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  1. Gotta disagree. In 2007 At the region 4 Remax LD qualifier in Ohio I hit 327 (old super senior division) with a SuperPro, the USGA legal Hammer driver head. Those clubs do perform, you just have to give them a chance!
  2. The highlight of my 2014 season was a double eagle (albatros) on a 525 yard par 5! Actually it was the highlight of my golfing life and won a skin. Pure luck!!!! I'm a high handicaper so I'm glad my buddies were there to see it, because there's no way they would believe it otherwise.
  3. I have nothing but good things to say about Hireko, both their products and business practices. I think you are expecting too much.
  4. As I said earlier, I hit Xfactor in LD competition a long time ago. The SuperPro is a great driver head. Later on, when Jack was developing the HammerX he sent me one of the prototypes and later on one of the production models to try. I never warmed up to them, but this year I decided to give it another try. Right now I'm bagging a HammerX on an R flex Grafalloy Pro Launch Red and getting impressive results. I think the best thing I can say is it "feels" very easy to swing. Not a lot of effort gives me the same distances that I'm used to getting with other drivers. And then when I give it that
  5. Has anyone tried the Grafalloy Boost shaft yet? What are your impressions?
  6. From 2006 through 2008 I competed in super senior division Long Drive competitions with an Xfactor Super Pro head (USGA legal big brother of the Hammer) on a Grafalloy Prototype BiMatrix X stiff flex shaft at 50" LDA measurement (48 1/2" USGA measurement). Back then I was hitting consistently 325 plus with that set up. Took me to the regional championships 2 years in a row. Those heads really do work!!! I still hit that head today on a R flex shaft and occasionally get it out to 290. Not bad for and old fart of 63. I told Jack several times his info-mercial was really bad, but I loved his dri
  7. Does anyone have better pictures. There aren't any on their web site. I like the deep face. And if it's designed so real people can flex the face (not just LD'ers with high swing speeds) it might be interesting.
  8. 4 Yards More tees. I had been using Brush Tees, but sometimes it was a juggling act getting the ball to stay teed up. The 4 Yards More tees work as well (maybe better) in reguards to distance, and there is no problem teeing the ball up. Also, they last well over 100 impacts. I bought a 4 pack at the beginning of the summer, used them for every round of golf and every trip to the driving range, and they are still going strong.
  9. Last fall when I read the Ultimate Review of the Tiger Shark Power Pod II I was intrigued. If you dropped out the subjective parts about being "ugly" the review seemed to indicate that it was a hot and low spinning driver. At the time I was hitting an 8.5* Adams Fast 10 well so I contacted TigerShark and asked why it was only offered in 10.5*. Their reply was that the spin rate was so low that the lower lofted heads they tested didn't perform well at "normal" swing speeds. Since I'm a sucker for alternative technologies in golf equipment I decided to buy one. I bought one with the UST V2 R fle
  10. Why it's the drivers I built after the 2011 ended of course. I've got a 12* Acer Insider at 40 1/2" on a Boom Stick as a gamer and a Power Pod II on an Integrea Pro 50 gram at 48" for scrambles and wide open par 5"s! Merry Christmas
  11. Personally I think the formula of max volume/max cor/max moi/ max weight low and back, etc. that we are force fed by the big OEM's isn't the most viable when it comes to performance. I like to look at what I call "alternative technologies". I always have to chuckle when I out drive the current flavor of the year (this year the R-11) with my trusty old XFactor Super Pro (Jack Hamms USGA legal club). I've also been trialing the Power Pod II from Tiger Shark.
  12. Has anyone here tried the Paige Putter? Here's the link http://chiputter.com/ I've been looking at them on ebay and considering taking a chance. Any feedback from the forum might help me decide. Thanks
  13. Hello from Ohio, New to this forum, but have been lurking for a while. I'm a high handicapper, Unsuccessful long drive competitor (but always looking for more distance), amature club builder, and a golf addict!!! I've really enjoyed lurking this forum, hope I can contribute.
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