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  1. I did not invent the "bastardization" That was a Carolina's thing back in the 70s and 80s. I thought it was a thing in the Piedmont area of NC but found out differently about 5 years or so ago that it was also popular in the Triad region of NC too. It had to be popular in a lot more areas too because it prompted a letter from Mr Hogan himself to Hogan dealers condemning the practice of installing Apex shafts in non Hogan clubs. He threatened to pull the franchise of any dealer caught doing so. My old man was not a Hogan dealer for some reason he despised Mr Hogan but would never say why which was his way. His bud in Eastern NC was a Hogan dealer and he got his shafts there. When his bud got the letter he copied it and sent one to my old man who got a kick out of that. It did not stop the hustlers who just bought whole sets and had shafts pulled. I have wondered lately how many sets of never hit heads from that era were in Harold Dale's shop in Charlotte when he closed up shop in around 90 or so. My old man never liked the conversion on Macgregor clubs and often said " he did not know why in the hell someone would put an inferior ( Apex) shaft in a Macgregor club? He was a Pro Pel man period. Someone who knew my old man said one night they bet he rolled in his grave 2 times when I built those 2 sets. I told them yeah maybe but he rolled back over when he saw how good I hit them. I had thought of doing the conversion on the one set of FCs that were his that he got new in 62 but was scared that may be the final straw and he would come back and haunt me for the rest of my days. I know he got most of the pull out shafts from Harold's shop for free and when Macgregor started using Brunswick shafts in the 80s he called someone at the Mac factory in GA and got like 2 barrel fulls of new Pro Pel shafts. I do not know what happened to all those shafts when he retired
  2. Ok but wait until after Christmas and I will also try to find the Muirfield PW too---- I know it is an odd one I picked up somewhere and it is a non forged 20th edition---- Yep a lot of folks do not know about Muirfields some are forged and some are cast. The ones you have are the Tour Forged ones which I have 2 sets of and I have another set of the non forged ones. There is also a noticeable difference between some 20ths and regular Muirfields. Most regular Muirfields have a more rounded toe. The one set of Muirfields I have if some collector gets a hold of them after I pass their mind will be blown. And I did this for a reason that was to mess with someone. They have Hogan serial numbers!!!! When I pulled the donor set of shafts from the funky Directors I kept the ferrules intact. So yes I have a set of Muirfields with Hogan Apex shafts and Hogan Serial numbers.
  3. I have not seen anything in the equipment section of the rules of golf that would deem it non conforming----- BUT!!!! let someone start making a lot of putts and winning a lot of majors and get Brendell and Frankie Poo at the GC stirred up and the USGA will surely ban it
  4. Well I believe in play it forward--- I have had plenty of friends send me stuff especially Macgregor. My VIPs in my signature 3 of my buds on WRX conspired to send them to me the Hogan Apex shafts are my doing. In fact the set of Grinds I found in the bins at work and was missing the 8 iron. One of my buds in Florida sent me a matching 8 iron free of charge. Enough guys on WRX in the Classics section have my address and sometimes stuff shows up unannounced. Of course I do the same thing too.
  5. If I had to go to brand new current irons for some reason I will agree it would be either Srixon blades or Mizuno.
  6. One of my playing buds who is a PGAOA Lifetime member still plays a black set of those Adams irons. LOL he has played them so long all the black is worn off the faces and I will add in the right spots too. 72 years old and still shoots his age or better most of the times I play with him and that is from the senior (gold) tees and not the super senior tees ( red) either. He also carries 2 Adams Peanut hybrids which are well worn in the correct places too
  7. Seriously I do not have any problem with the signature---- The main thing for me would be the look of the top line at address and the offset also the sole grind. More than likely I would need some weight down low and so you guys know how I would take care of that. Far as what was on the back signature wise if I could hit and play them I could care less if it said Patrick Reed or Mickey Mouse. After all I am the founding father of brand agnostic
  8. BTW I will vote for Fidel and we could include my late Boston Maddy there too---- You know me I love all dogs and shape size or breed
  9. well I would bite but one problem---- I be broke as a convict------- I know a lot of folks run down Bob Parsons at PXG but he did make zillions with Go Daddy and stated in the beginning that he wanted to build golf clubs his way and did not care if he made money or not--- So yeah if I had disposable income I would be right on board and my forging house would be in the good old USA. Besides who needs a yacht with gold plated fixtures? Now forged bare balls rusty irons made in the USA that is where it is at. And while we are at it team with Louisville Golf to make our real persimmon woods. Bag line we could get Jones or Elliott to custom make out bags--- And BTW Jones and Elliott are both USA companies Portland Oregon and Charleston SC respectively------- Going to play the lottery tonight
  10. Sadly no one around here is into Bluegrass--- I love it especially Bluegrass Gospel
  11. Believe it or not I can not read one note of music but I can play "Smoke on the Water" on a guitar. A musician friend taught me years ago. I play harmonica some and do not misconstrue that I AM not no Delbert McClinton Now running a sound board I can do that---- Ran them for various bands on and off--- The last 10 years exclusively for Church---- I will never run another one in a beer joint or for a rock or country band strictly church or gospel band only. Not saying I do not still listen to rock or country some of it anyhow
  12. Yep and those are the good Tour Forged ones too> I have a set of Hogan Grinds that have a Legend 3 or 4 shaft that need a good home> I can not hit them anymore because they are too stiff for my back. I will dig them out after Christmas and will also look and see if I have a spare Muirfield PW---- And the price on the Grinds will be right as in Free. I would rather see them played and enjoyed instead of gathering rust and dust in the recesses of my shop. But we will get together after Christmas because I have 3 programs to run on the sound board at church plus a wedding to do this Saturday
  13. LOL I still do the tennis tape wrap on some occasions. I bought a bunch of it for 0.50 a roll at Walgreens on a close out senior day deal. Most of the clubs I find on the junk pile the grips are rotted. Even though I air install my grips and switch them from set to set I get lazy. That is where the tennis tape comes in. I will wrap them to try them. In fact it does so well on my 57 Diamondbacks I have not changed them in 2 years
  14. Naah you can still hit a 17* off the deck because I still swing a 16*--- Now I will admit those PT woods were not the easiest thing to hit either----- And crystal meth in the engineering labs I darn near busted a gut laughing at that. Yep sometimes I do not know what the modern golf folks are thinking if at all. One of the reasons I will stick to what I know which is older stuff
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