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  1. Anybody having issues with messages not coming through on Fantrax? I know of two that were sent to me that didn't make it through and someone that always responds to messages hasn't replied in almost a week so I'm thinking my messages are glitched. Or maybe I've sent one too many trade messages, haha.
  2. I played my worst round in years but was so glad to be back on the course with my dad. Especially seeing that eagle! We knew it was good but it was a severely elevated green and we had no idea it was in the hole until we went to look. Such a great day of golf!
  3. I know this thread is a month old, but if you're teeing off a lot with it I'd look into the Cobra SpeedZone Big Tour. I just got one and I'm consistently 3-5 yards behind my driver with it off the tee box and it hasn't missed a fairway yet. I absolutely love my driver but I'm finding it hard to pull it out of the bag the way this 3 wood is performing.
  4. Been slowly getting back into golf shape following the minor car accident that sidelined me. Have really been working on dialing my stock shot shape back in while still being able to play the fade when I need to. Had a nice 2-under round going before the wheels came off but it was great to be back out there. Fatigue set in and I couldn't hit the shots I wanted to but man, the putter is still on fire. Also got out to the range Sunday morning to try out my new Cobra Big Tour 3 Wood and that thing is a rocket launcher. I found it surprisingly easy to launch off the deck and it goes higher than I expected but still carries out almost to driver distances. Hoping to get on a launch monitor Thursday to get some numbers with it and figure out where it fits in my bag.
  5. Ordered a new Cobra Big Tour 3 Wood on Friday, should be here Tuesday! No idea why, I've just always wanted one. I crush my driver and 3 wood, guess I just wanted something to play around with, haha.
  6. Man, I'm just thankful you even tried! I appreciate it and hope you had a blast!
  7. @Hobert have fun! I've been twice, both on Wednesday for the practice round and par 3 contest. It's an absolute blast! And if you've never been to Augusta before, you'll be amazed at how it looks surrounding the course. You'd never know the most popular course in America was a stone's throw away, haha. I drive by all the time and still can't believe it's right there. There's a secret menu item at the concession stand behind the 12th tee. If you're getting a drink that isn't alcoholic, just ask for a Stand 12 and they'll make ya a tasty concoction of pink lemonade, blue Powerade, and Sprite. It's so good! Also, if you want to grab a brother a Masters Hybrid/Utility headcover I'll pay ya for it, haha.
  8. I used to switch putters every couple rounds and had a really nice putter collection. Ever since switching to LAB, I have sold off the putter collection and have watched my scores drop. I'm a pretty good putter and could putt with almost anything, but I've said since the moment I put the Directed Force 2.1 in my hands that it felt like cheating. I haven't missed my line once with the thing and all I've got to do is make the right read because I know with full confidence I'm putting the ball on my intended line every time.
  9. Hey, couple of things I noticed. One, the dropdown menu for Members is staying on the screen whenever on the map. It's happening on my phone and PC and I notice it in your screenshots too. Second, I don't have a create button showing up just yet. Am I jumping the gun? Love that we're bringing this back!
  10. I know my tie with @Getoffmylawn was a natural tie during the WM Phoenix Open and we didn't have a single golfer in common. I was surprised by it for sure.
  11. As far as I know Theegala should be eligible for FedEx, he's listed in the rankings where last year you had to search for the non-member list to find Zalatoris.
  12. Love this event and glad that we're slowly creeping towards earlier start times on the east coast. I don't like waiting until lunch time for the tournament to start, haha.
  13. Love the additions made, just updated mine. My driver swing speed is 109-112 but I just stuck with the 100-110 option. Only gets above 110 if I'm trying to rip it, haha.
  14. We've got a team with an owner that has 0 days of activity on Fantrax. @STUDque think we can hand that team over before we get too deep in the season? Assuming @Eat My Divots is still interested that is.
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