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  1. Dave, Tampa, FL I ask my buddies that have technology with them. Tech is fine, we still have to hit the shots, and it's available to all golfers. Thanks
  2. Dave Mueller, Tampa FL I can't draw a straight line, so I use the ball brand name instead. I've tried a plastic cup/form with an open slot, but my fat sharpie won't fit in it. I've tried the Chrome with marks built in on the ball too. Titlest ProV1 Titlest ProV1, white, with text "sink it Dave"
  3. Dave Florida Original TaylorMade Spyder Frontline Elevado single bend putter
  4. Dave, Tampa, FL Approx 90-95 Titleist AVX Need height, Tour X
  5. Dave, Florida 10.8 index Callaway Rogue 6-A 135-140 (overall 150)
  6. tscdave


  7. Dave, FL 10.6 Callaway 52, 56, 58 Drop and stop, like 10-15 yards
  8. Dave, Tampa Yes An Old Callaway Model, along with my GPS Thanks, would love an upgrade!
  9. Brooks, Phil, Brandt, and Billy Horschel I like minus 11.
  10. Dave, Tampa, FL Index: 11.2 Trying to get used to my Callaway Rogue's, having trouble Black Cat (I had some of the originals once upon a time) Thanks
  11. Dave, Tampa, FL 11.3 index, 95 SS I have a 3, 4, and 5 Callaway XHot2 The 4, at 22 degrees, is my go to 180 yd club, and is looking a little worse for wear. So is the 3, 19 degree (200 yds) Love to try the Exotics Hybrid
  12. I'm an 11 handicap, play mostly PROV1X, Chrome soft by Callaway, or TaylorMade TPS. I have hit a few Snell and Vice too. But, I really have not 'evalutated' Snell for a period of a few rounds, so I welcome the opportunity to be your tester.
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