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  1. BIG STU

    Death of the Two-Person Cart

    You would think so especially here. Used carts here even stock ones are expensive. Every Tom Dick and Harry has one because they are legal for daylight road use within certain aspects on public roads in SC. The only place I have seen with more golf carts on the roads is The Villages near Ocala Florida. Surfside Beach 2 miles up the road from me has more golf cart sales and service places than auto related stuff
  2. BIG STU

    Death of the Two-Person Cart

    Electric carts are getting more efficient every year and a lot depends on the terrain of the course. I know some of the mountain courses are so hilly an electric cart will not make 18 holes. Back when my old man ran a course it was hilly and on the weekends the carts with new batteries could maybe make 36 holes. We used to charge them between rounds. I can remember the ones with new batteries were ran to death and the batteries would be shot by spring. Of course those older carts were not nearly as efficient as they are now.
  3. BIG STU

    Death of the Two-Person Cart

    Down here most of the courses lease carts and depending on the course they get new ones every 2 years. Some of the upper tier courses within a management group get new carts every year and the lease on the older ones are passed on to the lower tier courses. Believe it or not carts get beat to hell and back on the mid tier and lower tier courses in the spring and fall tourist golf seasons. Far as single rider carts it just depends on how "trendy" they become as to whether courses will adopt them here.
  4. BIG STU

    WIYB that makes no sense?

    Can tell you a funny dead weight one--- A while back a few of us used to walk 9 holes on Wednesday amongst them my buddy the Miura dealer--- Now he hates lead tape and is always giving me crap about it. I was using a pretty light TEE 3.5 at the time and like I said before I travel light even when riding. I noticed about the second hole my bag seems heavier. I told them I must have been tired. Come to find out those clowns had slipped 3 full rolls of lead tape and about a dozen Range Balls in the side pocket. What was funny he had borrowed the 3 rolls from another friend's shop and he was in on the joke too.
  5. BIG STU

    WITB Brumiguy

    Pretty good mix--- I am a fan of playing a mixed bag as in whatever works
  6. BIG STU

    DeChambeau Tour Irons

    You also need a very upright swing and arm extension back and through the ball. I have studied his swing along with the engineering on the clubs. For me impossible to get that upright at this stage of life. Now if someone has a natural upright swing they may work for them. The other part I agree with you there on the work ethic and natural talent. But yeah they may work for SOME average Joe golfers
  7. BIG STU

    DeChambeau Tour Irons

    I do not think that set has a 2 iron. I will have to dig them back out from the back of the shop--- I do know they have a stiff Apollo shaft in them which is a little rough on my back at this time
  8. BIG STU

    What’s most similar to ProV1’s?

    The new TM balls are great balls too--- I have found and played a couple of them God Bless the rich snowbird tourists-- But can not justify the price of a new dozen-- In fact I am so stoked on the Snell and Vice balls If I still played comp or high dollar matches I would not hesitate to put either one of those in front line play of course they would be new ones
  9. BIG STU

    What’s most similar to ProV1’s?

    I am a big fan of both the Snell and Vice balls. I have a source where I am getting them used grade A cheap. Both of those balls surpass the Pro V IMHO. I played titleist balls for many years even back to the balata days. Even if I had to buy new I would choose either the Vice or Snell balls.
  10. BIG STU

    Chinese Group ANTA to buy Wilson Golf Owner Amer Sports

    They really did not know Jack ( pun intended) if they even think he played Wilson stuff---- That would be enough to make any Macgregor man's blood pressure get so high as to blow a head gasket---- Now excuse me while I double my dose of daily blood pressure meds
  11. BIG STU

    Used clubs from eBay

    When we had the golf shop my late partner Big John was the e-bay master. He sold a lot of stuff on e-bay. Like you said a lot of people can not read or understand. I know John got fed up on that part of it. The one problem we had was when he bought some legit PRGR hybrid heads from someone he dealt with in California. We had installed good Harrison or Gramman shafts. Someone at E-bay thought they were clone fake counterfeit Ping heads. Man he had trouble explaining to those idiots running e-bay what PRGR was and the heads were legit. I remember John got ticked and pulled all out accounts from e-bay for a couple of weeks. And to add we were doing around $2500 or more a week on average on there. Someone from customer service reached out to him somehow and we got things resolved. I never have personally messed with e-bay but wished John had shown me how to do it. To be honest he tried but I was not interested at that time in that part of the business. I was more interested in working with folks that walked through the door and repairing and building clubs. That I think is why our combo worked so well until the 08 recession
  12. IMHO DJ nailed it in all 3 of his posts--- DTG are great people to deal with I have dealt with them for years---- Lord only knows how many sets of X-22 clones I ordered from them and built back when they were the rage. I have not ordered much from them or anyone else in the last couple of years since I have not done much "outside work" in my shop recently. I had a lot of ferrules etc from where I bought out the supply from another golf shop up the street that closed down. Grips etc I have a local source I get them from at a discount and time I pay P&H it comes out the same.
  13. BIG STU

    WIYB that makes no sense?

    LOL was laughing at what some of you guys carry in a bag besides clubs--- No wonder the bag drop guys grunt and moan when picking up some of those cart bags. I used to game a mini staff and still do on occasion and most bag drop guys say my mini staff is lighter than most cart bags. I do not carry a lot of stuff and use an original Ping Hoofer now too. As a rule I usually carry only 12 clubs or less depending what set I am playing. I only carry about 6 balls 3 gloves some tees, rangefinder and a couple of cigars. I pack light so I can grab and go--- A friend of mine on another site got me into that way of thinking. Someone on WRX asked me one night why only 6 balls. Well if I need more than 6 balls I am going one of two places either the range or home. At this stage of life it is more than likely home. As far as shaft flexes it can vary again depending on what I am playing. Grips can vary too because for me different grips can vary for a different feel for me--- Right now I am kinda embarrassed but I will tell it-- Due to back issues I am carrying a set of Forged KZG CBs with (gasp!!) Swing Science 400 Graphite shafts which I have at a R+ flex at 90 grams. Still playing the woods in my signature and the 52* wedge is a Callaway X with a S-400 and the Cally 56 PM grind has a KBS Wedge Tour in it. One thing I did forget I always carry lead tape in my bag too---
  14. BIG STU

    Flat Tires

    Yeah you darn sure do not want to walk in my yard in the spring and summer. Those sand spurs are everywhere. I have been out west and know exactly what the guys are talking about
  15. BIG STU

    Cobbled Fun Bags

    Depends on what you are doing---- Persimmon and Strata block hit about the same---- For me I look at the pattern of the wood--- Now something I have had to concern myself with lately due to a ailing back is shaft flex. I can not hit those older stiffer shafts anymore with out getting my back screaming. But old wooden woods can be found cheap in thrift stores and yard sales. Really if you are just messing with them for fun and not collecting it is not rocket science. Find one that fits your eye and go from there---