and the guy I bet on to win is sitting on top in Schauffele. As much as I'm enjoying it, I am looking forward to getting back to PGA Tour golf next week with the St. Jude Invitational.
  5. I'm in, no issue with buy-in and I'd prefer Fantrax. MFL interface is not very user-friendly but I am alright if we go back to it.
  6. Congrats @Berg Ryman, @jddaigneault, @KCLeo12, and @TxTwinDad+2 on the selection! Enjoy the testing process!
  7. Closing this due to the weird messages I keep getting. My backordered bag will be here soon enough hopefully.
  8. I don't mind that trade but it gives me two Olympians and I'm not sure I can hold my place in the standings without a full roster next week. I'll ponder it.
  9. Looking to trade down the FedEx standings, Cantlay or English are available for Scheffler or Koepka.
  10. This thing will be amazing for anyone to have, especially those who do well and get the opportunity to test again in the future. Imagine the data packed reviews one could produce with something like this! Wish I had one for the Maxfli Ball Testing we're about to start, haha. Good luck to those that entered, can't wait to see your reviews!
  11. There isn't an official field announced just yet so nobody has any green checkmarks showing they are playing. Usually it is top 50 OWGR and winners in the past year but a good chunk of the Olympians have already withdrawn from my understanding.
  12. Alright, after speaking to a couple of commissioners and making sure we got our trade evened out I am done with trades once this one is executed. The only thing I will even look at is trading Cantlay for Koepka but I've already talked to all the Brooksy owners that will respond so I know that isn't happening, haha. Can I make a request that next year we have a post somewhere that has team names and the owners next to them? Sometimes the names don't match up and it's tough to know who is who for the guys that aren't as active. Looking forward to the last few weeks, should be fun to follow! Also, if I make it to the Tour Championship in fantasy I will be at East Lake on Saturday and Sunday putting a hex on anyone I'm going against haha.
  13. Mito and Louis saved me today. Was on my way to a 2-8 week and was going to fall to 8th but they went off and I went 6-4 to stay in 4th. Now that Rahm has pulled out of the Olympics I'm hoping he'll rejoin the field at the WGC.
  14. Dude, @gavinski91, amazing video. Very well put together, felt like I was watching a seasoned vet on YouTube.
  15. I'm exchanging mine for the 18 oz, I'll keep extra bottles of water or Gatorade in the bag and just keep refilling. Can't wait to combat this heat!
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