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  1. Well Said!! Same for me for the same reasons
  2. I am just south of you some 75 miles in the South End of the Grand Strand of SC temps about the same with the wind blowing. Since we are both retired we are hunkered in wood stove going. It is supposed to be really cold this weekend. My wife does work 2 nights at Wally World stocking shelves and has to work tonight. Now tomorrow I have to sorta work. I run sound at my church and we have a big concert coming up tomorrow night. I have to go early to do set up on like 50 different singers and musicians. Will be in around 10AM or so. Do not know how long it will take to rig and set up. Program is at 7 PM tomorrow night. I basically have not been on here lately because my mornings are basically the same and not exciting. Most mornings in good weather I am up early and have my coffee and off to the course. Bad weather I am up some and end up going back to bed
  3. Basically that in so many words is what one of the wheels with Wells Fargo said
  4. The bag on the left is a Jones Classic stand. I am big on Jones bags mainly because they are durable and not mainstream. I have the non stand version of it. I bought it used some 10 years ago and it still holds up. Now I ride all the time because of injury. I just switched back to the Jones from my old school Burton mini staff. The only time I walk is on the little Par3 with my wife and there I use my vintage Hoofer. It carries well for me with my bad back usually carrying 7 clubs 3 for me and 4 for her. I will admit I am a bag ho and change around quite a bit. I am seriously thinking of pulling the trigger on a new Jones Classic stand this year. Even riding I do not carry much stuff like others do so the Jones is fine.
  5. I play all of mine at 43". I have shrank some due to age and my accident. I am now only 6 ft tall. I stand darn near straight up. My specs are a little odd due to me being so tall and a 32" inseam. My lie is at 79*. Works great for me not anchoring or even looking like it. As far as the bottom line if one plays golf with me I could give 2 rips less if you anchor or not. main thing for me is you are playing enjoying yourself and having fun.
  6. I have had a Ping B-90I ever since they came out. I putted with it for a couple of years for the novelty of it. I never anchored even then. When all the rage was going on I switched back to conventional. Since I had an accident in 2020 involving my back and permanent nerve damage I went back to the broomstick. I have been using the B-90 but have built up a Bobby Grace Mark IV mallet type and have been doing great with it. I also play vintage golf on a little Par3 up the street from me. I had a Odyssey 2 ball clone broomstick I picked up somewhere cheap. I had to add a lot of lead tape on it but it also works well for me. I really did the clone thing to save the hassle of switching putters since I keep the Par3 set in a separate Pig Hoofer bag. In my golf league I have had absolutely no hassle on using the broomstick. All of those guys know what I have been through. As far as your R&A official I agree that attitude is appalling. They wonder why most rank and file golfers do not have any use for them or the USGA. I remember when the anchoring ban took effect most courses and leagues around here chose to ignore the ban. Like the guy who owns my course said The USGA does not own and run this course. Besides if I choose I can play the handicap card being 90% disabled.
  7. It is a good idea but I do not have any close living relatives. Most of my friends if we do not see each other at the course we do call each other about everyday.
  8. If I was able to walk like I used to I would throw on the rainsuit and use a partial set of classic clubs and walk 9. I used to enjoy the solitude and the challenge of playing with like 5 clubs in bad weather. Loved hitting those little knuckle down screamer Quail high hooks with a 1 iron. Not in the cards for now but that is my next goal. I start walking some at the little par 3 up the road in 2 weeks on Saturdays since I am not playing the Saturday Shootouts any more.
  9. Good Morning up as usual 3rd cup of coffee in hand---- No golf for me today it is raining in fact it appears to be raining all over the SE---- Managed to play Tuesday and yesterday. Usually I do not play 2 days in a row but we knew the rain was coming in and it was a chance for me to see if I could go 2 in a row again. Even though it is cool and damp I have just a little pain and stiffness. I have already worked that out with my bands and exercise. So if not for the rain I feel I could have went today with no problems. Did do well in the League Thursday and played well and wone some$$$. Tuesday was meeh but managed to break even. Yesterday went $5 in the hole but that was ok. It could have been bad because I had 2 triples on account of me trying to pull the trigger too quickly on the driver and snap hooking it. One of the triples I tried to play hero again when I should have taken an unplayable. But good came out of it because it could have been a terrible round but I did salvage an 83 out of it. On our handicap system for our league it updates daily as soon as we post so mine is back up to 12 again. I think the wife and I are going later despite the rain up to the Waffle House in Surfside and have breakfast. More than likely I will work in the shop today. Edit--- Another positive on the snap hooking means I am starting to get SS back and am getting through the ball good again. LOL this is the first time I have snap hooked anything since my accident 3 years ago and to do it 2 times in the same round well it sounds strange but WOW!
