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  1. I'm interested in lighter weight steel shafts and performance relative to standard weight steel shafts. You website says the KBS Tour 90 shaft is for "average to moderate players". I'm not sure what you are trying to say with those terms... please explain. And perhaps you can comment on performance differences between the KBS Tour, C-Taper, and Tour 90, with an emphasis on what may be gained or lost when going to a lighter weight shaft.
  2. The Players may be one of the hardest tournaments to predict who will play well. It's very difficult tee-to-green, and the greens are really hard to putt well. Historically, someone unexpected is always in contention. You have to play well off the tee and be sure you are not short sided if you miss the green. Then you need a really hot putter. I think a lot of luck is involved in winning the Players. I expect the winner to be someone who is not on a favorites list. Winner could be someone like John Rollins, Chris Stroud, Ben Crane, Aaron Baddeley, or Zach Johnson.
  3. Nice round and high fives!
  4. Your comment "they deserve to be out on a course in the sun somewhere" tells me you have a personal attachment to the clubs. I have a couple of sets of old irons that are basically worn out and don't have much value. They were not my first clubs but I'm sort of a pack rat anyway and these clubs just seem to "belong" in my old golf bag in the corner. I would rather keep them than get what few dollars they would bring if I sell them.
  5. I keep hearing how comfortable these are so I would love to have a pair to play in. The Stealth appears to be exactly what I would be interested in. Leather and waterproof are what I look for when selecting a golf shoe. Thanks for the opportunity.
  6. Breathing properly is the best way to calm down. Google tactical breathing or four-count breathing. That will get you settled and ready to hit that first drive. And use it anytime during the round if you start to feel pressure or start to feel anxious.
  7. I think this is just the start of a big career for Bubba. I wouldn't be surprised at all if he wins 5 or more majors before his career is done. He will dominate for the same reason that other great players dominate: he can hit shots that no other player on tour can hit. He is awesome long and can move the ball right and left extensively with a today's ball that supposedly doesn't spin. Those skills are going to propel him to great things. Just wait and see.
  8. It's not uncommon for golf instructors to include the pros they work with as examples in their instruction books. Stan Utley does this in his short game book, and Butch Harmon had segments on Greg Norman, David Love III, and Tiger Woods in his book, "The Four Cornerstones of Winning Golf". In these examples, the books are golf instruction books. But Haney's book is not advertised as an instruction book. It's more like a biography. I've never known a golf coach to write a biography on a player he worked with.
  9. Last year I won a TM Superfast 2.0 3-wood. It has the 25gm Winn grip and 46gm Matrix Ozik shaft. Total weight on my swingweight scale is 298 grams. This was about an ounce (28gm.) lighter than my driver. I immediately put it in my bag and played with it for several months. And I even experimented with a 25gm. grip on my driver to get it's total weight down to about 292 grams. Today I have a standard grip on my driver, and my older (340gm) 3-wood in the bag. The Superfast 2.0 3-wood felt completely different than any other club in my bag. I always felt like I needed to use a different swing to hit it well. It was longer than standard which also contributed to the different feel. I hit it well on occasion, but I never knew where it would go when I hit it. The lighter grip on my driver was also failed experiment. No noticeable distance increase and I didn't really like the feel of that Winn grip. I didn't have any way to judge swing speed, but that longer shaft, lightweight 3-wood just didn't fit my swing. Distance is a combination of swing speed, hitting the ball in the center of the clubface, and proper angle of attack. If you can't control the club well enough to time your swing properly and hit the ball squarely, any extra speed is of no value. Some players may benefit from a super light club, but I'm not one of them.
  10. I voted Butch Harmon. Hard to name any instructor who is more respected. I've read instruction books written by many of those in the poll plus some others. Jim Flick and Bob Toski rank high for me based on their instruction books. They focus a lot on how the swing should feel and I can often go out and play better just having read some of their "feel" thoughts. A lesson by either Flick or Toski would be high on my list too. For putting, definitely Dave Stockton.
  11. If I'm not mistaken, Retief Goosen is not in the Masters and he is a few spots higher on the OWGR than Ernie. Two players with multiple major championships, both from South Africa. How do you invite one and not the other? Goosen ranked #54, Els ranked #58. I say invite them both.
  12. He's currently playing good enough to win the Masters and Ernie is the one player I always thought would definitely win a Masters. So I vote to issue him an invitation and let him skip Houston. But I'll be surprised if it happens. The only way he's playing is if he wins next week. But even if he wins next week, he may be so burned out he won't play well at Augusta. Next week will be 6 tournaments in 7 weeks for him and he squeezed the Tavistock in there too. I just don't think a Masters victory is in the cards for Ernie this year.
