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  1. Nice Review..... My all time triple jet lighter is still the Trifecta when it was first released. That thing had a HUGE tank
  2. yup, just ribbing you .....hahahah you like a CI HDM better than a ISOM HDM ? Message me your addy brutha, I will send you a ISOM HDM that will rock your boat.
  3. Nice, Got the Blue colorway coming in soon
  4. dude , your my hero .... sparking up Lusitania tonight...
  5. Not going to sugar coat it....... HELL YA is still in the bag. Its not going anywhere.
  6. I almost want to take that to a print shop to print it and put it on the wall......
  7. That sucks, didn't know it shut down. Is Stonehouse closed too?
  8. RASS has always been one of my favorites
  9. Still kicking myself for forgetting about the Jordan 3 Green-Glows...
  10. About to smoke the re-released Avo 22's, more to come (keeping my fingers crossed that these are just as good as the original release)
  11. RH use to be loaded with Mountain Apple trees back in the day, did more harvesting that golfing ....
  12. Quick trip back home, played a quick 9.
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