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  1. I did a ball fitting at golf galaxy and I found the information helpful. At the very least you can see the different spin, height, and carry distance of multiple balls. When I went the fitter got brand new balls out to test and offered to compare any ball brands I wanted to do. Unless you are a tour pro, getting the numbers for spin, distance and height are a great starting point. Feel is a big deal on the course, but $20 bucks to get a general idea of what several different brands can do is worth it imo. Good luck with it!
  2. Names Bryan, I live in Roanoke Va. I first picked up the game in 8th grade, so I guess age 13. My dad played, but never forced me into it. I always remember him saying how much he wished he would’ve picked up the game earlier in life. I don’t have a home course, but bounce around our local public tracks, and sometimes play one of the country clubs. My handicap is 5, but I am a rare 5 who honestly rarely shoots over 82, but doesn’t really shoot lower than 75. I played college golf for a D3 school, and carried a plus 2 handicap before I basically quit the game for 15 years. 3 years ago I got back into it and caught the bug bad. I’m here because I’m a huge golf nerd and love reading about the game. I look forward to being more active! I currently play Srixon ZX7s 4-PW. I have Cleveland zipcore wedges 50,54,58. I have a Titleist 2 hybrid, and sim 2 three wood and a stealth 2 plus driver! Been using one of my old Scottie Cameron putters lately, California Monterey that I’ve put a custom paint job on.
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