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  1. BIG STU

    Who on here plays vintage equipment?

    There you go!!! Yep those T-Zoids are some good ole irons. Those Ping laminate woods have a cult like following among quite a few classic players on WRX. Ping Zing putter I have a soft spot for those too. I still have my original one and a MGB one. 588 Clevelands I absolutely love I have about 50 of them various materials and lofts. Yes I said around 50!
  2. BIG STU

    Who on here plays vintage equipment?

    I do that some too. I have a few mismatched hickories. I was going to do the SOHG thing a couple of years back but have you seen the prices on hickory reproduction clubs? And in the SOHG events you have to play a certain spec ball and some clubs even if they are genuine hickory do not conform for one reason or the other. Yep sounded too much like the USGA to me so I said screw it on that end. So basically now I do it like I do my Classic Golf I play what I want to and someone else plays what they want to and we have fun.
  3. LOL Love the "Flagstick Mafia" After all we do have the "Miura Mafia" down here. That is an informal group of guys from not only the beach but from all over that play. Our "Godfather" is the Miura dealer here
  4. BIG STU

    Meet Your New Moderators!

    You are correct on that--- I actually should not have mentioned it because I mentioned it tongue in cheek. But if you read my previous post it does attest to how great of site it is because Adam himself did shoot me a PM explaining things. So really I apologize for dragging it up but it does again attest to the fact of how great this site is and how great the people are.
  5. BIG STU

    Meet Your New Moderators!

    Yep we had conversations on here and WRX when he was Carolina Golfer
  6. BIG STU

    Meet Your New Moderators!

    I would rather not tell it because he is a friend of mine and we still talk on another site--- Now if someone else wants to tell it it will not make me mad or offend me in any way. To be honest I was not involved in what took place and when he called me on the phone and told me I got mad. Adam himself told me in a PM what happened. Right or wrong what happened happened and I stayed here and did not regret it
  7. BIG STU

    Who on here plays vintage equipment?

    Well my friend if you ever get down this way I can make it happen. I have at least 5 or 6 sets assembled at any time grab and go or option #2. you can grab an empty bag and go to picking and matching what ever you choose
  8. BIG STU

    Meet Your New Moderators!

    Now I may be wrong but in my time here I only know of one person that was outright banned
  9. BIG STU

    Set it an go or tinker?

    I have 2 adjustable drivers period---- After i do extensive experimentation ( since I fit all my stuff myself) I leave them alone. My 915 D-2 has been on the same setting for I guess 3 years now ( A-2). Now that Homna G1-X is another story. The settings on it are very precise and it uses a 2 way special wrench. I took me about 6 months of fiddling with it to finally get it right for me. I also mess with weight a lot and do change around in the process with lead tape. But both of those drivers are set and so I do not carry any wrenches with me period. I think I have had the Homna set for over a year now. I did forget I do have a Nike driver that is adjustable and I have never adjusted it period or really worked with it. I did a trade deal for it just for the shaft that matches my 915.
  10. Deejaid brought it up in a post a few minutes ago. So I figured I would post the question. New Mods if I do not have this in the right place you can move it. How many fellow spies play vintage equipment or a mix of vintage and modern? I think DJ and I do to some extent and I know Barbajo has some vintage Macs. I think Nifty if he was able to play plays some vintage stuff. Vintage here can be loosely defined. For example my front line set has changed some from my signature. Right now I am messing with a set of about 15 year old KZGs. But I do still play the persimmons and blades quite a bit. I think FTR Dj has went all the way back to persimmon woods. Just really curious
  11. BIG STU

    Meet Your New Moderators!

    That would be nice but I do not know who else besides you and I on here that swings the antique stuff. I do know Barbajo does have some Vintage Macs he plays from time to time.
  12. BIG STU

    Meet Your New Moderators!

    Congrats guys two great moderators---- MPR anytime you want to discuss theology with me it is one of my hobbies and interests. I kinda agree on the statement of being a "Maytag Repairman" on this site--- I think in all my years here I have only reported 2 posts one had something derogatory about MGS and the other turned out to be some kind of Spam or unauthorized advertisement----- I know the mods at the time were Johnny on the spot and the objectionable material disappeared or got shot off into cyberspace or what ever you guys do with it quickly and promptly
  13. Glad you guys are getting a nice weekend--- The last 2 for us has been rainy with last weekend nasty nasty--- They are calling for more rain for us this weekend and we are already soaked
  14. I have had several Canadians tell me over the years it has to do with Hockey as they show me a slap shot.
  15. Legend on the internet----- Hell fire it is a legend in real life here on the beach------- Promise you it will be in the bag when you come back down--- If it ever dries out and warms up