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  1. Dave Green Bay, WI Test either 440 or 460 Swing Speed 90's
  2. Dave / Wisconsin 11.3 Mizuno S5 Wedges My favorite wedge shot is a pitch shot of about 25-35 yards, from the fairway, that hits the green and stops right at or very close to where it lands.
  3. I have the small black tour spider. I really like it (not using it at this time). I like the smaller head., the only issue for me is I prefer an alignment aid. I still will use it if I need a change.
  4. Dave Wisconsin 11 Mizuno 900 JPX Hot Metal / XP-95 PING i210
  5. Dave / WI 53 / 11.7 Mizuno JPX 900 Hot Metal / True Temper XP 95 Thank you for the opportunity!
  6. I agree! I hope to see more golf balls from different companies follow Srixon's lead. Anything to make the ball easier to find is a plus. The color Srixon chose must really stand out.
  7. How do you like the Mizuno hybrids-how do they compare to others if you have tried others? Just curious...
  8. LOL! Yes it makes you a pro... I use them quite a bit. I put one down on the putting green trying to make the putter straight back and straight thru. People look at me like I am crazy. Where I play, not many guys practice so having the sticks in the bag is ridiculous to them. Who care what others think....
  9. Does anyone have information about the Ping Prorotype 824x shaft Hunter has in his driver? Such as what is it similar to-is it specially made just for Hunter, specs? I am just interested. I find it interesting he is using the Ping Prototype. Must be a very good shaft.
  10. Very cool to see. Where I live, SeeMore putters are a rare find. I have to drive about two hours to find one, however on a recent trip to Scottsdale I was able to try several SeeMore putters and the m3w is what I am looking for. The price is steep, but what a great feeling putter. Also at my ability I need all the help I can get and I realized once I tried a SeeMore how off my setup has been. My face certainly was not square much of the time. The RST makes a difference. I plan on getting the SeeMore as soon as I can save enough.
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