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  1. Congrats Rick! Looks like everybody had a great time. Thanks for keeping us updated with the pics, and all the other great info about this great trip. Hopefully this will be an annual event and I can make it there in the future.
  2. Lambo

    TP Mills

    Up for sale: TP Mills Anvil Series Huey "Sample" Used for about 2 years, but in good condition. Length = 34 1/4", loft and lie have never been touched. Grip is a Super Stroke Ultra Slim. Comes with a black and green leather and wool TP Mills Workshop headcover, from Iliac Golf. I bought this direct from Jay Green, who is one of the great guys in the golf business. Asking $200.00 shipped in the USA.
  3. I hope I spelled his name correctly. Two things: 1. What do y'all think of his spot on the Golf Channel? I feel he does a decent job, has lots of knowledge of the game, but seems to be a tad monotone. 2. Is he wearing a toupee? If it's not, they need to get a hair cut for him.
  4. Not sure if this is the proper spot for this topic, but here goes: How will an iron that is the proper lie, but 1" shorter in length effect the play of the ball. I hit some the other day, and seemed to be getting the same distance, but curiosity is killing the cat. Thanks.
  5. Really looking forward to seeing this shaft in hand. Do you think we can get a MSG review?
  6. As always, another great giveaway from MGS and a great OEM! Average Score: 85 These clubs really stand out in the stores, and I always seem to been drawn to them when I'm checking things out. These would be great to help out with my distance, which seems to be fading away a little bit with each year that passes a by. The Cobra/Puma tradition of go big or go home will fit right into my game!
  7. Does anybody know the size shaft to go into these irons? Thanks in advance.
  8. I've tried both lemon lime and fruit punch. I really like the fruit punch, which is very light tasting and not syrupy like the sports drinks. The cherry limeade, is going to be the next flavor I try out. Where can we get one of the towels?
  9. Looking forward to seeing these at retail.
  10. Shooting sporting clays. Going to see live music. (Dead cover bands, Warren Haynes, ABB, etc.)
  11. I live in Greensboro, and just wondering if you allow in person visits?
  12. Thanks for the information. Trying to stay away from the Titleist, since they only go .75 flat. Just hoping that somebody might make one now w/o having to go the custom route.
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