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  1. I was in my office checking my calendar for the day. But I will never forget when a mutual friend called to let me know that an extremely close friend was on American flight 77 that ended at Pentagon. He was a great caring guy leaving a loving wife and a young daughter. No way did he deserve his fate.
  2. When asked why do I love golf, I reply for two principal reasons. First, it is a venue where I just can have a good time with my buds. We are particularly good at the 19th hole. Second, at my age, it is the about the only athletic activity that will not kill me.
  3. I have heard it said multiple times that it can be difficult for baseball players to convert to a proper golf swing. On the other hand, hockey players make some of the better golfers. It seems there is something about the slap shot that helps with the golf swing. Initially, is this a valid observation and if so why.
  4. I’m literally living my dream. I knew that when I retired from the hospital industry, my desire was to work part time in some fashion around golf. For the last four years, I have worked at the local golf shop.
  5. You may want to locate a shop that has the Mizuno shaft optimizer. While it is made by Mizuno, it can be a tool regarding any club brand. It digitally measures not only swing speed but tempo (how aggressive one starts the down swing) and hand placement when the ball is hit. All of these factors influence shaft need. It suggests (underscore suggests) shaft brand, flex and gram weight. These factors can vary based on shaft brand and model.
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