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  1. I think old Strom had what was percieved as personal issues. I do not pay that mess any attention because someone is always digging up stuff on politicians. I know Strom married a really younger woman late in life and she had been some kind of pagent winner. He actually fathered a child in like his late 60s early 70s with her. Around here his nickname after that was "Sperm" Thurmond. Teddy I do not recall anyone ever saying much around here about him other than If a Olds Cutlass could float like a VW he would have been ok.
  2. Agree 110%--- I have a wife to flirt with at home--- Yep most of the courses here wonder why they have problems keeping cart girls. Some think because they are on vacation that it gives them license to get drunk and act stupid. Mamma and the kids are either at home ( Buddies trip) or shuffled to the pool or beach. I just was not raised that way. I was taught to treat a lady like a lady period. One time at my former home course one of my friends his grand daughter about 18 yoa at the time took a cart girl job. I also knew and played golf with her dad. Since I was there most days they asked me to keep an eye out for her. One day I sensed and observed she was having some problems with some drunk belligerent 30 something tourons. I rode over and asked if everything was ok? One of the tourons shot back " WTF is it to you?" I was fixing to light into him verbabally and physically when she shot back "this is my husband"---- They jumped back and remember I was in my 40s then and in good shape with long hair then too and as some say I was intimidating looking. They left in silence and in a great hurry. I asked her WTH? I was a little older than her Daddy. She told me that plenty of girls her age had boyfriends or husbands my age. I said well they must have plenty of money and she said contraire in some cases yes but most of them liked older men because we knew how to treat a lady like a lady. It became a running joke at the club among her and her folks. In fact she got married a few years later and we let her husband in on the joke and he was a golfer too. When I see him even to this day I ask "how my ex wife is doing?" We get a laugh Had another incident at the same course with a cart girl that did not turn out well at all. We had a local bar that held a 9 hole shootout on Monday afternoons-- Those were some drunks and outright Richard Noggins. And really I can not go into detail but you guys are smart enough to imagine basically he tried to fondle her and kiss her which she did not want and made it known. i came along on the 3rd attempt because she had called in to the clubhouse and the pro knew me and another guy were on the course on the back side. He called us--- We went over there and confronted them. This guy was drunk and stupid too--- He made a swing on me bad mistake-- You do not do that I go into some kind of mode I can not explain----- I put him in the hospital. He tried to have me arrested but it did not fly because in SC we have provacation laws and he swung on me first and we had witnesses. In fact she took out a warrant on him for molesting. The course went as far as to barring him and the group. In fact the course I am a member at now heard of the incident and when they tried to go there they told them they did not want their business. The group as a whole was on the thin line of getting barred anyhow because we members were raising holy hell about obnoxious loud rude behavior and course damage. In fact I know that the 5 courses in our immediate area do not want their business. And our course was not making any big money anyhow because they were getting reduced green and cart fees and they were "bootlegging" their booze in to the course in mini bottles. And those that know me per say know I am a happy go lucky guy and do not go looking for trouble and will usually walk away from drunk obnoxius types. But do not swing on me because I go on full defense mode. My wife and others will tell you that back when I drank that I was the funniest non violent drunk they ever saw. I know when I was in the hospital when I broke my back my running partner Rapid Ronnie called me and I was hopped up on Demerol and no I do not remember. He told Shag Daddy that if you thought I was funny everyday you ought to give me a call in the hospital. The guys and the 2 bosses called me the 3rd day and put me on speaker and cracked up--- And no I do not remember that either
  3. Deleated senior moment double post
  4. Actually for a while we had the most Lax DUI laws in the USA---- That changed about 25 years ago now--- One of our beloved and powerful senators Strom Thurmond ( RIP) his grand daughter was killed by a drunk driver. And he had a lot of juice in this state. He along with MADD and the insurance companies got laws strenghtened. Even though we have tough laws some folks do not seem to care. As the cops refer to it "frequent flyers"---- Yeah I was glad to see that guy got 22 years but I doubt he will actually pull more than maybe 4 years.
