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  1. we have a sized belt style with snaps that allows you to use an existing belt buckle.
  2. So far the gunmetal belt buckle is the most popular, and I must say that I am partial to the look of this buckle as well. DP
  3. I like this style also. Possibly down the road we will look into this design. The issue is that the buckle your describing fits well as an interchangeable buckle for a size belt with snaps. However, most our new belts are Trim-To-Fit and require a clamp belt buckle. But I will look into it. DP
  4. Please give us some names? I know Billy Horschel for sure. Also, I heard someone mention Dustin Johnson recently, but that is not confirmed. The suspense is killing me.
  5. Thanks for posting the video! I couldn't get the video to to play through the link that you provided, but I was able to find it elsewhere. These guys are funny. However, you can view the video HERE for anyone experiencing the same issues. DP
  6. December 19th is the last day to receive FREE SHIPPING on Holiday Orders. SHOP NOW
  7. Thanks Plano! I will be putting up some more articles in the near future, and I hope that you find them interesting. DP
  8. We are working on a new Gray colored "O" Ring. Also, other colors to follow.
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