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  1. Nancy San Diego, CA I used to walk. While a good workout, I tend to carry all my clubs, so a hand cart saves my back Hippo Deluxe Golf Cart
  2. Nancy/San Diego Iphone 12 Pro Max/Apple iPad Pro Primarily Outdoors Probably not regarding net; unless you have a spare
  3. Nancy/San Diego CA NS Pro Zelos 6 90-93 graphite Shaft/L Flex
  4. Nancy/San Diego CA RH Fairway Wood – GS53 3 wood – 14* - MRC Tensei CK Blue 70 gram Regular 3 wood – 14* - MRC Tensei CK Blue 70 gram Stiff 18 Y, 1 Cleveland 7 iron
  5. Nancy San Diego, CA Cobra Amp Cell 17 90-93 TSi3
  6. Nancy, San Diego, CA 18 Nickent grind and finish
  7. Nancy, San Diego, CA During Covid-19, I've been practicing at home more with a practice mat I acquired years back. Good condition, as it was never used that much. I tended to enjoy practicing at the course; driving range, etc. I also use my carpet. But also need a bit more space. I need variety too. BirdieBall PuttUp (2 in 1 Putting Mat - Return Ram w/Long Putt Feedback - double depth stance mat
  8. Nancy/San Diego CA/USA Odyssey White Hot and Nickent Pipe II Piper Armlock and Piper C. Mallets worked for me. But willing to try something else if it improves my game
  9. Nancy/San Diego, CA Nickent Arc Wedge Gunmetal with PVD 52 and 56 52 or 56
  10. 18, San Diego Nickent and 110 Not much, like to learn more
  11. Nancy, San Diego, CA When I go to the driving range, I usually dedicate 30 mins. strictly to putting. Dependent on course and hole, putting has always been my strongest. To air on conservative, 3 putts at least Never heard until now. Perfect during the times we're living. Always trying to perfect putting and there are products out there that seem similar. How does it size up.
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