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  1. Got out last night in the neighborhood course after the little one went to bed to go play a 2.5 hour 18 with my neighbor. I may need to do that more cause I played one of my best rounds ever. Hole #5 is a downhill 421 yard Par 5 from the whites. I hit my drive dead center of the fairway leaving me with 175 to the pin with a little left to right wind. I hit my 8i (165 club) with a beauty of a draw and stuck it 7.5’ right of the pin. Greens were soft after a bunch of recent rain but in really good shape. I had a slight right to left break, maybe .5 cup out. Hit a confident putt to drop it for an eagle. My second eagle ever playing golf. I ended up with birdie the next 2 holes. And finish my round with an 83. Hole 7 is a dogleg right downhill. I hit a confident drive and cut the corner to get on the front of the green in 1. Absolutely epic evening. Now to take that to league day on Saturday!
  2. I would absolutely sacrifice distance for accuracy. Driving a ball 300+ off the tee doesn’t do any good if I can’t control my approach shots into the green for par and birdie. In fact, I often have 100 into the green and still end up bogey or double. Control and Accuracy are a must for me to lower my scores.
  3. My wife, for Fathers Day, pulled the trigger for me to go do a full bag fitting at Club Champion on the 8th. I have only ever been fitted for my irons and that was back in 2018. A lot has changed since then, so I am very interested to see what the changes will be. The driver fitting will be interesting as well. I’m confident with my current set up (Sim Max 10.5° and Evenflow Riptide Blue 6.0S) and distance I am getting. But looking to see what shaft will help contribute to better dispersion for me. I’ll do a follow up afterwards to show what they fit me into. Here’s to lower scores the rest of the summer!
  4. Had an amazing day playing Chambers Bay. Ended up going 48/49 but had 3 pars and a birdie on the back. Drove hole 13 in one and then sunk a 53’ birdie putt on the signature hole 15 with the lone cedar. Some of the bunkers and waste areas are unforgiving there. On 10, I ended up in greenside bunker with awkward position of my feet and took 3 shots to get out… the dreaded snowman on that hole.
  5. Good morning Spies! After a good week of work and golf in Phoenix, I am sipping some hot Joe preparing to head down to Chambers Bay for a round this afternoon. I played it once before and shot a 97, so the goal today is to break that. Does anyone else do a fit check the night before? Part of the fun for me is picking out the rounds outfit. Today is Green Primo Joggers, Primo Polo, Srixon Hat and Adidas Code Chaos spikeless. I hope everyone has a great day and hit em straight!
  6. First time ever playing golf in the desert and man I had a great time! Played in Chandler, AZ at Whirlwind GC - Devils Claw on Sunday and Cattail on Tues afternoon. Both were fun tracks, shooting an 87/93 respectively. The thing I did not realize was how the ball flew down there vs the wet air of N Washington. I was hitting 340 and 350 yard drives. I hit my 6i 260 on a hole. It was absolutely crazy to get flight and roll like that. I ended up hitting 2 club difference in my irons due to the carry I was getting.
  7. Im with you, I always go right up to the ball. Never really thought about it any different, will be interested to see what others say and if there is any benefit otherwise.
  8. Always strive for an hour early. Go through stretching, hitting some balls, chipping then putting until I tee off. If time were an issue, I’d always stretch and hit some putts. Have to always get some kind of feel for the greens. Try to prevent the first tee double
  9. No3PuttLaLa


    LETS GO BOLTS! ️️️
  10. My oh my, I love golf, beer, whiskey, cigars, my wife and kid but man do I LOVE burgers! My perfect burger… Bun: Potato, buttered and toasted Burger: 80/20 Ground Brisket cooked medium rare… pink and juicy middle with Pepper Jack Cheese Condiments: Mayo, BBQ (Mitch’s Whomp Sauce), Dijon Toppings: Nuetske’s Pepper Bacon(Thick Cut) X2, Fried Egg(runny yolk is must), Tomato (Beefsteak lightly salted), Banana Peppers (on bottom of bun so heat grazes tongue) Sides: Freshly cooked Salt and Vinegar Tater Chips Drink: New England IPA, preferably a Mosaic Cutting Tiles from Trillium or an Orange Julius from Treehouse
  11. I have a now 15 month old. Is my one and only. The first year was sporadic at best for golf, but had a great understanding with the Mrs that we both needed our own time for the health of the family. My advice, find what works best for you and your partner. There is no one size fits all approach. Each relationship dynamic is different. For me, my wife sees golf as my outlet a few times a month and encourages me to get out and play. Best of luck and it really is the best thing ever, sacrificing some rounds of golf will be nothing when you see the blessing of your own child.
  12. Fade Golf n Stuff Tshirts and towels. Still running 50% off UA Drive Pro SL - Incredibly comfy! Bridgestone XS Mindset- Thanks to Bridgestone and MGS for letting me sample these bad boys! Will try them during league event on Saturday.
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