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  1. Boy if you OG and I got together on the golf course it would be one Redneck hootnanny for sure
  2. Back when I was growing up those were known as "Good old North Carolina Baptist come to Jesus meetings behind the woodshed"
  3. We had a couple of ball hawkers in our Shootout group one Saturday. My running partner Big Bear and I ran off and left them on hole #11 one day. We had about 150 into the green and those 2 were hawking balls in the creek. Bear hit our second stiff and I think I went up and made the putt. Went on to the next hole. I think they caught us about #15. The one guy has a reputation around our course as being able to lose 8 balls on his own but find 15 more. He is one of the types that has a cart bag with 150 balls in it weighing 100 LBS. In fact the cart guys refuse to lift his bag. LOL they can get away with it because their Dad owns the course. Big Bear is as laid back as I am but he flat refuses to play with those 2 guys period anymore and I am the same way. There was some other issues with those guys involving the free beer and loading like 6 or 8 beers into those already stuffed cart bags. I think the owner ran them off because I have not seen them in about 6 months
  4. Hey Gray you ought to know this. Do you know the best place to get Country Ham?----------- Answer ----- Off either side of the hog's butt
  5. Yep it can be--- You know it is human nature---- One among many reasons I do not play in our Men's Golf Leagues. It goes on everywhere no matter the organization man we are having some riffs of problems in my church.
  6. LOL I DID NOT say it did not hurt---- Truthfully after the second incident it did hurt and I stayed in bed 3 days and got by with a little help from my old friend Jim Beam. Also I was probably younger than you when I did it. I was only 23 with one kid divorced and did not want any more
  7. Yep milk it---- Dont do what I did---- I was a volunteer firefighter at the time---- 6 hrs after the surgery I was in what the Professional Firefighters on here call a good old snot slinging barn fire. Man my nads swole up big as a basketball. But I did not tear the stiches. Waited 2 days for that. Was not supposed to be in a truck but I did anyhow. Ran a 100 mile trip in a leaf spring single axle no air seat GMC. Yep busted them loose. Man the Doc chewed my butt. But then again I was always hardheaded.
  8. Oh yes great folks--- Remember I tested the original one they came out with on here. What has that been 5 or 6 years ago? That thing is still kicking strong and still holds its own with anything out there. I know I mentioned some time back that the battery had ran down but my Doc gave me one. About a week or so later I got an envelope from Precision Pro with the new battery. I guess they had my address on file from the test
  9. GM everyone---- I am up as SOP coffee already brewed as I keep the maker loaded up and on automatic to start at 3 AM. It is cold and clear here. Of course the wood stove is fired up. They had called for a low here of 32* but it is only 35. Supposed to only be 55* here today but I will do some light work as long as my back does not act up
  10. Yep have seen him playing casual rounds at Bay Hill before with 2 Callaway staff bags full of clubs strapped to a cart.
  11. Me being a long time old school Macgregor man at this time I am having mixed emotions. Even though I am mostly a lifetime Macgregor player with of course steel shafts I am leaning towards more modern. Right now I am experimenting with a more modern set of CBs with graphite shafts. After my accident in 2020 I have found out my old body will no longer hold up to playing 18 holes with blades and steel. I will continue to play some 9 hole vintage rounds with the persimmon and steel but I am leaning towards more modern heads with graphite. I may try a set of these hollow body irons with graphite in the future. But as with all DTC clubs I can not see myself putting out that much green without seeing and hitting one in person.
  12. LOL I do it all the time on my early morning dewsweeper rounds. Mostly a mix of my somewhat "modern" clubs and of course the classics. My late friend Little Bear and I got into what we called "Despache Mode" and would have 2 staff bags loaded down plus like a Sunday bag thrown in the basket. One time at my former home course a gripey touron lady told the starter we had 3 sets of clubs on the cart and 3 people riding.. The starter knew us well ( RIP Bob) and did not look up and told her naah that was Bear and Stu messing around. She asked Bear how we could play that many clubs at one time? He told her well watch and see. LOL again I can remember when I was recovering I had like 28 clubs in a Lynx staff bag on the range being toted by the Motocaddy cart. I love it makes the "prim and proper" types wondering what I am doing.
  13. LOL our first service ( 9 AM) was sparse this morning. A lot of folks came in for the 10:30 service about 10 or so looking sheepish.
  14. GM--- It really has not messed me up yet because basiclly I go to bed when I want to and get up whenever. I am in the process of getting ready for Church. I am pulling a double again today and have to be there like 8 AM to do the test out and set up for both services. Little chilly with rain coming so I have a small fire in the stove going Played the Shootout yesterday and played the graphite shafted TMs. Absolutely no pain and stiffness yesterday or this AM.
  15. It is like here. What happens here is the Do Gooders feed them with bread and stuff and they get too fat to fly no joke. Our State Wildlife Agency has been on TV numerous times telling people that and it is against State Law in SC to feed them and Gators
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