  10. Looks like a load of drill pipe to me. I hauled quite a few loads of it back in the day when I had my truck leased to C&H Transportation out of Dallas Texas. Definitely an equipment hauling trailer with the pull down ramps. Thinking about C&H man that was 30 years ago or more time flies
  11. Oh yeah I am up getting ready for league play this AM--- it is a little cool at 58* but I am loving it
  12. Do not take it personally--- I do have Canadian Snowbird friends. But about 95% of the Snowbirds think they own this beach when they plop their collective butts here for 4 months or so. And they get preferred treatment from management because Management is charging them 45% more. And it is not just the Canadians but those from the NE USA as well. We were outside last year waiting to go off on the shootout. This one woman started raising hell (she was from Ohio) about my bud Bear Smoking a cigarette and me smoking a cigar. It infuriated other members and they lit up too. I informed her that all in this group were full time members and this was OUR course and OUR beach. Of course she complained to management. I was up on the range last year on a cart (members get to use a cart when available) I was sitting resting smoking a cigar when this Canadian couple rode by. The woman made a point of saying the Cigar offended her. I basically told her to screw herself. Of course she complained to management. The owner asked her if she was sure it was a cigar? He laughed and told me that went right over her head. Now on the other hand I have some great Snowbird friends in fact one guy from Canada gets me to regrip 2 sets of clubs every winter they come down here. I can go on and on on both ends but I decided some months ago not to deal with it this year in the Shootouts. After what happened Saturday me and my buds will not be playing it again period for now on
  13. Why on God's green earth would the attendant do that? I would have demanded a Police report and would have been owning a Laundry Mat--- Some People!!!!!
  14. Nice and pleasantly cool here for me 48*. Got the 2nd pot of coffee going. Yep 2nd pot. Went out on the screened in porch to check on how my 1940 Macgregor irons are coming along soaking in Coca Cola and white vinegar. It was so pleasant to me I pulled up a chair lit up a cigar and enjoyed it. Now here at the beach I do not have the pleasant smells associated with my native Piedmont NC but for now it is good Working on the 40 Macs because I am planning on playing the little Par 3 course by the airport in Dirty Myrtle. Several of us are out of the Saturday Shootouts. I was out after this week anyhow. Planning on the 9 and dine with my wife this Saturday afternoon. I do not do double duty those Saturdays. I had also decided to curtail the Shootout anyhow because the Snowbirds are coming down and I decided not to put up with them this year. After what happened Saturday I doubt I will play in any Shootouts going forward. We have a Dynamite team and have won the last 4 out of the 5 weeks. The week we did not win we placed 2nd. People are raising hell again much like they did when we had the original team. Our ringer is this 22 year old kid who is one of the top AMs in the Carolinas period. His Dad has a golf school at out course and in past years was a Top 100 instructor. We got called out in front of everyone by the owner. Our ringer has to go to the tips from now on. The main team raising hell has an ex CCU player on their team that is a stick. What they do not understand with us it is a Team effort with us. Also they are not looking after long standing members and giving precedence to the Snowbirds. So a bunch of us are out mostly for good even when the Snowbirds leave. After this Saturday we have about 9 players signed up for the Par 3 for just a fun event. Since there are no carts there and one has to walk the Snowbird old farts do not play there. I can play it with my wedges since the longest hole is 110 yards but I decided to use the Mac 5 7 and 9 irons and hit some bump and runs etc. I will continue with League Play at my course but no more Shootouts or Special events. The staff at the Par 3 and our guys are looking forward to it
  15. I have always liked Victor. To me he is one cool Cat has Ice Water in his veins. Good or bad nothing seems to bother him. I also like Max Homa he is a scrapper no matter how bad it is he never gives up. I am probably different than most Americans. I like certain players for their play and how they handle themselves. I could give 2 hoots less where they are from. I also like watching great golf. I have said it before also watch the Senior Tour and LPGA. Since I do not watch any other sports or care about them I watch a lot of golf mostly reruns early in the morning. On the good morning side I am up per my SOP second cup of coffee down. Getting my act together to play the League today. Did not play yesterday I had to get some supplies for my CPAT machine. I have a SNAFU going between my Medicare Supplemental Insurance and a local insurance supplier here. Frankly the approved supplier sucks. Basically I went to another store and paid for my supplies out of my pocket. I also ran some other errands and paid a couple of bills while I was out. Was on the phone with my Supplemental Insurance Company. Really I am tired of dealing with the crap. Talked to the gal who works for my lawyer. She told me what he said to do. I am keeping a notebook with times and dates and info. Also filing a copy of my receipt with the insurance company. We will see and go from there. But anyhow today for me is golf and the phone is turned off let them roast in stuff a while. Besides the 2 places I do not carry a phone period is in Church and the Golf Course. In reality I do not carry or talk on the phone as much as other retirees do. Sometimes I forget all about my phone and leave it for even several days in the console or glove box of my car. LOL I lost it one time for 3 days. Shrugged at my wife "it will turn up" It did dead battery and all in the trunk of my car.
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