  5. Believe it or not my home course does not have a beverage cart--- The owners say that beverage carts and cart girls are a PITA--- Now their beer and drink prices are reasonable and they will give you free ice and a nice bag for free to take on the course. And I do not really drink anymore but would not drink and drive anyhow--- My days of being a volunteer fireman and a wrecker driver seeing too many innocent lives ruined has made a mark in my mind--- Never did drink and drive when I drank but had enough stupid behavior with motor vehicles as in drag racing and such that I was lucky I did not kill myself or innocent other people. Yep I am thankful and do not tempt fate--- What appaled me when I got in the wrecker business here was the number of DUI arrests made here on a daily basis. Not only tourists but locals too. Like I told one of the Cops it just amazes me they have bill boards posted messages on TV and radio and Still people do it. That officer also told me another amazing fact for this area for everyone they catch 5 more get away with it or kill someone before they get caught. I know it was on the news here yesterday a guy some time back driving drunk on revoked license for DUI ran into a man and killed him and his young Grand daughter. He did get 22 years for it. Hope he pulls every minute of it.
  6. Yep North Carolina was like that back in the day when I was growing up. It was called "Brown Bagging" and was legal then. The restaurant would let you bring in your liquor etc and charge a fee for chasers and Ice etc. Ever so often especially in the election years " Liquor by the drink" would come up and the Baptists would raise a stink and it would be defeated. I do not know now per say because I have not lived there in over 40 years now. I do know in NC they still have dry counties. Cabarrus county is still a dry county but Concord which is the county seat is wet and you can buy alcohol in the city. In fact they annexed Charlotte Motor Speedway into the city a few years back so they could sell beer at the races and events. In SC I am not real sure of the laws except that up until like 5 years ago we were the only state left with the mini bottles by law in bars and restaurants. Now they have free pour but some tell me you can still buy mini bottles at the liquor store. I know that for a fact because some of the guys carry mini bottles especially Fireball in their golf bags. But I agree with you if your are in their house follow their rules. To me it makes no difference because I really do not drink anymore maybe ONE beer if I am in the mood for it which is not too often
  7. My home course does not have any signs posted or seem to say anything. Of course their alcohol prices are reasonable. They do give you free bottled water because even pre covid they did not have water on the course. They do encourage one to carry coolers on the course with water. Now some courses mainly the Founders group courses have signs posted and will ask to look into coolers. Some folks like me on dieuretics have to keep a water supply and some folks have to keep legit medications ready and cool and I am not talking about alcohol either. One of the courses here got sued a few years back because they would not let a guy take his cooler and he filed a lawsuit under the ADA act. He was also a member at that course which was semi private--- It was referred by the state court to federal court. When that happened the courses lawyers about killed themselves getting to an out of court settlement. He finally settled on a out of court settlement and it cost them dearly. I think the head Pro and 2 bag drop guys were let go. I knew the guy and he was legit and had legit medicine and water and offered to show them that he had no alcohol in fact he did not drink because of his health concerns. In fact it came out that the head pro told him if he was in that bad of shape he should not play golf. Everyone in course management around here knows of the incident and are cautious. I have been asked at Founders Courses and I am glad to show them I have no alcohol just water and CBD gummies which are legal here and I have had no problem at all. I am not sure per say what the ABC laws are in SC on this. But I will say in this county they are hesitant to suspend a ABC license for such trivial stuff because they generate a lot of tax revenue
