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  1. I feel your pain brother!!! That was me yesterday; I 3 putted on 3/4 greens I hit in regulation. So gross.
  2. Scheffler plays a very conservative game, especially when he's ahead. He plays within himself, doesn't try to make the hero shots, and keeps the pressure on those chasing him. It's that simple. Morikawa, et al were pressing, trying to catch the world's #1 player and couldn't make it happen.
  3. Played Bulle Rock up in Maryland yesterday, course was immaculate in preparation for the Women's Big10 Championship so it was cart paths only to protect the course. Not to whine too much but I keep noticing at the nicer golf courses that they do not have ball washers on the course. That's fine if it's a course that provides or makes caddies available, but that's generally not the case. I was also a little shocked to notice there was no water available anywhere on the course; maybe that changes during the hot weather, but not having water available on the course seems like a bit of a safety issue IMHO. I shot a 104 but was let down by my putting with 4 3-putts. I was pretty strong from tee to green (hit 4 GiR) and had a few more chances to get up & down for par that I did not convert. What I'm really struggling with right now is after a big drive and approach shot, is throttling down and adjusting my swing to hit a decent chip; I find myself either trying to baby it and fluffing it way short or trying to come through aggressively and blading it over the green. Despite my poor score I really enjoyed myself yesterday, I hit more good shots than bad ones and I feel my game heading in the right direction. I played at a beautiful course, the weather was perfect, and I was playing with two of my oldest friends, guys I've known since my freshman year of college. Days don't get too much better than that and I'm playing in a tournament on Friday at Renditions.
  4. Greetings MGS! Played a slow 9 holes today in preparation for going to Bulle Rock tomorrow. Excited for my first round of the season away from Langston GC.
  5. I don't know what's worse: a 3 putt bogie or a 3 putt par, a strong argument could be made either way.
  6. Warm weather again today and it looks like rain the rest of the week, so I skipped the gym to play another 9. Shot 50 and couldn't anything going with the putter but played much better around the greens today by applying yesterday's lesson of coming through the ball strong even on a short backswing. Hit the green in regulation on both par 5s, but had a horror show 3-putt bogie on the second one. Missed three opportunities to get up & down for par by not draining the putt, but combined with the 2 GiR that means I was getting off the tee and hitting decent approaches for the most part today and that makes me happy. More #MissedBirdiePutts below
  7. I had such high hopes yesterday. I hit into a fairway bunker on the par 5 first hole, got out of the sand, and hit a massive 4 iron to the left of the green leaving myself in position to get up & down for par. This is what you're supposed to do right? Don't try to make a hero shot out a bunker, take your medicine, and finish strong with a par in this situation. Then the wheels came off; hit a little too strong on the chip, hit & rolled off the green. Followed that up with a bladed chip over the green again, now I'm laying 5 off the green, then onto the green and a terrible 2 putt for a snowman on the first hole. Pulled my tee shot left on the second hole and hit a brilliant fade around a big tree, over water, and left myself another opportunity to get up & down for par from about 15 yards off the green. Naturally I bladed another wedge shot over the green and walked away with double bogie. It was at that point I decided I was playing a practice round and would concentrate on enjoying the weather and the fact that I was the only person on the front 9 cause the greens had been punched that morning and I was the first person sent out. I eventually settled down and hit a few decent chips after realizing I wasn't swinging through the ball with intention . . . because I was scared of blading the chip. I was striking the ball well but couldn't put it all together on any holes on the front 9. Because I didn't have to wait I played 9 holes in a little over an hour and flipped around to the back 9 because why wouldn't I? Again, I was getting off the tee pretty well and hitting OK approach shots where I wasn't hitting greens but leaving myself in position to get up & down for par. I hit 2/7 greens in regulation (I quit after 16 due to a massive backup) on the back and missed both "birdie" putts. See my shame below. #MissedBirdiePutts
  8. Yes and when I think of it as a night out or a group activity, that gives me a different perspective where the cost isn't as onerous. I don't think of it as golf, it's its whole own thing: TopGolf.
  9. Yeah, it's a coin flip between barely getting the club on the ball and ripping one in an impressive manner.
  10. I feel your pain, today is the first day this week it's not supposed to rain here. Not trying to play today because 1. the course is going to be soaked 2. I have meetings that last until 5pm 3. it's still a bit chilly; might slip over to the range to hit a bucket at lunch time though.
  11. I'm down for whatever, my schedule is usually pretty flexible with a week's notice, especially on Fridays.
  12. Wasn't her fault, our playing partners broke out a bottle of this whisky on the back 9 and were pouring freely.
  13. If you're coming from Leesburg I get that, there's a ton of golf out your way. Have you played Whiskey Creek or Musket Ridge?
  14. [Krusty the Clown voice] Hey, hey!!! What's up with DMV Spies this season, where are you playing? I'm hitting Bulle Rock soon and will be looking to play University of Maryland in the next couple of weeks.
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