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  1. Dave, Tampa, FL Scotty Cameron Select I selected the Tyne 3, 35", and a PP60 grip! Thanks.....
  2. Dave, Tampa, FL 10 index Rogue irons by Callaway I like Wilson products
  3. Dave/ Tampa, FL Callaway Forged Bronze 52 degree, to replace the old wedge above
  4. 10.5, Tampa, FL Rogue by Callaway, 135 yards Sorry, not a thing, but I like trying new stuff and I play 130 rounds a year. I also think Black is the way to go, no glare.
  5. tscdave, tampa, fl I use a Bushnell phantom, I had their previous model, but the buttons stopped working. My Apple watch broke, I used it for activity credit. I use the Bushnell for general front, back, middle, but sometimes whip out an old Leopold laser when I question where the pin is actually located.
  6. Dave/ Tampa, FL I try to go up to the course 2 times a week on days I'm not playing. I will practice about 40 minutes. I also play 3 times a week and practice 15 minutes before teeing off. Yuck, probably one or two. Usually when I'm too aggressive going for a birdie. Can vary the speed and slope? That would be helpful as I play a different course every time out.
  7. Dave, Tampa, FL Callaway Rogue set at 10 degree, regular flex Probably 95ish.
  8. Tampa, FL currently at 12 I purchased some balls in the past and had them personalized with a long typed message: Sink in Mueller, etc. (they are gone now) I am a fan of Taylormade TP5, personalized with "Make it Mueller" Thanks for the opportunity!
  9. 9.9 Index, Tampa FL My Golf Spy, Facebook, Linkedin 30 Callaway Rogue Driver, Epic 3 wood, Callaway X Hot 2 Hybrids (3,4,5), Rogue Irons 6-A, Callaway 52 and 56 wedges, Scotty Cameron putter. The King Forged TEC irons look sweet, and the reg Speedzone driver, fairway, and hybrids would be a welcome upgrade!
  10. Dave, Florida 10.4 index Callaway Rogue 6 thru A wedge, 3-5 X2 Hot hybrids Probably 140 carry, 150 total distance.
  11. Thanks guys, great job, I like the product reviews/comparisons most. Oh, and the contests: I won once upon a time about 8 years ago! Less folks on the forum then!
  12. Dave, Tampa, FL I ask my buddies that have technology with them. Tech is fine, we still have to hit the shots, and it's available to all golfers. Thanks
  13. Dave Mueller, Tampa FL I can't draw a straight line, so I use the ball brand name instead. I've tried a plastic cup/form with an open slot, but my fat sharpie won't fit in it. I've tried the Chrome with marks built in on the ball too. Titlest ProV1 Titlest ProV1, white, with text "sink it Dave"
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