  8. I know there was some 80 90 ish Mizuno driving irons that were hollow. One of my customers bought one and loved it except the sound. I ended up drilling it near the toe and put some spray foam in it and quitened it down. I had drilled and threaded the toe for a 3/32 allen head screw and epoxeyed it in. I was concerned the toe weight might throw it off. I did use an aluminum screw. I had messed around with the Allen Screws some adjusting weights on some of the Bobby Grace Mark 5 putters so I knew about weight on those. The customer loved it after the conversion in fact he had me modify the other one and he bought it too for his BIL. Yep I knew that about the CFs I was thinking you or Fellaheem posted the MPF specs on them. In fact I have a Armour VFQ CF PW coming when ever it gets here. The design is a little different on the back and I love the weight placement. Had one of those wedges for years and it got stolen with the Spalding Elite irons back in 77. Never found another one like it. One of the guys on FB on the PGS had it and I pulled the trigger for $25. May pull the Callaway 52 out of the main set if it works out. About 15 years ago now I built a set of CFs. I had cut the hosel down some and had drilled a tad deeper. Put a set of Rifle 6.5s in them. Man they hit good. My conversion moved the sweet spot out to the middle. A bud of mine I call a traveling pro and gambler was here. He hit them and loved them. Made me an offer I could not refuse cash. Now this guy works a club pro job around Northern Ohio and or Michigan during the summer and has a gig in Florida in the winter. He also high stakes gambles and plays some of the Fla minis some. He had a Nike deal but plays the CFs when the chips are down and the cards are on the table. Have not seen him in like 5 years but we have an agreement that if he ever wants to sell I have first dibs. I had enterained the thought of building another set with 5.5s or Apex shafts before I was hurt never got around to it and steel shafts are more than likely out of the question for me at this stage
  9. Depending on how you look at it irons have advanced. Basic blades have not changed any. Now other irons have changed from a design standpoint as in weight placement and like 2 piece faces. Shaft engineering along with the newer heads have changed the game and IMHO has kept some folks in the game longer. Loft jacking is nothing other than changing the number on the bottom of a club and maybe having to add a "wedge" Todays Gap or A wedge is yesterdays PW. Todays 4 iron ( when you can find one ) is yesterdays 2 or 3 iron. Now I will admit a modern Callaway 4 iron with perimeter weighting is a lot easier to launch than a old blade 3 iron and with the newer metals and designs has more ball speed and with the shaft combo has a more penetrating ball flight. But I guess because it is the way I have played my whole life I do prefer the old blades
  10. For me on the graphites it is in the very early learning process--- I will admit for me I have very limited knowledge on playing them or building them--- My first start with them was a set of KZGs that i actually built for my bud Bear and he did not like the looks of the heads and I ended up with them. They had Swing Science 200 Senior Flex shafts and I built them dead on spec. I played them some when I first started back but after the little SNAFU of me actually gaining upper body strength I started rope hooking the crap out of them. I ended up selling those things to a guy for his 80 something Dad real cheap. The TMs I got in a trade buy deal. Loved the heads better than any other CB I had ever seen. I had a couple of chances to flip for a profit but something told me to hold on and keep them. Glad I did. For now I am well satisfied and have kinda reformed my club ho ways. Of course when I learn more about graphite in irons do not be surprised to see a set of Mac Blades with graphite in the future. But for now as I progress I am learning to relish the smooth fell of the graphite shafted TMs. And BTW I was not always a club ho--- Played the same set of 66 PB Citation irons for 6 or 8 years until I went back to my Mac VIPs because the PBs were half worn out when I got them and I finished them off. Played the first set of VIPs darn near 15 years---- Putted with the Ping Zing 2 for right at 20 years--- Back then the only way I replaced a club was if I wore it out. I can not blame MGS or WRX for being a club ho. I got that from my late partner Big John when we had the golf shop. He was very knowledgeable on equipment and got me to trying different stuff--- I did have a small collecton of classic stuff that I held on to for sentimental reasons but it still was small. I think my escalation of club hoeing was when I started at the scrapyard and hooked up with my bud Bear--- Bear is partially to blame too he club hoes and runs out of room and then pawns stuff off on me. I told him a while back no more. Right now I am thinning the heard because I think we may be moving in the next year. This area is getting too crowded for us and getting worse and worse every year. We are thinking seriously about buying a motorhome and crusing for a year or two to different places to see where we want to settle for the rest of our lives.
