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  1. Kyle / Arizona Sunice Short Sleeve Windbreaker, Neon stripe across the back for style I live in Phoenix. I once played on an overcast day with a 10% chance of showers. It was awful, having to check the forecast incessantly to confirm that my shorts and polo were going to be enough. I'm happy to report that the squall missed us all together. That said, I am all set for trips to Ireland and Bandon this year so should have ample opportunity to give a first timers perspective on the merits of quality rain gear.
  2. Kyle Arizona 7.6 Cleveland TA3 Gunmetal Project X 6.0 i500
  3. Tier 1 - Jason Day Tier 2 - Tony Finau Tier 3 - Kevin Kisner Tier 4 - Kevin Na Tier 5 - Thorbjorn Olesen Winning Score = -11
  4. Tier 1 - Jon Rahm Tier 2 - Alex Noren Tier 3 - Russell Knox Tier 4 - Jason Dufner Tier 5 - Andy Sullivan Winning Score : -10
  5. Tier 1: Rickie Fowler Tier 2: Louis Oosthuizen Tier 3: Francesco Molinari Tier 4: Adam Hadwin Tier 5: Kyle Stanley Winning Score: -6
  6. 1.) Kyle from Arizona 2.) Taylormade 2016 M1 9.5* Rogue Black X shaft Callaway X Hot 3 Deep 15* Fubuki 70 X shaft Cobra Baffler Rail H 19* Miyazaki S shaft Cleveland TA3 Gunmetal 4-P Project X 6.0 shafts Vokey 52* - 56* - 60* wedges Scotty Cameron Futura X 38" putter 3.) 8 4.) Like most in this endless pursuit, I'd like to play more consistent golf and improve my weaknesses. I'll shoot 74 one day and then 84 the next. Figuring out how to shrink that gap is my 2018 goal.
  7. Kyle, Arizona 8 2016 M1 430, Aldila Rogue70 x-flex 116 mph max - carry 280 Henrik Stenson
  8. Kyle / Arizona / 9 Hdcp Srixon Z 565 9.5* X-Stiff Srixon Z F65 3+ X-Stiff Srixon Z 765 3 - 6 irons x-stiff Srixon Z 965 7 - PW x-stiff Cleveland 50* RTX-3 V-MG Tour Raw Cleveland 54* RTX-3 V-FG Tour Raw Cleveland 58* RTX-3 V-MG Tour Raw Cleveland Huntington Beach 4 Here's to hoping, what an amazing opportunity this will be for someone!
  9. Kyle, Phoenix AZ 9 I've always had an obscenely high ball flight in comparison to everyone I play with. I've convinced myself that it's a good thing.......enter wind. Not so good. I feel like this aid could help me learn a better strike position in order to "flight" the ball more effectively.
  10. Here's to hoping! Kyle from Phoenix, AZ 10 Cleveland TA3 with Project X shafts No
  11. Kyle Fouts - Phoenix, AZ Back and forth between SeeMore Bronze FGP and an old Odyssey 2 ball that just never goes away. A blade has always been sexy to me, but I don't like the "clickyness" of the Scotty's I've tried, and don't like the look with an insert from other manufacturers. Anywho, fingers crossed!
  12. Thanks for the article. It's always interesting for someone like me to get a small glimpse into the inner workings of the golf business. It's unfortunate that the business relationship turned nasty, and that now the original CEO is left trying to find a way back in.
  13. Amazing to me that someone (or several someones for that matter) would even go thru the time and effort to design and then build something like this. To each their own I suppose. I'll stick to my sweet $48 Slotline, and spend the leftover $160,222.00 on more appropriate items...... such as Bubba Watson's watch that was posted here a while back
  14. Heres a link to a few select Sligo items that are up to half off. You may need to create an account to see them. This Kingdom59 has a different daily deal and I thought some of you might like this one. We talked a while ago about how paying $75 for a polo was a bit spendy, but I figured that $30 - $45 was more manageable. Plus, I saw the "Fancy Shorts" and thought of Mr. Barry immediately http://kingdom59.com/
  15. Thanks Moe, that mid trajectory is what I'm looking for. I did look at the 9064LS and was really close to pulling the trigger, but I like the adjustable features of the r9 and they were the same price.
  16. So I purchased a r9 with an Aldila RIP x-flex shaft in it that should be arriving today. I can't wait to get out and test it. I'm just curious if anyone has any experience with the RIP, and if so, what were your thoughts? Thanks!
  17. First, nice use of the word jackwagon. Second, I couldn't agree more. While I'm usually on the fence about stuff like this I'm getting sick of seeing this story over and over. Like you said, do people really have so much time, or value the rules of golf to such a degree that the most minor infraction must be called in immediately (usually not immediately enough). I'm not implying that broken rules shouldn't have consequences, but for the love of Pete, did the possible 1.5 dimple move forward really hurt anything. If you have to look at something 60 times to determine whether or not something happened, then you should probably just let it go.
  18. Thanks Shambles. I'm sure with the looks of the pictures that the scratches aren't going to affect playability at all, just the cosmetic look of the club. I'm certainly not going to do anything that would jeopardize my ability to use the club. It's more just buyers remorse than anything There's a good size paint paint chip thats on the toe too, so I was just a bit disappointed that I pulled the trigger on the purchase without seeing the club. Lesson learned!
  19. Random question here, but I just purchased a used R9 TP off of ebay WITHOUT any pictures, just a description. Received pics after the purchase and there is some scratching on the face, not just brush marks. I don't know, I'm relatively disappointed in my decision after seeing the actual club, but now I'm wondering if there's a way to "buff" those out without affecting the club. Thanks!
  20. Wow, I was just looking at those NVS closeouts.......what are the launch characteristics of the NVS shafts? Like I said, I have a high launch and high SS, and would like to bring it down a touch. It's really not much of a problem unless I'm into a headwind, but I'd like to have a consistently lower launch. It looks like I can pick up a SuperFast with any of the TP shafts for around 180, any thoughts on that? Also, looking at a RIP X TP shaft. I know that leaves a lot of options, but I figured there's no better place to get unbiased feedback than here on the SPY. THANKS GUYS for any info you can provide!
  21. THank you for the input guys. It's much appreciated. Honestly I think that I really can't go wrong at the 140 price point. The shaft alone looks like it goes for about 110 so if I don't like it I can swap shafts and sell the DVS.
  22. Thanks Moe, I appreciate the input. I now see that I can get a new SuperFast TP for $180 with any of the TP shafts. I know I should get fit to get rid of the "trial and error" approach to driver shafts, but I don't really have the time or the money to spend on it. I'm going to research all of the TP shafts to see which one has the most likelihood of lowering the ball flight.
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