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  1. Fernando San Antonio TX Cobra SpeedZone 2.0 110 TSi2
  2. I just realized that you have been posting these threads for years,.......... Just wanted to say THANK YOU.
  3. Nice Review..... My all time triple jet lighter is still the Trifecta when it was first released. That thing had a HUGE tank
  4. yup, just ribbing you .....hahahah you like a CI HDM better than a ISOM HDM ? Message me your addy brutha, I will send you a ISOM HDM that will rock your boat.
  5. I get them from Lowes, I do empty it out everytime I am done and rinse water through everything....
  6. Nice, Got the Blue colorway coming in soon
  7. Look like the UI chaned , some minor issues but I'm sure they with iron them out
  8. dude , your my hero .... sparking up Lusitania tonight...
  9. Love Golden Horseshoe, Kingsmill, Viniterra, Fords Colony should be given some consideration. If you are staying in Williamsburg, take note, Cypress Creek is 45-60 minutes away.....
  10. Not going to sugar coat it....... HELL YA is still in the bag. Its not going anywhere.
  11. Just saw them in person. Z565 and Z545 look better. Only way they can salvage this set is to release it in all Black.
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