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  1. I like walking shorter courses or nine hole courses mainly since I'm flat footed. The longer courses I'll muscle through it but the feet don't feel great afterwards. The rest of me is fine. Legs, back, arms, ect. I'm good for another 18. Feet don't agree. I don't mind carting if the price is right or I'm forced too like on a packed course on a weekend.
  2. Ahoy there. I bailed on another forum due to too much groupthink so I'm giving this place a shot. So anyhow I live just outside the Wilkes Barre area in PA and try and get out at least once a week. I'll play as long as the courses are open so my season ends the first hard freeze. Golf for me is a way to get my competitiveness out of my system since I no longer bowl leagues but its not a lifestyle for me. I just want to get out there and play. Don't care where. I also golf lefty but am right handed, weird huh?
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