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  1. I misplaced mine for a couple days and panicked but thankfully it turned up. Never been a fan of proprietary chargers but I'm glad to know the Amazon one works great. Good update! Speaking of charging, I fully expected there to be a little drop off in battery life by now but I'm still getting 14-15 days per charge. Love this thing!
  2. Congrats, guys! Excited to see your feedback on these!
  3. Just an internal partnership basically. All of us at Edison play the LAB putters and nearly every employee at LAB plays our Edison Wedges so we help each other out.
  4. I've had a LAB in the bag for a few years, loved the DF 2.1 but wanted a smaller putter so I bought the Link right after this testing got underway. While I also love the Link, there was just something about the bigger head that I miss. About to take advantage of Edison's partnership with LAB and try the DF3, if it doesn't scratch my itch I'm going back to the big boy!
  5. I skip on so many of the apparel ones because they don't offer my shoe size or clothing size. But they definitely offer my size in clubs and other gear, haha!
  6. I get called John every day but Jeff is a first, haha. But yeah, I had planned on joining in once I'm able to get some golf in with them. We've got snow on the way so hopefully I can get out before this weekend!
  7. Hoping to get out this week to test the new Bridgestone Prototypes that I was sent! Played Bridgestone for years and still do if I'm not using my Maxfli's. Always love supporting Georgia based companies and have been fortunate to visit their testing facility before which is a couple hours away.
  8. First off, Merry Christmas to you as well! While all that sanding is your go-to, it would defeat the purpose of this wedge test as one of our core technologies is the sole that our innovator patented. The design of the club and it's properties would be diminished therefore making it impossible to promise you anything and very hard to deliver on our performance claims. Other companies have tried to copy this dual bounce sole but none have ever figured it out just right. The closest has been Cleveland/Srixon but if you're lucky enough to be picked I think you'll be surprised at how close this sole is to being universal. Would be nice to get more Edison Wedges to the great state of Georgia, just make sure you follow the rules to enter!
  9. I am mind blown that we have zero correct submissions for consideration. It's not up to me, but @Vegan_Golfer_PNW you should sign up if you're eligible. I know you've been wanting to try these and at the moment you'd have a 100% chance to get them .
  10. You're all good, I don't think any of us took it as bashing! There's no perfect club out there that works for everyone and we know that. Your perspective is just as important as anyone's! For this test I couldn't have matched your Modus shafts but I could've gotten you a 130 that was stiffer from the KBS line. I'm sorry we didn't make it happen, I'll shoulder the blame on that. I'm hoping down the line we can run another test and let the testers pick the shafts they want from any brand.
  11. Solid review @PMookie! Sorry they didn't work out, wish we'd known your specs so we could've had an apples to apples comparison, but I'm glad we got you involved! Appreciate your work on the review!
  12. Hey everyone! As an appreciation to everyone that has followed along and been engaged with this review, we wanted to offer the wedges at their lowest cost ever for MGS members! We currently have our Holiday sale where the wedges are $20 off, but if you use the code MGS23 you will get an additional 5% off of that! If you run into any issues or need help with anything, you can reach out on here or email me at joshr@edisonwedges.com
  13. Guys, the reviews that are up so far are awesome! It's great to see other golfers validating that our technology and claims are real! Glad you guys enjoyed them!
  14. Just a quick update, I'm still loving the watch. The battery life is phenomenal and the health tracking is really helpful. Had some heart rate issues recently and the watch warned me in the middle of the night again. Incredibly happy and thankful to have this watch.
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