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  1. Mookie this may sound funny but I choose a ball depending on weather conditions that day. Good example in a previous post I stated that the other day I played a TM Project A. The reason I did that was because it was cold and windy. I have no problems spinning any ball because by design I hit a trap cut. I did not need the spin a Pro V or a Snell MTB gives me. Now it being a scramble I had a Pro V in my pocket in case we missed a green and needed to chip. And I did putt with the Pro V. If it had been real golf I would have more than likely putted with the Project A anyhow since I tend to use old school forged non insert putters---- In the summer though I will be playing one of the Pro Vs or a Snell or a Vice depends on what I can get my hands on.
  2. HMMMM!! ROTFLMFAO!!!------ Now to set the record straight we are talking golf balls here---- But hey you brought it up since you did here goes----- My Old Man was a Quail hunter and raised bird dogs mostly setters. Some of his dogs were general hunting dogs and some were field trial dogs. He had one that was not only a field trial champion but a darn good general pointing dog. That dog was born with one ball no joke. That dog ended up siring 10 different litters of pups. My old man made a small fortune on stud fees with that dog--------- Sorry guys to thread jack BUT he did bring it up
  3. I personally loved the old Pro Launch 65 Gold in stiff. Now I have gotten too old to swing them but I did find out the other day a guy here has them in Senior flex. But the old NVS is also a great shaft. I had one in a Hogan CS-5 driver and have several Hogan CS Hybrids with that in Hybrid form shaft in them. Also had the NVS 65 in a Wishon driver that hit real good
  4. Ok Fozzy that sounds pretty positive to me since we are about the same age and I assume we have similar swing speeds
  5. Chisag is pretty well up to date on stuff--- I was wondering how these would compare to the Project A? I like the Project A in the cooler weather and vintage play. Remember I have a slower swing speed now and they do compress well for me but I lose distance in warm weather with any of the soft balls. So with the new TM balls coming out the Project A balls may be reduced price
  6. Well with me it is kinda funny ( ain't it always) First off I do not carry more than 6 balls because if I am hitting it that bad one of two things are happening I am going to the range or home. At this stage of life it will more than 99% likely home. This week it was 3 Pro V 1x one TP 5x and 2 TM Project A. It was a little cold and windy so I played the Project A. It was a scramble and I used the same ball the entire round. Now I tend to group Vice and Snell balls when I use those. The only Srixon I use is the Soft Feel and I do not like or use Bridgestone balls. Now if I am playing strictly vintage golf it will be more than likely Srixon Soft Feels or Wilson Duo
  7. Let him hook up with me and I can put together a team. Ain't gonna win anyhow there are too many cheaters but who ever I play with we have fun. Yesterday I finally got hooked up with a Bud that we had wanted to team up for some time. We teamed up with a "snowbird" couple from NY and did pretty well in the mixed division. I may skip this week though and play with the NY boys not sure yet
  8. Wilson always made some good stuff. Even though in days gone by I was not a big Wilson fan I was a big fan of Wilson wedges and the 8802 putters. from what I read they are on the comeback trail and IMHO they are under rated. After all our current U S Open champion is a Wilson Staffer. And from what I read Shapland may be a up and coming bag company. And FYI I recently found a Wilson George Low Forged 600 putter ( around 1980 vintage) and put it into play in Saturday's shootout and putted real well with it. It sit good for me and the weight is right with no lead tape added ( odd coming from me). Outstanding feel too
  9. I have not played anywhere but Indigo other than 1 round at The River Club since Indian Wells closed December 21st. I have kinda got involved in the Saturday Shootout but am fixing to wean myself off of it
  10. Deer Track that was another story- When it closed we were running the golf shop and I was equipment manager for Little River LLC which owns Tupelo Bay and Harbour View on the north end. First thing the developer did when they took over was pull the irrigation system. In fact they sold all the pumps and controls to the city of Surfside Beach. Sprinkler heads ended up all over the beach they were sold cheap. In fact I bought 50 of them for LRLLC for $10 each. There were a group with the HOA that wanted to take over at least 18 holes after a year or so. That was wishful thinking because I told them of the irrigation system being gone and what it would take for it to be cut down again to even resemble a golf course much less be goat ranch playable. I had it pegged around 1/4 of a million. The got the dose of reality backed up by a firm that they consulted at 5k to research it. I was not off much maybe 50K. Needless to say they dropped the thoughts like a hot potato.
