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  1. I want to know what genius decided that covering up the iconic light house on 18 with grand stands was a good idea. It’s so crazy to me that one of the iconic visuals, teeing off towards the light house , doesn’t even look like it anymore.
  2. I don't have a 2.1 to have that problem lol. I have an older used Evnroll ER2, that I started using last year. It's been a great putter but hot off the face. After seeing people switch to a mallet style and having great success, and then researching people's craze about LAB, I decided, heck with it. Take the plunge, buy one, use it for an entire season, and see if I like it or not. I rolled a few at stores, but you can't even tell a putter from a dozen rolls on a mat in a store selling putters. So now it looks like I have a gold fish. I almost want to add a google eye to mine when it arrives.
  3. I'm still hunting for one. It's not a huge priority to me. I have a Spornia net I set up in my garage, and I think plenty of space behind for the radar systems. I have been deciding between the SC4 and MLM2PRO. From what I've been reading, none really give you shot shape? Meaning if you are slicing a ball, you don't really know it until you are out and on the course because of the lack of side spin data? Can anyone confirm that? I would hate to spend that much money only to find out I'm killing my game. My buddy has the R10, it works well enough in his garage, but the killer for me is the driver. If you place your drive behind the ball and give a waggle, the R10 will not register the drive. you have to place the club behind the ball and not move at all.
  4. I have an orange DF3 in production right now... I never saw that.. Until now.... Thanks. lol
  5. I do not travel with my clubs a lot, but I do have a trip coming up that's giving me a chance to bring my clubs. Someone had recommended me Bag Boy, but that $400 dollar price for a bag I might use once every couple years is tough for me. I'm assuming there are other just as effecting travel bags? Anyone have Travel bags they would recommend for under $200? Thank you.
  6. PGA Tour/OWGR or actual real life World Rankings? I would say Schauffele or Rahm in the short term.
  7. After watching Tiger make the cut at the Masters, it made me think of Anthony Kim and his recent interview. Politics aside, if it's true that he hasn't touched a golf club in years up until about three months before his first LIV Outting, I'm actually really really impressed. Everyone was trashing his scores, and him landing dead last, but to me it's similar to Tiger. Tiger didn't golf professionally at all last year due to injury, and so if you look at their scores it's at least enough to raise an eyebrow towards AK. At 41 I've enjoyed watching Tiger and AK. Watching Tiger is tough sometimes though. I equate it to watching your old dog dragging his back legs around the house and you know it's any day now, that it's over. With Anthony Kim, it's like netflix special. Rising star, injury, severe addiction, and then sobriety. I want tiger to win one more major, but I would also love to see an AK win.
  8. They aren't showing Phil all that much but from what I've seen, I thought his putter was pretty level. He had some excruciating missed putts. Some that were just left or just right, but I didn't notice the toe at all. Could it have been the undulations of the greens?
  9. I just got the went into production email yesterday! I can't wait! I had logged into the LAB golf website only to find my order was gone. After several panicked emails, I was informed they are upgrading their website but all orders are safely being processed. Anyone know how long after the in production it took to get yours?
  10. Are there any direct to consumer/cheaper golf balls that are made in the US? Or are they all made overseas in Thailand/Korea/China?
  11. The Last time my instagram got locked, was for 30 days
  12. I have zero concept of this company but I'm in! I'll take your recommendation. I sent them a private message and as soon as they respond I'll let you know. Invicibelt it is.
  13. I'm sorry I thought it was a scam! Been happening a lot. Someone tried to file taxes under my name recently too, creating a hell of an issue. I'll send them a message.
  14. I wanted to ask this question. I am waiting for my DF3. After reading all the reviews, online hype, I had to jump in and try this thing. The one thing I keep reading is you have to learn how to use it, which didn't make sense to me. I have a straight forward and back swing. Very minimal arc. Other than the above dot drill, is there anything else to have to re-learn with LAB?
  15. Thanks for the update! I did place my order, using a virtual fitting. I'm sitting so uneasy. The place I wanted to go get fitted doesn't do LAB Putters. I had a chance to hit one several times, and so I know the feeling a little bit. But I'm also just getting used to a couple of different putters. So this is an expensive experimentation in virtual fitting, online advice/research, etc. I figured if I really end up hating the putter after may rounds, I can always sell it. LAB putters are holding some value right now. With that said, I'm also a mid/high handicapper, and my current putter isn't necessarily doing magic right now either. So I figured now is as good as a time as ever to just get used to a new putter.
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