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  1. Yeah the tee marker has the hole and course it's modeled after and the cart GPS comes up with it as well. Definitely an awesome time.
  2. Played a Jack Nicklaus design today called Bear's Best Atlanta. The course features 18 of Jack's favorite holes from his designs from around the world. Most are near perfect replicas. There are two signature holes. The first is the 4th which is a replica of Hole #2 at Old Works in Anaconda, MT. It stands out because of the black sand used in the bunkers. The other hole is the 6th, a replica of Hole #12 at Muirfield Village Golf Club in Dublin, OH. This famous hole is at the course where Jack hosts The Memorial every year. It's a par 3 playing 163 yards over water and I hit my 8 iron to 8 feet. Birdie lipped out but I still played decent for the day. It was a great experience!
  3. I literally have nobody to talk golf to, so this has been awesome for me to come relax and talk about this awesome sport we all love.
  4. Has anyone seen these in store yet? I'm wondering if they'll have a model available to mess with before just buying one. Seems odd to buy a club in a box with no way to see if it looks and feels like you'd want it to. Edit: I'm sure they don't have any out right now due to germ spreading but I wonder if they will in the future.
  5. This whole thing is unfathomable to me. A full set of clubs that are tailored to your exact specs and will help you dive into some detailed stats about your game?! And a chance to be in a competition and make friends along the way?! Who does that? Oh yeah, MyGolfSpy does that! I'm fired up about #CobraConnect Challenge 4!
  6. Back in 2013 I was playing off a 5.1 and shot a 90 at a course much harder than what I was used to. After taking the last two years off and going through a swing change my HC is coming back down but man, that round was a nightmare. Definitely can't hold that round against Brady.
  7. I went back and started reading over last year's competition again and it looks like so much fun, competitor or not. The Bryson trash talk last year was hilarious! I can't believe these opportunities even exist! Best of luck to all who enter!
  8. I don't know about the OP but I frequent Rivermont when I make the trip down. It's a private course in the Johns Creek area that my buddy has a membership at. Didn't you say you were part of ClubCorp? I played a few of the ClubCorp courses back when it was Canongate. My buddy and I have always wanted to play The Country Club of the South and The Manor but haven't made it out there yet.
  9. I'll tell ya what makes me happy. My nephew just turned six years old in April and he is in love with golf. He gets better every time out and his swing is really solid!
  10. Best tip I ever got was from Charles Howell III when I was his standard bearer. When I asked him his best advice when your stock shot isn't working right before a tournament, he said you play the shot you have. So if you normally play a push draw but while warming up on the range it's a baby fade, don't fight it. You don't have time to start trying to figure out what's wrong and you'll end up playing worse in the tournament. So, you just play the shot you have for the day and work it out later. He also told me to always play to a number and that helped me out a ton.
  11. I love my Mizuno JDM Putter, the MP-A306. I tried all three of the M Craft and they are all excellent. The feel is what you would expect from a Mizuno and I found it relatively easy to line up my putts with them. I wish I could have tinkered with the weights some, guess I'll have to buy one eventually. I'm trying a few year old Ping putter out right now but probably putting the Mizuno back in the bag soon.
  12. Just got four new Bender Gloves. Love these spandex options in the hot Georgia weather. Keeps my hand dry and provides great grip.
  13. For me, golf is tricky enough and I don't want to make things any harder than they need to be. However, if you aren't seeing quantifiable differences in your game then keep playing what makes you happy. In the end, if you're not enjoying yourself on the course then why play? That being said, I don't care for the colorful balls so I'll continue on with my plain white ones.
  14. I personally wouldn't use non-conforming equipment. I play in too many competitions so I wouldn't benefit at all from it. I feel like most of it is gimmicky anyway and doesn't provide much of an advantage. The only one would be the older grooves that could spin like crazy out of rough, that would definitely be an advantage.
  15. On hot and humid days I use the spandex gloves from Bender Gloves. They wick away sweat really well and have great grip. I used to use the SPIDR from FJ but they stopped making it. Tried HIRZL and really liked them, they last forever.
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