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  1. I think he may be on the way back--- Steps at a time but he has to get control of that driver
  2. As nice as it is I could not justify the greens fee. I played it about 10 or 12 years ago with a friend that had a hook up. Forgot what it cost. But it was a great experience.
  3. Yep I played Charleston National a couple of years ago great course on of my Buds was one of the Assistant Pros there at the time
  4. 2 to 1 says he at least tries it during a practice round or if he is not going to make the cut trying it in the second round. That second scenerio would be good press and advertisement for Cobra
  5. It was canvas stretched over a frame. Believe it or not I saw it in the late 80s weather beaten and all sitting in the back of an equipment yard in Kissimee Florida.
  6. Goes to show everyone's style is different--- You have to play to your strengths--- Back in the day Corey pavin was short compared to Nicklaus and Jim Dent but man was he was one heck of a long iron player and putter. Jordan has one heck of a short game and is usually a fantastic putter. I think his driving woes frustrated his overall game some but I think he is getting his head together.
  7. Well said as SOP for you anyhow. Yep us older guys we do not have the SS anymore to elevate a 3 wood and we are better off with a 5 wood or a higher lofted what I call a 4 wood @ 16*. Yep it took me a long time to turn back the man card and admit it but it is true. I have really learned it in the last year or so with my injury. You have known me a long time on here and would you ever think you would see me with CBs and graphite shafts plus a Gap wedge in the bag? Yep my Signature is a long departure from what it used to be. Oh when I heal up again I will play the old stuff some for kicks and g
  8. First off thank you for your Law Enforcement Service in Homeland Security---- Yep we really need you folks---- Nice equipment all the way around----
  9. First off it is not a rediculous question--- We all gain knowledge through questioning things whether verbal or experimentation on our own. Now on your question and this is just my opinion FWIW. You need to go with the club you have the most confidence in and fits your style of playing. Personally I went back to my 5 wood because I can hit it pretty decent and can work it to hit a variety of shots with. Good example--- On bad lies I will say a hybrid may be easier to hit like out of the rough. In the case now for me if I can not get a 5 wood under it then I will hit a 5 or 6 iron and chop it
  10. Since my accident I can tell the weather better than those high paid educated weather people. My back will hurt and get stiff. Thursday when the 9 and dine thing came up I told them It ain't going to rain. One of the owners asked why I knew that? I told him you see me out here hitting balls and practicing don't Ya? Yeah I went over and gave them hell yesterday afternoon
  11. Yep after the rain blew out Monday around noon it has been Sunny and temps in the high 60s. Hard to get a tee time at my course all the Snowbirds are out along with all our men's and ladies leagues. I think they lifted our CPO yesterday afternoon. Was supposed to play the 9 and Dine with my wife this afternoon but they called it off due to a THREAT of rain. A lot of the old farts started talking about calling off and so it left some doubt in the clubhouse so they post phoned it until next Saturday. I really can not blame them since they go all out on food. One of the owners joked to me that so
  12. All the time of course I am the tinkerer king and love to experiment with combos of shafts etc.
  13. I don't know on the M-5 but I am loving my M-6 it is a straight cannon for me. Love the head shaft combo with the Twisted Sister face that thing feels like butter to me.
  14. With me lately it has been a lot of experimenting on the top end with all health wise going on with me. But I am regaining swing speed and realized it this week, Did a Max change on the top end pulled out the 2 hybrids because I can get more out out of the 19* 5 wood than the 19* hybrid. I also seem to get a little more out of the 5 & 6 irons with the shaft and head combo. I am only carrying 12 clubs so if I am playing a different course I can add the 21* 7 wood on the top if needed and the old Zing 2 60* if I need a SW for fluffy greenside traps. But I am not one to carry un needed clubs
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