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  1. @artful_golfer Thinking it has to do with the pop-up ads and permissions assigned/allowed through your settings on your specific device. And the privacy/security assigned via web browsers. Verify your settings and you may have to clear out your cache too.
  2. @MyCatsMom The drop down menu from “Shop” - Women’s gloves - the offerings can be found here. Gloveit (gloveit.com) has ladies selections too.
  3. Many thanks @Tijoli! I would highly encourage. They just enhance my passion for golf. I also attended my first Open in Scotland too. And yes this past February I was fortunate to attend the WMPO aka #thepeoplesopen and yes I was 1 of the record 200,000 people who attended on Saturday. So many wonderful memories and stories…. And definitely the people who I meet along the way and stay connected too in some way. Same to you.
  4. I’ve been golfing for 20+ years now. My start began in charity tournaments and involved taking lessons to not develop bad habits. I played a lot of the Executive courses when short on time. If I couldn’t play, I would always be practicing at the driving range, chipping and putting too. I played with mostly males and a few females. I I also have been fortunate to enhance my golfing experiences with travel experiences with my golfing that has included LA, Hawaii and Scotland. I had the opportunity to golf with Brandt Snedeker through the Golf Channel before it got as big, as it is now. I’ve been involved with golf in various forums, sites and social media. As far as fashion, I have been voicing my opinions for years. I’m more limited than most because I’m petite in stature. I started off with Graced By Grit, which is no longer as they shifted their focus. Adidas Golf airs on the slightly smaller side. I was privy to TravisMathew Women’s prior to their latest launch of more styles. While more lifestyle oriented their polo’s air on the smaller side which works for me. SInce they are a part of Callaway golf they are slightly too large for me. PXG is very fashion forward too. And footjoy is starting to expand in the ladies styles. I don’t get out, as much these days due to other commitments. I stay up to date regarding news in the industry, products, apparel, players, etc. All about golf you might say. Analyst of the game too. I’m always looking for unique events to enhance my game and knowledge. I was able to participate in a Titleist ladies event and was fitted for the TS1 drivers. A wonderful experience and even made a new friend too. Here’s my running start.
  5. Count me in! If it's similar to other platforms/sports (i.e. PGA Tour, Chirp).
  6. UPDATE: My runhas officially come to an end. While placing 6th, I was able to support the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) Many thanks for all the .
  7. UPDATE: I’ve advanced to the Top 10. Onto the next round of 5 that ends 11/10. Many thanks for your continued support.
  8. UPDATE: I’ve advanced to the Round of 15. Onto the next round of 10 that ends 11/3. Please continue to cast your vote in support. All the details are outlined above in original post.
  9. UPDATE: I’ve advanced to the Round of 20 Onto the next round of 15 that ends 10/27. Please continue to vote in support. All the details are outlined below.
  10. Hello My Fellow Golfers! Who doesn’t enjoy competition… And just in time to honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 🎗 A Win Win . Voting is officially open. 🗳 Daily votes are encouraged to keep me in the running, while also supporting National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF). The first cut of Top 20 ends 10/20 with the winner declared 12/15. Below you’ll find the link and schedule, based on advancement. Please feel free to share. Many thanks for your continued support in consideration and in advance. https://votefab40.com/2022/nancy-horiye Upcoming schedule: Top 15 (begins October 20th and ends October 27th) Top 10 (begins October 27th and ends November 3rd) Top 5 (begins November 3rd and ends November 10th) Group Finals (begin November 10th and end November 17th) – only the top 1 advances to the subsequent rounds. Wildcard Round (begins November 18th and ends November 20th) - (2nd) place chance to advance to Quarters. Votes reset. Quarterfinals (begin November 21st and end December 1st) – The top 1 advances. Votes reset. Semifinals (begin December 2nd and end December 8th) – The top 1 advances. Votes reset. Finals (begin December 9th and end December 15th) – The top advances. Votes reset. #nbcf #breastcancermonthawareness #breastcancerawareness #earlydetection #fabover40 #HelpingWomenNow NewBeauty
  11. The Forged Tec X offers the most forgiveness. Looking to gain more stability with the Tungsten and gain a little more distance. Nancy/San Diego, CA Nickent 4DX ~21 Yes!
  12. The Fairway Champion™ competition has officially started. Update: I made the first three cuts and finished 3rd in the Group Finalists. While my run has ended, I was able to raise funds and support Youth on Course. Many thanks. https://fairwaychampion.com/2021/nancy-horiye Competition Voting Schedule (based on advancement): Top 15 (begins October 18th and ends October 28th) - made the cut Top 10 (begins October 28th and ends November 4th) - made the cut Top 5 (begins November 4th and ends November 11th) -made the cut Group Finalists (begins November 11th and ends November 18th) - I placed 3rd Quarterfinals (begin November 19th and end November 25th) – Voting resets and only 1 winner will advance Semifinals (begin November 26th and end December 2nd) - Voting resets and 1 winner will advance. Finals (begin December 3rd and end December 9th) the winner of the Fairway Champion Competition (the “Grand Prize Winner”), on December 9th, 2021. Many thanks for your time and consideration to fulfill an experience of a lifetime.
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