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  1. jkittlesen


  2. Nice short winter smoke. Heading to the Caymans but no golf. Have a great winter guys!
  3. How does the #2 compare to the De Luxe? Do you prefer one over the other?
  4. Partagas Series D #5 and Texas spring water.
  5. Look at that ash and that clean razor sharp burn amazing.
  6. The Hoya the Monterey Deluxe have never let me down. Bought a box of Montecristo number fives some of the worst rolled cigars I've ever had their unsmokable the draw is so tight it's ridiculous thank goodness I can fall back on my favorite. be sure to buy or try some Buffalo Trace bourbon some of the best and very reasonably priced.
  7. Flor de las Antillas maduro and Stagg Jr.
  8. Yes sir, you are so correct, I must have misplaced myself.
  9. This was my first Padron, wow a good a spicy full flavored stick. Lots of billowing smoke, love that!
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