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  1. I know PXG is coming out with a new driver. It is already on the conforming list and John Daly played one last week in the PGA. I have seen some of those TM wedges look pretty good === Now I have not hit one or even seen one at address but they seem to be pretty decent
  2. So I take it you like it more than your current Rogue----- Around our place the current hot drivers are the Srixon and the PXGs. But our course has a strong Srixon presence anyhow. A couple of the guys are real hot on those Rogue drivers too. I do like the looks of that Cleveland though. I am not much on the look of a carbon crown in the newer drivers.
  3. Go for it!!!---- You never know until you try
  4. It is like Country Ham now. It is hard to find Country Ham with enough fat to make decent Red Eye Gravy. What we do is buy a chunk of fatback and use it along with ham chunks to make it. My wife says now days they want us to die healthy
  5. I can not do the eggs in any shape fashion or form I will get sick. I am ok in small versions like a binder for Meatloaf etc but other than that I get sick
  6. Yep--- My second home now
  7. They had a version exactly like that ( egg optional) at a little place in Auburn Washington. It was down the street from the trucking terminal we were at then. And it was a big oval platter too. Reasonable priced too. I was a big big eater then and I could do a platter and not eat the rest of the day
  8. Looking forward to Tuesday. Tom The Golf Nut is going to be down here and we are supposed to play 18. Hope it does not rain us out like it did last time.
  9. You don't get CBS on your package?
  10. I like my bacon but mostly I am a real Country Ham with red eye gravy man with of course grits
  11. What is funny is my regular Doc is one of the top Cardiologists in the state of SC. When my regular Doc retired about 5 yeas back he took over doing my DOT physicals etc. We have been golf buds for about 10 years now. What was funny was when I had my accident I gave his name for my regular physician which he is. I got some amazing looks from the people up in Florence SC as in he is a cardiologist. Yeah so what he is a MD too. I think it alarmed them and they were in full CYA mode. But I trust him and they sent all the reports to him as I requested. Come to find out one of my Neurologists knows him and found it highly amusing that we were golf buds. Told me tongue in cheek that I must be a decent golfer to be playing with those guys. I told him naah I could beat them with my broken back at the time ---- if he gave his blessing for me to swing a club then---- He laughed and said no no no not yet but if you listen and do as I say in due time. It was funny he told my Cardio Bud that and he called me. Said if I got the blessing he would take me on.
  12. Believe this or not. When I moved to the Grand Strand area of SC some 21 years ago now there was only ONE Waffle House on the whole Strand and that was in Little River some 25 miles from here. The next one they built was 2 miles down the road from me in Murrells Inlet. From all of that they suddenly exploded they are everywhere. Actually in a 5 mile radius of CCU there are now 5. Even the small town of Aynor which is 30 miles on 501 going into the beach has one. Technically I have 4 within a 5 mile radius of me now. Dennys we had 2 technically in Surfside Beach. One on Business 17 and the other one on the 17 bypass. For some reason I never heard they closed before the pandemic. I believe they still have one somewhere in Dirty Myrtle.
  13. They closed up both of our Denny's on the South Side of the beach even before the pandemic. Which I liked some of their dinners but for breakfast type stuff I like Waffle House better.
  14. Back when I was trucking over the road and had my own truck I carried an old 7 club set. Had a lot of fun in those days playing different usually local goat track type courses especially in the Midwest. LOL bought those old clubs at a course in Indiana with a bag for like $20 but did buy a new Anser from the same pro for like $40 or so. LOL he threw me in a free 18 hole round with cart. Nothing spectacular just a part set of 1953 Spalding Top Flite 3 5 7 9 irons and an old Dynamiter SW with an old Spalding persimmon driver and canvas bag. Got a lot of kick for the buck out of those. Beat the heck out of sitting at a Truck Stop all weekend with an oversized load. Believe it of not still have the Anser putter.
  15. Right up my alley make them work for you--- I have built and have always been a fan of "Frankenstein" clubs. Your G-400 sounds exactly like something I would build and try. I am for doggone sure ain't scared of any lead tape either. I can tell you from experience of being an old hustler myself I would not hardly play a man even that shows up with your set up--- And man if you can post some pics
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