  13. Saw Tiger laughing to himself on the final green. I wondered if he was thinking that his victory was the perfect answer to Haney's book being released this week. This Tiger victory will be all the news and Haney will have trouble making the back page.
  14. I'm a holdout who doesn't own a GPS or laser rangefinder. I've never wanted the "hassle" if trying to sight the flag in a rangefinder, and I've seem some GPS devices that I didn't trust to be accurate. But recently I played with someone who had one of the Garmin wristwatch-type GPS devices. I was impressed with it's accuracy and ease of use. This appears to be a similar product that looks really nice and has an abundance of interesting features. I'm looking forward to the review. (I also saw that Bubba picked one of his twitter followers to get one. Lucky guy!)
  15. Nobody is going to remember what is printed in a tiny corner of the newspaper. But if you make a hole-in-one you'll remember it forever. And the group you played with will also likely remember the shot for a long time. I remember almost every hole-in-one I've seen and I've seen maybe 8 or 10. Nothing embarrassing about any of them. Just wish I could make one myself.
  16. I thought it was interesting that Luke Donald was playing both a Rocketballz driver and RBZ 3-wood.
  17. Lose-lose situation: When a team you picked to lose in the 2nd round is playing a team you picked to lose in the 1st round!
  18. I wear short socks for golf. I'm really only looking for one thing when I buy the short socks. I'm only looking for a sock that won't get "sucked" into the shoe. I would be happy with $3 socks if they stay in place, or I would pay over $10 if I knew for sure they would stay in place. Unfortunately, I never know when I buy socks if they are going to wear properly or not. I don't know what variables make the heel of a sock get pulled into the shoe, but I've bought some expensive socks that still do that. I suspect it's my narrow foot and the heel of the shoe not fitting snugly, but that's just speculation. Funny thing is, when it happens, it only happens to one sock.
  19. I've never had a round change my standard approach to the game, but I do think that making putts early in a round provides a much higher level of confidence and expectation for the rest of the day. Making putts just gets you excited about playing that day. Conversely, miss a few putts early, and it is real easy to think things are going against you. I have to make a real mental effort not to get down on myself when I miss putts or three-putt a green early in the round. Hitting good drives or irons shots won't usually set expectations for me, but putting sure can set the tone for the rest of the round.
  20. I was on that site tonight just to observe the bidding process in the final minutes. I was amazed that the bidding stopped when it did. All I can figure is the other bidders must have been waiting on each other to make another bid, and no one did. Good bidding WD. Nice catch.
  21. Golfweek has a March Madness Bracket Challenge with some nice golf prizes. If you are filling out a bracket, you might want to enter one here too. fantasy.golfweek.com
  22. Swinging the club at home is probably nothing more than just a form of exercise. When you swing at home, you have no way of knowing how well you are squaring the club face at impact. I once read about someone who hit into a net in his basement all winter long, and thought he was hitting it well, only to go out in the spring and discover that he had developed a screaming hook. This guy was feeling solid impact, but couldn't see the ball flight to know he wasn't squaring the clubface properly. I assume you are just swinging the club without even hitting a ball. So you have no feedback on ball flight or impact to guide you in squaring the clubface. You need to see the ball flight in conjunction with impact to make the necessary adjustments to improve your swing. So the swing that feels good at home, with good swing speed, may not be anywhere close to a correct swing that will hit the ball solid and straight. The only suggestion I can think of is to go outside and hit wiffle balls. That should provide reasonable feedback for getting the clubface square at impact.
  23. Glad I asked. True Linkswear wasn't even on my radar screen. Thanks for the replies. My golf "want" list just got longer.
  24. This is just my perception based on many years of looking at golf swings and seeing what the really long hitters do differently. Fast hips play an important role for all players, but the really long hitters get their hands really high at the top of the backswing. Watch Bubba and Dustin and try to imagine getting your hands into that position at the top of your swing. I can't do it, and if I did somehow I'd be in the hospital for a month. I think it is that wide position at the top that produces the huge drives. If someone hits it long without high hands, they are pounding it out there with the big core muscles, strong legs, and hip drive. Oh, yes, there are also players like Chi Chi Rodriquez. Small wiry guys with the ability to really generate super fast hand speed. I think the hips play a big role here too. Muscles and flexibility... it all depends on what you have to work with.
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