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  1. BIG STU

    7 woods

    Man alive don't give all my secrets away. That is exactly what I do with my old 23* Adams. What really amazes them is when I do it with that 19* offset Adams boxer. A snap rope hook is my dreaded miss. I have to really concentrate with that boxer. I actually hit 2 snappers with it last time I had it on the course. I pulled it out and put a trusty old Adams GT Tight Lies 5 wood in which is 18*. Played one round with it before I got hurt. That 23* though is not going anywhere I can hit too many shots with it
  2. I carry the same wood myself--- I hit mine about 220 at sea level---- I also have the matching 5 wood but do not hit it good all the time. Recently I went back in the shop and found an even older Adams 18* 5 wood. It is one of those GT Tight lies from around 05 or so. One ugly SOB but I hit it good. I call it the ugly duckling
  3. For me it has got to be my old Cleveland 56* old and rusty and the sole is nearly worn out in fact had to regroove it the other day. I have quite a few 588 56* but none hit like that oldie
  4. That is exactly right get it done how ever you can---- Like someone else said there are no pictures on a score card---- And I say this all the time kinda like a mission statement for me----- There is no etched in stone holy grail way to play this game--- and it applies to all aspects of this game from swing to the equipment one chooses
  5. Speaking of non-conforming drivers I remembered this. Back when we ran the golf shop we had a golf list to sign up for Sunday morning. Now one usually had to be in by Wednesday. We actually had courses calling us wanting our play. Usually we had between 25 to 40 players. We always had some kind of game going whether it was a $10 a man scramble or best 2 out of 4 for a best ball team. One Friday I walked in the shop and Big John had a smirk going like the cat who ate the canary. We had 32 players that week going to play a scramble and the 7th hole on this course was a pretty long par 5. He had built a So Long Intregra driver one of those 550 cc giants. Was going to have everyone use it along with a illegal Nitro ball. He furnished everyone a ball. I told him no way was I going to hit that thing with a senior shaft that I would lateral rope hook it. He told me well you and Moose are the only 2 hitting a stiff shaft just aim it to #4 fairway. When we got there I aimed it into 4 fairway and hit the darnest hook over a pine tree and it took off down the fairway. Now he had set up a flag at the tee to shoot back and I had nailed it to 305 yards where my average was around 275 at that time. LOL Moose was in the last group and they called him Moose for a reason. He was about 45 years old at the time and had either laid brick or finished concrete all his life. He was one of those guys that could pound a driver but not do much of else. Yeah he hit it and the face caved in ball only went about 100 yards. I think John's plan backfired because what he hoped everyone would do was make those drivers and balls legal in our games so everyone would buy them in other words keep up with the Jones. No one bit. To give Intregra credit they were distributed by Hireko at the time did give him credit for the head. And he did tell them the truth too
  6. You still have different rules for different courses today--- It is called local options---- Some of the courses have some hazards marked as a lateral and drop areas located over a water hazard. That speeds up tourist play. Most of the courses here for league play decided to waiver the anchoring ban too because many of the older members had back problems and were going to quit the game. In a nutshell the average recreational golfer does not keep a stipulated handicap nor do they care what the PGA Tour does and further more does not care what the USGA or R&A have to say either. They play have fun and do their own thing. Probably when I heal up I will have to putt with a broomstick. I dragged my Ping B-90I out of the shop and built one of my Bobby Grave Mark 5s to a 48" broomstick. When I putted with the Ping years ago I did not anchor and when I tried the Grace the other day I did not anchor.
