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  1. BIG STU

    Iron Terminology

    Personally I think it is what you learned the game with and what fits your eye. For me it is minimum offset butter knife blades. That is what I hit. Some guys though my age have adapted to GI and SGI irons well. I agree with Mr Ping here in play what fits your game and looks and performs good for you
  2. BIG STU

    Why have so many left this great game?

    Funny you mentioned the Elks club because a fellow asked me the other day if I would be interested in joining the Rotary Club up in Conway SC. Told him politely thanks but no thanks. That sorta thing is not my cup of tea. Nothing wrong with it but just not for me. This is just me but the time spent there I can do stuff at my Church which I do any way. But having no kids or grand kids I work , do stuff with the wife, go to church and do stuff there, Play some golf and piddle in the shop. I like it like that trust me some days when I am off work I may just sit on my Fat Francis at the house.
  3. BIG STU

    Why have so many left this great game?

    I have read through this thread with interest. I have came to the conclusion it all has to do with the demographics of a area. I know here we are a tourist and retiree area so golf is good here. It is still thriving as I am sure it is in Rev and Fozzies area in Florida. Even some 180 miles North of me in the Charlotte NC and Piedmont area of North Carolina it is still thriving. But from reading on here and other golf sites it can be dying in some areas. Like I said it depends on the demographics of an area
  4. LOL I can see a 9 on # 9 at Tobacco Road--- Great course but tough
  5. BIG STU

    Ditching the Hybrid

    I guess I still have somewhat good speed because I can still hit blade long irons off the fairway with the correct shaft and weight placement for me. But on my regular set I do carry that V-Steel 7 wood because I can hit a high floater with cut spin with it. Further thinking about swing speed I guess I may swing faster than I think I do because I can still hit a persimmon driver off the deck and can still hit my modern 915 D-2 at 10.5* off the deck. Honestly I have not tried the Homna G1-X off the deck
  6. BIG STU

    Ditching the Hybrid

    IMHO speed is not all it is cracked up to be but the other thing you mentioned good contact is imperative. My friend Bear is a good example. He is about the size of Gary Player and has I would say a little less than 100 mph swing speed but is one hell of a ball striker. He hits it further than I do not by much and usually is one club longer on the irons whether it is moderns or vintage. I have a little more club speed and I am bigger and stronger than he is but not nearly the ball striker he is. I never considered myself a ball striker but more of a shotmaker/ scrambler get out of jail artist
  7. BIG STU

    Ditching the Hybrid

    That IMHO is why the old V-Steels are such an awesome metal wood-- Heavy with lots of weight in the bottom and those TM Tour Cleeks were good too with the rails on the sole like an old Baffler
  8. BIG STU

    Ditching the Hybrid

    Yup you know those Gintys are a classic design--- I have a 29* Ginty 7 wood I need to try
  9. BIG STU

    Brooks Koepka Selected POTA

    His interviews are not as boring as Dustin Johnson and I like DJ don't get me wrong. DJ acts like is is in a fog or something when being interviewed
  10. BIG STU

    Brooks Koepka Selected POTA

    You mean agree don't you? And you are correct no other player came close major wise
  11. I have had some crazy rounds over the years. One time in a Mini Tour event at my home course our 17th hole a par 3 was playing about 230 over water with a stiff Ocean breeze dead in my face. I tried to hit a high cut driver. I nutted it about the time the wind died down. Ended up in the maintenance yard. We had to get a ruling and I was not OB. Would have been better off if it had been OB or lost because I could have re teed and hit it right to the peninsula and maybe made a 5 or 6 at worst instead of the 10 I ended up making. Cost me the tournament. Funny thing I did birdie the 18th which is a pretty difficult hole. Did win a skin on 18 from the side skins pot which offset the money loss some. Last fall playing another course here called Blackmoor I made 8 birdies and shot 80 no joke I think the way it went I had maybe 1 par the whole day. This can be one crazy game especially the way I sometimes play it
  12. BIG STU

    Ditching the Hybrid

    I was on the range the other week hitting one of my Mac Custom 5 woods. THis kid beside me got curious and real politely asked me "Sir when did they start making hybrids out of wood?" He was sincere. I had to explain that it was not a hybrid but a real fairway wood back when woods were actually woods. As you know all of those Mac fairways are tiny even in it's day. Actually his new Callaway hybrid was a tad larger than my 5 wood. I told him if he was interested he could hit one. He really did not want to. I told him if he ever wanted to go to persimmon please see me. We talked and I know his Dad. I bet $20 I will know what his Dad will tell him. "Ole Stuey is ok but he is tied too much to the past with those outdated antiques" Funny thing is I am some 25 years older than his Dad and can beat him straight up from any tee using my antique equipment and him moderns. A lot of the regulars around my club will tell you tongue in cheek that I am "touched in the head" because I am always hitting those antique blades and wooden woods
  13. BIG STU

    Is this a rich man’s game?

    Funny you said that exactly like you said it. Just got off the phone with one of my fellow drivers. They have cut our hours back due to the prices of scrap steel are down drastically. He is older than I am but he and his wife are in debt up to their wazoos. They have to have everything new the latest and greatest. He was raising pure hell. I have told him several times they are living above their means. My wife and I live in a 1987 Mobile home. We own the home but rent the lot. I drive the old raggedy Dakota and she has a 2001 Dodge Mini Van. We ain't got a lot of money but we are happy. At one time I was pretty well off but blew a lot of money foolishly. Had a little money when we moved here but ended up in 2 losing business deals. But still happy here in the Redneck Riviera or poor man's Hawaii. I am not sweating the reduced hours at all
  14. BIG STU

    Is this a rich man’s game?

    If I could afford it I would have a nicer vehicle for my wife to drive and maybe a new pickup for special occasions. But I would have a older Chevy or Dodge rat rod truck with a big motor looking ratty as heck for the daily driver. One of my other toys would be a cut down big truck with short wheelbase sitting lowered with a single axle and stake body. Funniest vehicle I ever had was a Volvo 4 door home made cut down job making a pick up truck. A guy and I were just starting the wrecker business and buying junk cars. We had it hand lettered "We Buy Junk Cars" with the phone number. Also has a giant rat trap on the hood with a giant rubber rat in it. The yuppies in their Volvos were horrified and so was the Benz crowd. To boot we had a 350 Chevy motor with a light cam and Turbo 400 trans. Drove it to Grande Dunes one time to play a event. That is a real swanky place and those folks were shocked. One of my fellow players told one of the assembled a--holes that I had a 300E Mercedes which I did with a Mack Bulldog on the hood in fact the same one I have on my Dakota pick up now. I get some looks now with that Dakota in certain places with the high class touron crowd because it is ragged with the Bulldog on the hood and it is a little loud with a salvaged Borla Exhaust. Most folks can not figure out if it is a V-8 or what it is. Actually it is a Chrysler Corp Magnum 4 cylinder. Basically I could give 2 hoots less if people stare and 2 more hoots less whether they like it or not
  15. Good work as usual DJ---- Amazing the guitar tools and even the saw could be adapted to golf clubs. I remember one time way back when I grooved out an old Northwestern 6 wood> I actually carefully ground down a hacksaw blade and it worked on that.