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  1. This whole deal blows my feeble mind. If she had not played comp in a few years she should have done a rules review. I have not played comp in nearly 10 years now but if I was to start again I would do a rules seminar either in person or on line. And I can not believe her caddy was under the rock too. What also blows my mind is that her fellow competitors did not say anything at the start. That is called "Professional Courtesy". I feel it is an professional obligation to inform a competitor about to make a rules infraction. Personally I would have informed her and her caddy when I first saw it . Now I would not have ran to an official and reported it first hand. If they had not taken the steps themselves then as a professional I would be bound by the rules and integrity of the game to report it. Like I said this whole deal really blows my mind. Sorta like the deal of Jo Ann Carner's old Wilson wedge last year being "non- conforming" . Maybe as a stipulation of competition in the future if you have not played in a stipulated event in the last 2 years you must do a rules update seminar. I think there are only 2 events for the senior women in the course of a year so I think they are going back getting long retired players to fill fields. Stuff like this may kill the whole deal. I hope not but it very well might. At least in a nutshell when she realized she owned up to it with no whining and a chipper attitude
  2. I have done a couple of tests for MGS. I did the Renegar wedges which were pretty decent after I modified them for me . Some folks that looked at them locally said they reminded them of the Solus wedges which they were basically the same thing. I remember a bud and mine were paired with a couple of out of town golfers and I was spinning the crap out of those wedges. One wanted to know if they were legal? I told him absolutely. He remarked he wondered. My buddy told him I could spin any wedge with my trap cut hitting style. I do not think these guys had any fine golf knowledge whatsoever because they looked confused. I do not think I persuaded anyone to buy them even though I tried. I felt a moral obligation to promote them since they gave them to me free to test and evaluate. The next test I did was the Original Nexus range finder and I still have and use the one they gave me. I know for a fact I was responsible for several locals buying them and using them. I can remember my bud down the road at the golf shop sold them. I was in there one day and mentioned the fact I was one of the testers on MGS and they looked it up. In fact they used all our reviews to promote and sell that unit. He sold a bunch of them As far as tests I do not do a lot of them because as you guys know I am into the older equipment. I also do not have the time anymore to test equipment like I do it. Also I do not apply much due to the fact I will not really use the equipment and I would rather another member that would actually need or use the equipment to test it Now I do like to read the reviews and take some pride in the fact I was chosen for the team that developed the testing templates for the reviews. Brings back pleasant memories of working with guys like Shawn and others on that team. Shawn and others did the actual set up on the computer I just added my opinion. But I will say every review I have read the Members have done a great and honest job.
  3. LOL I do actually play my Dad's set of Macgregor blades but they are 1962 CF 4000s . The Mac VIPs with Hogan Apex shafts are mine. I play the 62s some in my strictly vintage rounds. Sadly can not play them on a regular basis those stock heavy shafts are a little rough on my back now days. Now days I play a lot of strictly vintage golf with blades and persimmon but since I do not play comp or big money matches anymore that is fun to me. I am also one of those guys that are not brand agnostic. I do not care one iota about a companies' politics or marketing strategy or for that matter if Joe Pro plays it on tour A lot of my fun is I work for a Metal Recycling company and find clubs all the time especially classic blades. I have been known to show up with a bag of clubs that all of them came off the scrap pile that week. At employee scrap prices I have shown up with clubs including bag that I have less than $5 in the whole shebang and that is 14 clubs too.
  4. Glad to have another professed equipment junkie/ club ho on this forum. We differ somewhat most of my stuff is of the persimmon blades era. Like your designs on the clubs you made some real talent there
  5. I do not hit the persimmon driver as far of course as I do a modern metal but straighter. I guess I mellowed with age back in the day I could not spell fairway much less hit one with persimmon but I was long for those days. I do not hit my modern metal but 20 yards or so further but the persimmon gets more roll out. The deuce wood what can I say I love that thing
  6. Actually no preference after all they are Macgregor blades LOL
  7. If you can generate decent swing speed the copper faces are the best of both worlds. The short irons will generate a lot of spin and will tap dance on the green. The long irons the ball comes off hard and fast. Actually I hit my 57 Diamondback copper faced 2 iron further than some of my 1 irons--- I had a remake set of Colorkroms and those long irons were as hot faced as a $2 pistol but with that set for some reason the short irons were hot faced too. I still have a original 54 M-85 PW and SW and I can still make them tap dance. In fact that PW is in with the set of 57s because I never found the original wedge with that set.
