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  1. I've bought a batch of several dozen lime vice pro and vice pro plus before season began. Not used in a SIM just on course and 2 balls did this... In one week...I swing at 99mph driver so I'm not a fast swinger. Shocker. Posted on Facebook no reply from them. Not impressed.
  2. Yeah this was crazy this morning as I couldn't stomach it going through the one single article I was reading and there was a noticeable higher bombardment level then normal. 14 different Pop up or in place ads in one read. Insane makes me want to avoid reading them altogether.
  3. Added note. Many scrambled unreadable ads but more importantly I just finished the article on ts1 line and after so many ads went back and scrolled and counted. 14 Yes that's right 14 ads in just 1 single article. That's crazy.
  4. sharkhark


    Hi love mygolfspy. The advertising on my phone is out of control with stuff popping up. Pop-ups to join the email list, which bother me because I'm already on the list for years. Then after I close the pop-up it doesn't leave me where I was, takes me to the top of article and then I need to scroll to where I was. Lately getting worse to the point they jump up everywhere and often are gibberish. Look at this article on new Titleist tsi2 that I tried to look at this morning. Hot mess ads...https://photos.app.goo.gl/1r9QwubYLuM4PqRM9
  5. I like by @PD69 The socks design. Simple. Unique. Would've picked birdie design but since often by the time I'm pulling that cover off birdie chance has died already. I like the sock
  6. Hi there. Tier 5 pick is Russell Henley Winning Score - 15
  7. When will the YouTube video be uploaded to explain the rules... Half way thru the explanation of prop bets I realized I have no clue how this works and felt really stupid
  8. I would love to give a detailed thorough review and have always admired ping bit in so my various golf purchases I've had ping clubs but never irons. I love the new era of slimmer looks and yet still ping forgiveness and performance. name- Craig Province/country Nova Scotia-Canada handicap - 7 current irons set - Callaway apex Shaft - graphite recoil 660 regular flex My PING choice - i210
  9. Hi Craig aka sharkhark here in Nova Scotia Canada. I'm 51 years old and a 6 HDCP I play Callaway apex (2014 version) currently graphite regular. Would love to try the black Hogan's in graphite regular flex. I'd give a great detailed with pictures review if picked. Thanks!
  10. Your first name Craig - State/Province/Country Nova Scotia Canada - Your current iron/shaft/flex makeup M1 regular flex graphite - Your 7-iron distance 145
  11. Tier 1: Justin Rose Tier 2: Patrick Cantlay Tier 3: Francesco Molinari Tier 4: Kiradech Aphibarnrat Tier 5: Kyle Stanley Winning Score: -14
  12. Hey if you pick me a Canadian you get 30% more review feedback! Just think 130% (with exchange rate) of what a fellow American would give! Lol First name/home province -Craig/Ontario Current driver/shaft combo Callaway gbb epic Sub Zero/ hzrdous Swing speed/handicap 95-103/ 9 HDCP Preferred ST 180 loft/shaft 9.5 loft/tensei blue stiff shaft Thanks for the opportunities to enter I've never won but I hope to someday
  13. 1. Your first name CRAIG and home state or province ONTARIO 2. Your current irons TAYLORMADE M1 /shafts (flex and brand)KIRO GRAPHITE REGULAR FLEX 3. Your current handicap 9 4. Your preferred irons to test CLEVELAND CBX
  14. Craig Nova Scotia Canada Current driver Callaway epic sz hazardous 5.5 SS 99mph carry 229 total 250 7 hdcp
  15. 1. Your first name Craig province/Nova Scotia /country/Canada ​2. Your current handicap 8 and driver swing speed 99mph 3. Your current driver/Callaway epic sub zero 4. The PING G400 model you'd like to review/the Lst please
  16. Craig Sharkhark entry : Tier 1: rickie fowler Tier 2: Henrick Stenson Tier 3: Kevin kisner Tier 4: Bill haas Tier 5: Kevin na Winning Score: -12 Low AM: +6
  17. You go to golfwrx and they run things very heavy handed and rude and mostly reward only USA members and here on mygolfspy you guys welcome us Canucks as well. Awesome! 1. Your first name (Craig) and home town, state/province (halifax nova Scotia Canada) 2. Your current handicap (just dropped to my lowest ever. I'm a 7 hdcp due to an index drop of.1 to a 6.1 .) 3. Your dream bag of Cleveland gear : (driver launcher hb) (fairway Wood launcher hb 5 wood 15 degrees ) (hybrid launcher hb 3 & 4) (irons launcher cbx 5-d wedge.) (wedge cbx 54 degrees). (wedge MSMARTSOLE3S 58 degree) (Putter elevado 35 inch)
  18. Come on pick a Canuck for a change! You just put our prime minister on the cover of rolling stone now put me on the mygolfspy map! Craig aka sharkhark Use the tour spider III currently Ps I love red & black that's my bag theme. 9 hdcp Halifax nova Scotia Canada! Love the O works red 7s
  19. Your first name (Craig) & home state or province (nova Scotia) Your current driver/shaft combo (Callaway great big bertha 2016) Your driver swing speed (98 mph) and average distance (245) Your Twitter/Facebook/Instagram names (Sharkhark both) Your Smart Phone type (iPhone or Android) android baby. Don't pick me! Don't pick me! (hey begging isn't working so let's try reverse psychology.... Lol) Ps don't pick me
  20. Hope Canadians can win? 1. Craig nova Scotia Canada ​2. Odyssey works 2 ball 3. Custom fit - no 4. Preferred putter - Queen B 9 love the honeycomb
  21. first name ~ Craig province ~ nova Scotia current Putter ~ odyssey works fang Fave Huntington Beach putter of choice? ~ MHB6
  22. There's a rumor Canadians will never win these things (ok I started it... Lol prove me wrong). first name:Craig home province:nova Scotia Current hdcp: 9 avg score:83 Have you ever gamed Wilson irons? No But I did use a friend's fat shaft & they were awesome. current iron set? Rsi 2
  23. Thank you for the opportunity! I don't recall seeing any test equipment north of the border but if it hasn't no better time or tester than this thorough guy! And with the exchange rate you would get 40% more review masterwork from me! Lol 1. I live in beautiful nova Scotia Canada 2. Current Putter odyssey works 2 ball. 3. Aspect needing attention is alignment. I seem to see the line off a bit I miss left even though it looks proper line to me.
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