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  1. Glad I read this thread. I wondered who the new guy Frank was. Guess I'm not paying enough attention to figure these things out. Congrats!
  2. I think the ultimate purpose of the contest was to encourage entries that offered suggestions that would grow the site and increase traffic. Based on the entries I've read, like T, I'm disappointed with the responses. I've seen very few that offer any new ideas. When I considered my entry, I tried to think of things that I really enjoyed from other golf sites and submitted an entry based on that. I could elaborate on it here, but that may not be appropriate since it could be considered an extension of the 100 word limit. If my suggestion was implemented successfully (which may not be an easy task), that would be something I would pay for, regardless of whether it was a winning entry or not. (I don't have any Facebook friends to vote for me either. ) Bottom line is this, if you are going to pay for something online, you want it to be information that is not readily available, information that either helps you play better or increases your golf knowledge, or is something you really enjoy spending time doing. Combine all of those things into one idea and you may really have something. MGS already does this to some extent, but I think it can be expanded.
  3. MGS is competing against several other sites with golf forums that also have prize giveaways, contests, and reviews. Several of those sites have much larger participation in the forums and offer content that is not available here with no fee. The MythBuster aspect of MGS and the reviews distinguish this site somewhat from those other sites. But all differences considered, do I think MGS could setup a tiered subscription plan and attract a large quantity of paid subscriptions based on current content? My answer would be no.
  4. Just my thoughts but at some point MGS will have to offer content with enough value to justify offering subscriptions to access it. If content with real value is always offered free, only a small percentage will make a donation. Or provide content with value that generates so much traffic that ad revenue will run the site. Either way it's about quality content that generates traffic to the site. Be first with a great idea and do it better than other competitors who will try to copy success. Not an easy task. Hopefully your contest will generate some ideas to run with. I would expect some competitors to be scanning the submissions for the contest to get ideas for things they can do.
  5. Golf is often about finding that one little thing that makes everything work in harmony. A new coach might find that for him. I think he's also moving to the US and may be looking for a coach who will be easier to work with here. Also I'm guessing he's really missing his regular caddy. He's got someone different standing by him on every shot. There's probably a loss of comfort level there that he's got to work through or find someone else he is comfortable with until his regular caddy is back.
  6. I made no mention of Sam Snead. He did not sue but two or three other players did. I think Bob Duden was one.
  7. The ruling bodies have taken a fair amount of heat for letting the game get out of control. I can see them taking this opportunity to re-assert their control by making a rule against anchoring. Some players may bring lawsuits but if I remember correctly lawsuits by players when croquet putting was outlawed didn't succeed. Some manufacturers may also bring suits but long putters are not a huge market. Even if those suits win, settlements should not be that large. And a ban on anchoring would create some demand for new putters which is in the favor of manufacturers. I see this as the perfect opportunity for the ruling bodies to make a stand against anchoring.
  8. If you just bought new clubs and have my luck, the most likely thing to happen is a rainout the first time you try to play with them. I recently put a new shaft in my driver and went to the range with it once. I was very eager to get it on the course, but then got rained out the next two times I was scheduled to play. Tropical storm. Rained so hard the course was closed. If you saw pictures of the stadium course with the island green almost under water, that was when it happened.
  9. Yes that number surprising. I recently made a contribution simply because of the great prizes being offered in the contest. Not that I expect to win, but I felt the opportunity to win was worth a contribution.
  10. I tried to submit another entry and it told me to wait for 2 hours and 24 minutes before entering again. So entries must be on a 24 hours clock too. This entry is going to be a good one. Hope everyone votes for it once I get it entered.
  11. And now it seems to be working fine with Firefox for me too. I have no idea why it wasn't working right originally.
  12. I think there is a problem if you use Firefox as your browser. I normally use Firefox, but had to use Internet Explorer to submit my entry. Once I opened the link using IE everything worked fine. I'm wondering about the voting. One vote per day. Can you vote for your own entry?
  13. I don't have DirectTV but this sounds similar to what the Masters offered live online. Since network coverage didn't start until 3pm or so, you could go to Masters.com at 1PM and watch a featured group live or Amen Corner live. Not sure if this was offered every day, but I know it was offered Saturday and Sunday. The featured group would be a high profile group that wasn't in contention (the leaders hadn't teed off yet) or you could watch whoever was playing Amen Corner. I think the PGATour also offers live online coverage. Since there are cameras on almost every hole for most majors, the only limitation is having broadcasters for whatever is being broadcast, and bandwidth for the channels offered. It sounds possible to someday being able to select the group you want to watch if bandwidth (having enough channels) is available. In the case of the PGA, coverage starts at 1PM. Once network coverage starts, I would prefer to be watching the leaders and doubt I would watch any of the alternate offerings. But I did watch Amen Corner online on my computer prior to TV coverage and it was great.
