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  1. I was just posting in another topic and thought I should look to see if there was a thread on "used clubs" - and here it is! I was a PGA Pro for about 25 years selling all the things that Pro Shops normally carry, and I always got myself a new set of everything each new season, with the possible exception of putters. Those I got more often than 1 per year. I semi-retired and starting doing demo/fitting days for four of the major companies, which I enjoyed tremendously and got nice discounts or free equipment for those 5 or so years. Now, I am fully retired, completely out of the golf business and have to pay for my clubs and memberships. I would kill me to pay retail price for any of the new equipment. Since I still have my inclination to constantly test different clubs, I am forced to shop eBay and other similar sites to find clubs to try. If I can find used clubs that are a season or two old that I have not tried, I get them. Instead of $800-$1000/set of irons, I can get a set down under $450. And, I've learned to stick with certain brands and types of clubs. PING is always a brand that I can count on to be a good value. Forged clubs are usually something to avoid because they seem to wear faster. Just recently, I found a set of PXG 0211's 5-W with SteelFiber shafts for $430.00 and they are really quite excellent. They do everything I want an iron to do - forgiving, consistent distance, height, proper spin and durability. They are absolutely incredible. PXG clubs seem to have a polarizing effect on people's opinions, like Stack & Tilt did, but I am becoming a fan. Because of that, I decided to take a shot on a PXG 0811x Gen2 10.5* 44"driver with the EvenFlow shaft for $150.00, which came in looking brand new. I new I would have to replace the grip and thought I could add an inch to it if needed. I used it for two or three rounds before doing anything to it. I experimented with the loft at one setting lower (-.75* = 9.75*) and the flight was pretty low and hot. I returned it to the standard loft of 10.5* and played more holes with it. I noticed that there was a knuckling of the ball flight, so I recently added .75* to make it 11.25* and it really made a big difference. This ball launches better and really goes when it lands. Next time, I'll change the loft to 12* and see what I get. I still haven't changed the 44" length. In summary, I am so happy with these used clubs. There's no way the newer models could be enough better to justify new club prices. I hope I love these acquisitions until I drop down another shaft-flex.
  2. Another update on my PXG 0211 irons. I now have 6 rounds under my belt and couldn't be more pleased with these irons. My main thought now is how lucky I am to have gotten a used set of these at a price of $430. They still look really nice, clean and newish. I'm also very impressed by their durability. I would have hated to purchase a new set for at least twice the price. I guess I'll stay away from brand new clubs in the future and wait until season 2 or 3 of a model to buy them. I'm not normally cheap, but this experience has proven that I can save money on my search for the perfect set for me. Maybe I'll search MGS for a thread on the benefits of buying used clubs....
  3. After today's round, I am even more a fan of these irons. For me, they are kind of like an offspring of the Ping 210 and i500. The forgiveness is wonderful, the height is good, the distance is plenty, the feel is smooth & soft and the look at setup is confidence inspiring. Ball spin is my only unknown so far, because my home course has been working on the greens and I can't accurately tell how the ball is holding. I paid about $430 for this set (5-P with SteelFiber) and they show little to no face/sole wear. I'm as happy as Larry! (an old 1890 phrase from England)
  4. I just got a used set of these from a guy in Michigan with SteelFiber shafts (5-P, i95, R-flex). Once I changed out the original PXG slippery grips, the set seems to fit me very well.
  5. Do PING S58's qualify as "blades" or "non-blades" Asking for a friend....
  6. My hands perspire enough that using any form of plastic grip will cause slippage during the Summer, even when using rain gloves. So, rubber grips are my preference and I've discovered the Tacki-Mac Tour Select grips. They cost me $4.83 ea., delivered, and seem to last at least a year. FYI - I did have a pretty good "contact" experience with JumboMax grips, but eventually decided that my hands/wrists weren't working the way I wanted them to in the swing.
  7. I know this thread has been dead for a while, but I'd just like to say that I am a new convert to MGS from GolfWrx. For years, I occasionally dabbled on this site, but stayed on GolfWrx because I first joined there back around 2008 or so and was too lazy to leave. Gradually, things changed there, and long time members & posters started to disappear. For 13 years, my GolfWrx reputation and feedback was spotless. At the end of 2021, I was suspended for "supposedly" being a racist, after referring to Covid as The W*h@n Flu. I could swear that even the Media referred to Covid that way in the beginning. I was suspended from entering the GolfWrx site for 30 days and cannot post for 90 days. That was pretty severe for a first "offense". It really blew my mind, as I had never been called a racist by anyone, much less a golf site. I never had a Twitter, Instagram, FaceBook or YouTube account. My only internet blog activity was on GolfWrx's site and now they call me a racist. I'm sorry to see that others have had their share of trouble with GolfWrx. I hope that sharing my GolfWrx experience with MGS does not get me suspended.
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