  8. Well I went back totally old school after last weekend except for the driver and 4 wood even my hybrid is old--- Put the 80 Macgregor blades with the Hogan Apex shafts back in the front line bag. Thinking about seriously playing my persimmon driver and persimmon 2 wood back in the front line bag. I am straighter with the persimmon and hit the old 2 wood as far and as straight as I do my modern 16* 4 wood.
  9. LOL I have seen those before----- Was reading through here and looking at some of the new putters folks had bought. Nice stuff and nothing wrong with that--- I have went back in time and started putting with a Bullseye. If that does not work I am going further back and putt with a Calamity Jane style like your H&B
  10. Yeah if it is a pro line ball I will play it in a heartbeat. Lots of times if it has some scuffs etc. I throw it in my shag bag. In tourist season I say thank God for tourists--- I go on my 9 hole walking rounds and find plenty of new Pro Line balls. LOL one time we were playing behind 16 players in a wedding party. All of them had rental clubs--- The Pro Shop loved them buying 2 doz TM Pentas at the time putting on plastic. We must have found between our 4 some at least a dozen each no joke. Plus they had the caddy girls out there which was easy on the eyes. They did not pick up tees either. At the end of the round the motel shuttles were there to get them. The shuttles do not allow alcoholic beverages on them. Those guys had purchased quite a few of those soft sided coolers at the course. One guy had gave me his cooler with 5 beers in it. I guess my pick up was a common dumping ground because when I came back out from bet settling I had several more along with loose beer. One of the staff told us that a couple of the guys had ran up close to $600 on their cards between greens fees, club rental, booze and balls. I wondered on the way home how many of those guys got home sobered up and when their credit card statement showed up----- OO S**T I SPENT HOW MUCH MONEY IN MYRTLE BEACH!!!!??????
  11. Not on that AGSI face it would mess it up--- I do like that putter and one thing that really stands out is the fact the grooves do not go all the way across the face. Makes it easy to toe putt those fast little down hill left to right sliders
  12. I have a Method 003 mallet style putter a friend gave me a while back. I do not really know what to call it sorta a familiar shape like a 8802 but bigger of course. Looks just like an Odyssey 009 or 9 as they call it. Put a large grip like a Super Stroke on it but it is a Master Grip brand. Messed with it some Saturday afternoon but the jury is still out on it. Lately I have been putting so bad with anything I put in my hands that I resurrected my Ping B-90 I broomstick that is 43 inches long. I putted with it for a couple of years. Never anchored it back then and I do not now. The thing with the broomstick I can not get the speed down on long downhill breaking putts
  13. Thanks guys------ NAAH worked as usual like a dog---- Getting close to the end of the month on the contract steel so I had to keep on trucking----- Ran 2100 miles this week for 5 days and never left the state of SC in fact confined to just 4 counties
  14. Man that is even nastier--- I am no gorilla any more at my age but I bet if I missed one of my butter knife Macgregor 1 irons I could darn near cut that thing in 2. Back in my younger days I missed a Slazenger Balata with a 1 iron and darn near cut it in 2. This was a cold hit in the equator with the bottom of the blade shot. It went out about 100 yards about maybe 5 foot off the ground with a funky twist and fell stone cold dead. Had green mess oozing out of it. And trust me even though I can still hit a 1 and 2 iron I can also miss with the best of them. Bladed a Snell MTB a couple of weeks ago with a Mac 1 iron and dented the cover some. But I am going to defend Snell on that one. I had played maybe 72 holes with that ball and it was in the shag bag so the poor thing was beat to death anyhow
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