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  1. Well I've managed to roster two starting RB's but took a lot of my FA money to get them. Barkley and Bell going out in consecutive weeks was a bummer.
  2. They're a little pricey but definitely worth it. And if you don't like them, you get the wedges you want and the difference back. Can't go wrong with trying these first.
  3. Enjoying is an understatement. I absolutely love these things and want to get a second set eventually for when these wear down. I went and did some testing on a Foresight GCQuad against the latest offerings from Vokey, Ping, TaylorMade, and Cleveland. I found these, on average, to spin more on well struck shots by about 500 RPM. I'm generally a good ball striker so I tried to hit some high on the face to test the claims of increased spin on mis-hits. I have to say they delivered, as the Edison were spinning more than 1000 RPM over the others on average. It has been fairly evident on the course. My home course is pretty short and with my distance off the tee I'm always inside 100 yards with my approach. After honing in on what swings produced which yardage during my launch monitor session, I played 9 holes and had 7 birdie opportunities. The greens were freshly punched and putting was impossible but the wedges put me in a position to score really well. I've been lacking confidence ever since my SCOR wedges lost their bite but now I'm more confident than ever.
  4. Just so y'all know I'm not crazy, haha
  5. I just went off of what was posted in here. I'll know from now on.
  6. This is the second time waivers have gone through a day early. I was waiting to hear from Collins before finalizing my blind bid for Edelman and they processed this morning instead of Sunday morning. Do we know why they just randomly run off schedule?
  7. Ugh, Austin Hooper... He's being under utilized so far. Trying to talk trades with someone but he hasn't been online in a week!
  8. Did you used to live on Spring Lakes or be a member there? The name Baggett sounds familiar and I'm associating it with Spring Lakes.
  9. I hate to hear you're having that experience with the battery, mine has been phenomenal so far.
  10. Josh Ross

    JPX 921's

    Took my JPX919 Tours into the PGA Superstore where my buddy works and tested them against the JPX921 Tour and Forged. With all the talks of the new Forged having a more compact size, I decided to give them a try because who doesn't like more distance and forgiveness? When hitting my 919 Tour, my 7 iron was consistently going 172-175 yards total. With the 921 Tour, it went to 175-178. I honestly wasn't expecting there to be a jump in distance since the lofts are the same (34°) but the added yards were a pleasant surprise. The Forged look really good behind the ball. I have a 919 Forged 4 iron that was always a bit too clunky looking to my eye but these 921 are much more aesthetically pleasing. The 7 iron is 31° which is more comparable to my Tour 6 iron which is 30°. The Chromoly makes a difference, let me tell ya. The feel is just as I'd expect, but that 0.5mm difference in face thickness definitely gave me ball speed. I was hitting the 7 iron 194-198 yards and my 1° stronger 6 iron was only touching 190 yards. That's unreal! I just went in to see the difference and now the irons I was in love with are suddenly looking to be replaced, haha. Try these out if you haven't yet!
  11. I don't have anything new to add as of now. Still really enjoying this as an everyday watch. Heart rate monitor has been absolutely fantastic and came in handy big time when I had a minor issue the other day. The battery life is great when playing golf but it's super impressive when wearing day to day.
  12. Got it, thanks for the explanation. Luckily it looks like I didn't miss out on any waivers I needed. Appreciate y'all and the hard work!
  13. Not a huge deal but just curious. Waivers were to be processed manually on Thursday morning so I was waiting until tonight to make any potential changes but they went a day early. Then I just received an email that my lineup was submitted but I haven't made up my mind who I'm starting yet and it submitted without me telling it to. Can I make changes or did the system just mess up my week 1 lineup?
  14. It happened! After almost six rounds (rain shortened a couple of them) on a course with no features, I was finally able to play on a SkyCaddie mapped course and take full advantage of what this watch offers. It's such a night and day difference in user experience. On a member mapped course, the watch seems to have a hard time keeping up with where you are and the yardages are not always accurate. Obviously that isn't SkyCaddie's fault since they aren't the ones that mapped the course but I don't think I'd even have the course as an option considering how bad it was at times. The little buzz to ask if you are still on a hole or have moved to the next one is very annoying on my home course. I can be on shot 3 on a par 5 and it's already asking if I'm finished. There were also a few holes where I was a good 40 yards off the green and the watch would change to say I was on the green and wouldn't give me a yardage. All around a pretty bad experience on a "Member Mapped Course" and I hope they will officially map my home course in the future. Now, onto the experience that I've been waiting for! I traveled five hours to my old college town to play our University Course with some buddies. I've played it many times but it had been about six or seven years since I last teed it up there. I may be in the minority here, but this watch has simplified things for me. The days of me trying to use a laser to figure out carry distances to bunkers, ditches, creeks, etc is over. It was so nice on the first hole to glance down, see it was 221 to carry the bunker and 255 to the end of the fairway, and know that my CLK was the perfect club of choice off the tee. I didn't mess around with moving the pin or anything, but I found the yardages to greens to be very precise as I hit every green but two on the day (a wedge spun off the green into a bunker and I missed to the right a bit on the other one). I'm looking forward to getting out to more courses to give this thing another go! To summarize and to add a couple notes: - Member Mapped Courses (at least in my experience on one course) are not very accurate at times and render the watch almost useless. - Accuracy on SkyCaddie courses is very precise. - Using this as an everyday watch is wonderful. Would be cool to have more functions of a smart watch like seeing texts and calls but absolutely not necessary. - I'm becoming more spatially aware and have stopped hitting the watch on things for the most part. Like someone stated before, it would be nice if a screen protector was offered. - I find it very easy to navigate to the different screens and the graphics are very nice. - I can't imagine how nice this would be on a bigger handheld unit, but at the same time I love how easy it is to just glance down at my wrist instead of having to use a different device. - As others have noted, the battery life is very impressive. I'll be back with more as I continue using it! Anyone else reading this, please ask any question you may come up with. Would love to see some more questions from the community!
  15. Anybody want to point me in the direction of finding the draft time? I have found that it is Sunday, but can't find any other info at all. I build websites for fun, play fantasy as a side job, and I've never been this lost haha.
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