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  1. No worries, I sent you a PM.
  2. So I really need to figure out the owner and chat back and forth instead of offering it again.
  3. Who owns the team Major Champs and Tony Finau? Sent a trade with a message and it just disappeared. Not sure if it was rejected or didn't go through. Was hoping for a response to see if we could work something out. I get notifications when a trade is proposed but didn't see anything about this one, it just vanished.
  4. So glad to see more people trying out the Edison's! I love mine still, can't imagine using anything else.
  5. Love seeing the numbers to back up your performance!
  6. Thanks for the link. I am really looking into a Cobra Big Tour 3 wood, maybe I can win one!
  7. Excited to get this started!
  8. It's hard to imagine with the points you put up that you left some on the bench. Congrats on the win!
  9. Something I saw on their Facebook. They made a post that the giveaway was ending soon so I entered and next thing I know I'm a winner!
  10. Only a couple days left but enter this contest for an Edison wedge of your choice!
  11. Just found out I won a year's supply of OnCore's new Vero X1 golf ball. 12 dozen! Hope they're good!
  12. Welcome to the club! I believe you'll love it, it feels like cheating!
  13. New USA themed headcover coming soon! He said it'll be on the website for purchase on Thursday.
  14. If anyone needs a RB to get hurt, just send them to my roster. Barkley out for season, Leveon Bell was on the IR, traded for Mostert and he went to IR, traded for McKinnon and he was out for rest purposes last week, traded for Drake and he's on his way to the IR.
  15. I was fit into the 34" putter with a 67° lie angle. Until the recent struggles with feeling comfortable with a putter, I was above average at putting. This has helped bring me back to having solid putting performances. Custom headcovers would be cool, I'd love to throw something different on there from time to time.
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