  7. Like I have always said--- Different strokes for different folks---- And that is really true in golf
  8. Pro 82 Macs but read between the lines they were forged by Miura. In fact a Baby Blade Miura looks just like a Pro82 or VIP at address
  9. Actually I had that crop up when we ran the golf shop. One of my good customers his Dad was in his early 80s and really distraught about losing distance. He was thinking about quitting all together and my customer played with him quite a bit. I had an illegal as heck Nakashima driver head with a shaved face. In fact the face had been shaved so thin I was scared to hit it myself. A guy from Charlotte that I knew had started doing them and he had sent me that head as a demo. I built that thing with the lightest whippiest senior graphite shaft we had and set him up with some Bandit balls which are hot as a firecracker. The older gentleman knew nothing about them being non conforming. He ended up playing 4 or 5 years more with his son until he passed away. Yep like you I have absolutely no problem in that case
  10. Really to answer the question I would not play anything out right illegal like a shaved driver or Nitro or Bandit balls--- But then again if someone does want to get really technical my irons and wedges are illegal and I did not want to sound like a hypocrite. I have some new conforming wedges a couple of Mizuno T series and a Callaway PM series and I can spin the mess out of them better than any of my Clevelands. I will admit I did take the groove file to my beloved 588 the other night but it is non conforming anyhow and worn down. But like I said earlier I do have a conforming set ready to go with a set of MP-68 blades and a Callaway PM wedge. Had some clown on WRX one night call me out about my old Mac irons and Cleveland wedges. I told him bring the billfold and come on to the beach. I can play the 68s if I want to. I have that set up in one of my old Titleist Staff bags just in case but at this stage of life I like my Macs better.
  11. Well my friend you have not been around any of the big money games in Charlotte or Vegas. There anything goes as long as it is agreed on before hand. Some rules like 14 clubs is a normal disregard I seen guys with 30 clubs in a staff bag. If it was agreed on before hand Bandit balls were ok. And of course chap stick or vaselene on the club face is the norm. Now I voted no on all of the above and do not want to be hypocritical . Technically if you look at my signature list my irons are non conforming and so is my wedge. Now I will concede part of that is the fact that they have not been submitted and tested.My irons are 80s remakes but made off of the original 70 dies. That was long before Ping ever thought of all the funky grooves. My Cleveland wedges do not have the Zip grooves even though they are old in fact they are older than any zip grooved wedges. I have contended before and to the USGA that they were legal on the date of manufacture. I do not play comps and big money matches any more so I play what I want to. For me I could give 2 hoots less what someone else plays. Hey they might out drive me with a illegal ball and driver but can they beat me. None of the groups I play in give 2 hoots what someone else plays either. But FTR IF and I say IF I play comp again or attempt a qualifier I have assembled a conforming set of MP68s and a Cally 56* PM wedge in my old Titleist staff bag. Just throw in my driver fairway and hybrid. But really I do not have any problem with what someone else plays
  12. It's on 17 business in Garden City. Been there for like 35 years now. The current owner her Mom and Pop started it way back when. Her Pop died some time back and her Mom just passed last year. But her and her husband have ran it the last 25 years or so. Great Folks
  13. Let see--- Blade irons, Jones bag , Seamus Head cover and of course lead tape whats not to like
  14. Thanks Ray stick around read and feel free to comment. Hey they tell me it is never boring when the Stu Man is in the house. Those that have met me in person say I am funnier in the flesh. OHHH---- That had a sorta porn ring to it--- Pain killers kicking in.
  15. Man you guys are keeping me going. Thanks-- Ok went to the neurosurgeon and he has ordered up a MRI for this Wednesday. Went to the shoulder Doc which is local. He turned out to be pretty cool. Asked about my regular Doc when he saw it listed. Told him we were golf buds. Come to find out he plays too. He has also ordered up a MRI too. Told me it was definite my shoulder would have to have PT rehab. Asked him if he could stretch it some where I could get a few yards off the tee. He laughed and said we will see. Today was ok too-- Climbed in my perch at church to run the sound board--- We did the first service inside since the Covid thing. Now I will note we did stick to guide lines etc in the sanctuary etc. My note board still had the bulletin from March 15 which was the last time we had services in the building. Service went off without a hitch. Also built me another broomstick putter Saturday just in case I get problems down the line bending over putting. Forgot me and the missus went to my local pancake house for breakfast yesterday since they just opened back up. The owners have been friends of mine for 25 years. They had hired some new help and they introduced us to them. I was introduced as the Official Mayor of the Garden City Pancake house. Ate darn good too two orders of chipped beef on toast and his special home fries
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