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  1. That is a major step if it feels balanced to you. Putting IMHO is all about feel and instinct. I also agree with you 110% on inserts. One of the reasons I do not use an insert putter. I am all the time finding clubs at work and now have several insert putters and all of them feel squishy to me especially with softer golf balls. I think from what you say overall you have found a great putter for you and another positive is that it is easy to align for you
  2. Darn Skippy on that it is one hot faced SOB which can get me into trouble sometimes. I ain't changing one thing on mine. I have really been hitting mine good lately part of it due to me practicing and playing my persimmon drivers some. If I can hit the persimmon square then the Honma is a no brainer for me. As you know when you hit that thing square it goes hot
  3. And they will more than likely be sitting on the shelf after the Snell test----- Yeah the Snell is that good of a ball!!! I am a big fan of the Snell and Vice balls and have been playing them for a little over a year--- I would have applied for that test but right now do not have the time to put them through the wringer my way and write them up like I do
  4. LOL I can only assume you can pull the look off---- I know I can't I would look like one of those concrete pylons at the end of a runway warning pilots they are about to screw up and run out of runway. BTW off topic but when searching for a Emoji and scrolling through them it has the same format as my phone including the "birdie" finger
  5. Those 919 Tours are becoming a modern classic--- Nice sticks!!!---- I see the Honma driver ain't left the bag--- The only time mine leaves the bag is when I play Persimmon golf
  6. Actually my Jones would be good on a push cart---- It is solid has braces etc. Most of these newer nylon bags have no support to help lighten things plus plastic or nylon zippers---- IMHO what you save on weight you give up on durability with the run of the mill nylon stuff. I think my bag weighs in at around 4.5 lbs empty
  7. Great honest review---- Now IMHO looking at the design of the pockets that bag seems to be more of a cart bag than a pure caddy bag. And I can see your point on the 14 way dividers. 14 way dividers and even 6 way dividers run me batty. I like the good old 3 way dividers. One of the reasons I went with an old school Jones Classic. Another reason I went with it was because all the modern nylon bags the cart attendants here tend to squeeze the living crap out of them. I am not able to walk that much anymore. I do not leave my stuff at the bag drops because I get to the course early and take my time getting ready so I just walk up and that Jones is light enough. It is also sturdy enough that it does not get squeezed on the cart. If sometime I walk a few holes I only carry 8 clubs and I will use my old school Ping Hoofer which IMHO (again) is the best carry bag ever. Due to the bag drop problems I had darn near went back to one of my staff bags. A friend of mine on WRX turned me on to the Jones Bags and I bought a used one non stand off the bay super cheap. Since the seller was about 100 miles away in Eastern NC shipping was super cheap. Like my friend says grab and go. I do not carry a lot of stuff anyhow around 6 balls some tees glove cigars and a range finder. I travel light. Yesterday there was a cart attendant that could not figure how the Jones bag went. He was an older guy too. I failed to see the complications because it is a simple bag with no belly pocket or funky strap. I told him just throw the darn thing on and strap it. He said he had never seen one. I told him it was a Jones and he scratched his head. BTW I did not tip him either. I think my style of Jones would work well for you
  8. I would agree that my 3 year old driver was well fit for me. That Homna driver has so many adjustment it is scary. Those drivers do not adjust like anything else made trust me. It took me 6 months to adjust that thing. It is a PITA to do range adjustments. I would mess with it from time to time and then get frustrated and put it up. It also takes a special wrench not a standard adjuster wrench because one of the adjustments involves a concentric bushing. Trust me I have the weights and instruction manual. I did a lot of workbench adjustments with that thing along with a manual protractor gauge. Ping eye 2s---- Yep most of them are what I call traditional lofts starting with the PW from 47 to 50*. A friend of mine on WRX who lives up the road from me in NC is a old school expert taught me some things on eye2s. Starting with the PW different patent numbers have different lofts and sole grinds too according to the year made. Also stock numbers on lies on the color codes are funky too. Instead of like say a standard lie on a PW is 64.5 Ping will be at say 64.75 and instead of regular progression in 1/2 degrees between clubs it can vary on certain clubs as much 3/4 *. Crazy I had found 2 sets of Eye2s on the piles at work. One set I kept because it had Apollo multi step shafts which I like. I sold the other set. I got to messing with those things and reverse engineering them which is my thing. My bud took me to school so to speak on those things. I forgot what color code mine were but I bent them up to my specs anyhow. They do hit good and like you say they do not hit any further than any of my blade Macgregors.
  9. BIG STU


    Would like to see some pics---- But IMHO there is absolutely nothing wrong with a mixed bag-- Play what works
  10. Welcome to the forum----- And yeah you bombed it----- Darn Limberbacks!!!!
  11. I kinda understand where you are coming from on the R-9 but some folk hit those and the r-7 driver better than they do newer stuff. I know there is a certain crowd at a neighboring course that play those drivers along with Eye2 irons and those old farts are some pretty good sticks------ But I will concede that may not apply to the general golfing public--- Just one of those things----- I know a few weeks ago it was raining and we were riding around and stopped at the PGA store---- I did some driver demos with the newest stuff--- Then I went to the car and got my 3 year old Homna G1 x and was putting up better numbers with it than any of my new stuff----- The guy scratched his head and told me he would stick with what I had--- Told him I planned to
  12. I am old enough to remember that Hogan ball--- I do not know how to classify it-- I do know it came out we were still hitting balata and Hogan even had a balata ball out---- I do remember it was Surlyn covered and with the dimple configuration it was a distance ball. It was as hard as a Rock Flite if I remember correctly
  13. You are a lot longer than I am but probably a whole lot younger> I am 62 years old---- Good example on your driver at your lowest number (262) that is about max for me with roll out--- Your 3 wood also My max with roll out is around 220---- On your irons you are two clubs longer than I am--- But you do have great yardages
  14. Certified rocks making my hands hurt even thinking about hitting them with some of my old blades
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