  14. I'm getting a mental image of that rhinoceros blasting into the ball at full force. Of course, Ryan Moore always seems to do things differently than everyone else. As to the distraction, I thought a white head would be distracting until I started playing one. I'm guessing you can get accustomed to anything at the end of the shaft if it hits the ball well. Who knows, clubhead images may be the next big thing in customized drivers.
  15. Just two and a half more days of teasers before we know what's happening. I'm guessing the grand prize will be a full set of custom fitted clubs and accessories from the contest sponsors. Second and Third place?? Who knows but I'll bet it's something almost as awesome.
  16. BK, Here's a link to some dynamic (non-static) exercises for golf. http://getgolffit.com/the-6-best-dynamic-warmup-exercises-for-golf/
  17. I've found what I believe to be the absolute best exercise program for golf. Several months ago I started doing yoga. I've found that yoga stretches and strengthens every muscle in the body. I've never found any other exercise program that provides such a great improvement in balance, stability, flexibility, and strength. If you think some of those poses where you balance on one leg look easy, just try it sometime. I'm not talking about doing meditation or chants. Just pure exercise that makes you sweat. And if you want to know why I'm giving yoga such high praise, this is what yoga has done for me recently. I'm 65 years old, with a handicap index of 3.6, and about a month ago I shot 68. I've shot scores lower than 68 in my younger years, but I can honestly say that it's been almost 20 years since I've shot as low as 68. I have no doubt that I couldn't have done this without the added strength and flexibility I've gained. I'll be disappointed if I don't shoot my age in the next year or two. I know yoga sounds like something that you probably don't want to try, but I can promise you'll get some surprising results if you make the effort and stick with it.
  18. I'm opposed to anchoring (and long putters) mostly because it is not the traditional way to putt. But if this was outlawed tomorrow, I think all the pros currently using them would transition to the standard length putter without much difficulty. They are all professionals who know how to read greens. They know how to visualize the ball rolling to the hole. They know how to execute under pressure. Those skills are much more important than the mechanics of swinging a putter. If they were forced to change, they would find a way to make it work with a standard putter. Everyone thinks Adam Scott's putting improved dramatically. But if you look at his stats, he is still ranked 161st inside 5 feet. His only really good stat is from 10 to 15 feet where he ranks 2nd. Ernie is just an average putter no matter what putter he uses. I think this would be just like the grooves rule... implement the ban and one year later it will be a non-issue. Yes there may be lawsuits from a few disgruntled individuals, but the Keegan Bradley's, Webb Simpson's and other successful players would learn to putt just as well with whatever is deemed legal.
  19. Just a guess but "Tourstaff" is the word that stands out to me. You don't really expect anyone to see anything in that fuzzy image do you? Maybe a round of golf with a touring pro?
  20. Not sure if I fully understand how you define Mechanical versus Instinct, but I can describe what gives me good distance control on putts and pitches of less than 60 yards. For putts I try to get a good visualization of the ball rolling to the hole. Ideally I will see the line and ball rolling for the full length of the putt. Sometimes seeing the ball roll only the last 5 feet or so works on long putts. It's just getting a feel and mental picture of how the ball will roll out to a stop at the hole. Then I just stroke the putt keeping that vision in my mind and trusting myself to duplicate the vision I have. On days when I'm seeing the line well, I putt well. Good putting on greens of much slower or faster speeds requires an accurate visualization of how the ball rolls to a stop. It can be very difficult to make the adjustment to get that clear picture when you play greens different from what you normally play. For pitches, it's about the same... visualize the trajectory, and the ball landing and rolling out to the hole. Then trust what I've visualized and make a swing that matches what I visualize the ball doing. Some days it's hard to concentrate and hard to visualize the shot. And some shots are more difficult to visualize than others. On those occasions, I won't be as sharp as I am when it is easy to see the shot I want to play. I consider this Instinct. My mechanics are almost habitual because I've played for so many years.
  21. At this moment, the four players on my bench are 17 under. My four starters are a cumulative 3 over. So typical of my picks this year. I just can't get the right players in my starting lineup.
  22. True Temper. No contest. I've never been disappointed with the performance of any True Temper shaft.
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