  11. LOL I know what you mean on the thin shots one of the reasons I did not play yesterday or today it is cold and a thin shot would really cause me hurt now------ You want to feel sting and vibration? Thin a old blade 2 iron with a range rock on a cold day. Man talk about sting and vibration.
  12. Well 3 weeks after the accident they did let me putt some with a back brace on. I had one broomhandle putter and built another. I kinda propped up and putted also had one of those suction cup things on the butt end because I could not bend over. Like 3 weeks later they said I could chip some. After like 6 months they gave me the green light to hit balls some. This is where I pressed the issue. I would do my 1 hr PT and then drive down the road 1 mile to the course and hit balls. I even tried to rush things by hitting the heaviest clubs I had with stiff shafts. I will admit I have always been WFO and hard headed. After all you are talking to a guy that had kidney stone surgery and was in the hospital for 2 days. The day I got out I jumped into one of my dirt track race cars and drove that night and the next with a catheter in. Needless to say I had a couple of setbacks on the back. I know my neurosurgeon said I was one of a few in his 25 years of practicing medicine that he had to slow down. He told me most folks in my situation especially Workmans Comp cases dogged it because they were drawing WC. I told him I was semi retired anyhow and was enjoying golf and that was one of the things I retired to do and I did not give 2 damns about the weekly checks I just wanted to get on with my life. I will be the first to back you up 110% about the doubt and reflex action relating to pain trying to play--- After my false start last year I sat out Nov thru about the 1st of March. Still did the swing trainer some and hit whiffle balls with the wedges. One word of caution watch those swing trainers--- I used my Skilz Ball one to get me to turn again and it was fine and to build speed. That was ok on face value but when actually playing and hitting a ball I was overswinging and going too hard. Something else we found out-- I have always had a lot of upper body strength. During my WC evaluation they found out I was not doing the exercises correctly. On the ones like sitting and standing and the parallel ones for balance I was actually using my arms instead of my core to push up. It was determined that I was not being properly supervised or watched. In fact I can not say more because we have a seperate pending lawsuit going against the therapy place now. I actually GAINED upper body strength. I ended up having to do 10 closely supervised extra therapy sessions. That is where the law suit comes in for both me and the insurance company. For once the Insurance Company is on my side. I will say take it easy and do not go WFO like I did
  13. Thanks Dawg--- I was lucky I did not have to have surgery. I structurally healed up fine and my compressed disc re inflated itself. Mine is basically nerve damage which the docs say may or may not go away it is a crap shoot. Yep I went through PT for both the shoulder which I broke too and the back. The shoulder doc plays golf himself and got me into a PT program to help play golf again. I have had absolutely no problem with the shoulder. But for now I am sticking with the graphite. Stick with the PT I know it hurts but stick with it
  14. Not bad consistant contact at all---- As long as it is consistent you can live with it. IMHO as long as you can consistently hit it on one spot on the club you can figure out your distances and flight. About the path of my hits in general. Truthfully if you look at any older clubs I have played for some time I have about the same wear pattern. The key is knowing what is going on, Which I have never considered myself a ball striker but a inventive shot maker and get out of jail artist. I remember one time this old pro was looking at the short irons of my first set of VIPs. He did not know me per say but was a friend of a friend--- He looked at the faces of my short irons and the sole wear. He told me you are a trap cut player and swing outside in. He nailed it--- Yep it does not have to be perfect or textbook to work.
  15. Heck last week it was sorta cold starting off in the Shootout--- I was going to switch to the Srixon Soft Feels. Problem was I had taken the white ones out of the car and only had a dozen green ones. Played those or actually the one. Played it for 18 holes. Caught he double hockey sticks from my partners.
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