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  1. Little highball tonight while making dinner
  2. Hit the range first to focus on my mishits. Noticed I was getting too long in backswing and extending way too early. Focused on really shortening backswing and putting a little bit of weight shift into front foot to stop the sway. Finished on the Green. I played a little game with myself. I would spin a tee, chip towards that hole from the rough, then try to one putt. Did this for about 50 chips. Was a fun way to switch it up.
  3. Took out the new Srixon ZX MKII Irons and ZX5 Driver today. Really just focused on getting a feel for them and trying to distance them vs my others. Definitely liking the feel of them. Just need to work on my own swing as I started getting really towards the heel at the end of my session. The ZX5 driver is dangerously lightweight vs my M4. And boy was it long! I think I’m going to enjoy it a lot this summer. Especially for $190
  4. Interesting. I have been playing yellow Taylormade Project a and have not had that issue. They have held up well for me. Like everyone else said, must be the painted stripe.
  5. Snagged this beaut from Ghost Golf. Just seemed very fitting for me.
  6. I’ve been considering the Srixon drivers and unfortunately Golfetail sent an email yesterday with the ZX5 10.5° Riptide 6.0 brand new for $180. I couldn’t pass it up, so on top of new irons, I have a driver coming now. Will report back if the Mrs makes me sleep in my truck after it delivers.
  7. Those Cracklers are a Pain in the rear. Especially out here in the PNW. They leave a mess on the course. The hunting side of me would love to “take care” of them.
  8. Woke up excited today! The NHL Playoffs officially start this evening, going to be a fun couple of months. Go Bolts!
  9. Had a lunch practice session with a buddy. We played games of HORSE on the range, the chipping green and the putting green. Tried to make it fun but also put some pressure on each other to make shots count.
  10. No3PuttLaLa


    We have the Leafs round 1, and we all know how they perform in the first round, so fingers crossed!
  11. No3PuttLaLa


    The playoffs are going to be very exciting this year. Unfortunately, my Lightning have been on a struggle since March. But honestly to be expected with how much hockey they’ve played the last 3 seasons. I think the west will be fun to watch with Seattle’s first run, and the Avs/Oilers getting hot after the All Star break.
  12. Relatively good consistency for me: Driver: Project X Even Flow Blue 60 S 3W: Project X Even Flow Blue 60 S Irons: KBS Tour 90 Regular Wedges: KBS Tour 90 Regular
  13. “I may not be a smart man, but I know what love is.” - Forest Gump Pretty sure I now know exactly what he meant.
  14. Been really struggling the last few rounds with consistency. So, before we really get into golf season, I started working on a new grip. Worked my bag from wedges up to long irons today. Then transitioned into distance accuracy, pick a target and hit it, move to next closest and so on until I have an hitting under 50 yards. Then repeat. I can quite honestly say that I was much more consistent with my new grip. Still some wrinkles to iron out, but the plan is to be on range 3 days/week during lunch so that we are dialed for summer.
  15. Just got myself a Moose driver cover. Had my first son in January and he was/is a large kid. So I have officially dubbed him Moose. So the head over is an ode to the boy.
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