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  1. Heck I have seen guys down here in the PGM program working the bag drops that think Miura are some kind of knock off club. They are victims of marketing 101
  2. You are always like me hoeing and experimenting
  3. I will throw my hat into the ring so to speak. This subject like golf can be subjective. A lot depends on the type of putter as in insert or non insert. A lot of it depends on a players feel. In my case I putt with older putters mostly designed in the days of Balata. I am also a feel and instinctive putter. For me the best feel off a non insert putter is the Cally Super Soft or the Srixon Soft Feel. Like others have said the Wilson Do Over seems clicky off of any putter. Pro V I can putt with but have to adjust the same with Vice and Snell. Right now because we have either won or placed in Dog Fights I have an abundance of Soft Feels and Super Softs. Now last week I ended up with a dozen Q Star Tours and have yet to try them. I am going to wait until I am able to swing well again before trying them. But in a nutshell different balls react differently with different putters and different folks
  4. Absolutely quite a bit--- See my signature my front line set with modern metals and hybrids I still am playing 1980 Mac blades and late 80s Cleveland wedges
  5. The best thing for a storage bag cheap is hit up a Goodwill or yard sale
  6. You will love those sticks for sure. I don't normally like cart bags as SOP for me but yours is sharp!!!!
  7. I have been playing in my street shoe version for darn near a year now. Most comfortable shoes I have worn period. Like you I have a big foot size 13 wide
  8. Yep now you are thinking straight. I think you have it set perfect in fact I believe I could play with your set up
  9. LOL with a name like longdrivenate and a admittingly fast SS I do not want to read any stories like Golfer explodes cheap driver gets shrapnel in legs
  10. They play just like my VIPs with the Hogan shafts. The head forgings are the same just different stamps. They are identical. They were built as my back up set to the VIPs. Both sets hit smooth as a Mother's Love
  11. Brunswick Pro Pel which are a heavy thick walled shaft. Hogan was way ahead of his time having his Apex shafts made to his exact specs. The Apex shafts hit a lot softer in Mac clubs.
  12. Trust me when you get those KZG irons built you will love them. Smooth as a Mother's love. Depending on what you are used to hitting the 6 and 7 irons are a little long in the face but you will get used to them
  13. OH yeah and my old man beside him. My old man detested Ben Hogan for some reason and he would never say why which was his way. When guys first had the Apex conversions done my old man was getting shafts from them from a pro friend in Eastern NC who was a Hogan dealer. Then the letter came to dealers from Mr Hogan himself that any dealer putting Apex shafts in non Hogan clubs would have their dealership yanked. Did not stop my old man and his bud though. They bought whole sets and had them retrofitted. Which my old man said he never understood why in the hell anyone would want to screw up a perfect set of Macgregors with inferior shafts. When I started back doing them he probably rolled in his grave 3 times. When the club shop owner died I bet there was at least 20 sets of brand new never hit Hogan iron heads lying around
  14. I don't know old buddy you ain't been around me any. Of course since I got hurt I have not been around the yard since April no telling how many classic clubs have been to the shredder since then.
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