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  1. Yep the 1025s are great irons---- Yep newer shafts will wake those bad boys up--- And if you tinker around and get them to kick for you nothing new on the market today hits purer than those.
  2. Well they did coin the phrase "Macgregor the Greatest Name in Golf". If anyone trys to give me the antique blade crap I tell them well a fellow named Jack won 18 majors with them.
  3. Answer to question #2--- Yep everyday I play I play some sort of Mac blade---- How many sets do you want to see in person??---- Lets see I have 10 complete sets everything from my 1940 3800 Armours to my 80 VIP remakes. BTW On the pic above I would love to find another thin soled DS Mac wedge like that one.
  4. Welcome to MGS and welcome back to golf---- I am younger than you by 9 years but have just came back from a bad back injury. As part of my rehab I was doing some speed training. I have gotten back pretty strong and have picked up distance but my iron play suffered. Did some serious practice this week and discovered I was pulling the club back further and getting off balance at the top. I have always had a balance issue but could manulipate myself to play decent. Now days it is a double edged sword for me. My lower body due to nerve damage does not move like it used to. I always had upper body strength but it increased during my injury because I had to pull myself up with my arms for about 10 months. But remember in speed training do not get off balance.
  5. Basically I play a baby fade--- Back in my younger years I had a rope hook problem. I basically taught myself a anti hook swing. Since coming back from severe back injuries and having to change my swing some to take stress off of my back. I have found I can work it both ways. Starting to get confident with a draw especially with the driver and fairway woods.
  6. You got it---- That is what Mizuno and blades are all about ---- The Feel
  7. Love it man right up my alley--- Hey it does not have to be the latest newest or greatest new thing to play well. Those MP-67s are a cult classic in many circles. In fact this may be shocking coming from a dyed in the wool Macgregor man but I do own a set of MP-68s--- I actually need to reshaft those. I keep those around part of my "conforming set" if I ever want to play comp again
  8. Not a thing wrong with that bag---- Those Hi Bore drivers if it has the right shaft combo those things would go. Loud as heck but they would go. Snake eyes Hybrids IMHO some of the best hybrids ever made.
  9. If your crackheads are like our crackheads or even methheads they will steal anything they can get their hands on. In your case I think that may have happened. They would not know the difference between a quality Emerald nut a Wally World brand
  10. You are going to love this Rick---- At 64 years old I have never bought a golf tee. Growing up my old man ran a public daily fee course. One of my jobs was cleaning out and putting the carts on charge. I got plenty of tees there. I was also like my old man not too good to bend over to pick one up. Believe it or not I still have 2 Chase and Sanborn coffee cans full of tees from there. Most of those are shorter tees and I use them with my vintage play. Hey time period correct. Some of them will literally desinigrate when hit. On the modern front ==== A lot of the tourist golfers ( which I am sure you can relate to) were stripping their bags weight wise to fly down. First stop after landing the Big Box stores to buy tees and balls. They will not bend over to pick up tees and when it is time to go home they leave the rest of the jumbo bags of tees. At my old club the cart barn guys used to give me bags of tees. They only place on this end of the beach that gives away tees is my local pancake house. He is a friend of mine and former sponsor. Man he gives me a bag half full when we go in. LOL on another note : My shop is a clutter and I was selling some stuff the other day. I was messing around with my old Cleveland stand bag ( have had for 15 years) Found 2 handfulls of tees that came from a exclusive course here. My bud was Asst Pro and at the time I played a couple of days a week there. They gave away tees everywhere in the carts on the range and in the Pro Shop. Of course their members were not going to pick them up either. Naah unless the shop and house burn down I do not see me in the foreseeable future purchaing any tees. Shoot just remembered I have half of a modern Folgers Can in the car with Pancake House tees
  11. You must have a quality Wal Mart in your area---- I checked on this myself and none in the Grand Strand the self prounounced "Golf Capital of the World" had any---- My store up the street has mostly junk as far as golf equipment-- I do buy those Wison gloves though--- But lately I have gotten a deal on Srixon gloves through my club--- Maybe $2 a glove more but better gloves and besides I do not have to deal with the Touron idiots in ours--- I can see why that price point bag ( at original price) would not sell at Wally World here
  12. Do not put ideas in a redneck engineer's head. Hmmm I can attach the other soft side cooler and wrap a couple of Hot Dogs tightly inside or at least 2 Pimento Cheese and Bologna sandwiches.
  13. Is that a Motocaddy product?? I had a giant one I won at a event 2 months ago. It was still in the plastic in the back of my car. Really it was too big for the Jones bag but I went back to the Burton Staff so it fits fine. Worked really well on the Motocaddy spread out the shade so to speak. That is one big umbrella. One of my fellow members pulled up on the range and asked if I was holding a funeral or selling hot dogs? We have a 9 and Dine scheduled today if the rain does not get us. But I will practice this morning the event is at 2:30. Got sorta a mixed bag in the Motocaddy bag for this AM. A couple of Hogan short Irons I have been messing with plus some wedges and my Hickory shafted Wilson wedge.
  14. It is hot and humid here too but I used mine today with the old Burton mini staff bag out on the range. I did strap my soft side cooler on it with my ice packs. Got on the range and put my new giant umbrella in the stand. I wanted to work on my wedges some. I have been practicing my long and approach game a lot and my wedge game has suffered. But due to the use of the Motorcaddy I can keep my stuff in my larger bag. I was able to hit about 125 balls today in the heat with mostly my wedges. i had my phone out there too playing music no one else was there. I attribute the Motocaddy entirely for me being able to do this. I could carry my stuff and my water plus my chair and rest under the umbrella in the shade
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