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  1. Kerry Cole --- Huntsville, AL Presently use the Voice Buddy I love the way technology has enabled golfers to excel in their game.. instant feedback is paramount to get better.. Best to all who try this item..
  2. Kerry Cole --- Owens Cross Roads, AL Never used a line Not done to this point AVX Red Align XL
  3. Kerry from AL Dicks home brand... sweat a lot in it Big storm one time in Greenwood, IN .. finally quit due to lightning and couldn't see as the rain was going horizontally on me..
  4. Kerry IN 11 Miura CB57, Recoil 660 F3 with one inch extra length i500
  5. Kerry / Indiana Vokey 52, 56, 60 with 1" ext on reg shaft Black 52, 56,60
  6. Tier 1 Justin Thomas Tier 2 Paul Casey Tier 3 Brandt Snedeker Tier 4 Charley Hoffman Tier 5 Peter Uihlein Winning Score: - 16
  7. Kerry B Indianapolis, IN Miura CB 57 with Recoil 660 regular between 140 - 147 The Pings look truly sanitary!
  8. Kerry, Indianapolis, IN Callaway Rogue Sub Zero Regular 50 gram shaft 93 SS, 10.6 handicap 10.5 head with the lightest shaft they provide std. Good luck to all............I tried their previous model and it was great ... actually as good as anyone of the others I tried.. should have bought it.. and now this model sounds great.
  9. Kerry / Indianapolis, IN Edel Diver series strength - full shots and chips about 20 yards out.. weaknes - bunkers and close to green chips.. Handicap : 10.4
  10. Indianapolis, IN Miura CB57 Recoil 660 F3 reg plus one inch 5-AW 10.5 C 300 Forged
  11. 1) Justin Rose 2) Henrick Stenson 3) Dan Berger 4) Jhonathan Vegas 5) Patrick Rogers Score - -15 Am Score +5
  12. Kerry Indpls, IN Miura CB57, Edel Wedges, CBB Epic Driver & Wood, Hybrids, Edel Putter. with 660 recoil plus 1" shafts reg 10.5 Handicap Goals this year are consistency with irons to the greens and more distance on Hybrids, Woods, and driver and ti break into 9 or less on handicap..
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