  11. Yep you are correct on that and seriously keep small children away too. Gators in general are as scared of you as you are them except in mating and nesting season. If they see you are not intending any harm they just lay back and observe. We do have laws in SC prohibiting feeding or messing with them. Even in mating and nesting season they are not too aggressive as long as you don't go any closer than 15 feet or so. Yeah I let Wally Gator have his space. Most of the idiots ate or bit in SC were feeding them and seriously ran out of food and the gator got pissed and attacked
  12. Indigo in recent years has become a borderline Goat Track. They closed the summer before last to re do the greens but from what I heard ran out of money. right now the greens are in bad shape but putt better than they look. I like the layout and it is a fun course to play and I like the atmosphere of being more or less a locals course. And yes most of us locals have the same problems with the tourists and snowbirds that you guys in Florida have for the same reasons. I grew up on Bermuda grass so no problem for me. Island Green was a fun little track to play. I almost took a bath there because we almost bought one of those little hexagon houses there. The only reason we did not was because the bubble head real estate agent pissed us off because she was so dim witted and we walked. What most of the problem at Island Green was that there are 6 different HOAs in the area and there was a dispute on access to the course. In fact I was involved with a group that wanted to buy it after the latest closing. I was going to be the GM. They got into so much dispute with the 6 HOAs that the main 2 money men pulled out. The one remaining money guy was going to shoulder it all but then he got sick with cancer and passed away. So it sits as I type abandoned and grown up
  13. Carl I do not think they have that deal on the Grand Strand anymore. The Golf business has changed drastically here the last 10 years. A Chinese investment group called Founders International bought up 21 courses and started their own thing called the Prime Times card. They also have several vacation booking agencies too. Now I was a member until they closed my home course Indian Wells in December. I did not renew this year because it was not beneficial for me. Some of the smaller Golf Management groups along with some independent course owners banded together and started the Platinum group which has grown to 21 courses now in fact 4 of them within 2 miles of my house. My new home course Indigo Creek is just across US 17 from my old course Indian Wells. The pro there and co owner is an old bud anyhow. We got a chuckle yesterday over the fact that now with the closing of Indian Wells the Platinum Group has more courses than the Founders Group. What you do is buy a card with different options and you get reduced rates even in the season. The drawback especially with the Founders Group is in the fall and spring seasons they give priority to the out of town package groups and sorta shunt the locals aside. Right now seems that the Platinum group is not geared that way. You also have the Legends group with 5 courses but they tend to overbook and play can be agonizingly slow. Then you have the Mystical group which I mentioned previously and why our mixed groups of 25 or so did not renew our mystical cards last year. We also used to have the Grand Strand Seniors Golf card which was available to any resident over 50. It was basically like the Heart Association book like you described. But it was a sham. The Association let the courses do as they darn well pleased and there were many restrictions and the courses were adding their own as they saw fit and no one said anything. I think I tried to use mine for maybe 6 months and threw it in the trash. Golf down here prior to 08 got to be a sham for locals. Many of us took to playing out of town so to speak like the Wellman course in Johnsonville and Rolling Hills in Aynor. In 08 during the recession these courses down here darn near starved and they changed their attitude towards locals. And the times shifted all of the local lower tier courses that thrived just prior to the recession have closed now. Wellman , Rolling Hills, Island Green and Heron Point have closed along with the little 9 hole Conway Country club. The only one of that group that is being developed is Conway Country Club. Me since being displaced have basically "hung my shingle and parked my butt" at Indigo Creek. Most of the retirees of the Indian Wells bunch have migrated to the Legends group. 15 years ago I knew darn near someone at every course whether they be the Pro or assistant now I know hardly anyone. Waiting to see if it all goes to hell in a hand basket the next 20 years or so If I live that long.
  14. You mean the Wizard don't you? Wizard and Man O War are right beside of each other. The Witch is a nice layout built in a swamp. But in the summer no air moves and it gets as hot as Hades and the insects will carry you off. Like I said I love the layout but the environment it is in uggh! when we play it we play in the late fall. Wizard and Man O War are two of the few courses with bent greens and they are always in good shape. Only drawback to those 2 courses lately they seem to draw either the wedding party crowds full of drunks and loud music on the course. The one mixed group of the NY Boys and some others all of us had member cards but dropped them last year due to the type of clientele the seem to be gearing towards now. I guess it is Business 101 they would rather have drunks at $65+ a round consuming $200 or more worth of alcohol a round than locals buying a $50 yearly membership and paying $35 per round. All 3 courses are owned by the same people and called the Mystical Group
  15. You know they just started developing Bay Tree 2 years ago but the did it fast. It will be 2 years this July they finally demolished the big water tower. In fact I hauled every piece of steel from it to our yard not at one time mind you but in about 12 loads. I have the data plate from that water tower hanging in my shop right now. For those of you that do not know you can still Google the images and you will see the tower shaped like a golf ball on a tee. And yep I would love to hook up with any of our fine members. Dawg and I sure had a fine time that day
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